Thunder roared and the wind howled as the sun and moon dimmed.

Many low-level cultivators who didn’t know what was happening couldn’t help bowing their heads when they saw this.

As Miao Feiping’s aura roiled and his Dao Strength filled the air, he turned his head and looked down, his voice shaking the world as he said, “Today, after my breakthrough to Open Heaven, this world will no longer accommodate me. After I leave, the Void Dojo will naturally choose a person to serve as the Dojo Master. Honored Disciples, the various great Sects, please assist them.”

Saying so, he turned his head towards Seven Stars Workshop and nodded slightly before taking a step forward.

When he landed, the void seemed to fall to the ground and shatter.

Everyone who saw this scene was shocked.

After a long time, the shattered void gradually calmed down, but when they looked again, Miao Feiping was nowhere to be seen. He had disappeared without a trace, and the entire world was devoid of his aura.

Shattering the Void!

Many of the Emperor Realms felt their hearts skip a beat.

From what Miao Feiping had said before, he had already broken through to Open Heaven, and after breaking through to Open Heaven, the entire world was unable to contain him and he could only shatter the void and leave. Although they didn’t know where he would go after leaving this world, it was obvious he had gone to a place with a higher Martial Dao.

This was the first person to break through the shackles and break free from the barriers of the world, causing a sensation that the entire Void World had not forgotten for hundreds of years.

At this moment, in addition to the shock brought about by Miao Feiping’s shattering the Void, the various Sects and Deacons were also concerned about something else.

That was the next Dojo Master.

The Void Training Hall had only been established a hundred years ago, but all of the disciples it had taken in these past hundred years were extremely talented. In just a short hundred years, these people had achieved many achievements that many cultivators would never be able to achieve.

It was easy to imagine that in the future, these disciples would become the cornerstones of the entire Void World. They might even become like Miao Feiping and break through to Open Heaven Stage.

Such a powerful force, who wouldn’t want to have it in their hands? However, Miao Feiping, the number one Dojo Master, was chosen by the Dao field. Before he left, he had said that the next Dojo Master would be chosen by the Training Hall.

Who would win this position?

Many Sect Masters were already thinking about how to contribute so that their Elders or Deacon could become Dojo Master.

However, their various thoughts were destined to be futile.

As soon as Miao Feiping left, a beam of light shot out from the training hall towards one of the Deacons.

At the same time, all the Deacons received a message.

The second Dojo Master is Tang Wen!

Tang Wen himself hadn’t expected that the position of the Dojo Master would fall upon his head, so he couldn’t help being stunned for a moment. It wasn’t until the various Deacons all paid their respects that he reacted.

Just as Miao Feiping had said, Tang Wen’s personality was pure and he had a steady temperament, so even though he had obtained the position of Dojo Master, he was still the same as before. He quickly raised his hand and said, “Fellow deacons, there is no need to be so polite. In the future, I hope everyone can help me. This Tang will manage the Void Training Hall together with all of you, not letting down the world, not letting down the seedlings.”

The second Dojo Master position had actually fallen to Tang Wen, so Seven Stars Workshop was somewhat disappointed. However, after thinking about the various cultivation resources that the Supreme Elder had bestowed upon them over the years, they felt much more at ease. The Supreme Elder had his own reasons for doing things, and without the Supreme Elder, there would be no Seven Stars Workshop today. Therefore, although they were disappointed, they didn’t dare complain and instead worked even harder to cooperate with Void Training Hall.

The matter of the Void Training Hall had come to an end, and Miao Feiping’s breakthrough to Open Heaven Stage and shattering the Void was still widely discussed, causing the many Emperor Realms to cultivate even more diligently, hoping to break through to Open Heaven as soon as possible.

At the same time, on a broken floating continent outside Blue Sky Pass, Miao Feiping was advancing to Open Heaven.

When the Emperor Realm masters of the Void World saw him shatter the void and leave, they all thought he had broken through to Open Heaven, but in reality, he was just following Yang Kai’s orders.

He didn’t know why the Supreme Elder was doing this, but since it was a request from the Supreme Elder, he naturally had to carry it out.

After leaving the Void World, he would truly begin his breakthrough to Open Heaven.

His aptitude was only enough for him to break through to the Fifth Order, but because of the World Tree Subtree, he could now break through to the Sixth Order, but he had to take some risks.

No one could help him break through to Open Heaven, not even Yang Kai. The only help he could provide was some experience in breaking through to the next realm.

On the floating continent, not only was Yang Kai here, but Feng Ying and Bai Yi had also come, not to watch the fun, but to protect him. After all, this place was outside Blue Sky Pass, and the Black Ink Clan seemed to be a bit restless recently. If some ignorant Black Ink Clan came here and disturbed Miao Feiping’s breakthrough, it would be bad.

Fortunately, the entire process was quite smooth, and without the Black Ink Clan’s interference, the entire advancement was smooth. By the time everything was settled, Miao Feiping had already broken through to the Sixth Order.

Looking at his excited face, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling somewhat emotional.

Thinking back to the first time he had met this boy, he had been a playful child. Relying on his slightly older age, he had bullied Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya from time to time. It wasn’t really bullying, it was just a child's temperament.

