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Breaking Dawn eventually stopped in the designated area. This place was already quite far from Blue Sky Pass, so even if Yang Kai was a Seventh Order, it would take him about ten days to reach it.

This place was basically the limit of Blue Sky Pass’ Universe Formation's radius, and if they continued forward, they would exceed it. This distance was undoubtedly extremely suitable. If they discovered the Black Ink Clan’s army, they could return to Blue Sky Pass from here and the pass would be able to take precautions. Even if they encountered danger, they would have a chance to use the Universe Escape Law to escape. It could be said that this was a place where they could fight or retreat safely.

Yang Kai placed Breaking Dawn on a piece of universe fragment and extinguished the operation of many Spirit Arrays, allowing his team members who were proficient in Spirit Arrays to set up some Concealment and Defensive Spirit Arrays.

As such, even if the Black Ink Clan were to pass by nearby, if they didn’t carefully investigate, they might miss something, and this place was the temporary headquarter of Dawn Squad.

If another small team came here, this arrangement would be considered a success, and the rest would be to quietly hide here and monitor the movements of the surrounding forces.

In fact, this mission wasn’t too dangerous. All they needed to do was investigate the movements of the Black Ink Clan army.

However, the Dawn Squad was different from the other small teams. Not only was the arrangement of its members luxurious, the Dawn Battleship also has its speciality.

Breaking Dawn also had the Universe Formation that Yang Kai had personally set up, and the Array also had some purifying light sealed within it. Strictly speaking, Breaking Dawn was equivalent to a smaller version of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

With Breaking Dawn here, Dawn Squad's range of activity would undoubtedly be larger, and this range would increase exponentially, something other teams couldn’t compare to.

As such, after completing the basic arrangements, Yang Kai issued a series of orders, ordering the several Seventh Order masters in the team to lead two or three Sixth Order Open Heaven in different directions. This way, if the Black Ink Clan’s army were to move, they would be able to discover them sooner.

No one had any objections, so the few Seventh Order Open Heaven each chose two or three helpers and dispersed.

Breaking Dawn’s side still needed powerful masters to guard it, so Bai Yi was left behind. With Bai Yi’s strength and the cooperation of the other Dawn Squad members, as long as they did not encounter a large number of Black Ink Clan masters, dealing with them would not be a problem.

Yang Kai himself led Miao Feiping towards a certain direction.

Because he wanted to obtain more information, Yang Kai didn’t choose to travel as fast as he could. If he did that, it would be too obvious and he would have to fly forward at a steady pace to conceal his strength.

In this vast void, there were only two insignificant figures. If one didn’t carefully examine them, who would care?

“Are you nervous?” Yang Kai turned his head to look at Miao Feiping. After leaving Blue Sky Pass, Miao Feiping had a nervous and expectant look on his face. It had been more than ten days, but he was still the same.

“Ah?” Don't know what Miao Feiping was thinking, but when he suddenly heard Yang Kai’s question, he quickly replied, “No, I’m not nervous… There’s one thing, Senior Brothers said that the Black Ink Clan is full of strange creatures. Disciple is very curious about what the Black Ink Clan looks like.”

Yang Kai chuckled, “Just as your Senior Brothers said, there are all kinds of strange things!”

Miao Feiping had been released by Yang Kai from his Small Universe to advance to Open Heaven, and it had only been a year or so since then, so his understanding of the Ink Battlefield, the Human Race’s mountain passes, and even the Black Ink Clan was extremely limited. Although he had lived in the Void World for a long time and had fought with many people, he was still a member of the same race. For him to suddenly come to this kind of battlefield to fight against an alien race, he naturally felt somewhat uneasy, especially after listening to his Senior Brothers in the team tell him some information about the Black Ink Clan. He felt that all of the Black Ink Clan members had three heads and six arms and were extremely fierce.

“Master Uncle,” Miao Feiping humbly asked, “The Senior Brothers said that under the premise of the same grade, the Black Ink Clan’s strength is slightly lower than that of my Human Race. The lower the cultivation, the more obvious it is, is that so?”

“That’s right,” Yang Kai nodded slightly, “The reason why there are such differences is because the two races’ growth methods are different. My Human Race’s growth is a result of many years of accumulation and self-cultivation. The Black Ink Clan is different. They were born from the Black Ink Nest, and as long as they have enough resources and time, this race will continue to grow endlessly. Although their growth also requires a certain amount of time, it is much shorter than the Human Race’s growth, and they basically rely on external forces.”

Miao Feiping suddenly understood, “Their foundation is unstable?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before replying, “You can put it that way, but it’s not comprehensive. The difference in strength between each other will become smaller as their grades increase. For example, the gap between a Royal Lord and an Old Ancestor is very small, and the gap between an Eighth Order Garrison Chief and a Territory Lord is not too big. Of course, if they were to fight one-on-one, any Eighth Order Garrison Chief in the Human Race would be able to defeat any Black Ink Clan Territory Lord.”

Miao Feiping was deeply worried, “Although that’s the case, the Black Ink Clan has the Black Ink Nest, and since they were born, their strength is comparable to the Human Race’s Open Heaven, so how can they be wiped out?”

Yang Kai smiled, “Who told you that the Black Ink Clan was born with strength comparable to the Open Heaven Stage?”

“Isn’t that so?” Miao Feiping was greatly surprised.

Yang Kai shook his head, “Of course not.” In this matter, he had more voice than anyone else. After all, no one was like him, who had spent so much time in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands and had a deeper understanding of the Black Ink Nest.

