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The Black Ink Clan’s side had never imagined that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would actually be hiding in the midst of an army to launch a sneak attack. What was even more difficult to understand was how the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had been able to fight so quickly.

According to the news they had received from the rear, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had already been severely wounded. Without thirty to fifty years of rest, it was impossible for her to fight again.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been beseiging the Yin Yang Pass for so long.

The Royal Lord had fallen into a deep sleep and they're currently without a Supreme Master. Once the Human Race’s Old Ancestor took action, the Territory Lords would not be able to resist.

It was precisely because they knew that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor did not have the ability to fight that the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were so fearless. Although the Human Race’s Eighth Order was powerful, it was not easy to kill them on such a battlefield.

Therefore, when the figure of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor suddenly appeared on the battlefield and killed one of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords in the blink of an eye, the Black Ink Clan was shocked.

The Old Ancestor’s figure didn’t stop as she wielded her long sword. With the cooperation of Tang Qiu and the others, she quickly killed another Territory Lord.

In less than a dozen breaths of time, two Territory Lords had fallen one after the other, so how could the remaining surviving Territory Lords dare to remain here? All of them quickly retreated, and without them holding the fort, the Black Ink Clan’s army was instantly defeated.

For a time, the Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties and the morale of the Human Race rose.

The Territory Lords were all focused on escaping, so the Old Ancestor didn’t waste any time chasing after them. Instead, she turned around and charged towards the south.

On the other side, the Black Ink Clan’s army still didn’t know what was happening on the eastern front. The army was currently being led by the Territory Lords to rush over to help.

Before they arrive, they directly collided with several Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs led by their Old Ancestor.

After a great battle, another Territory Lord was quickly killed by the Old Ancestor, and the power of a Ninth Order Open Heaven begun to spread out, threatening the entire battlefield.

Three Territory Lords had died in succession, the eastern front had collapsed, and the southern front had been thrown into chaos because of the sudden appearance of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor. The Black Ink Clan Territory Lords from the North and West had sensed the aura of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor and knew that things were not looking good, so they decisively abandoned a group of cannon fodder to scatter the attention of the Human Race while leading their elites to escape from the battlefield, running towards the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland without even looking back, fearing that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would pursue them.

With the battle having reached this point, the Black Ink Clan was no longer able to turn the situation around. Since the appearance of the Old Ancestor, only a few minutes had passed, and three Territory Lords had died at her hands. Perhaps some of the Black Ink Clan’s forces had been destroyed by the aftermath of her attack, but even so, the Black Ink Clan had been utterly defeated.

On such a battlefield, without the suppression of a Royal Lord, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor was simply too intimidating to the Black Ink Clan.

The Black Ink Clan’s army was scattered everywhere, fleeing like stray dogs. The Human Race naturally wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity. The four armies of the north, south, east, and west, under the leadership of their respective Regiment Commanders, chased after them one after another, leaving a bloody trail behind them.

Yang Kai didn’t participate in the battle. Although his strength was extraordinary, in such a battlefield, having one more person wasn’t a big deal. His task was to escort the Old Ancestor back to the pass.

After recuperating for two or three years in his Small Universe, the Old Ancestor had only managed to restore the strength she had used to kill the three Territory Lords. After killing the third Territory Lord, the Old Ancestor was no longer able to continue.

Even if the Black Ink Clan didn’t retreat, it was impossible for the Old Ancestor to attack again. However, the Black Ink Clan was clearly frightened by the Old Ancestor, so after sensing the power of a Ninth Order Open Heaven, how could the Territory Lords dare remain?

This gave the Human Race an opportunity to pursue and kill. In a battle between two armies, this was the best opportunity to increase the battle merits. Many Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs deeply understood this principle, so how could they miss this opportunity?

However, the Human Race didn’t dare to pursue them too far, and after ten days, they began to withdraw their forces and return to the pass.

After this battle, the Black Ink Clan’s army had suffered heavy losses, and it would take at least a hundred years for them to replenish their forces. If the losses suffered by the Territory Lords and the consequences of Yang Kai destroying the Black Ink Nest behind the Black Ink Clan were included, it would probably take hundreds or thousands of years for the Black Ink Clan in the Yin Yang War Zone to recover.

[MSN: The BIC will receive a great surprise when they return home. LOL]

This battle could be considered a great victory!

After the great battle, the morale of the Yin Yang Pass' people was still high, but the two races’ conflicts had resulted in casualties on the Human Race’s side too. Compared to the losses suffered by the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race’s casualties were still acceptable.

After evaluating the battle achievements, Yang Kai naturally received the highest merit.

Leaving aside the fact that he had infiltrated the Black Ink Clan’s rear and ruined their grand plan while rescuing the three hundred Artifact Refiners, just the destruction of the ten Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest was something no one could compare to. Not only had he discovered the secrets of the Black Ink Clan, but he had also brought the Old Ancestor back to the pass. All of this was a great merit.

Although Yang Kai belonged to Blue Sky Pass, his contribution this time was not small, and Yin Yang Pass had also made an exception to record his achievements.

With these battle merits, Yang Kai could exchange them for anything he wanted from the Yin Yang Pass’ War Preparation Palace.

However, he had looted a large number of resources from the Black Ink Clan, so he didn’t need to worry about his own cultivation and naturally didn’t need to exchange for anything.

After the battle ended, Yang Kai did not immediately return to Blue Sky Pass. Instead, under the request of Tang Qiu and the others, he opened the gates to the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven.

