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Through the Super Space Array, Yang Kai successfully returned to Blue Sky Pass.

Looking up, he saw Zhong Liang waiting for him.

Yang Kai quickly bowed.

Zhong Liang raised his hand and smiled, “Well done, it’s been hard on you all these years.”

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before quickly realizing that what he had done at Yin Yang Pass should have been known.

The Human Race’s various mountain passes required a massive amount of resources to travel between them. After all, each mountain pass was quite far from each other, but if they were just passing on some information, it wouldn’t cost much. The Expeling Black Ink Pill’s recipe and the refining method of the Void Yin Yang Mirror were all transmitted from Blue Sky Pass to the various human race mountain passes.

Yang Kai was considered a member of Blue Sky Pass, but because of the Purification Light, the implications were too great. If it weren’t for the fact that the Black Ink Clan’s plan to refine a Battleship was too great a threat to the Human Race, how could Blue Sky Pass be willing to put Yang Kai in danger? When he went to the Yin Yang Battlefield, Blue Sky Pass would naturally pay attention to his movements.

Almost every month, Blue Sky Pass would send a message to Yin Yang Pass to inquire about the situation. Naturally, there would also be some people who would not hide anything.

While Yang Kai was hiding in the Black Ink Clan’s territory, Yin Yang Pass hadn’t received any news from him, so Blue Sky Pass was quite anxious.

It wasn’t easy for Yang Kai to show up, the Black Ink Clan’s army was still besieging the pass, and Yang Kai needed to assist the Yin Yang Pass’s Old Ancestor in healing her injuries. After defeating the Black Ink Clan’s army, Yang Kai would remain there to open all kinds of Universe Paradise, Universe Cave Heaven, and even Secret Realms.

Zhong Liang and the others even suspected that the Yin Yang Pass wanted to forcibly detain Yang Kai and not return him!

To be honest, if Yang Kai didn’t return to Blue Sky Pass soon, Zhong Liang would have to personally go to Yin Yang Pass and ask Tang Qiu.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had finally returned, so Zhong Liang was greatly relieved.

Regarding Yang Kai’s actions in the Yin Yang Battlefield, Zhong Liang was not stingy with his praise, immediately telling him that since he had returned, he should rest well and work hard to improve his cultivation.

Yang Kai naturally agreed.

Zhong Liang left happily while Yang Kai returned to his residence alone.

Sensing the movement of the restriction, Feng Ying and Bai Yi, who were cultivating, came out to investigate. Seeing Yang Kai return, the two women were overjoyed.

This place was originally Feng Ying’s residence, but because it was a courtyard with extra rooms, Yang Kai had always lived here. Later, Bai Yi, who he had subdued, also lived here. After all, they were all members of a Team, so if there was a war, it would be easier for them to gather.

After not seeing each other for more than a decade, their auras had clearly become much more condensed.

In fact, it wasn’t just them, but all the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass had also improved after such a long period of rest.

In the past, when there was no Yang Kai, regardless of whether it was the Human Race’s mountain pass, there was always a shortage of cultivation resources, so every resource had to be carefully calculated. However, after Yang Kai offered the Void Yin Yang Mirror, resources were no longer a problem, especially on Blue Sky Pass’s side. The amount of resources stored in the War Preparation Palace could be said to be as vast as the mountains and seas, enough for the soldiers in the pass to cultivate for thousands of years.

Without any external threats and abundant resources, their cultivation would naturally improve. Moreover, Yang Kai had opened many Secret Realms and obtained many Profound Female Spirit Fruits and fruit trees. Many people in Blue Sky Pass had repaired their damaged Small Universe and restored their original cultivation.

It could be said that, compared to before, the strength of the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass had greatly improved.

On the other hand, the Black Ink Clan was currently recuperating, and the struggle for resources had ended with the Human Race’s victory, so there wouldn’t be any more battles in the near future.

It could be said that this was the most leisurely time for the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass. Every cultivator cherished this moment because no one could guarantee that they would be able to survive the next time there is a leisurely time again.

After chatting with Feng Ying and Bai Yi for a while, Yang Kai returned to his room and went into secluded cultivation.

From the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order was an extremely long process of accumulation. However, the flow of time in Yang Kai’s body was different from that of the outside world, and the World Tree’s Subtreee was able to condense the World Force at a much faster rate.

However, the main way to increase cultivation level is a boring secluded cultivation.

Yang Kai didn’t lack supplies. His Small Universe already had enough cultivation resources to break through to the Eighth Order, and after looting the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands, he had no way to use them.

Originally, he wanted to donate some resources to Blue Sky Pass, but now that Blue Sky Pass didn’t lack resources, he gave up.

Day after day, year after year.

As a large number of resources were consumed, Yang Kai’s cultivation slowly and steadily increased.

However, compared to the others, he was unable to cultivate in seclusion for long periods of time. It wasn’t that his temperament wasn’t good enough, but from time to time, there would be other Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators from other mountain passes who would bring the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and ask him to help seal the Purification Light.

The Purification Light would be consumed, the more Ink Force was purified, the faster it would be consumed.

As for replenishing the Purification Light, Yang Kai was the only one who could do so. As such, once the Purification Light sealed in the Expeling Black Ink Battleships of the various Human Race passes had been exhausted, they had to come to Blue Sky Pass.

This matter couldn’t be handled by others, so it could only be done by Yang Kai himself, so basically every time he went into seclusion, it wouldn’t be for long. At most, he would be interrupted after one year. Most of the time, he would have to take action once every two or three months.

