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Three thousand Great Daos, the ultimate truth of the Martial Dao, and the mysteries above the Emperor Realm, this was far too attractive for those who lived in the Void World.

There was no cultivator who didn’t yearn for a higher realm of martial dao, especially the Emperor Realm masters.

They had been stuck at this realm for many years, if this was the end of the Martial Dao, then so be it. The key was that they could feel that the Emperor Realm was not the peak of the Martial Dao. There were even more profound realms ahead, but they had no idea how to break through.

There were rumors that the Supreme Elder of Seven Stars Workshop had a cultivation that surpassed the Emperor Realm, but even the higher-ups of Seven Stars Workshop couldn’t easily see him, let alone outsiders like them.

Now that this Void Great World had suddenly produced a Void Training Hall bestowed by the Heavens and Earth, containing the mysteries above the Emperor Realm, how could these Emperor Realm not yearn for it?

However, they had all tried, and no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to reach the Void Hall. Only Miao Feiping had succeeded.

“Elder Miao, what must we do to ascend to the Void Training Hall?” An Emperor Realm master from another sect asked humbly.

Miao Feiping said, “Aptitude, only those with outstanding aptitude can reach the Void Training Hall. This has nothing to do with cultivation.”

Immediately, someone asked indignantly, “Does Elder Miao mean that your aptitude is better than everyone here?”

These words were undoubtedly quite hateful. It had to be known that everyone standing here was at the Emperor Realm, and all of them were extremely confident in their own cultivation aptitude. However, if one were to enter the Void Training Hall based on aptitude, Miao Feiping’s success would be far better than everyone else’s.

Shangguan Ji glanced over at the Emperor Realm master who had just spoken, “Elder Miao has entered my Seven Stars Workshop and is a hundred year old Emperor Realm. With such aptitude, who can compare to him?”

These words caused the questioning Emperor Realm to become silent. A hundred year old Emperor Realm, this speed was indeed fast, none of the Emperor Realm present could compare.

Another person asked curiously, “Elder Miao, how do you know all this?”

One had to know that Miao Feiping had only been in that hall for half an incense stick’s worth of time, so how could he have obtained so much information?

Miao Feiping cupped his fists slightly, “This Miao is untalented but has been acknowledged by the Void Training Hall. From today onwards, I will be the first Master of the Void Training Hall, so I have some information about this Void Training Hall.”

As soon as these words left his mouth, the entire audience fell silent. All of the Emperor Realm masters stared at him blankly, even Shangguan Ji and the others were shocked.

Suddenly, a Void Hall appeared in this world. Miao Feiping said that this was the Void Training Hall bestowed by the Heavens and Earth, containing the three thousand Great Daos, the highest truths of the Martial Dao, and the mysteries above the Emperor Realm. Now, he even said that he had obtained the recognition of the Void Training Hall to become the first Dojo Master?

This information was so great that even the Emperor Realm masters couldn’t immediately respond.

After a long time, one of the Sect Masters/Leaders let out a hollow laugh, “Elder Miao, you said you're the first Dojo Master, may I ask Elder Miao, what does this Dojo Master do?”

Miao Feiping pondered for a moment before replying, “The Void Training Hall is designed to teach the Three Thousand Great Daos. As the Master of this place, I’m probably responsible for guiding the disciples here.”

“Where did the Disciples come from?”

“As long as one’s aptitude is high enough, regardless of their cultivation, even a child who has never cultivated before can enter the Training Hall to cultivate!” As Miao Feiping spoke, he cupped his fists and said, “Sect Masters, Elders, if any disciple has outstanding aptitude, please send them to the Training Hall. If they can pass the test of the Training Hall, they may enter and comprehend the mysteries of the Great Dao.”

The group of Emperor Realm Sect Leaders/Masters and Elders all looked at each other in dismay. One of the Sect Leaders/Masters sneered, “In that case, this one understands. Void Training Hall… haha, i'll just leave, goodbye!”

Saying so, he turned and left, followed by the Emperor Realm Elder under him.

With someone taking the lead, the several Sects quickly left.

Some people even sneered before leaving, “Brother Shangguan, if Seven Stars Workshop wants to take in all the geniuses in the world, there’s no need to use such a clumsy method. The Void World is not small and a Seven Stars Workshop cannot swallow it alone. Brother Shangguan, please take care!”

Shangguan Ji frowned slightly but didn’t try to explain.

Right now, he was also quite confused and vaguely felt that this Void Training Hall was related to the Supreme Elder, but with so many people around, it was not appropriate to ask.

The Sects that left first were all top-notch Sects in the Void World. These Sects were not weak, so they naturally regarded the strongest Seven Stars Workshop as their competitor, hoping that one day their Sect’s strength would surpass Seven Stars Workshop and become the overlord of the Void World.

With Miao Feiping’s words, everyone thought that this Void Training Hall was created by Seven Stars Workshop and was used to attract talents from all over the world. If all the good seedlings were taken away by Seven Stars Workshop, how could they have any inheritance in the future? Perhaps in less than a hundred years, Seven Stars Workshop would really be able to dominate the Void World.

Since the Emperor Realm masters of the great Sects had left, the Middle and Small Sects naturally didn’t stay any longer and quickly left.

When only the higher-ups of Seven Stars Workshop remained, Guan Qianxing finally spoke, “Feiping, this Void Training Hall…”

Shangguan Ji immediately interrupted him, “Let’s go back first.”

