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More than a hundred thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators were gathered on a floating continent, and from a distance, it was a magnificent sight. Not only that, but there were also a number of Black Ink Clan cultivators coming from all directions, from a few hundred to a thousand.

These were obviously Feudal Lords leading their subordinates.

This place was undoubtedly one of the gathering places of the Black Ink Clan’s army, and judging from the scale of the Black Ink Clan’s army in front of them, it was definitely more than just one way. It was definitely the gathering place of several Territory Lords forces.

In fact, although Yang Kai was quite far away, he could faintly sense that there were at least five Territory Lords masters amongst the army.

In other words, this army in front of him had at least five or more Territory Lord.

Of course, the Black Ink Clan’s army had more than just this small force, and it was definitely not just a single gathering point. This was just one of them.

When had the Black Ink Clan’s army doesn't have millions of soldiers? If they didn’t have so many, the Human Race wouldn’t have fought so hard.

As a scout, Yang Kai naturally carried out his mission faithfully. Soon, the information he had obtained was sent back to the Breaking Dawn via the Space Spirit Bead through a jade slip, and with Breaking Dawn as the intermediary, it was sent back to Blue Sky Pass, allowing them to obtain the information needed.

Yang Kai remained motionless, paying close attention to the movements of the hundreds of thousands of Black Ink Clan soldiers.

Since there was a gathering point here, there wouldn’t be a second one nearby. The other gathering points of the Black Ink Clan’s army should be located in the other direction of Blue Sky Pass, so there would be other scouts to worry about it.

As time passed, the number of hundred thousand of soldiers also continued to increase, gradually approaching two hundred thousand. If one Territory Lord could gather twenty to thirty thousand soldiers, the number of Territory Lords gathered here would be close to ten.

This was also in line with the current situation. Every time the Black Ink Clan closed in, at least four armies would attack from four different directions at the same time, forcing the Human Race to defend in all directions. Any negligence in any direction could lead to a complete loss.

Gradually, the number of Black Ink Clan members gathered less, and it seemed that most of them had already arrived. However, this Black Ink Clan army didn’t seem to have any intention of immediately setting out and instead remained stationed on the floating continent.

Yang Kai estimated that they were waiting for the other armies to act together.

Although there were more than two hundred thousand of them, if they were to rely on such a force to attack the Human Race’s mountain pass, they would definitely not be able to escape. As such, every time the Black Ink Clan attacked, they had to gather all of their forces and attack from all sides in order to overwhelm the Human Race.

After sending the last message to Breaking Dawn, Yang Kai flew out of his hiding place and headed straight for the floating continent.

After observing for some time, the Black Ink Clan army at this gathering point could no longer increase their forces by too much. It wouldn’t be long before they attacked Blue Sky Pass, so there was no need to continue observing.

He didn’t try to conceal himself, so the Black Ink Clan on the floating continent soon discovered his tracks. The streak of light that cut through the void was extremely eye-catching, causing a commotion in the surrounding Black Ink Clan.

Some of the more impatient Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords had already rushed out and led their subordinate forces towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai came to a sudden stop and hurriedly turned around to flee, acting like a human cultivator who had run into the Black Ink Clan army and was fleeing in panic.

How could the pursuing Black Ink Clan let this matter go so easily? They followed Yang Kai like a shadow, unable to escape.

Many of the Black Ink Clan cultivators on the floating continent saw this scene from afar, but most of them remained indifferent and only a few of them sneered. In their eyes, this human cultivator who had suddenly appeared had actually dared to appear here alone. It was likely he wouldn’t have a good end.

However, what surprised them was that after half an hour or so, the seemingly lost human cultivator once again flew towards them, his figure transforming into a stream of light as he tore through the void.

On the other hand, the several hundred Black Ink Clan cultivators chasing after him had disappeared.

This caused many of the Black Ink Clan who saw this scene to be shocked, unable to understand how this human had managed to escape unscathed and where the pursuing clansmen had gone.

What was even more hateful was that when the human flew over, he would move straight and agilely, a thick sense of provocation filling the air.

How could they tolerate this?

In the blink of an eye, several hundred subordinate forces of the Black Ink Clan surrounded this human under the leadership of their respective Feudal Lords.

Just like before, the Human Race cultivator flew backwards while several Black Ink Clan teams chased after him, gradually disappearing into the distance.

In the center of the floating continent, a Territory Lord stared deeply in the direction Yang Kai had fled in, “The Human Race must have set up some kind of ambush over there. These idiots are probably dead.”

The Territory Lords weren’t idiots. Yang Kai had tried to provoke them at close range twice, so how could they not see through his intentions?

The other Territory Lord coldly snorted, “The Human Race is quite bold, they wouldn’t have acted like this in the past. What made them so confident that they dared to come out and fight like this?”

Another Territory Lord said, “Regardless of the reason, the Human Race seems to have undergone great changes in the last hundred years. You should have heard about the news from the Twilight King Domain, right?”