Replenishing the Purification Light was as easy as lifting a finger for Yang Kai. At most, it would consume some Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals.

However, the rapid consumption of the Purification Light also signified the intensity of the battle in the mountain passes, causing his heart to sink.

However, the Black Ink Clan was like the moss, they could not be cut down and could not be killed. Even if they were defeated again, it wouldn’t be long before they returned.

Fortunately, with the large number of Expeling Black Ink Pills being refined and promoted, the frequency at which Yang Kai sealed the Purification Light became lower.

The Expeling Black Ink Pill was a pill recipe left behind by an ancient great expert. It had been developed by Zhu Geming and Zhou Fang, two Alchemy Great Grandmasters. It was an effective method to deal with the erosion of the Ink Force.

Many of the materials used to refine Expeling Black Ink Pills had disappeared from the 3000 Worlds, but in the many Secret Realms of the Ink Battlefield, they could still be found. Currently, every Human Race pass was cultivating these herbs in their own medicine gardens.

After all these years of hard work, it has finally achieved results.

This was especially true for Yang Kai’s Small Universe’s Medicine Garden, which being cultivated in large quantities. After all, his Small Universe’s time flow was different from the outside world. If he cultivated herbs, he would have a unique advantage, allowing it to grow faster. When he was exploring the Secret Realm, he had even planted many Profound Female Fruit Trees in his Medicine Garden.

The medicine garden was under the care of the two Wood Spirits, so whether it was the various herbs or the fruit trees, they were all growing well.

Yang Kai had already given the first batch of mature herbs to Blue Sky Pass, so the Alchemists inside the pass would naturally use these herbs to refine the Expelling Black Ink Pills and distribute them to the soldiers.

During these years of secluded cultivation, Yang Kai had also made some arrangements in his Small Universe.

Since his Small Universe had integrated with the World Tree Subtree, it had been a few years since then. The feedback of the Subtree had enveloped the entirety of the Small Universe, so the humans who lived inside it had also begun to benefit.

The most obvious example was Miao Feiping.

Miao Feiping’s aptitude wasn’t bad. When he had participated in the Seven Stars Workshop’s Disciple Recruitment Conference with Zhao Ya and Zhao Yebai, he had received a ranking second only to Zhao Ya. Over the years, his cultivation had been smooth sailing and he had successfully broken through to the Emperor Realm.

According to Yang Kai’s investigation that day, he had the qualifications to directly break through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage.

However, because of the World Tree Subtree, he now had a chance to break through to the Sixth Grade!

With Miao Feiping like this, the new generation of children would naturally be able to receive more benefits from the Subtree. This was also the reason why the various great sects had recently taken in many good seedlings.

Moreover, this kind of feedback force would only become stronger until it reached its peak, and after a certain generation, there would be many cultivation geniuses everywhere.

When Yang Kai left the Star Boundary, the Star Boundary had already become the cradle of the Open Heaven Stage.

The change in the Star Boundary was also due to the Subtree’s ability. The Star Boundary could become the cradle of the Open Heaven Stage, so Yang Kai believed that his Small Universe could also do the same. Although his Small Universe’s population was not as high as the Star Boundary's, it was not small.

However, if he wanted to develop the potential of these geniuses, he would need to spend some effort.

As such, he used his power to create a phenomenon in his Small Universe.

One day, under the witness of all the living beings in the Small Universe, a giant palace suddenly appeared in the void. No matter where one was, they could clearly see this palace appear out of thin air.

The palace was surrounded by a dazzling light, and as soon as it appeared, it attracted everyone’s attention.

The Emperor Realm masters of the various great Sects were naturally very interested in this palace that had suddenly appeared, all of them urging their bodies to move forward to investigate.

However, no matter what level of Emperor Realm these people were at, no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to reach the palace. It was as if the palace was right in front of them, but also far away.

Only one person had succeeded!

Seven Stars Workshop’s Miao Feiping.

Under everyone’s eyes, Miao Feiping successfully arrived at the Void Hall.

All of the Emperor Realm who saw this scene were shocked, unable to understand why they couldn’t approach this palace, but Miao Feiping could.

Many of the higher ups of the various Sects had gathered together to ask Shangguan Ji about this matter, but Shangguan Ji had no idea why.

After half an incense stick’s worth of time, Miao Feiping flew down from the palace.

Many Emperor Realm saw this and quickly stepped forward to inquire about the situation.

Miao Feiping’s expression became solemn as he pondered for a moment before saying, “This place is called the Void Training Hall, it is bestowed by the Heavens and Earth, not created by man.” [MSN: It's called Void Buddhist Temple in the Wiki.]

“Void Training Hall!”

The group of Emperor Realms were all very suspicious, wondering if this was all Seven Stars Workshop’s doing. Otherwise, how could they explain that Miao Feiping was the only one who had flown up? Seven Stars Workshop was the strongest Sect in this Void World, and it also had a Supreme Elder who appeared and disappeared unpredictably. Perhaps this Void Training Hall was just a gimmick for them to dominate the world.

“What is inside this Dao Training Hall?” Someone asked.

Miao Feiping said, “The Void Training Hall contains three thousand Great Daos, the highest truths of the Martial Dao, and the mysteries above the Emperor Realm!”

Many of the Emperor Realm sucked in a breath of cold air, many of their eyes shining.


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