Guan Qianxing understood that this was because he was afraid that someone was trying to spy on them, so he didn’t ask any further.

After everyone returned to Seven Stars Workshop, Shangguan Ji, asked Miao Feiping, “Is what you said about the Void Training Hall true?”

Miao Feiping nodded seriously, “It’s true, what I said to those people before was not false.”

Shangguan Ji’s expression became solemn, “Is this related to the Supreme Elder?”

“That’s right, it is related to the Supreme Elder. This Dojo Master tittle of mine was also appointed by Supreme Elder.”

As soon as these words came out, all the Emperor Realm in the Seven Stars Workshop became excited. Since this was the Supreme Elder's work, there was no need to doubt it. Previously, Shangguan Ji had also suspected that the Void Training Hall was created by the Supreme Elder, but now he could finally confirm.

“Why did the Supreme Elder create this Void Training Hall?” Guan Qianxing asked hurriedly.

Miao Feiping said, “Supreme Elder intends to take in many of the Void Great World’s geniuses and teach them the Dao.”

Shangguan Ji and the others’ eyes lit up.

Although the Supreme Elder had long passed down the method to condense Dao Seal to Seven Stars Workshop and had also given them many resources, and some of them had even already begun condensing Dao Seal, with Miao Feiping leading the way, the Void Training Hall was still extremely attractive to them.

Seeing this, how could Miao Feiping not know what they were thinking? He immediately said, “Just as I said before, if you want to enter this Void Training Hall, it has nothing to do with your cultivation but your aptitude. If your aptitude is good enough, you can easily enter, but if your aptitude is lacking, no matter how high your cultivation is, it will be useless.”

Shangguan Ji couldn’t help coughing awkwardly.

He had also tried to ascend to the Void Training Hall before, but unfortunately, he was unable to do so. In other words, his aptitude wasn’t enough to be recognized by the Training Hall.

However, their Supreme Elder had already taught them the method to condense a Dao Seal. As long as they cultivated diligently, they could break through the shackles of the Emperor Realm in the future.

The current situation at the Void Training Hall was the key.

Fixing his expression, Shangguan Ji said, “Since the Void Training Hall is Supreme Elder's method, my Seven Stars Workshop will naturally cooperate unconditionally. Feiping, since you are the Dojo Master and have received Supreme Elder's favor, you must be careful in the future.”

“Yes!” Miao Feiping replied respectfully.

“Regarding the matter of the Training Hall, how do you want my Seven Stars Workshop to cooperate?”

“Please give the order to all disciples to focus on the Training Hall. In just an incense stick’s worth of time, those with aptitude will receive the blessing of the Training Hall and enter it to cultivate the Great Dao!”

Shangguan Ji nodded slightly, a look of admiration appearing on his face, “As expected of Supreme Elder’s methods, if that’s the case, then quickly arrange it.”

Soon, Seven Stars Workshop took action. All the Seven Stars Workshop disciples, regardless of their cultivation, received orders from the higher-ups to focus their attention on the hall in the sky for an incense stick of time.

The disciples didn’t know why, but since it was an order from the higher-ups, they just had to follow it. It was just an incense stick’s worth of time.

Even the Emperor Realm who had tried to ascend to the Training Hall had found a secluded place and were secretly watching, hoping for a miracle to occur.

The dozen or so giant square in the Seven Stars Workshop was soon filled with people, all of them looking up towards the Void Training Hall.

Time slowly passed.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, a five-colored light suddenly fell from the Palace that had been quietly floating in the air and illuminated one of the disciples.

In the next moment, something shocking happened. The disciple’s body slowly floated up, and as the rays of light rapidly flew towards the Void Training Hall, the disciple’s cry rang out from midair.

After the first ray of light, several more rays of light descended, each of which seemed to have some kind of restraining power, sweeping away a disciple who was currently observing the Training Hall.

These rays of light weren’t completely unchanged, they were divided into three colors, five colors, and seven colors.

In just a short period of time, more than thirty disciples had been taken away by the rainbow lights. Among them, the seven colored lights had appeared the least, only twice, followed by the five colored and three colored lights.

As for the disciples who had been taken away by the light, all of them were excellent seedlings with outstanding aptitudes, and the more outstanding their aptitudes were, the richer the light they received.

The higher ups of Seven Stars Workshop could vaguely tell that this rainbow light was related to the aptitude of their disciples. The disciples who were taken away by the seven colored light obviously had the best aptitude, while three colored light was much worse.

Supreme Elder methods were truly unimaginable.

Everyone in the Void World could clearly see the abnormality of the Void Training Hall and the movements of Seven Stars Workshop.

The Empero Realm who had just returned to their residences were also stunned, not knowing what Seven Stars Workshop was up to.

There were also some who were secretly anxious. Miao Feiping had said that the Void Training Hall contained the three thousand Great Daos, the ultimate truth of the Martial Dao, and the mysteries above the Emperor Realm. Naturally, they were also looking forward to it. However, the matter of the Void Training Hall was too strange, and many people suspected that it was Seven Stars Workshop’s doing. Originally, they wanted to find out more about it.

But now, Seven Stars Workshop had obviously taken action. If it was really as Miao Feiping had said, and this Void Training Hall was bestowed by the Heavens and Earth, wouldn’t Seven Stars Workshop gain the initiative?

Seven Stars Workshop was already the most powerful Sect, and now that they had gained an advantage in the Void Training Hall, who could compete with them in the future?


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