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Yang Kai had thought that this provocation wouldn’t have much of an effect. After all, his background had been exposed, so no matter how stupid the Black Ink Clan was, they wouldn’t fall for it one after another.

It was even possible that the Black Ink Clan had some kind of ambush waiting for him, so it was very likely that the Territory Lord would take action.

However, what he didn’t expect was that this time’s provocation had actually succeeded! From the floating continent, several Feudal Lord subordinate army rushed out and chased after him.

Just like last time, when Yang Kai reached a suitable position, he turned around and began fighting with the nearly two thousand Black Ink Clan.

However, he didn’t relax his vigilance. According to his estimations, there might be a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord hiding nearby, waiting for an opportunity to deliver a fatal blow to him, so he had to be on guard against a sneak attack.

Just as Yang Kai was leading a few of the Black Ink Clan’s subordinate armies into the distance, the floating continent’s black ink clan enveloped more than two hundred thousand of the Black Ink Clan’s army, under the leadership of the various Territory Lord, split up into three groups and rushed towards Breaking Dawn’s hidden place from different directions, preparing to launch a surprise attack on the enemy forces.

This time, when the Black Ink Clan besieged Blue Sky Pass, they had a total of four armies with nearly a million troops. This was only one of them.

Although it was not yet time for them to act together, the temptation of the Human Race’s ambush on the floating continent was too great.

Not to mention anything else, just one of them was enough for these Black Ink Clan Territory Lord to take risks, not to mention that just as they had discussed before, this place was very far from Blue Sky Pass. Even if the Human Race had ambushed them, there wouldn’t be too many of them. Two hundred thousand Black Ink Clan troops and more than a dozen Territory Lords were more than enough to swallow them, so there wasn’t much risk involved.

It wouldn’t be too late to eat this group of Human Race ambushers and then advance together with the other three armies later.

“Shadowless, are you sure Zhong Liang is also there?” Along the way, one of the Territory Lords asked.

The one called Shadowless was the one who had taken the initiative to inquire about the Human Race’s ambush. Hearing this, he grit his teeth and said, “How could I not sense Zhong Liang’s aura? That old bastard severely wounded me back then and nearly killed me. I would recognize him even if he turned to ashes!”

The Territory Lord who had just spoken nodded and said, “Good, if that’s the case, then we’ve caught a big fish this time. Zhong Liang is the Regiment Commander of the Western Army and holds a high position. If he dies, the morale of Blue Sky Pass will definitely plummet. Perhaps we can take down Blue Sky Pass this time.”

Shadowless said fiercely, “I want to kill him myself!”

“Don’t worry, there’s a chance!”

Something was wrong!

During the battle, Yang Kai was keenly aware of this. This was the third time he had lured a snake out of its hole, and the first time he had done so, he had killed hundreds of Black Ink Clan. In the face of the Space Law, the Feudal Lord subordinate army had no chance to escape.

The second time, there were too many of them, so he couldn’t kill all of them, only allowing a portion of the Black Ink Clan to escape.

This third time, the number of Black Ink Clan cultivators was almost the same as the second time. Originally, he had thought that there would be a Territory Lord hiding nearby and waiting for an opportunity to attack, but after killing so many Black Ink Clan cultivators and deliberately showing a few flaws, he didn’t encounter any sneak attacks from the Territory Lord and didn’t even notice the aura of the Territory Lord.

Is there no Territory Lord coming?

This wasn’t what puzzled him the most, but what made him even more confused was that these Black Ink Clans were actually fighting to the death!

This was very abnormal. Under his merciless slaughter, the Black Ink Clan was clearly in a panic. Wherever he went, they would retreat, but not a single one of them fled.

In less than half a day, he had killed nearly half of the two thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators. If the remaining half didn’t flee, they would be wiped out sooner or later.

Yang Kai faintly felt that he had fallen into some kind of trap, but at this moment, he couldn’t care less. Since there were no Black Ink Clan Territory Lord hiding nearby, he could only kill them all!

After another hour or two, only a few hundred Black Ink Clan remained nearby. These Black Ink Clan were all terrified and tried to move as far away from Yang Kai as possible, but none of them showed any intention of escaping.

At this moment, not far behind him, sword intent surged and a sword howl shook the sky as a figure wrapped in sword light rushed over. Wherever this figure passed, the Black Ink Clan was cut into pieces by this fierce sword Qi.

When the sword light split apart, it suddenly withdrew, causing more than half of the hundred Black Ink Clan cultivators to die.

Seeing the sword light rush towards the last Feudal Lord, Yang Kai hurriedly shouted, “Keep him alive!”

This Feudal Lord was someone he had deliberately not killed, so he could not allow someone else to kill him.

Fortunately, Feng Ying’s reaction was extremely fast, so when she heard Yang Kai’s shout, she immediately changed directions and slaughtered the remaining small fish. When she turned around, Yang Kai had already used his Space Law to imprison the wounded Feudal Lord.

“Why are you here?” Yang Kai turned to look.

Feng Ying asked, “Why is it that your Space Spirit Bead can’t transmit information in reverse? Martial Uncle Zhong Liang asked me to ask you about the situation here, but since I couldn’t contact you, I could only come here personally.”

Yang Kai was stunned, “You sent me a message? I kept the Space Spirit Bead in my Space Ring, so naturally you couldn’t contact me.”