A Territory Lord nodded and said, “I heard that the Human Race has developed an Expelling Black Ink Pill that can dispel the corrosion of the Ink Force. This is not good news.”

“However, this also explains why there hasn’t been a new Black Ink Disciple for so long! Although the Human Race’s Expelling Black Ink Pills are troublesome, their disadvantage in numbers will never change. For the Human Race to dare set up an ambush outside the pass, they are simply stupid.”

“You mean…” One of the Territory Lord looked over thoughtfully.

The Territory Lord who had just spoken chuckled, “Unlike my Black Ink Clan, if any of the Human Race’s cultivators were to die, they would feel the loss. Since they dared to set up an ambush outside the pass, we might as well beat them at their own game and try to eat them up.”

“But do you know how many forces the Human Race has there?”

The Territory Lord said, “This place is about a dozen days away from the Human Race’s Pass, so how many people can the Human Race send over from such a far distance? Now that my Black Ink Clan’s army is approaching, they will definitely be preparing to attack us inside the pass. Even if a small number of people are setting up ambushes outside, it shouldn’t be too many. I estimate that even though most of them are elites, will my two hundred thousand strong army not be able to handle such a small number of people?”

Many Territory Lord were moved by his words.

Although there were only a few troops in the Human Race, if they could really kill these people outside the pass, it would be enough to make the Human Race’s heart ache for a long time. In fact, after a war between the two races, the Human Race’s losses might not even be as great. Moreover, just as the Territory Lord had said, if they dared to set up an ambush outside the pass, they would definitely be elites. If they were to take this opportunity, the Human Race’s losses would be huge.

“There must be an Eighth Order Open Heaven master among them. If I can kill one or two Eighth Order masters, heh heh… I’ll be able to take revenge for the previous battle with the Royal Lord, I’ll be able to cleanse myself of this shame!”

All the Territory Lords nodded.

One of the Territory Lords said, “If we really want to act like this, we need to figure out the position and strength of the Human Race’s ambushes. Who would be willing to act?”

A short but humanoid Territory Lord stood up and smiled, taking the initiative to volunteer, “Let me.”

One of the Territory Lord nodded and said, “It’s just right for you to go. That human hasn’t gone far, so it shouldn’t be too late to chase after him, but you must be careful not to fall into any kind of trap.”

“Rest assured, if the Human Race is not destroyed, how could this Territory Lord bear to die?”

Saying so, he soared into the sky. It was unknown what kind of Secret Technique he cultivated, but his aura as a Territory Lord had been suppressed to the extreme. Coupled with his humanoid form, it would be difficult for ordinary people to find him.

His speed was undoubtedly fast, and as he chased after the fleeing human, he soon felt a violent energy fluctuation in front of him. Obviously, someone was fighting.

Combined with the previous scene, this Territory Lord already had a guess, so he immediately restrained his aura and approached the battlefield.

A moment later, when he arrived at the periphery of the battlefield, he couldn’t help feeling shocked.

The Territory Lords were all speculating that the Human Race must have set up an ambush, or else they wouldn’t have been able to explain why the subordinate army had disappeared so quickly.

He had chased after them because he wanted to inquire about the position and number of the Human Race’s ambushing forces so that he could formulate a corresponding strategy.

But at this moment, how could he see any human ambushing them? Only the human who had appeared in the distance to lead the Black Ink Clan away was holding a long spear and slaughtering them!

Although he was alone, he was like a God of Death, slaughtering several of the subordinate forces.

How could this human be so powerful?

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord could clearly see that a Feudal Lord had quietly approached this human and attempted to launch a sneak attack from behind, but in the end, he had been pierced by a spear and didn’t even have time to react.

In less than the time it took for an incense stick to burn, nearly thirty percent of the subordinate army had been killed. This human was covered in blood, but all of it were black blood, his killing intent boiling. The long spear in their hands had reached the acme of perfection, and every time he thrust it out, a few of the Black Ink Clan masters would die.

At this rate, it would only be a matter of time before he killed all of these Black Ink Clans.

This person was definitely an elite of the Human Race!

For a time, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord couldn’t help feeling murderous. This kind of person couldn’t be allowed to grow so easily. A Seventh Order Open Heaven master was already so powerful, if he were to break through to the Eighth Order, who among the Territory Lords could resist him?

But just as he was about to act, he couldn’t help thinking about his mission.

The location and number of Human Race ambushers had not yet been discovered, so rashly attacking would only alert the enemy. Moreover, what was the situation with this Human Race? Since he had lured out a few of their feudal lord subordinate forces, why hadn’t they surrounded them instead of fighting alone?

Did he think that he alone could solve this problem, so he was too lazy to lure the enemy in?

With this thought in mind, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord withdrew his killing intent and turned his eyes towards the distance. A moment later, just as he had silently arrived, he silently retreated to investigate further.

On the battlefield, Yang Kai was like a dragon as his mind relaxed, the feeling of being secretly watched by someone finally disappearing.


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