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The two of them continued on their way.

The Feudal Lord’s fief wasn’t far away, and a day later, a dead Universe World appeared in Yang Kai’s field of vision. This Universe World wasn’t big, but the entire world was covered in a thick layer of Ink Force, one of which was particularly dense.

Through the obstruction, one could vaguely see a Black Ink Nest standing in that direction.

Near the Black Ink Nest, there were many Black Ink Clan cultivators.

Yang Kai led Miao Feiping straight towards the Black Ink Nest. Before they even reached the Black Ink Nest, Miao Feiping, who had received Yang Kai’s signal, took out an Expelling Black Ink Pill and stuffed it into his mouth, holding it under his tongue, ready to swallow it at any time.

Although Yang Kai had the Purification Light to protect him, Yang Kai had his own thing to do, so he couldn’t take care of him all the time, so it was better to prepare an Expelling Black Ink Pill.

Yang Kai didn’t try to conceal himself, instead directly breaking through the blockade of the Ink Force and smashing into the ground near the Black Ink Nest as if he had fallen from the sky. The earth shook and the powerful impact caused the surrounding Black Ink Clans to collapse, and even the weaker Black Ink Servants suffered heavy casualties.

The two Feudal Lords who had been guarding this fief noticed this and immediately flew out from their respective residences.

These two Feudal Lords were not necessarily the masters of this place. The Black Ink Clan had many Feudal Lords, but not many of them actually had their own fiefs. Under each Territory Lord’s command, at most a few dozen or a hundred Feudal Lords had the qualifications to own their own fiefs. These Feudal Lords who had fiefs were undoubtedly rich and powerful.

Those without any fiefs would either find a place to live in the territory under the Territory Lord's command or seek refuge with those with fiefs.

This way, they could use the Black Ink Nest’s Ink Force to enhance their own strength and achieve a breakthrough.

Such a situation was common in the Black Ink Clan, so a mature Feudal Lord’s fief was not limited to just one. Of course, the Master of the Black Ink Nest would always be the one who hatch it.

The two remaining Feudal Lords rushed out and when they saw Yang Kai and Miao Feiping, they were stunned.

Human Race?

The Human Race had actually come here?

What was happening?

Although it wasn’t as if the Human Race had never attacked the Black Ink Clan’s territory before, every time the Human Race will sent out an army, it was impossible for there to be only two.

Therefore, when they saw Yang Kai and Miao Feiping, these two Feudal Lords subconsciously thought that the Human Race army had arrived, but after carefully examining their surroundings, they didn’t find any traces of other humans, only these two.

The Feudal Lord on the left immediately shouted, “Nold human race, how dare you bully us!”

The one on the right was relatively quiet, but his movements were as swift as the wind. As his companion shouted, he rushed towards Yang Kai, his giant palm filled with the Ink Force as he ruthlessly slapped down.

Miao Feiping hurriedly dodged. Although he had killed two High Rank Black Ink Clan masters, he knew that this kind of battle was not something he could interfere with.

After fleeing for a thousand feet, Miao Feiping looked back and saw what was happening, his heart shook.

On the other side, his Martial Uncle held his spear in one hand and stabbed it into the Feudal Lord’s head. The overbearing Feudal Lord’s face was filled with disbelief as his body stiffened.

With a flick of his spear, the Feudal Lord’s head exploded into dust and his massive body fell to the ground, blood spraying from his severed neck.

Instant Kill!

Miao Feiping couldn’t believe his eyes. A Feudal Lord had been instantly killed by his Martial Uncle!

He didn’t even notice that his Martial Uncle had used some kind of powerful Secret Technique, as if a casual spear strike had taken the life of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord. The Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord, who he thought was impossible to resist, was as weak as a chicken in front of his Martial Uncle.

On the way here, the members of Dawn Squad had told him that their Team Leader's strength was not something an ordinary Seventh Order cultivator could compare with, and he had even cooperated with others to kill the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord.

Hearing and seeing the real thing is not the same

He finally understood the importance of this evaluation.

This wasn’t just powerful strength, it was simply unparalleled!

In terms of grades, a Feudal Lord was equivalent to a Seventh Order Human Race master. Although under normal circumstances they were slightly weaker than a Seventh Order Human Race master, they were still at this level. Even so, they were still instantly killed by his Martial Uncle.

Just what kind of level had his Martial Uncle’s combat strength reached?

Miao Feiping didn’t know, but at this moment, he couldn’t afford to think too much about it. Many Black Ink Clan cultivators were already rushing towards him, so he raised his sword and used his movement technique to kill them.

Fortunately, the forces of the Black Ink Clan attacking him weren’t very strong. Even if there was a High Rank Black Ink Clan, their strength was only equivalent to a Fourth Order or Fifth Order Open Heaven master. With his current Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage foundation, even if he were to fight one against many, he would be able to barely deal with them in a short period of time. Of course, if it took too long, it would be difficult to say.

It wasn’t surprising that such a situation would occur. Most of the forces capable of battle in this territory had been taken away by the master of this place, so the ones left behind were naturally some weaker people, so how strong could they be?

He understood his Martial Uncle’s intentions. Obviously, he wanted him to use this opportunity to sharpen himself and familiarize himself with the battle with the Black Ink Clan so that he wouldn’t be afraid of the real battlefield.

