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When he parted ways with Miao Feiping, he had said he wanted to go fishing, so he had really planned to go fishing.

As a scout, Yang Kai had already completed his mission. He had basically figured out the location and deployment of the two hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers, and after sending them back to Blue Sky Pass, Blue Sky Pass naturally had a plan to deal with them.

His original plan was to lure some of the Black Ink Clan out of the army and kill them. Although he could only kill a limited number of them on his own and it had nothing to do with the overall situation, it was still somewhat useful.

However, after seeing the more than two hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers, he had a deeper plan.

If he provoked them again, he didn’t know if it would lead to the advance of the Black Ink Clan’s army. If that was the case, then the Black Ink Clan’s army would definitely be separated from the other forces, which would be beneficial to Blue Sky Pass.

The chances of this happening weren’t high, and the Black Ink Clan weren’t fools. After so many years of besieging the Human Race’s Pass, they knew that relying on this army alone wouldn’t accomplish much, so they had been waiting for the other armies to gather and advance together. Only by doing so would they be able to put pressure on Blue Sky Pass.

However, it was still worth trying.

If he couldn’t achieve his goal in one go, he could try a few more times. Even if he couldn’t achieve his goal, he could still take advantage of this opportunity to kill some of the Black Ink Clans and relieve the pressure on the battlefield.

He has the Space Law, and behind him was the direction of Blue Sky Pass. He could fight or retreat, and even if the Territory Lord take action, he could escape at any time.

The first attempt at luring them had undoubtedly been a success. A troop of several hundred army only had three or four Feudal Lords, and the rest were all High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clan. With his current strength, it's not enough to kill him.

The second time, the number of Black Ink Clan that had been lured out was quite high, with a number of Feudal Lords subordinate forces totaling nearly two thousand, but it was still under control, even if he couldn’t kill them all, it didn’t matter.

However, just as he was about to begin his slaughter, he suddenly felt as if he was being watched from the shadows. This caused his heart to tremble and he secretly split his attention to guard against any unexpected situations. He didn’t know where this spy was hiding, but since he was able to evade his detection, he was undoubtedly a Territory Lord.

Couldn't hold back? Yang Kai was somewhat surprised.

Yang Kai wasn’t afraid. Since this Territory Lord was hiding in the shadows, it was likely he wanted to harm him, but as long as he dared to act, there would definitely be some kind of warning, so Yang Kai could escape in time.

So although he had noticed this, Yang Kai pretended not to notice and continued to slaughter the Black Ink Clan, preparing to leave as soon as the situation became unfavorable.

To his surprise, the feeling of being watched soon disappeared.

What the hell was he doing? Since the Territory Lord had taken action, why hadn’t he attacked Yang Kai and instead left so quickly? Yang Kai didn’t know what the Black Ink Clan’s plans were, but he couldn’t be bothered to investigate. Since the Territory Lord had left, he was even more unrestrained.

Nearly two thousand Black Ink Clans had been slaughtered by him, and the rest had all fled. Yang Kai was also injured, after all, it was difficult for him to guard against all of them by himself, but his injuries weren’t too serious. After resting for half a day, he was basically fine.

Just as Yang Kai was about to begin his killing spree, outside Breaking Dawn’s hidden place, a ghost-like figure slowly flew across the void. This figure was none other than the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord who had volunteered to scout out the Human Race’s ambush.

Breaking Dawn’s concealment was extremely good. With the help of the terrain and the concealment of a Spirit Array, with how vast the void is, even if the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord passed by nearby, if he didn’t carefully investigate, he might not be able to discover anything.

Along the way, this Territory Lord had discovered that there were at least a hundred or eighty shattered floating continents, but all of them had only been investigate for a moment, so how could he have discovered anything?

Coincidentally, just as ge was preparing to investigate further, several flying ships flew over from the direction of Blue Sky Pass.

The Territory Lord immediately stopped and carefully observed.

After a short while, his expression changed and he hurriedly flew back the way he came, only stopping when he was a safe distance away.

Looking from afar, he couldn’t see the situation clearly, but he was certain that the Human Race was lying in ambush.

What a cunning human! The Territory Lord cursed in his heart. Although he hadn’t managed to find out the exact deployment of the Human Race’s forces, he didn’t dare to approach them at this moment because he could feel a familiar aura from the flying ship.

After fighting with the Eighth Order masters of Blue Sky Pass for so many years, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords all knew who the Eighth Order masters of the Human Race were and how strong they were, so even from a distance, this Territory Lord was able to determine their identity.

What a big fish! The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to return to the army’s camp to deliver this news.

At the same time, Bai Yi, Feng Ying, and the others also noticed the commotion and hurriedly flew up to watch. When they saw several flying ships flying towards them, they were all greatly surprised.

A short while later, the flying ships arrived at Breaking Dawn’s location and a figure jumped down from the first one.

Feng Ying stepped forward and saluted, “Martial Uncle!”

Zhong Liang nodded slightly and looked around, “Where’s Yang Boy?”

Feng Ying replied, “Team Leader is still out scouting for information and has yet to return.”

Zhong Liang harrumphed, “I knew this little brat wouldn’t know his place. What bullshit information gathering, he must be itching for a fight.”

