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“This is the Black Ink Clan!”

Hiding on a giant meteorite, Miao Feiping’s eyes widened as he stared at the group of Black Ink Clan cultivators flying through the air in front of him, thinking to himself that just as his Senior Brothers had said, the Black Ink Clan was filled with all kinds of strange creatures.

From this group of several hundred Black Ink Clan cultivators, he could see that some of them were large in size, some of them were humanoid, but most of them were like a monster beast.

However, no matter what form they took, the bodies of these Black Ink Clan cultivators were all covered in the Ink Force. Even the places they passed by had traces of the Ink Force, as if their Ink Force couldn't be turned off.

Miao Feiping couldn’t help swallowing his saliva as he turned to look at Yang Kai.

There were quite a number of such Black Ink Clan squads, so he doesn't know what Yang Kai want to do with him. Should he rush forward to fight or wait and see?

If it was just him alone, he probably wouldn’t have been able to conceal his aura at such a close distance and might have been discovered by the Black Ink Clan team. However, with Yang Kai by his side and with his help, his aura had been completely concealed and there was a certain distance between them, so the Black Ink Clan didn’t notice two pairs of eyes watching them from the shadows.

“This should be a Feudal Lord army,” Yang Kai whispered. From his observations, he could clearly tell that in this group of several hundred people, there were four or five Feudal Lords, while the rest were High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clan.

This was in line with the information he had obtained from the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands, Zha Gu had told him about it.

“Where are they going?” Miao Feiping asked, somewhat puzzled. From the direction this Black Ink Clan team was heading, it seemed they weren’t heading towards Blue Sky Pass.

“They should have received some kind of signal from this region’s Territory Lord to join up with the other Feudal Lords forces before attacking Blue Sky Pass,” Yang Kai explained.

Miao Feiping understood and asked, “Martial Uncle, I heard from my Senior Brothers that each Territory Lords has at least a dozen or a hundred Feudal Lords under their command, is that right?”

This news was brought back by Yang Kai from the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland and had long since spread throughout the Human Race’s various mountain passes, so it wasn’t strange for Miao Feiping to learn about it from the other members of Dawn Squad.

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes.”

Miao Feiping was slightly surprised, “In that case, a Territory Lord can easily gather tens of thousands of troops during a battle?”

This group of Feudal Lords in front of him numbered in the hundreds, if there were a hundred of them, there would naturally be about ten thousand.

Yang Kai nodded, “If not, where do you think the Black Ink Clan encirclement comes from every time, where do you think the millions of troops come from? Each of them is led by a Feaudal Lords and came together.”

Miao Feiping couldn’t help gasping.

How many soldiers were there in each of the Human Race’s mountain passes? Forget about the other mountain passes, just Blue Sky Pass alone only had thirty to forty thousand people. The other mountain passes were probably the same, but the Black Ink Clan had a million strong army.

Although he knew that the Black Ink Clan’s army was quite weak and that most of them were just cannon fodder, the difference in numbers was too great.

For a time, Miao Feiping found it difficult to imagine just how the Human Race had managed to resist the Black Ink Clan’s attacks and repel them over the years.

If Yang Kai wanted to, he could have charged forward and killed this group of Black Ink Clan cultivators, but now that he had Miao Feiping with him, it wasn’t convenient. After all, he couldn’t protect Miao Feiping in such an environment.

As such, after watching the group of Feudal Lords leave and remembering their direction, Yang Kai gently patted Miao Feiping’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go.”

Miao Feiping quickly followed.

Soon, he discovered that Yang Kai was moving in the opposite direction of the Feudal Lord’s subordinate army.

He was quick-witted and vaguely guessed, “Martial Uncle, are we going to that Feudal Lord’s territory?”

Yang Kai looked at him in surprise, “Why do you say so?”

Miao Feiping said, “The Feudal Lord’s subordinate army came from this direction, so his territory must be in this direction. Since Martial Uncle hasn’t changed directions, does he want to take advantage of the empty space behind them to directly attack?”

Yang Kai said meaningfully, “It's not me, it's you!”

“Me?” Miao Feiping was shocked.

Yang Kai suddenly raised his head and grinned, “There are two who are alone, go practice first.”

Saying so, he reached out and grabbed Miao Feiping’s collar, tossing him forward while he was unprepared.

Miao Feiping let out a strange cry and was instantly thrown far away. By the time he managed to stabilize himself, the two Black Ink Clan cultivators in front of him were staring at him with shock and ferocity.

“Human Race!”

“Sixth Order!”

“Ink him!”

After a brief exchange, the two Black Ink Clans attacked Miao Feiping from both sides.

Miao Feiping’s face went pale with fright as he quickly summoned his long sword and used his own strength to summon a sword curtain to fight the two Black Ink Clan masters.

As soon as they clashed, Miao Feiping fell into a disadvantageous position. He discovered that these two Black Ink Clans were both High Rank Black Ink Clans, each comparable to a Sixth Order Human Race.

In a one-on-one fight, Miao Feiping believed he could take care of either one of them, but if the two joined forces, it would be difficult for him to deal with them. After all, he had just broken through to the Sixth Order, and just a year ago, he had only been an Emperor Realm, so he wasn’t very proficient in utilizing his Open Heaven strength.