This was a rare opportunity, so Miao Feiping treasured it greatly and didn’t want to disappoint his Martial Uncle’s expectations, so he immersed himself in his cultivation and put more effort into what he had learned.

On the other side, Yang Kai had killed the charging Feudal Lord with a single shot, shocking the other Feudal Lord to the core!

Cultivating to the Feudal Lord level, the Black Ink Clan’s understanding of the Human Race was no longer something that the low level cannon fodder could compare with. He had participated in the siege of the Human Race’s mountain passes several times and had witnessed various Seventh Order Human Race methods and Secret Arts on the battlefield.

However, there had never been a Seventh Order Human Race cultivator who gave him such a creepy feeling. This was definitely one of the elite Seventh Order Human Race elites, and judging from the casual way he had killed his comrade, it was likely that only the Territory Lord could take him down.

Therefore, after seeing his companion die, this Feudal Lord decisively released a burst of Ink Force from his body, transforming into seven or eight figures that rushed out in all directions. One of them even rushed straight towards Yang Kai, wanting to stall for time.

Yang Kai turned his head and was slightly surprised.

The Secret Technique of this Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord was quite interesting, obviously derived from some kind of escape technique of the Human Race. In fact, many of the Black Ink Clan’s habits and Secret Techniques had traces of the Human Race. After all, during the countless years of war between the two races, the Black Ink Clan had been constantly learning and improving.

If it were any other Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, facing this escape technique, they might not have any good ideas, but unfortunately, this kind of escape technique was not very useful to Yang Kai.

With a flick of his spear, Yang Kai dispersed the figure that was pouncing towards him. The figure immediately transformed into a thick wave of Ink Force that wrapped around Yang Kai, attempting to erode his Small Universe. However, Yang Kai didn’t care about this kind of erosion at all. A golden vertical eye suddenly appeared in his left eye, and under the Life Exterminator Demon Eye, he saw through all illusions in this world.

Most of these figures were condensed from the Ink Force, but only one of them contained the true body of the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord.

This Feudal Lord’s Secret Technique wasn’t bad, but his cultivation wasn’t perfect, so under the Life's Exterminator Demon Eye, his flaws were obvious.

When the Space Law were activated, the figure suddenly paused and in the next moment, an extremely dangerous aura came from behind.

The Feudal Lord hurriedly turned his head back and was immediately frightened out of his wits! The human actually stood in place and threw the long spear in his hand. The long spear broke through the void and arrived instantly.

The Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord discovered to his dismay that no matter how he tried to dodge this attack, he was unable to avoid it. The spear seemed to have locked onto his figure.

In his panic, he shouted and a sound wave swept out in all directions, seemingly having some kind of effect. However, the spear did not slow down and easily broke through his Ink Force defences, leaving a hole in his chest.

As if struck by lightning, the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord froze on the spot, unable to move.

The long spear returned and Yang Kai grabbed it, not even sparing the Feudal Lord a glance as he walked towards the Black Ink Nest.

This contemptuous attitude made the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord feel both sad and angry. Raising his hand, he tried his best to grab towards Yang Kai, but as soon as he used his Ink Force, his entire body exploded, leaving not even his bones.

The two Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords had only suffered a single blow from Yang Kai before dying on the spot, a testament to Yang Kai’s strength.

If it was more than twenty years ago, although he could also do this, he would never have been able to do it so easily.

After returning from the Yin Yang Pass and entering seclusion for so many years, not only had his cultivation improved, but he had also gained a deeper understanding of the Spear Dao and Space Dao. Now, he was able to integrate these two Great Daos into a single spear strike. When the Azure Dragon Spear was released, space was locked, making it impossible to avoid. This was the biggest reason why the two Feudal Lords were so vulnerable.

His comprehension of his own Great Dao allowed Yang Kai’s combat strength to rise to a whole new level.

The two Feudal Lords who had remained behind in the territory had fallen, and the remaining Black Ink Clan masters were all in a panic. Although there were still some who were attacking Miao Feiping, most of the Black Ink Clan masters were fleeing as fast as they could, afraid that if they were too slow, they would be buried together with the Feudal Lords.

Yang Kai casually killed some of them and didn’t pursue them.

The number of Black Ink Clan members at the bottom was massive and there was no need to waste time here.

His goal was the Feudal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest.

The Void Training Hall had already been established, and all of the talented seedlings in the Void World had been sent to the Void Training Hall to cultivate. In the future, these people would definitely be able to break through to Open Heaven Stage and become a force to resist the Black Ink Clan.

Miao Feiping’s performance was undoubtedly excellent. Although he had only been in contact with the Black Ink Clan for a short time, after killing the previous two High Rank Black Ink Clans, he had quickly become familiar with the battle with the Black Ink Clan and was now chasing after the fleeing Low Rank Black Ink Clans.

However, everyone personalities were different. Perhaps in terms of cultivation, the disciples of the Void Training Hall were all talented, but if they really faced the Black Ink Clan, how would their performance be?

In the face of this kind of fiendish alien who was born to be an enemy of the Human Race, perhaps many people would be intimidated when they first met them, so how could they have the courage to fight it?

Yang Kai wanted to let them familiarize themselves with the Black Ink Clan as soon as possible while they were growing, so that when they advanced to Open Heaven, they could directly fight on the Ink Battlefield.


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