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Southern Battle Palace, one of the top Sects of the Void World.

At this moment, all of the higher-ups present, including Palace Master Wu Dongxing, were looking up at the strange phenomenon occurring in the Void Training Hall. The rays of light descended directly towards Seven Stars Workshop’s Sect, each of them guiding a Seven Stars Workshop Disciple inside.

This scene was clearly seen by all of them, and although they didn’t understand what was happening, they were still worried.

For such a sudden change to occur in the Void World, as a top Sect, Southern Battle Palace naturally wanted to find out if this Void Training Hall really was the work of Seven Stars Workshop.

Originally, all of them had thought that this was the case, but now it seemed that it wasn’t so. The phenomenon that appeared in the Void Training Hall had far exceeded the scope of the Emperor Realm. Although Seven Stars Workshop had many Emperor Realms, they shouldn’t have such ability.

Just as they were wondering what was happening, a ray of light suddenly descended from the Void Training Hall, not towards Seven Stars Workshop but towards Southern Battle Palace.

It was a seven colored light!

Wu Dongxing immediately looked in the direction of the light and saw a disciple dressed in the robes of Southern Battle Palace slowly rising into the sky towards the Void Training Hall.

The disciple’s expression was quite calm as he looked around curiously with a confused expression.

“Who is that disciple?” Wu Dongxing hurriedly asked. There were many disciples in Southern Battle Palace, so as the Palace Master, it was naturally impossible for him to know all of them. Moreover, this disciple’s cultivation seemed to be extremely low, so he should have just entered the Sect not long ago.

“It’s Xue Fei!” One of the higher-ups recognized this disciple.

Wu Dongxing Xing’s expression changed, “The genius disciple who just joined three years ago?”

He didn’t know Xue Fei, but he had heard of this person’s name before. Among the new batch of disciples three years ago, some of them had extremely outstanding aptitudes and could be said to be the most outstanding disciples found since the founding of Southern Battle Palace.

This person was Xue Fei.

What was going on? How had Xue Fei been swept away by the light of the Void Training Hall?

Without any time to think, Wu Dongxing shouted, “Stop him!”

The genius disciples of their own Sect naturally had to remain in their own Sect to cultivate, so how could they be snatched away by the Void Training Hall?

As soon as these words were spoken, the many Emperor Realm flew out and tried to snatch Xue Fei out of the light. However, no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to break through the light barrier and could only watch as Xue Fei flew further away until he disappeared into the Void Training Hall.

This was not the end of it. Following Xue Fei, several more rays of light fell from the Void Training Hall and several more disciples were swept away. After the various Elders identified these disciples, all of them had outstanding talents and although they had joined the Sect for a long time, their cultivation was not high.

It wasn’t just the Southern Battle Palace. In the entire Void World, many disciples from various Sects had encountered such a situation. Even some children who had never entered a Sect or cultivated before had been received by the Void Training Hall.

Without exception, all of these people who had been taken away by the light were extremely talented.

This time, the various great Sects couldn’t sit still. Although the cultivation environment of the Void World had been improving over the past few years and more good seedlings had appeared, they still couldn’t withstand the plundering of the Void Training Hall.

They still didn’t understand what was going on, but they were certain that Seven Stars Workshop definitely knew something.

After all, Miao Feiping had publicly admitted that he was the first Master of the Void Training Hall, and the matter of the light was also caused by Seven Stars Workshop.

Soon, the higher-ups of the various Sects rushed to Seven Stars Workshop to gather intelligence.

In the end, when they learned the truth, it was actually the Void Training Hall who had captured all the geniuses in the world, causing them to be filled with resentment.

While many of the Sect’s higher ups were gathered at Seven Stars Workshop, Void Training Hall’s recruiting never stopped. From time to time, various colored rays of light would fall and pick up a talented person from somewhere.

In less than a dozen days, all the talented cultivators in the entire Void World had been drawn away by the light.

These disciples who had been taken away all had one common attribute, and that was that their cultivation wasn’t high, but their aptitudes were all extraordinary.

At the same time, some of the Great Sects’ Emperor Realms had also suddenly obtained a connection with the Void Training Hall and were chosen to serve as deacons of the Training Hall. At the same time, they were allowed to enter the Training Hall to cultivate and guide the disciples who had been taken away by the light.

The Emperor Realm deacons who had been chosen were all somewhat skeptical. After all, this matter was simply too inconceivable and difficult to understand. No one had told them about it in person, but they had somehow felt the mysterious power of the Void Training Hall, as if there was an additional mark on their bodies, allowing them to become deacons.

These Emperor Relm Deacons were all skeptical, but when they tried to enter the Training Hall, they were surprised to discover that they could actually fly directly into the Training Hall.

The mark that had suddenly appeared in their body seemed to be the proof to enter the Training Hall!

There weren’t many Deacon, but there were quite a few of them. Almost every Great Sect had one.

When these people entered the training hall, they would either stay for a few hours or a few days before rushing back to their respective Sects and explaining what they had seen and heard.

The entire Void World shook.

