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However, after seeing it so many times, he really couldn't bear to look at it, and he also couldn't expose himself, so he gave money to others and asked them to buy some things for her.

The little girl ate happily.

At night, the little girl had no place to sleep, so she only found a random alley in the city and spent the night curled up. Every time, Miao Feiping would secretly help her resist the cold.

Originally, Miao Feiping had thought that his days would pass so peacefully, but who would have thought that an accident would suddenly occur.

The little girl’s rattle drum had actually been stolen!

If it was just an ordinary child’s toy, no one would care about it. The key point was that the material used to make this rattle drum was not ordinary, but a rare piece of Cang Lan Wood.

After all, this was a toy for the Supreme Elder's heir. When the Sven Stars Workshop’s Elder had first made this item, he had put in a lot of effort and had just happened to have a suitable piece of Cang Lan Wood in his hand.

This thing was extremely precious and could be used to refine Emperor Treasures. It was rare even in the entire Void World and could be said to be priceless.

A few cultivators with low cultivation saw that the rattle drum in the little girl’s hand was somewhat extraordinary, so they threw away some of their wealth and snatched it away from her.

These cultivators’ cultivation wasn’t high, so they didn’t necessarily recognize the Cang Lan Wood. They only knew that the material of this rattle drum was extraordinary and that it was of great use.

After losing the rattle drum, the little girl looked extremely sad, tears welling up in her eyes as she tried to snatch her toy back, but how could a seven or eight year old little girl catch up to those cultivators? In the blink of an eye, they had disappeared without a trace.

The little girl fell to the ground, her face covered in dirt as she wailed in grief.

Enraged, Miao Feiping blocked those people in an alley, beat them up, and took back the rattle drum. After that, he found the little girl who was silently crying in a deserted place and quietly returned the rattle drum.

Seeing the little girl smile again, Miao Feiping let out a sigh of relief.

Originally, he had thought that this matter would end here, but who would have thought that it was only the beginning? Among the few cultivators he had beaten up, one of them was actually the son of Purple Phoenix Palace’s Vice Palace Master, who had been beaten up in Purple Phoenix City. How could they let this be?

Many Purple Phoenix Palace cultivators were searching the city for traces of the perpetrators, and soon found Miao Feiping. The two sides naturally had a conflict, but Miao Feiping is a Third Order Emperor Realm, so how could these weaklings resist him?

When the news spread, the Purple Phoenix Palace’s higher-ups were enraged and sent out all of their masters, causing the entire Purple Phoenix City to be filled with darkness.

After suffering several losses, Purple Phoenix Palace finally figured out the identity of the troublemaker. It was actually Sven Stars Workshop’s Miao Feiping!

This shocked Purple Phoenix Palace quite a bit. It had to be known that in the current Void Wolrd, Sven Stars Workshop was the most powerful Sect. Not only was there the largest number of Emperor Realm masters, but there was also a mysterious Supreme Elder.

It was said that this Supreme Elder’s strength had already surpassed the Emperor Realm, so no one knew what his exact cultivation was.

Although Purple Phoenix Palace and Sven Stars Workshop had some dealings with each other, because the distance between them was too great, there wasn’t much friendship between them. It was just that Miao Feiping, the Third Order Emperor Realm Elder, had suddenly come to Purple Phoenix City and attacked many of Purple Phoenix Palace’s disciples, causing the Purple Phoenix Palace’s higher-ups to be puzzled.

The Vice Palace Master of Purple Phoenix Palace personally went to find Miao Feiping and asked him about what had happened. Only then did he learn that it was his own son who had taken advantage of a little mortal girl, causing Miao Feiping to act.

The Vice Palace Master was extremely angry. Although he had failed to discipline the Purple Phoenix Palace, many of its disciples had been injured because of this matter. No matter what, Miao Feiping have to give an explanation, otherwise Purple Phoenix Palace would lose all face.

How could Miao Feiping give them any kind of explanation? The Supreme Elder's heir had been bullied, so him not directly killing these people was already showing mercy, so what kind of explanation could there be?

The two of them couldn’t come to an agreement, and their words were filled with anger, causing them to fight.

Purple Phoenix Palace’s Vice Palace Master had been completely defeated! He had even been injured and had fled Purple Phoenix City in a sorry state.

The injuries of the disciples below were all trivial, but now even the Vice Palace Master had been injured, so how could Purple Phoenix Palace tolerate this? They immediately dispatched several Emperor Realm to find Miao Feiping.

The news quickly spread back to Sven Stars Workshop, and when they learned that Miao Feiping had encountered some trouble in Purple Phoenix City, Sven Stars Workshop didn’t dare delay and sent out several Emperor Realm Elders to assist him.

By the time Shangguan Ji and the others arrived, Miao Feiping had already exchanged several blows with several of the Purple Phoenix Palace’s Emperor Realms. Originally, Purple Phoenix Palace thought that since Miao Feiping was all alone, it would be hard for a Third Order Emperor Realm to fight alone. However, after several exchanges, they discovered that Miao Feiping’s Third Order Emperor Realm master was somewhat different from what they knew.

His strength had already surpassed the limits of the Emperor Realm, so even if he were to fight one against many, he would not fall into a disadvantageous position. After several confrontations, Purple Phoenix Palace was still unable to do anything to him.

After Shangguan Ji and the others came to assist, Purple Phoenix Palace no longer dared to act rashly.

After hearing that Shangguan Ji had appeared, Purple Phoenix Palace’s Palace Master couldn’t sit still any longer. No matter what, the reputation of the Void World’s number one great Sect was not to be underestimated.