“The Black Ink Clan we encountered on the battlefield is at least a Low Rank Black Ink Clan. This level of Black Ink Clan is equivalent to a Low Rank Open Heaven cultivator and is basically used as cannon fodder by the Black Ink Clan. Every time the Black Ink Clan’s army goes out, this kind of Black Ink Clan is the largest in number, but their strength is also the weakest. Our Human Race’s soldiers can easily wipe out a large number of them with a simple Secret Technique. However, after these Black Ink Clan soldiers die, the Ink Force will disperse and condense into Black Ink Clouds to provide an advantageous battlefield for the Black Ink Clan in the future. On the contrary, my Human Race is wary of the Ink Force and Black Ink Clouds, but when it comes to these Black Ink Clan soldiers, you have no choice but to kill them. When the armies fight, they will all rush forward, and if you don’t kill them, you will have to charge into the formation. This cannon fodder style can be said to be extremely effective.”

Miao Feiping nodded slightly and listened attentively.

“The High Rank Black Ink Clan is stronger than the Low Rank Black Ink Clan, equivalent to the Human Race’s Mid Rank Open Heaven. The Black Ink Clan at this level can be said to be the backbone of the Black Ink Clan. Although their numbers may not be as great as the Low Rank Black Ink Clan’s, they are definitely not small in number, the main reason they pose a threat to the Human Race.”

Miao Feiping asked in surprise, “Aren’t the greatest threats to the Human Race the Feudal Lords and Territory Lords?”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “A Territory Lord is indeed powerful, but how many Territory Lords can there be in a single war zone is often the deciding factor of a battlefield. As for a Feudal Lord, there are many of them, at least more than our Human Race, but a Territory Lord cherishes his life. It’s not easy for them to grow up to become a Territory Lord, so who would be willing to die on the battlefield so easily? They may be brave and fierce in battles, but if the situation is bad, they can run faster than anyone else.”

“I see!” Miao Feiping said thoughtfully.

“This is all you can see on the battlefield, but the Black Ink Clan actually has many lower ranking clansmen who are known as Black Ink Servants.”

“Black Ink Servants?”

“Not long after they were born in the Black Ink Nest, those who haven’t yet reached the Low Rank Black Ink Clan level are called Black Ink Servants. They are equivalent to the Human Race before they achieved Open Heaven. These Black Ink Servants aren’t of much use even on the battlefield, so they have never been brought here by the Black Ink Clan. Most of them stay in the various territories and absorb the Ink Force to strengthen themselves.”

In terms of understanding of the Black Ink Clan, there was no one on the Human Race’s side who could surpass Yang Kai. After all, for so many years, no one had been able to disguise themselves as Black Ink Disciples and live in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands.

“It seems that the growth of the Black Ink Clan is not easy,” Miao Feiping sighed.

“What do you mean?”

Miao Feiping said, “Martial Uncle, you see, the Black Ink Clan must first be born from the Black Ink Nest before they can become the weakest Black Ink Servants. It wasn’t easy for them to grow into a Low Rank Black Ink Clan, but they would be dragged to the battlefield to serve as cannon fodder. Perhaps after experiencing a few life and death situations, they will have enough time to grow into a High Rank Black Ink Clan. Even if they grow into a High Rank Black Ink Clan, if their luck is bad, they will face the risk of dying on the battlefield at any moment, and they will have to experience countless great battles between the two races. If they are lucky enough to survive, they will have a chance to become a Feudal Lord.”

Yang Kai nodded, “That’s right, does it mean that the growth of my Human Race’s soldiers is easy? Which Open Heaven Stage cultivator hasn’t overcome all obstacles and painstakingly cultivated all the way here? Forget about others, even if it’s you, who knows how difficult your cultivation is?”

Miao Feiping respectfully replied, “Martial Uncle is right.” Then he asked, “Martial Uncle, where are we going?”

Yang Kai said, “No need to ask, just follow me.”

“En,” Miao Feiping replied obediently.

With Dawn Battleship as a transit point, Dawn Squad's range of activity was much larger than the other teams’ and could be said to be more than twice as large. Naturally, it was a more suitable task for scouts, allowing them to explore further and obtain more information.

Of course, Yang Kai also had another plan. Since Miao Feiping had just arrived here, he knew nothing about the Black Ink Clan, so he needed to find a few suitable opponents for him to practice with so that he wouldn’t become flustered on the battlefield. Although his Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivation wouldn’t directly engage in battle, and he would mostly stay on Dawn Battleship to activate the Spirit Arrays to assist Yang Kai in killing his enemies, having more contact with the Black Ink Clan and allowing him to understand their characteristics wouldn’t be detrimental to him.

On top of that, Miao Feiping had just broken through to Open Heaven not long ago and needed a great battle to stabilize his cultivation.

It had been a hundred years since the last great war between the two races, and the Black Ink Clan had been showing signs of deploying troops recently. In such an environment, it wouldn’t be difficult to find a few Black Ink Clans to practice with.

The reason they hadn’t met one before was because the scattered Black Ink Clan didn’t dare to casually approach the Human Race’s mountain pass. Now that they were basically in the territory of the Black Ink Clan, it was only natural for them to show up.

Therefore, in less than a day, Yang Kai discovered something.

His powerful Divine Sense allowed him to sense the approach of the nearby Black Ink Clan. There were several hundred of them, and their leader was a Feudal Lord.


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