Feng Ying didn’t know how to respond to this, so she turned around to look at the figures coming down from the flying ships one after another, her expression gradually becoming solemn, “Martial Uncle, you…”

She couldn’t help feeling shocked, because the figures walking down from the ship were all Seventh Order and above. Other than the Regiment Commander Zhong Liang, there were more than a dozen Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs. Feng Ying belonged to the Western Army, so how could she not recognize these people?

Was the Western Army’s Eighth Order really going all out?

In addition to the Eighth Order, there were nearly a thousand Seventh Order.

Zhong Liang chuckled, “In the past, we didn’t have such conditions. Other than taking the initiative to attack under the Old Ancestor’s leadership, we could only passively defend inside the pass. Now that we have such conditions, we naturally have to give the Black Ink Clan a big surprise and vent our anger.”

Saying so, he suddenly summoned an object and threw it out. The object expanded like a thin veil and enveloped the entire floating continent. Feng Ying felt that the entire floating continent was covered by a mysterious force, isolating it from the outside world.

At this moment, even if someone were to observe from the outside, they wouldn’t be able to see what was happening inside this floating continent.

One figure after another flew out, each searching for an empty space.

Soon after, a series of Small Universe's door opened, and even Zhong Liang opened his own. From these Small Universe's door, figures emerged one after another.

Feng Ying, Bai Yi, and the others were all stunned, while the other members of Dawn Squad were all dumbfounded.

In the blink of an eye, seven or eight thousand people had gathered on the floating continent. As soon as these people appeared, they gathered in small groups, as if they had been practicing a long time ago, setting up barriers and concealing their auras.

Feng Ying’s eyelids twitched as she stared blankly at this scene and cried out, “Martial Uncle, has the entire Western Army mobilized?”

She had thought that all the Eighth Order from the Western Army would be mobilized, but who would have thought that the entire Western Army would be here.

The entire Blue Sky Pass only had a total of thirty to forty thousand soldiers, and when divided amongst the various armies, each of them had around eight or nine thousand soldiers. At this moment, the number of soldiers gathered on the floating continent was almost the same number.

Zhong Liang said in a low voice, “How could it be so easy to take down an army of more than two hundred thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators? It would take an army to end this battle quickly, if this battle is won, our Western Army would have made a great contribution!”

Feng Ying could only sigh, “Martial Uncle is truly generous!”

Zhong Liang smiled proudly, “Of course.”

However, she didn’t know that in order to compete with the other three Regiment Commanders for this opportunity, he had nearly been beaten to a pulp. In the end, it was the Old Ancestor who stepped forward and gave the final word, allowing this good opportunity to fall upon the Western Army.

If he wanted to devour this two hundred thousand strong army, there was a prerequisite.

If the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord wasn’t here, even if the Western Army had the ability to defeat the two hundred thousand strong Black Ink Clan army, they would still suffer heavy losses.

Because of this, the Old Ancestor had personally set out to investigate the location of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, allowing the plan to be implemented.

“Find a way to contact Yang Boy and ask him about the situation over there. If the Black Ink Clan’s army moves out, report immediately!” Zhong Liang ordered.

Feng Ying nodded, “Yes!”

Zhong Liang wasn’t worried about not being able to ambush the Black Ink Clan’s army. In this direction, if the two hundred thousand strong Black Ink Clan army wanted to attack Blue Sky Pass, they would have to pass through this area. Even if there was a slight deviation, it wouldn’t be too far. As long as they passed by this area, the Western Army would have the confidence to eat them all.

Naturally, Yang Kai didn’t know about Blue Sky Pass’s big scheme.

At this moment, he was considering whether to join up with Dawn Squad or continue to act alone.

During the battle just now, nearly half of the nearly one thousand Black Ink Clan members who had died in his hands had escaped. Presumably, the Black Ink Clan already knew of his abilities, so if he were to provoke them again, he might not be able to gain anything. Also, the Territory Lord who had been secretly investigating him just now made Yang Kai somewhat uneasy.

However, not long after, Yang Kai made up his mind.

Continue provoking.

If he could enrage the two hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers, it would be best for them to attack in advance. If not, even if the Territory Lord were to capture him, he could use the Space Spirit Bead to return to Breaking Dawn as soon as possible.

At the very least, he would have some gains, Yang Kai thought.

However, by the time he arrived at the place where the Black Ink Clan’s army was stationed, the situation had somewhat exceeded his expectations.

At this moment, the giant floating continent was shrouded in a thick black ink cloud, making it impossible to see what was happening inside.

What the hell was the Black Ink Clan doing?

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with confusion. This black ink cloud was obviously summoned by an expert from the Black Ink Clan. If it had been released before, it could be explained that it was to conceal the number of troops, but he had already obtained information about the Black Ink Clan’s army, so what was the point of concealing it now?

Wasn’t this just taking off one’s pants to fart? Was this really necessary?

Yang Kai couldn’t guess the Black Ink Clan’s intentions, so he could only continue to provoke them.

“That human really came again!”

As soon as Yang Kai appeared, a series of reports from the Black Ink Clan troops immediately arrived, and the Territory Lords quickly learned of this news.

“Follow the plan! The Human Race treats us like idiots, this time we’ll teach them a harsh lesson!”


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