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Since he want them to familiarize themselves with the Black Ink Clan, he naturally had to have some kind of control. The Black Ink Clan was born from the Black Ink Nest, so all he needed to do was have a single Black Ink Nest. Yang Kai now only hated himself for not having foresight and destroying so many Black Ink Nests in the Twilight King Domain.

Fortunately, he could still salvage the situation.

The reason he had come to this Black Ink Clan territory was because he had set his eyes on this Black Ink Nest, but whether or not he could take this Black Ink Nest into his own Small Universe, Yang Kai wasn’t confident.

Back then, he had personally witnessed Zha Gu hatching the Black Ink Nest and had some understanding of its various characteristics, so he knew that it would be difficult to implement this idea.

There were still members of the Black Ink Clan inside the Black Ink Nest. Yang Kai stepped inside and killed them one by one, quickly cleaning them up.

Opening his Small Universe and allowing the Black Ink Nest to swallow his World Force, using it as a bridge and the Black Ink Nest’s will as a medium, Yang Kai’s consciousness instantly entered a strange space.

This space was undoubtedly formed by the will of this region’s Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest. At this moment, there were no less than thirty Feudal Lords gathered in this space, and as their wills surged, it was obvious they were communicating with each other.

The Black Ink Clan in this war zone had never experienced the calamity of the Twilight King Domain, so they didn’t know what would happen next. So when Yang Kai used his Divine Soul power to attack these Feudal Lords’ wills, they didn’t even have time to react.

In an instant, several Feudal Lords’ wills were destroyed. Yang Kai’s Divine Soul was far stronger than these Feudal Lords.

In the next moment, the remaining Feudal Lord’s wills sensed that something was wrong, so they naturally pushed their strength to attack Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was not afraid at all. Thinking back to the Twilight King Domain, the situation he had encountered was incomparable to what he was experiencing now. At that time, Black Abyss’s will had also been lying in ambush for him, but in the end, he had still been killed and his Divine Soul had been severely wounded, forcing him to retreat.

If it weren’t for this, Black Abyss wouldn’t have been chased down by a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master.

As a result, after Yang Kai’s will rampaged about, the Feudal Lords suffered heavy casualties, and seven or eight of the thirty Feudal Lords’ wills died.

The death of these wills also signified the fall of the Feudal Lords themselves.

The remaining surviving wills realized that something was wrong and no longer dared to remain here, quickly scattering like birds and beasts, quickly running away.

Yang Kai had no way to chase after them, so he could only sigh helplessly.

Destroying the wills of a few Feudal Lords was just a matter of course, but Yang Kai’s original intention was not to do so. After a while, he withdrew his consciousness and flashed out.

His Divine Sense surged like a tide as he probed the foundation of the Black Ink Nest.

The Black Ink Nest in front of him was thousands of meters tall, like a giant flower bud standing tall on the ground. It was the typical size of a Feudal Lord’s Black Ink Nest, but under Yang Kai’s investigation, the foundation of the Black Ink Nest was far greater.

The entire Universe World was wrapped in the power of this Black Ink Nest. If the Black Ink Nest in front of him was compared to a giant tree, then the roots of this giant tree covered the entire world.

If Yang Kai wanted to take this Black Ink Nest into his Small Universe, he would have to take this entire world.

This Universe World was not big, but even Yang Kai was unable to take such a world into his own Small Universe.

He already knew this, so he had no intention of taking away the entire Black Ink Nest.

The Space Law surged, and when the void shattered, the foundation of the Black Ink Nest was broken one by one. With the Black Ink Nest’s main body as the center, a radius of several kilometers seemed to be cut apart by a mysterious force, separating it from this Universe World.

His Small Universe’s door opened, and Yang Kai’s Divine Sense wrapped around the dozens kilometer radius of the Black Ink Nest’s main body, forcefully absorbing it.

This sudden turn of events shocked the entire world.

Yang Kai immersed his consciousness into the Small Universe’s body and soon revealed a disappointed look.

He had indeed moved the entire Black Ink Nest into his Small Universe, but perhaps because its foundation had been cut off, or perhaps because of some other reason, the Black Ink Nest quickly began to wither after entering the Small Universe. Even when Yang Kai poured his World Force into it, the Black Ink Nest showed no signs of swallowing.

This was not normal. The Black Ink Nest’s ability to devour World Force was instinctual, and Yang Kai had used it as a bridge to connect with the Black Ink Nest’s will.

The World Force was a great supplement to the Black Ink Nest. Now that the Black Ink Nest had not even swallowed the World Force, it undoubtedly meant that it was about to die.

In fact, after the entire Black Ink Nest was absorbed by Yang Kai into his Small Universe, it collapsed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and in less than half a cup of tea, it completely withered.

This situation caused Yang Kai to frown. It seemed that looting the Black Ink Nest wasn’t an easy task, he had taken it for granted.

However, if he could obtain an unhatched Black Ink Nest, he might be able to hatch it in his Small Universe, and then there wouldn’t be any problems.

However, the unhatched Black Ink Nest was extremely precious even to the Black Ink Clan, so how could Yang Kai find it? Unless he could find another Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest and provide a large amount of materials, it was impossible to get it.

However, this place was not the Twilight King Domain, so searching for a Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest would be extremely risky.