This was because according to these selected Training Hall deacons, the disciples who had been taken away were living very well in the Training Hall. Not only that, but the Training Hall itself was like a completely different world, rich in Spiritual Energy and perfect laws. Cultivating in such an environment was undoubtedly many times faster than normal.

There was also a massive Cultivation Technique Pavilion inside the Training Hall, where countless Secret Techniques and Cultivation Techniques were stored. Any one of these Secret Techniques was extremely precious and could be read by anyone without any restrictions. The Training Hall didn’t even restrict them from teaching them to outsiders.

In other words, they could freely pass on any Cultivation Technique Book to their own Sect.

There was also a phenomenon in the Training Hall that demonstrated the mysteries above the Emperor Realm.

At this point, the Emperor Realm masters of the Void World knew that above the Emperor Realm was Open Heaven, and if one wanted to achieve Open Heaven, they would first need to condense a Dao Seal, and if they wanted to condense a Dao Seal, they would need cultivation resources of various grades!

What was most tempting was that these cultivation resources were all available in the training hall, but they were not taken casually and required a certain amount of contribution to the training hall. As for how to contribute, because the time was too short, the deacons were unable to figure it out.

Only one thing was clear, if a Sect’s disciple was chosen by the Training Hall, they would be able to obtain a certain amount of contribution points. The more disciples who were chosen, the more contribution points they would receive, and these contribution points could be exchanged for resources in the Training Hall.

With the feedback from the various deacons, the various great sects no longer had any doubts about the Void Training Hall. They had originally thought that this was the Seven Stars Workshop’s method, but now it seemed that this was indeed a miracle bestowed by the Heavens and Earth, a way for the Heavenly Dao to guide their cultivation.

Everyone had already understood the requirements to enter the training hall. Besides the deacons chosen by the training hall being allowed to freely enter and exit, naturally it is aptitude.

If one’s aptitude was outstanding enough, as long as they focused their attention on the Training Hall for an incense stick’s worth of time, the Training Hall would naturally emit a dazzling light. The mysteries of the Heavenly Dao were endless and not something that could be explored by ordinary people.

At this point, the various great Sects no longer had any objections to the Void Training Hall and all of them ordered their disciples to observe it. After all, as long as their disciples were selected, their Sect could obtain contribution points and exchange them for resources to condense Dao Seals.

Although these genius disciples were the foundation of the Sect’s future prosperity, cultivating them would require a great deal of time, so how could they be compared to the temptation of exploring the profound Martial Dao on their own? What’s more, the disciples who had been taken away by the Sect were still under the Sect’s name and had not severed their connection with each other. If these disciples were willing, they could travel between the Training Hall and the Sect at any time.

The entire Void World was bustling with noise and excitement. Since the appearance of the Void Training Hall a month ago, almost every day, rays of light would fall to various places to welcome talented individuals.

As the Training Hall Master Miao Feiping and the many Emperor Realm deacons entered, the Void Training Hall officially began operating. In just a month, the Training Hall had taken in more than five hundred disciples. Each of these disciples would be carefully cultivated by any Sect. Now that Miao Feiping and the other deacons were taking care of them, Yang Kai didn’t need to intervene until they broke through to the Emperor Realm.

As time passed, the number of disciples in the Training Hall would definitely increase. When these people broke through to Open Heaven in the future, they would become a force that could resist the Black Ink Clan.

The power of the World Tree’s Subtree was beginning to show.

Moreover, in order to perfect the Cultivation Technique Pavilion, Yang Kai had taken the time to pay a visit to Blue Sky Pass’ War Preparation Palace and spent a large amount of battle merits to exchange for many Cultivation Techniques from the Cave Heaven Paradise.

If these things were placed in the 3000 Worlds, they would all be considered treasures that couldn’t be easily passed down, but in this Ink Battlefield, they were quite common. After all, even the Life's Exterminator Demon Eye and Purgatory Black Pupil, which were not passed down to outsiders, could be exchanged for with battle merits, so what could other Cultivation Techniques Book amount to?

Building the Void Training Hall didn’t take Yang Kai much time or effort. He could easily decide what to do with his Small Universe.

After the Void Training Hall was on the right track, Yang Kai didn’t pay much attention to it. Currently, the disciples that were accepted into the Void Training Hall had only been cultivating for a short time, so it would still take some time for them to mature.

In addition to refining resources, Yang Kai spent most of his time comprehending Secret Arts. As time passed, his strength slowly and steadily increased.

Until one day, his heart stirred and he focused his attention on the Small Universe.

When he saw the figure sitting cross-legged in the Void Training Hall, he finally reacted, “Has it already come to this? Since that’s the case, it’s up to you to decide.”

Inside the Void Training Hall, Miao Feiping was condensing the last of the Dao Seal’s power. According to the Supreme Elder, once he succeeded, he would be able to open a world in his body, break through the Emperor Realm shackles, and achieve Open Heaven.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to take that final step. That shackle was like a thin membrane that could be broken with a flick of his finger, but he couldn’t grasp it.


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Kurisey MauveBish
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