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Because Miao Feiping’s aptitude was enough to advance to the Sixth Order, Yang Kai had opened the Void World and brought him to the Ink Battlefield. Although there were many Emperor Realm in the Void World, according to what he knew, besides him, there was not a single one who could condense a Sixth Grade resource except him. There were a few who could condense a Fifth Grade resource, but they had obviously not met Yang Kai’s requirements.

As such, they would probably never be able to leave the Void World.

Only the disciples who had been chosen by the Void Training Hall would be able to leave the Void World in the future and advance to Open Heaven because all of them had outstanding aptitudes, so the grade of Open Heaven they achieved would definitely not be too low. Most of them should be able to meet the Supreme Elder’s requirements.

Having just entered Open Heaven, his strength had greatly increased, and now he had suddenly come to an unfamiliar place like the Ink Battlefield. Miao Feiping had many things he needed to learn, but the most important thing was to stabilize his cultivation.

After parting ways with Yang Kai, he returned to his own residence and began refining resources.

Recently, the Black Ink Clan seemed to have been somewhat restless. It had been almost a hundred years since the last great war between the two races in Blue Sky Battlefield had ended, and after such a long time, the Black Ink Clan had also recovered its strength. Now, it was obvious they wanted to start another great war.

The Black Ink Clan was not afraid of manpower consumption, but the lives of the Human Race’s soldiers were extremely precious, so for countless years, as long as the Black Ink Clan had the strength to fight, they would send out an army to besiege the Human Race’s Pass. However, after so many years, there were rarely any real opportunities to attack.

Although there weren’t many soldiers, all of them were elites who relied on the advantage of their Battleship to defeat the Black Ink Clan.

In between offense and defense, countless cycles had passed.

Now that the war was about to begin again, Blue Sky Pass was preparing for war, and the number of Open Heaven Stage cultivators moving about inside the pass had obviously increased. Those who had been in secluded cultivation all year round were undoubtedly preparing for war.

However, as for when the Black Ink Clan’s army would attack and from which direction, Blue Sky Pass had no clue. It was basically always like this.

Most of the initiative of the war was in the hands of the Black Ink Clan, so the Human Race could only passively defend.

However, there were also times when the Human Race took the initiative to attack. For example, last time, under the leadership of the Old Ancestor, the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass attacked the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland, resulting in the Black Ink Clan’s retaliation and a great battle breaking out. If it weren’t for that great battle, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to escape the Black Ink Clan so easily and arrive at Blue Sky Pass.

Another example was the recent battle at the Yin Yang Pass, which they had taken the initiative to attack, but that was to coordinate with Yang Kai’s actions.

Most of the time, the Human Race’s situation was quite passive.

Although they had been forced into a passive position, Blue Sky Pass was still trying to seize the upper hand. At the very least, they needed to understand the timing and direction of the Black Ink Clan’s attack.

One team after another was sent out to serve as scouts to investigate the movements of the Black Ink Clan’s army and obtain information about them.

In the past, although Blue Sky Pass had acted in such a manner, because they didn’t have the Universe Formation as a safeguard, the scouting party’s range of movement was limited. When they discovered something, the Black Ink Clan’s army would only be a day or two away from Blue Sky Pass.

If they were too slow, there was a high chance they would all be wiped out.

But now that they had the Universe Formation, things were different. The Scouts were able to move more freely, and their safety was guaranteed.

The effective range of the Universe Formation was the range of the scouts’ movements. This way, they would be able to predict the enemy’s movements and make preparations early.

As a special operation team, the Dawn Squad had many members and elites, so it was naturally the most suitable for such a mission.

A year after Miao Feiping broke through to Open Heaven, he was summoned by Yang Kai during his cultivation and came out to report.

With more than thirty members of Dawn Squad gathered, there were six Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters, including Yang Kai, Feng Ying, and Bai Yi.

Such a lineup was unique even in the entire Ink Battlefield.

Under everyone’s attention, Yang Kai said, “It’s been almost a hundred years since the last great war, and the Black Ink Clan has made a comeback. Under the orders of the Regiment Commander, Dawn Squad will temporarily act as a scout to inquire about the movements of the Black Ink Clan. This time, we don’t need to fight with the Black Ink Clan’s army, we’re only responsible for collecting intelligence. However, the battlefield is full of dangers, so I hope everyone won’t be careless. No matter how many of us go out, we must all return!”

Everyone agreed.

With high morale, Yang Kai nodded slightly and signaled to Feng Ying. Feng Ying stepped forward and handed out a jade bottle to each of the team members.

While she was distributing the pills, Yang Kai explained, “These are Expelling Black Ink Pill that were developed a few years ago. I believe I don’t need to say much about the effects of this thing, everyone knows that if you are accidentally corrupted by the Ink Force, you must take this pill as soon as possible to ensure your safety. Of course, you can also use the Universe Formation to return to the Dawn Battleship. The Purification Light can also disperse the Ink Force, but there are always accidents. If you are unable to activate the Universe Escape Law in time and are corrupted by the Ink Force, this Expeling Black Ink Pill can be used to save your life. Although Expeling Black Ink Pill aren’t difficult to refine, there aren’t many Alchemists who can refine this pill, so I didn’t give you too many. Each of you will receive two pills each, each one of them rare and precious.”

While Yang Kai was speaking, many members were examining the jade bottles in their hands.