The reason he had been able to survive in the Twilight King Domain last time was firstly because he was at the back of the Black Ink Clan's army, unable to advance or retreat, secondly because the Black Ink Clan’s army had been deployed and their rear was empty, and thirdly because the Yin Yang Pass’ Old Ancestor had appeared, forcing the Territory Lords who had remained behind to rush to the Royal Lord's aid. The only one who had chased after Yang Kai, Black Abyss, had been seriously injured by him.

This was the only reason why Yang Kai was able to act so recklessly in the Twilight King Domain without anyone holding him back. Even so, in the end, he was unable to destroy more Terrotpru Lord-level Black Ink Nest.

In Blue Sky War Zone, the Black Ink Clan’s army was currently gathering, so there were definitely Territory Lord-level masters guarding this place. If he continued to cause trouble, he would definitely attract the attention of the Territory Lord who was guarding this place, there was no need for too many. Once two Territory Lord took action, even if he was proficient in Space Law, he might not be able to escape unscathed.

Yang Kai could not bear such a risk.

Therefore, after his plan to plunder the Black Ink Nest failed, he didn’t insist.

It would take time for the good seedlings in his Small Universe to mature, so there was no rush for now. It wouldn’t be too late to think of a solution later.

Miao Feiping had already returned with many wounds on his body. It seemed that he had killed many of the Black Ink Clan’s people in this short period of time, but although he appeared to be in a sorry state, he was still quite energetic. Moreover, because of the Expelling Black Pill, he didn’t have to worry about being corroded by the Ink Force for a short time.

“Martial Uncle, since the Black Ink Clan has fled, should we pursue them?” Miao Feiping asked excitedly, obviously not having enjoyed enough of the slaughter just now.

“There’s no need for that, they’re all low level Black Ink Clans. Killing them is useless and will only waste time,” Yang Kai said lightly.

“Oh, then where should we go now?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before turning his eyes towards the direction he had come from, “You should return to the Breaking Dawn to rest.”

“What about Martial Uncle?” Miao Feiping asked.

Yang Kai smiled, “I’m going fishing.”

“Fishing?” Miao Feiping was puzzled.

However, Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to him and simply stuffed something into his hand, “Take this with you, don’t put it into your Space Ring.”

Miao Feiping caught it and found that it was a bead, but he didn’t know what it was for, so he asked, “Martial Uncle, what is this?”

“Space Spirit Bead! With this bead, I can send a message back at any time.”

Miao Feiping nodded and put away the Space Spirit Bead.

“Go,” Yang Kai waved at him.

Miao Feiping cupped his fists and said, “Disciple will go now, Martial Uncle must be careful.”

As he spoke, he activated the Universe Escape Law and a moment later, the light of a giant Spirit Array appeared beneath his feet. With a flash of light, Miao Feiping’s figure disappeared.

By the time he reappeared, he had already returned to the Dawn Battleship and walked out of the Universe Formation. Bai Yi, who had long since noticed the commotion, immediately came forward to greet him, but seeing Miao Feiping alone, she couldn’t help asking curiously, “Where’s the Team Leader?”

Miao Feiping scratched his head, “Martial Uncle said he was going fishing.”

“Fishing?” Bai Yi was puzzled, “Fishing what?”

Miao Feiping shook his head, “I don’t know either, Martial Uncle didn’t explain in detail and only told me to return here.”

Bai Yi’s brow wrinkled slightly as she faintly felt that Yang Kai was going to stir up trouble again, but Yang Kai didn’t say anything, probably because he had his own considerations. Seeing Miao Feiping’s miserable appearance, he couldn’t help asking, “Did you encounter the Black Ink Clan?”

Miao Feiping immediately became excited and said, “Martial Uncle brought Disciple to take on a Feudal Lord’s Black Ink Nest.”

Speaking of this, he was quite excited. This was the first time he had gone on a mission with his Martial Uncle, yet he had accomplished such a great feat. This was not something anyone could easily encounter.

Sure enough, after hearing this, the other team members also became interested and began asking questions. Miao Feiping didn’t try to hide anything and told them all about his trip with Yang Kai, causing all the team members to look at him with envy. They also heard that two Feudal Lords were unable to resist the power of Yang Kai’s spear and were instantly killed, causing all the remaining team members to feel honored.

In this Ink Battlefield, encountering a powerful Team Leader was extremely important. Whether it was the success rate of the mission or the survival rate on the Chaotic Battlefield, both were greatly improved.

The Team Leader of a team was the soul of the entire team, and this was also the foundation for the Human Race’s teams to work together on the Ink Battlefield.

Leaving aside the excitement of the Dawn Squad's members, Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he sped through the void in the direction of the group of Feudal Lords he had discovered earlier.

Being alone, Yang Kai no longer had any scruples. Activating his Space Law, his figure flickered.

In less than half a day, Yang Kai found a large group of Black Ink Clan cultivators on a giant floating continent.

Standing far away, Yang Kai examined the floating continent and found that there were more than a hundred thousand people gathered here.

This place could basically be considered the periphery of the Black Ink Clan’s territory, not far from the territory controlled by the Human Race. With so many Black Ink Clans gathered here, the situation was quite obvious.

This should be one of the gathering places of the Black Ink Clan’s army. Under the Territory Lord's orders, the Feudal Lords had led their subordinate forces here to meet up, otherwise it would have been impossible for such a large-scale gathering to occur.

The Black Ink Clan had indeed become restless. After nearly a hundred years of rest and recuperation, they had managed to restore the vitality they had lost during the last great battle, and now that they had gathered an army here, it was obvious they were planning to make a comeback.


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“Fishing?” Bai Yi was puzzled, “Fishing what?”

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