When he sent the last piece of news back, he put away the Space Spirit Bead because he was afraid that the other side would send news and expose his whereabouts, but who would have thought that the Dawn Squad really wanted to contact him?

“Did something happen over there?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.

Feng Ying shook her head, “Nothing happened. How is it here?”

Yang Kai frowned, “It’s a bit strange.”

Saying so, he turned to the Feudal Lord he had imprisoned and asked, “What are you plotting?”

The Feudal Lord was imprisoned and unable to move. In the battle just now, he had been beaten black and blue by Yang Kai. If it weren’t for Yang Kai intentionally keeping him alive to gather information, how could he have survived? Although he had been captured, at this moment, he simply sneered and remained silent.

“Speak, I’ll give you a quick death, otherwise I’ll make you suffer a fate worse than death!” Yang Kai warned.

The Feudal Lord turned his head and looked like he was ready to die.

Yang Kai’s spear stabbed into his chest, avoiding his vitals and gently piercing through his body. The Black Ink Clan cultivator’s face twisted in pain as he roared, “Black Ink is eternal!”

Yang Kai frowned. It had been a long time since he had heard these words, but judging from the attitude of this Feudal Lord, he obviously knew that it was impossible for him to survive, so he naturally wouldn’t reveal any information.

What’s more, he wasn’t too clear about the plans of the Black Ink Clan’s higher-ups and was only following orders to restrain Yang Kai here.

After using several more methods, the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord still remained silent. Yang Kai knew that he wouldn’t be able to find any useful clues, so he could only kill him with a single shot.

Although he didn’t ask anything, the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord’s reaction caused him to feel a sense of unease. Just now, the Black Ink Clan had clearly known they were no match for him, but they had still chosen to fight to the death, seemingly deliberately stalling for time.

Suddenly, Yang Kai seemed to understand something and shouted, “Not good!”

Saying so, his figure flickered and he disappeared from the spot, Feng Ying called out, “Team Leader!”

There was no trace of Yang Kai in front of her, so she could only follow the residual fluctuations of the Space Law and chase after him.

Yang Kai soon arrived at the periphery of the floating continent where the Black Ink Clan’s army was stationed. Looking up, he saw that this floating continent was still shrouded in black ink clouds, making it impossible to see what was inside.

When he saw this scene before, he felt a bit strange. Why would the Black Ink Clan waste so much effort to create this black ink cloud, but if they were using it to conceal the movements of the army, it would make sense.

If his guess was correct, then this floating continent was probably empty!

Sending two thousand Black Ink Clan masters to deal with him while secretly mobilizing their armies to fight, the Black Ink Clan was truly not stupid.

Although he had some guesses, Yang Kai still needed to personally verify them before diving into the black ink cloud.

Reality proved that there really wasn’t a single Black Ink Clan on this floating continent. The two hundred thousand strong army that had originally been stationed here had disappeared, and it was highly likely that after he left, the Black Ink Clan’s army had set out.

Was it because they had discovered a Human Race scout and wanted to take Blue Sky Pass by surprise?

Fortunately, the situation wasn’t too bad and he could return to Breaking Dawn at any time to report back to Blue Sky Pass.

Hurriedly rushing out of the floating continent, he ran into Feng Ying who was chasing after him.

Yang Kai hurriedly said, “Quickly return to Breaking Dawn, the Black Ink Clan’s army has already set out.”

Saying so, Yang Kai took out his Space Spirit Bead and activated it, his figure instantly disappearing.

Feng Ying didn’t even have time to say anything before Yang Kai disappeared again, immediately stomping her foot in anger, “What nonsense!”

Helpless, she could only activate the Universe Escape Law and return to Breaking Dawn first.

On the floating continent where Breaking Dawn was hiding, Yang Kai’s figure appeared directly next to Miao Feiping. As soon as he appeared, he hurriedly said, “Feiping, quickly return to Blue Sky Pass and inform the several Regiment Commanders that the Black Ink Clan’s two hundred thousand strong army has been mobilized… Eh? Martial Uncle Zhong, why are you here? And the various Sirs, why are you all here?”

Yang Kai’s face was filled with shock as he stared at the figures around him, unable to comprehend what was happening.

Zhong Liang frowned, “You didn’t see Feng Ying?”

“Yes, she should be back soon,” Yang Kai replied subconsciously.

As they were speaking, Feng Ying walked out from Breaking Dawn’s cabin, obviously having teleported back through the Universe Formation, but she was only a few breaths later than Yang Kai.

“What’s going on?” Yang Kai turned his head to look around and saw that on the floating continent, seven or eight thousand people were preparing for battle. Although there was no sound, there was a murderous atmosphere around them, causing Yang Kai to be surprised, “Is this… the entire Western Army?”

Feng Ying glared at him angrily and said, “When Martial Uncle learned that there were two hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers gathered here, he led the Western Army here to ambush them, preparing to cut off the Black Ink Clan army before the battle to reduce the pressure inside the pass.”

“Why don't you tell me this?” Yang Kai turned to look at her.

Feng Ying glared at him, “Did you give me a chance to speak?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help but sniff and feel a bit awkward. This matter was too big.

Zhong Liang asked, “Is there any movement from the Black Ink Clan?”

Yang Kai quickly reported, “I don’t know where the Black Ink Clan’s army has gone to. Disciple’s actions must have aroused their vigilance, so the Black Ink Clan used their black ink clouds to conceal their movements, but now they’ve disappeared.”


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