In the blink of an eye, he had broken through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage.

Since he was already in such a state, Yang Kai didn’t know how his three disciples were doing, but Yang Kai estimated that they had yet to break through.

It wasn’t that his disciples’ aptitudes weren’t as good as Miao Feiping’s. In terms of aptitude, Zhao Yebai was indeed lacking, but Zhao Ya’s aptitude was top-notch, and his Third Disciple, Xu Yi's aptitude wasn’t bad either. All three of his disciples had obtained one of his Great Dao true inheritances, so their future prospects were limitless.

The reason Miao Feiping had advanced so quickly was mainly because he had been living in Yang Kai’s Small Universe and had spent a different amount of time compared to his three disciples.

Thinking about how this little brat came from his own Small Universe, Yang Kai suddenly felt like he had given birth to a child.

“Supreme Elder!” Miao Feiping excitedly walked over to Yang Kai, obviously unable to contain his joy at the success of his breakthrough, “Disciple has not let down Supreme Elder’s expectations, Disciple has advanced to Open Heaven.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Advancing to Open Heaven is just the beginning. You are now a Sixth Order, so there is hope for you to advance to the Eighth Order in the future. However, the cultivation of the Open Heaven Stage focuses on accumulating strength, so you must not become arrogant or rash.”

Miao Feiping respectfully replied, “Disciple will remember!”

Turning to Feng Ying and Bai Yi, he bowed and said, “Many thanks Martial Aunts for protecting me.”

Feng Ying waved her hand and said, “It's nothing.” Bai Yi had a cold personality and simply nodded without saying anything.

Feng Ying continued, “But little brat, you call him Supreme Elder, but you call us Martial Aunt. The seniority has been lowered by several generations.”

Miao Feiping didn’t know how to respond.

Yang Kai smiled, “You’re right. How about this, in the future, you don’t need to call me Supreme Elder, just call me Martial Uncle.”

“How… how can I do that?” Miao Feiping asked with a helpless look.

Yang Kai said, “In this Ink Battlefield, the Human Race’s soldiers only have one relationship, and that is the robe of life and death. Whether it’s Supreme Elder or Martial Uncle, they’re all just titles. If you feel it’s inappropriate to call me Martial Uncle, you can just call me Team Leader.”

Miao Feiping replied honestly, “Disciple should just call you Martial Uncle.”

“It’s up to you,” Yang Kai smiled, “Let’s go, I’ll bring you back to the Pass to register. You’ve just arrived here, so you still have a lot to learn.”

After leading Miao Feiping back to Blue Sky Pass, Yang Kai took him to the Military Department to find Zhong Liang and explain Miao Feiping’s origins.

Zhong Liang had long known that Yang Kai’s Small Universe had many Human Race, and because of the World Tree Subtree, these Regiment Commanders were very optimistic about the future of the Human Race.

However, a cultivator needed time to grow. No one had expected to see results so quickly.

Today, there was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, and in the future, there would be more Sixth Order and even Seventh Order! These were the backbone of the resistance against the Black Ink Clan.

As such, Zhong Liang readily registered Miao Feiping and issued him an identity token.

Under Yang Kai’s request, Miao Feiping was assigned to Dawn Squad and became a member.

After that, he chose a place to live. There were many places in Blue Sky Pass for the soldiers to live, many of which were uninhabited.

After Miao Feiping asked about Yang Kai’s residence, he chose a place nearby and didn’t pay much attention to it.

However, he was still a newcomer, so he didn’t have any battle merits to speak of, and because he had just broken through, he needed time and resources to consolidate his cultivation.

Without battle merits, there was no way to exchange them for cultivation resources. Fortunately, Yang Kai had a lot of resources on hand, so he gave some to him and told him to go back and cultivate. Miao Feiping naturally didn’t dare act disrespectfully.

On the way back, Miao Feiping said somewhat uneasily, “Martial Uncle, the show I put on before I left looked quite good, but if someone else were to break through to Open Heaven, wouldn’t it be exposed?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “In the current Void World, besides you, who else do you think has a chance to break through to Open Heaven?”

Miao Feiping said, “There are many of them, and although they’re all condensing their Dao Seal now, there’s always a chance they can reach that step.”

“Yes, there are many of them, but they are different from you. You can leave the Void World and come to Blue Sky Pass, but others cannot.”


Yang Kai pointed around and asked, “Look carefully, what are the characteristics of the soldiers here?”

Miao Feiping observed them for a moment before replying, “All of them are Fifth Order and above, and even Fifth Order is extremely rare, basically all of them are Sixth Order and above.”

“That’s right, basically all of them are Sixth Order and above, because this is the Ink Battlefield where we fight the Black Ink Clan. If their grades are too low, they won’t be of much help here. The Fifth Order Open Heaven you’ve seen all fall from the Sixth Order.”

Miao Feiping pondered for a moment before asking, “Does Martial Uncle mean that those who are not a Sixth Order Open Heaven is not qualified to come here?”


“Disciple understands,” Miao Feiping suddenly understood.


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