On the periphery of each human mountain pass, there was a large number of hidden Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven. These were all left behind by the High Rank Open Heaven masters who had died on the battlefield. Blue Sky Pass was like this, so Yin Yang Pass was naturally the same.

On Blue Sky Pass’ side, Yang Kai had already opened the gates to the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven. The Array Masters inside the pass had set up a large number of restrictions and traps inside those Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven, all of which could be used to deal with the Black Ink Clan’s army in the future.

The Yin Yang Pass had heard about this matter, so it was only natural for them to follow suit. Unfortunately, these hidden gates were difficult to find, unless one was proficient in Space Law like Yang Kai.

For a long time after that, Yang Kai searched around the periphery of Yin Yang Pass to open the hidden gates. As long as the gates were opened, Array Masters would set up many restrictions.

After finishing these tasks, Yang Kai began searching for the entrance to the Secret Realm. It took him almost two years to finish.

Returning to Yin Yang Pass, the purifying light in the Expelling Black Ink Battleship still needed to be replenished before they could fight again.

Taking into consideration the fact that the Southern Army Regiment Commander Wu Qing had the Universe Four Pillars, Wu Qing had given him some of the Small Stone Race and allowed him to keep them inside his Small Universe.

He is an Eighth Order Open Heaven, but he was not far from breaking through to the Ninth Order. Now that he had the Small Stone Race, the time limit for his breakthrough had been reduced.

Everything was ready.

Inside the Marketplace, it was extremely lively, just like the first time Yang Kai had come here. The entire street was crowded and noisy, like a mortal city.

However, compared to his initial confusion, Yang Kai now knew that this Marketplace was built to treat the Old Ancestor’s injuries.

After easily finding the Old Ancestor who was listening to a book in the teahouse, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate to sit next to her.

The speaker on the stage was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator that Yang Kai didn’t recognize. It was unknown which garrison he was from, but he seemed to be talking about some kind of strange story. As he spoke, the crowd below cheered.

The corners of Yang Kai’s eyes couldn’t help twitching. He really wasn’t used to this kind of scene. After all, the audience who had come to support him were all Open Heaven Stage masters.

“Are you leaving?” The Old Ancestor asked casually while stuffing food into her mouth.

Yang Kai nodded, “Everything here has been taken care of, there’s nothing else I can help with.”

“It’s been hard on you all these years. You’ve been running all over the place and haven’t had time to rest.”

“It's this disciple’s duty,” Yang Kai replied.

“En, when you get back, you should focus on your cultivation and strive to break through to the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage as soon as possible. In the end, there’s no way to ensure your safety in this Ink Battlefield with a Seventh Order cultivation.”

“Disciple understands,” Yang Kai replied respectfully, hesitating for a moment before asking, “Does Old Ancestor need Disciple’s help to heal? If Old Ancestor needs it, Disciple will not hesitate.”

The Old Ancestor smiled and said, “There’s no need, healing here is the same. Although my speed can’t be compared to your Small Universe’s, the Black Ink Clan’s forces have suffered great losses and there won’t be any war for the next hundred years, so it’s the same for me to slowly recover.”

Yang Kai was just about to nod when the Old Ancestor suddenly said, “Why don’t you come to Yin Yang Pass? You’re half a disciple of Yin Yang Heaven, so it’s only right that you come here.”

Yang Kai said, “Disciple cannot make the decision on this matter. If Old Ancestor really wants Disciple to come to Yin Yang Pass, Disciple must communicate with Blue Sky Pass. If Blue Sky Pass allowed it, Disciple will not refuse.”

The Old Ancestor chuckled, “It’s just a casual remark, don’t take it to heart. Since you’re a human race, no matter where you are, as long as you fight against the Black Ink Clan, it’s the same. There’s no need to hold back.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded and accompanied the Old Ancestor for a while before standing up and saying, “Disciple will take his leave!”

“Go,” The Old Ancestor waved her hand.

After leaving the Marketplace, Yang Kai went straight to a certain place inside the pass and stopped in front of a small courtyard.

There was a restriciton outside the courtyard, obviously to prevent anyone from disturbing, but Yang Kai didn’t pay it any mind and simply lifted his hand to touch it. Soon, a door opened and Yang Kai entered.

In the courtyard, Blood Crow sat up straight and glanced over, “What?”

Yang Kai smiled, “It’s nothing, I’m preparing to return to Blue Sky Pass, so I came to see you before I left.”

Blood Crow immediately became unhappy, “Are we friends?”

Yang Kai reached out and grabbed a few jars of wine, placing them on the table in front of him.

Blood Crow looked at the wine and then at Yang Kai, “Trying to establish a friendship with me with just these few jars? Have you forgotten how you dealt with me?”

Yang Kai placed two bowls in front of him, filled them with wine, and picked one up, “Let me ask you, do you want to drink?”

Blood Crow was silent for a moment before picking up an unopened jar, unsealing it and pouring it down.

Yang Kai didn’t care about this and simply picked up his bowl.

They didn’t talk much, just drinking.

After drinking a few jugs of wine, Yang Kai stood up and said in a slightly tipsy tone, “Brother Blood Crow, the battlefield is dangerous, and fighting alone will not guarantee your safety. All the human race here are wearing the same robe, I hope that when I come to Yin Yang Pass again, I can see you again.”

Saying so, he waved his hand and turned to leave.

Watching him disappear, Blood Crow snorted, “Boring!”


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