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Breaking Dawn swept through the battlefield while Yang Kai, Feng Ying, and several other Seventh Order cultivators gathered around Breaking Dawn, each of them displaying their Divine Abilities to kill their enemies. There was also Bai Yi who stood atop Breaking Dawn’s deck. As the arrows fell, a Feudal Lord would inevitably fall. From time to time, she would harass the Territory Lord who were currently fighting with the Eighth Order Human Race, causing the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord to become extremely annoyed.

A Seventh Order Open Heaven master who was proficient in archery was a great deterrent on the battlefield, especially to the Territory Lord who had fallen into a state of panic. They had to divert some of their attention to guard against Bai Yi’s sneak attack.

Their strength was already inferior to the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven, so now that they had scruples, they were even less of a match.

This time, Yang Kai was quite well-behaved and didn’t try to provoke the Territory Lord, instead focusing on the Feudal Leaders attacking them. This made his battle merits even more glorious. Among the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords, who could withstand a single blow from him? Not to mention, the Dawn Squad were not something ordinary teams could compare with. Not only were there more Seventh Order masters on their side, but the performance of Dawn Battleship was also stronger than ordinary Battleships.

Wherever Breaking Dawn passed, the Black Ink Clan was instantly wiped out.

The battle had reached its climax at the beginning of the battle, so the Western Army wanted to end this battle quickly so as to not waste any more time.

There was no risk for the Blue Sky Pass, after taking the Black Ink Clan’s army by surprise, the Western Army’s morale had soared, making it difficult for the Black Ink Clan to resist.

The Black Ink Clan finally couldn’t hold on any longer.

Although the Territory Lords knew that fleeing at this moment would rapidly increase the number of casualties, if they didn’t flee now, it was highly likely that they would all be wiped out. If they could exchange two hundred thousand soldiers for the lives of some of the Human Race’s forces, it wouldn’t be a loss. The key was that all the Human Race's masters below Seventh Order were all hiding inside their Battleship. As long as their Battleship weren’t destroyed, they could forget about harming them. Although the Seventh Order Open Heaven was fighting freely on the battlefield, they wouldn't escape from the protection of their Battleship. If things went wrong, they would immediately return to their Battleships like a turtle.

After half a day of fierce fighting, the Black Ink Clan had suffered countless casualties, but the number of human casualties could be counted on one hand.

In this situation, there was no need to think about how to choose.

The Black Ink Clan army was being routed, so the Human Race naturally wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity. Under the leadership of many Eighth Order Open Heaven masters, the Human Race pursued them relentlessly.

Two days later, they finally stopped.

The result of this battle was massive, and although the exact number could no longer be counted, less than fifty thousand people from the Black Ink Clan had managed to escape. In other words, this battle had killed at least one hundred and fifty thousand people from the Black Ink Clan. Although they had not been able to completely wipe them out, it was still acceptable.

Of these hundred and fifty thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators, at most half were killed on the main battlefield while the other half were killed while fleeing.

One hundred and fifty thousand was nothing to the Black Ink Clan. Every time they besieged Blue Sky Pass, they have more than a million soldiers. The loss of a mere one hundred and fifty thousand soldiers didn’t affect the overall situation much, at most it would reduce some of the pressure on the Human Race.

What was difficult for the Black Ink Clan to accept was that after this battle, four of their Territory Lords had fallen.

Three of them had been killed by an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator at the beginning, but after a long battle, they had only lost one Territory Lord.

This was the true loss for the Black Ink Clan.

A hundred and fifty thousand strong army, as long as they had the Black Ink Nest and resources, it could be replenished with time, but the death of four Territory Lords was not so easy to replenish.

The growth of a Territory Lords also required an extremely long period of time. In the past, during the great war between the two races, the number of Territory Lords who had fallen might not have been so many, but the ones who had died were basically the Black Ink Clan who were below the Territory Lord.

It could be said that the Black Ink Clan had suffered heavy losses this time.

In the void, numerous large and small Battleships were standing still, and the Western Army soldiers obeyed orders and stopped their pursuit.

First of all, continuing to pursue them would not increase their chances of victory, and secondly, they had to guard against the ambushes of the other Black Ink Clan armies. If they were to fall into the trap of the other Black Ink Clan armies, it would be a huge loss.

As such, the Western Army had decided to withdraw.

The two hundred thousand strong army of the Black Ink Clan had basically been destroyed, and the remaining scattered soldiers were probably only able to fill in their allies troops.

The Western Army’s losses weren’t great, and there weren’t many who had actually fallen in the battlefield. The advantageous defenses of the Battleship allowed them to receive protection at critical moments, but of course, many of them were injured, which was unavoidable. After all, they couldn’t just kill so many people from the Black Ink Clan and leave the Western Army intact.

“All teams gather your Battleship and return to the pass!” Zhong Liang ordered, his voice echoing through the void.

All of the Open Heaven masters received their orders, and one by one, the Team Leader and Guard Commander collected their respective Battleships into their respective Small Universe. In the next moment, huge Spirit Arrays appeared beneath the feet of the Western Army soldiers, each of them flashing with light, each representing an Open Heaven cultivator returning to Blue Sky Pass through the Universe Formation.

Although there were many of them, they were in an orderly fashion.

More than a dozen Eighth Order Open Heaven master guarded the four directions, the Fifth Order leave first, followed by the Seixth Order and Seventh Order master.

Batch after batch of Open Heaven Stage masters activated the Universe Escape Law, creating a spectacular scene.