They had naturally heard of the Expeling Black Ink Pill before. When this pill was first developed, it had caused quite a stir in Blue Sky Pass.

It had to be known that before Yang Kai came to Blue Sky Pass, the erosion of the Ink Force had always been a problem that the Human Race could not solve. Yang Kai’s appearance had brought about a purifying light that could dispel the Ink Force, which had played a huge role in the last battle with the Black Ink Clan, greatly reducing the Human Race’s losses.

However, the Purifying Light was sealed inside the Expeling Black Ink Battleships, so it was necessary to use the Universe Escape Law to return to the Expeling Black Ink Battleships. Because of the importance of the Expeling Black Ink Battleships, they were usually placed inside or behind the battlefield.

As such, once one use the Universe Escape Law to return to the Expeling Black Ink Battleship, they would need to travel a long distance to return to the battlefield. Moreover, when they used the Universe Escape Law, they couldn't be disturbed.

However, with the Expeling Black Ink Pill, it was different. Even if one was fighting against the Black Ink Clan, it would not hinder them from consuming the pill, so they would not lose any of their combat strength and would not need to rush back to the battlefield.

It could be said that the Expeling Black Ink Pill and the Purification Light both had their own uses. With both of them working together, the problem of the Ink Force was perfectly solved, allowing the Human Race’s soldiers to completely relax and compete with the Black Ink Clan.

After ensuring that every member of the team was given an Expeling Black Ink Pill, Yang Kai raised his hand and said, “Let’s go.”

Saying so, he took the lead and flew out, everyone following closely behind.

When Yang Kai led his team to the west gate of Blue Sky Pass, there were already hundreds of Open Heaven Stage cultivators gathered here, a dozen of them in a group, all of them clearly members of small teams.

Seeing Yang Kai’s arrival, many people came up to greet him. These people had either received Yang Kai’s life-saving grace or had heard of his name for a long time, so Yang Kai naturally responded and greeted them one by one.

There were also some arrogant fellows who were complaining at them from afar, but none of them came forward. The main reason was that Dawn Squad was too eye-catching. Compared to the dozen or so members of their team, Dawn Squad had more than thirty people, with six of them being Seventh Order.

Among the other teams, there were only three Seventh Order at most, and the Dawn Squad lineup made many Team Leader drool.

A moment later, a figure suddenly descended from the sky. It was the Western Army Regiment Commander Zhong Liang!

Zhong Liang’s dignified gaze swept over them and he said, “This time’s mission is to gather intelligence. If you can’t win, try to avoid fighting with the Black Ink Clan.”

Suddenly, one of the Team Leaders grinned and asked, “What if we can?”

Zhong Liang glared at him, obviously blaming him for speaking out of turn, but he still said, “If you can fight, you’ll naturally fight.”

A burst of laughter rang out as the tense atmosphere before the expedition dissipated.

Zhong Liang continued, “The Black Ink Clan also has scouts, be careful and avoid them. If you find any traces of the Black Ink Clan’s army, report immediately!” Finished speaking, he raised his hand and shouted, “Open!”

At the West Gate Array Restriction, the Array Masters changed their hand seals and a door opened.

Zhong Liang’s expression was solemn as he cupped his fists and shouted, “This Zhong is here to wish all of you a prosperous Martial Dao and a triumphant return!”

Hundreds of soldiers cupped their fists and returned the greeting. Immediately, under the leadership of their Team Leader, they rushed out, creating a spectacular scene.

Outside the pass, the Battleships were summoned one after another and the team members boarded them, transforming into streaks of light that scattered in all directions.

On Dawn Squad side, Breaking Dawn had also been summoned by Feng Ying, and the members of the Starship Array all boarded the deck and returned to their respective positions.

Yang Kai looked up at the familiar yet unfamiliar Breaking Dawn and couldn’t help frowning, “Senior Sister, did you spend your battle merits to transform Breaking Dawn again?”

The last time Yang Kai had gone to Yin Yang Pass for a mission, he had handed Breaking Dawn over to Feng Ying for safekeeping. Now, it seemed that Breaking Dawn had undergone a lot of changes and had become even more powerful.

This was especially true for the spear in front of the Breaking Dawn. It was incomparably large and had an extraordinary aura. It was obvious at a glance that it was the work of some Artifact Refining Great Grandmaster.

If this thing was activated with the power of the Array, its might would definitely not be small, and it was highly likely it would pose a threat to a Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Clan. If it was combined with the few Seventh Order Open Heaven from Dawn Squad, even if they really encountered a Territory Lord, they might be able to put up a fight.

Feng Ying nodded and said, “That’s right, if Breaking Dawn’s performance is very strong, only then can it ensure the safety of the team members. The price we paid was worth it.”

Yang Kai sighed, “You’re about to break through to the Eighth Order, so you should at least leave some battle merits to exchange for cultivation resources. I also heard that you can use your battle merits to exchange for some pointers and insights from the Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs. Senior Sister should have made some preparations.”

Feng Ying smiled, “I’m prepared, you don’t need to worry about me breaking through to the Eighth Order. The battle merits spent on modifying the Breaking Dawn will be recorded on your head. In any case, you have a lot of battle merits.”

Yang Kai rolled his eyes and laughed, “Fine.”

The two of them boarded the ship, and the Open Heaven Stage masters responsible for controlling Breaking Dawn poured their power into the Spirit Array. Breaking Dawn immediately transformed into a streak of light and flew into the void.


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