Purple Phoenix Palace’s Palace Master came out to receive Shangguan Ji and the two sides discussed for a long time, but the atmosphere remained calm. Purple Phoenix Palace didn’t have any other requests, they only wanted Miao Feiping to apologize, so this matter will be settled. After witnessing Miao Feiping’s strength, Purple Phoenix Palace also realized that Sven Stars Workshop’s Emperor Realm masters couldn’t be judged by common sense. Just Miao Feiping alone was enough to make them anxious. Now that Shangguan Ji and the others had arrived, if they really fought, Purple Phoenix Palace would likely suffer a loss.

Not to mention, they also had a mysterious Supreme Elder.

With so many disciples injured, just an apology was enough to make Purple Phoenix Palace compromise.

Shangguan Ji didn’t agree immediately, only saying that he wanted to ask Miao Feiping about the whole situation, so Purple Phoenix Palace naturally agreed.

Soon after, Shangguan Ji found Miao Feiping and asked him everything.

With things having come to this point, Miao Feiping could only reveal that he had received the Supreme Elder’s secret order, and when he learned that this matter was actually caused by the Supreme Elder’s heir, Shangguan Ji was extremely surprised.

However, after personally seeing the little girl and the rattle drum in her hand, Shangguan Ji could finally confirm that this little girl was indeed the Supreme Elder's heir.

He was immediately enraged!

The people of Purple Phoenix Palace had actually bullied the Supreme Elder's heir? How could this be alright?

If it really was just some ordinary conflict, it wouldn’t be a big deal to have Miao Feiping apologize. After all, no matter what the cause was, Miao Feiping had indeed injured many of their disciples. As a Third Order Emperor Realm master, it wouldn’t be nice to say that he was bullying the weak. The key was that this matter involved the Supreme Elder, so how could he give in?

Shangguan Ji once again found Purple Phoenix Palace’s Palace Master and declared that it was impossible for them to apologize. If Purple Phoenix Palace dared to continue pestering him over this matter, Sven Stars Workshop would do everything in their power to maintain the dignity of their Sect.

Purple Phoenix Palace was dumbfounded, never having expected such a reply.

Many of the Elders were unable to calm down, clamoring to teach Sven Stars Workshop a lesson, Purple Phoenix Palace’s Palace Master hesitating.

A few days later, a large number of Sven Stars Workshop cultivators rushed to Purple Phoenix City, and judging from the scale, it could be said that the Sven Stars Workshop’s combat power had been completely exhausted. From Emperor Realm Elders to disciples who had just started cultivating, all of them had rushed over.

It could be said that if someone were to attack Sven Stars Workshop at this time, they would be able to easily take it down.

Purple Phoenix Palace had never imagined that Sven Stars Workshop’s attitude would be so unyielding, pulling out all of their forces to fight. Is this really going to be a battle between two great Sects?

Ever since they had migrated to this Void World, this had never happened before.

The unusual actions of Sven Stars Workshop also attracted the attention of all the Sects in the Void World.

It was only at this moment that they truly witnessed the terrifying foundation of Sven Stars Workshop.

There were actually several dozens of Emperor Realm masters! Although all the various Sects had recently produced a number of newly promoted Emperor Realm masters, there weren’t many of them, only a dozen or so in total.

There were actually dozens of them!

In the past, there had only been rumors that Sven Stars Workshop was the strongest Sect, but now, they finally had an intuitive understanding of its strength. No one knew why so many Emperor Realm masters had appeared here from Sven Stars Workshop.

If they were to fight, Purple Phoenix Palace would definitely not be their opponent.

After Sven Stars Workshop’s forces were fully deployed, the Purple Phoenix Palace Elders who had been clamoring suddenly became mute. Fortunately, after Sven Stars Workshop’s disciples entered Purple Phoenix Palace, they didn’t take any drastic actions. Instead, they seemed to be quietly staying in their own inns and scattered throughout the city.

Purple Phoenix Palace’s Palace Master once again went to find Shangguan Ji, his tone no longer as forceful as before, forcing a smile on his face as he expressed his goodwill. The Vice Palace Master even personally apologized.

Shangguan Ji stated that as long as Purple Phoenix Palace did not take the initiative to stir up trouble, Sven Stars Workshop’s disciples would definitely not cause trouble in Purple Phoenix City.

This guarantee made the Purple Phoenix Palace Master let out a long sigh.

However, it wasn’t a good idea for so many Sven Stars Workshop’s disciples to come to Purple Phoenix City. He wanted to ask Shangguan Ji what he wanted to do and when the Sven Stars Workshop’s disciples could withdraw.

After a moment of silence, Shangguan Ji gave an answer, “I can’t say for sure when we will evacuate. As for what we want to do, you don’t need to ask. You can just take it as the disciple of Sven Stars Workshop has come to the world to gain experience. When it is time to leave, they will naturally leave.”

The Purple Phoenix Palace Master was speechless.

Unable to obtain an accurate answer from Shangguan Ji, one of the Elders turned around and relayed this conversation to the other Elders. Immediately, one of the Elders said angrily, “That Shangguan Ji is Seven Stars Workshop’s Lord. Under his orders, who in Sven Stars Workshop dares to disrespect him? He actually said he didn’t know when he would withdraw, clearly trying to embarrass my Purple Phoenix Palace!”

The other Elders were also furious.

However, one of the Elders said thoughtfully, “According to the Palace Master’s words, this Shangguan Ji may have some difficulties.”

The Purple Phoenix Palace Master looked over, “What difficulties could he possibly have?”

The Elder asked, “Palace Master, there is still the Supreme Elder in Sven Stars Workshop. What if he gives the order?”

The Purple Phoenix Palace Master’s expression changed, “You mean…”

The Elder shook his head, “I’m just guessing, I’m not certain.”


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