This was also the reason why the Western Army dared to come out of seclusion and ambush the Black Ink Clan after countless years, and also the condition Zhong Liang and Feng Ying had mentioned.

In the past, when Yang Kai hadn’t come to the Ink Battlefield, Blue Sky Pass had the Universe Formation, but they didn’t dare allow its soldiers to freely use it.

If the Black Ink Disciple took advantage of this opportunity to sneak in, there might be trouble.

But now, things were different. The Purification Light was sealed inside the Universe Formation, so even if a Black Ink Disciple tried to sneak in, he would be instantly purified, so there was no need to worry about any risks. Not to mention that before this battle began, every soldier had swallowed an Expelling Black Ink Pill to ensure their safety.

Now that their safety was guaranteed and they could return safely, the Human Race naturally had the capital to take the initiative.

This was the first time in countless years that the Human Race had acted in such a manner, and it could also be considered a bold attempt. The results were quite good, and it could be foreseen that with the success of this initiative, there would only be more such ambushes in the future.

The initiative of the war would no longer be completely in the hands of the Black Ink Clan.

After the Western Army’s soldiers had all teleported back to Blue Sky Pass, the dozen or so Eighth Order Open Heaven masters all activated their Universe Escape Law.

With the return of the Western Army’s soldiers, the news of the great victory from the ambush quickly spread throughout Blue Sky Pass, raising the morale of the entire Pass.

However, this was not the end.

The Black Ink Clan had made a comeback, like the size of two hundred thousand strong army from before, there are three more in different directions. Perhaps because they had learned of the fate of their clansmen, less than two days after the soldiers of the Western Army returned, the Human Race scouts in the distance reported that the three armies had begun advancing towards Blue Sky Pass.

The entire Blue Sky Pass had long since entered a state of waiting for battle, and for countless years it had been like this. There was no need to mobilize the troops, as every soldier knew what they should do.

However, it was different from before. This time, Blue Sky Pass had prepared a surprise for the Black Ink Clan’s army, so the Black Ink Clan would definitely like it.

More than half a month later, the Black Ink Clan’s three main forces finally arrived and gathered several tens of thousands of kilometers outside the pass. From a distance, it was a magnificent sight, and with the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Force leaking out, if one didn’t look carefully, they would think it was a dark cloud.

However, the Black Ink Clan did not immediately launch an attack. After two or three days of delay, they split up and surrounded Blue Sky Pass.

It was just like how the Black Ink Clan’s army had besieged them for countless years.

This couldn’t be blamed on the Black Ink Clan’s lack of creativity. It was just that there were simply too many of them. If they were to gather together, it would be difficult for them to do anything and would only give the Human Race an opportunity to break through.

The best way to deal with this situation was to divide their forces into four directions and force the Human Race to exhaust themselves. After all, in terms of numbers, the Human Race was always at a disadvantage.

After being delayed for two or three days, it was likely they would have to split up.

Originally, the four armies were almost equal, each with more than two hundred thousand soldiers, but this time, one of them had been defeated by the Western Army, so they couldn’t just rely on the remaining fifty thousand or so soldiers to attack one side, it would be no different from suicide.

With no other choice, they could only send out a portion of their forces from the other three routes. After all, it would be easier to encircle them if their forces were similar.

The nearly seven hundred thousand strong army was not the weakest force the Black Ink Clan had ever had.

However, it wouldn’t be long before the number of Black Ink Clan cultivators decreased sharply. After all, most of these seven hundred thousand soldiers were cannon fodder used to exhaust the strength of the Human Race and create an advantageous battlefield for the Black Ink Clan.

As such, after the Black Ink Clan’s arrangements were completed, they didn’t hesitate to attack Blue Sky Pass.

Countless Low Rank Black Ink Clans rushed over from the four directions of Blue Sky Pass, all of them shouting as if they were ready to die.

After approaching a certain distance, these Low Rank Black Ink Clans all began to activate their strength and use their Secret Techniques to attack Blue Sky Pass.

However, their attacks were destined to be futile. The entire Blue Sky Pass could be said to be a massive palace artifact that had been built over countless years by the Human Race’s soldiers. There were countless Restrictive Arrays inside the pass, so when faced with the Black Ink Clan’s attacks, there was always a way to deal with them.

Not only was Blue Sky Pass like this, but every human race pass was like this.

The Secret Techniques of the Low Rank Black Ink Clan cultivators struck the walls of Blue Sky Pass, but they were unable to shake it in the slightest. A barrier of light appeared around Blue Sky Pass, blocking these attacks.

The Black Ink Clan was not discouraged and continued to attack.

Maintaining such a Spirit Array required energy, and one of the missions of the Low Rank Black Ink Clan was to exhaust the strength of the Human Race.

Ten thousand kilometers, eight thousand kilometers… When the Black Ink Clan’s cannon fodder were within five thousand kilometers of Blue Sky Pass, a massive beam of energy suddenly shot out from the walls. These beams of energy smashed into the Low Rank Black Ink Clan’s forces, releasing a variety of attacks.

Terrifying energy swept out, reducing a large number of Low Rank Black Ink Clans to dust.

Five thousand kilometers, this distance was basically right in front of Blue Sky Pass. Any Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage's Secret Technique would not be able to cover such a small distance, but this was indeed the maximum distance the Restrictive Arrays on the walls could display their might.

So every time the Black Ink Clan’s cannon fodder attacked, they would basically be killed within five thousand kilometers.


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