The two Black Ink Clans didn’t have any tactics, just constantly using their Ink Force to perform Secret Techniques, causing Miao Feiping to be overwhelmed. What made him even more uncomfortable was that the Ink Force was actually corroding his Small Universe, forcing him to divert some of his attention and strength to resist this corrosion.

No matter how others evaluated the Black Ink Clan, it was better to face them personally.

Miao Feiping finally understood what kind of enemies the soldiers of the Human Race’s Pass had been fighting for countless years.

He couldn’t sense his Martial Uncle’s aura, nor could he see his figure, but he knew that his Martial Uncle was definitely hiding nearby, so he knew that his life was not in danger.

Thinking so, Miao Feiping became more daring.

Taking advantage of one of the Black Ink Clan’s mistakes in coordination, Miao Feiping’s sword trembled and his figure was wrapped in sword light as he rushed towards one of the Black Ink Clan’s members. His momentum was unstoppable, as if he wanted to take this Black Ink Clan down with him.

The Black Ink Clan cultivator who had been targeted was shocked. He had never imagined that this human would suddenly become so fierce, as if he had become a completely different person. Unable to react in time, he was stabbed in the head by a sword light and died on the spot.

The other Black Ink Clan’s attack had already arrived, and at this moment, Miao Feiping was completely powerless to defend himself. The sudden death of his companion had enraged this Black Ink Clan cultivator, so he didn’t show any mercy.

Although Black Ink Disciple was precious, he still needed to be alive to enjoy him. Without a companion to accompany him, there was no way he could guarantee that he would be able to successfully transform his opponent.

Since there was no guarantee, they could only send him to the grave.

However, the space around him suddenly solidified, causing his massive body to freeze in place. Although it had only been a moment, he had missed the opportunity to kill his opponent.

Miao Feiping had already recovered, the long sword in his hand releasing an exquisite sword light as his figure flickered, flying up and down around the Black Ink Clan member, his sword drawing blood.

He knew that his Martial Uncle must have secretly taken action just now, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to block the sneak attack of a second Black Ink Clan master.

However, his Martial Uncle had no intention of interfering, and this was exactly what he wanted. The flowers and plants growing in the greenhouse were destined to not live for long, only after experiencing a storm would they be able to thrive.

Although he was only a newly promoted Sixth Order, Miao Feiping’s confidence in his first victory had greatly increased, and in this life and death struggle, he was able to quickly adapt to his strength.

As such, after the first Black Ink Clan cultivator died, the second Black Ink Clan cultivator also died.

Miao Feiping stood in the air, sword in hand, his face slightly pale, his aura somewhat unstable.

To be able to kill two High Rank Black Ink Clan masters who were comparable to Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters was a huge drain on him.

Yang Kai suddenly appeared in front of him and nodded slightly, “Not bad.”

Miao Feiping withdrew his sword and humbly said, “Martial Uncle is too kind. If it weren’t for Martial Uncle secretly taking action, this Disciple would have already died. However, Martial Uncle, this Disciple seems to have been corroded by the Ink Force and is unable to suppress it.”

“I know,” Yang Kai nodded slightly. Miao Feiping’s entire body was covered in a thick layer of Ink Force, and the dark look in his eyes could not be hidden, “There’s no need to suppress it, just open your mind.”

Miao Feiping was slightly startled, but he still complied.

In less than a dozen breaths of time, Miao Feiping suddenly let out a low shout, shook the sword in his hand, and thrust it towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai smiled slightly and reached out to grab the long sword between his fingers. Miao Feiping roared as he pulled out his sword, but it didn’t budge in the slightest. He decisively threw away the long sword and rushed forward like a madman, before he could reach Yang Kai, the sky already filled with fist images.

Yang Kai waved his hand, and the fist images that filled the sky disappeared like the moon in the water.

There was no trace of Miao Feiping in front of him. This guy had already fled into the distance as soon as he struck out with his fist, and his speed was extremely fast. His fierce attack was just a cover for his escape.

Yang Kai grinned, “Smart choice!”

However, escaping in front of him was destined to be futile.

Activating his Space Law, Miao Feiping seemed to be unable to escape even half an inch from this place.

Yang Kai slowly walked over to Miao Feiping’s back, his palms glowing with two different colored lights as he pressed his palms together, releasing a purifying light.

With a crackling sound, the Ink Force was dispersed and Miao Feiping’s expression changed from pain to calm.

When the Ink Force was completely dispersed and Miao Feiping regained his original self, he found that his clothes had been drenched in sweat.

“How do you feel?” Yang Kai asked.

Miao Feiping had a look of lingering fear on his face, “It was like in a dream!”

Yang Kai nodded, “Every Black Ink Disciple says so when they wake up. Remember this feeling, this is what it’s like to be transformed into Black Ink Disciple. In their hearts, only the Black Ink Clan is above all else, and there is no human race.”

Miao Feiping broke out in a cold sweat, “Disciple will remember this. In the future, I will definitely not be turned into a Black Ink Disciple and become a lackey of the Black Ink Clan.” Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Disciple was disrespectful to Martial Uncle just now, Martial Uncle please forgive me.”

Yang Kai waved his hand, “It would be strange if you didn’t attack me.”


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