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“Observing the myriad forms of the human world, seeing all the prosperity of the bustling world…” Yang Kai suddenly remembered the two stone tablets at the entrance of Marketplace.

The Old Ancestor nodded slightly, “Roaming the bustling world can quickly heal my injuries, which is why there is a Marketplace in Yin Yang Pass.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood.

The Old Ancestor’s healing technique was somewhat similar to Duan Hongchen’s cultivation technique. Duan Hongchen’s title was Bustling World, and his entire life of cultivation was to experience the baptism of the Bustling World.

Yang Kai couldn’t explain the profundities of this technique, after all, he had never cultivated such a technique before, but since the Old Ancestor had said so, it was definitely correct.

He suddenly understood why the Old Ancestor had summoned him at this time.

“Does Old Ancestor want this disciple to help heal her injuries?”

The Old Ancestor nodded and said, “I’ve heard that your Small Universe has raised many living creatures and can be considered a complete world. If you can help me heal my injuries, that would be for the best. There’s no need to wait until my injuries are completely healed, I just need to heal until I have the strength to fight.”

At this time, Tang Qiu also interjected, “Although there aren’t many reinforcements from the Black Ink Clan’s encirclement this time, it will take at least three to five years to completely defeat them.”

Compared to the previous Black Ink Clan encirclement, each time, it would take more than a decade or even a hundred years to defeat them. Three to five years was already an extremely short time, and this could be considered Yang Kai’s contribution. If he hadn’t destroyed the Black Ink Nest behind the Black Ink Clan's army, causing the entire Black Ink Clan of Twilight King Domain to be in a terrible state, the Black Ink Clan’s forces wouldn’t have been so strained.

“Although three to five years isn’t a long time, if this continues, there will definitely be some damage to Yin Yang Pass. If the Old Ancestor can help, she will definitely be able to accomplish the task in one go.”

Yang Kai cupped his fists, “If Old Ancestor needs it, this Disciple will not refuse.”

“Good, thank you for your hard work,” Tang Qiu patted Yang Kai’s shoulder in relief.

In order to allow the Old Ancestor to wash and heal her wounds in the surging Bustling World, Yang Kai only needed to spread his Small Universe and let the Old Ancestor live inside.

After all, the Old Ancestor was a Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so Yang Kai couldn’t take her into his Small Universe, so he could only do so.

However, with this, Yang Kai could no longer continue fighting and could only stick to one place. Before the Old Ancestor recovered her full strength, Yang Kai could not easily move.

Fortunately, Tang Qiu had also said that since the Old Ancestor had decided to destroy the Black Ink Clan’s army, the next strategy of the Yin Yang Pass would be to only defend and not attack. No matter how the Black Ink Clan provoked them, they would pretend they didn’t hear anything. The Human Race would only rely on the Spirit Arrays and artifacts outside the Yin Yang Pass to kill their enemies and would never send anyone into the battlefield.

Soon, Yang Kai spread out his Small Universe in the Marketplace and let the Old Ancestor enter. Not only that, but he also chose the most prosperous city for her.

While the Old Ancestor was roaming the bustling world in his Small Universe, Yang Kai did not remain idle. Although he could no longer move freely after spreading out his Small Universe, his normal cultivation would not be affected, so Yang Kai took out a set of seventh grade resources and quietly refined them.

In the Void World, Miao Feiping, who came from Seven Stars Workshop, had long since grown from a young brat to an Emperor Realm master and was now an Elder of Seven Stars Workshop.

His aptitude was not bad, and last time, he had even helped the Supreme Elder kill a powerful enemy, causing the Supreme Elder to view him in a different light.

After that incident, the Supreme Elder also bestowed many resources and passed down the method to condense the Dao Seal. Many of Seven Stars Workshop’s Emperor Realm had already begun condensing Dao Seal, and it was said that they had a chance to reach open Heaven in the future.

Miao Feiping was naturally no exception. Which cultivator didn’t yearn for a higher Martial Dao? Among all the Emperor Realm who had begun condensing their Dao Seal, Miao Feiping’s progress was the fastest.

He had originally thought that with his aptitude, he would at most be able to condense a fifth grade resource. This was also a suggestion given to him by the Supreme Elder.

Naturally, he didn’t dare disobey the words of the Supreme Elder.

However, when he really began condensing his Dao Seal, he made a bold attempt to condense a sixth grade resource.

He had actually succeeded, and he didn’t feel any discomfort or burden. In other words, he could have condensed a Sixth Order Dao Seal and attempted to break through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. This made him extremely excited, but at the same time, he couldn’t help feeling puzzled. This was because the Supreme Elder had said that although his aptitude was good, he would only be able to reach the Fifth Order in the future. Supreme Elder’s words weren’t wrong, but how could he successfully condense a Sixth Order Dao Seal?

He really wanted to ask the Supreme Elder for an explanation, but he was unable to contact him, so he could only give up. The condensation of the Dao Seal was still ongoing, and what he was refining was still a sixth grade resource. He wanted to obtain higher achievements.

Because he knew that his two companions who had entered the Sect with him in the past had received personal guidance from the Supreme Elder, so their future achievements wouldn’t be too bad. He didn’t want to be left far behind by these two, so he could only rely on his own hard work.

Thinking back to when he first entered Seven Stars Workshop, all sorts of memories flashed across his mind. In the blink of an eye, so many years had passed. Where was that young girl with heaven-defying aptitude and that young man with such poor aptitude that he could barely cultivate? Even that Xu Yi who had suddenly appeared in the Seven Stars Workshop had disappeared one day.

These three were the Supreme Elder’s personal disciples, so they were probably all cultivating with the Supreme Elder.

One day, while Miao Feiping was meditating, a voice suddenly rang out in his mind.

Miao Feiping was both surprised and delighted, quickly opening his eyes and bowing respectfully, “Supreme Elder.”

He couldn’t see the Supreme Elder’s figure, since the voice directly rang out in his head. He had seen the Supreme Elder’s divine might many times, so it wasn’t strange.

The Supreme Elder’s message this time was actually a secret decree, so Miao Feiping immediately accepted it.

After that, Miao Feiping quickly said, “Supreme Elder, Disciple has something he doesn’t understand.”

“What is it?” Supreme Elder's voice rang out again.

Miao Feiping took a deep breath and mustered up his courage, saying, “Supreme Elder gave me some pointers before, and this Disciple should condense a Fifth Order Dao Seal. However, this Disciple was greedy and tried to refine a Sixth Grade Resource. Fortunately, I didn’t encounter any setbacks, but this Disciple no longer dares to act recklessly, so I don’t know if I should continue or not. Supreme Elder, please give me some pointers on whether I should continue refining a Sixth Grade or return to the Fifth Grade.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Miao Feiping clearly felt a majestic will sweep across his body. Under this will, he couldn’t help feeling as insignificant as an ant.

This was the will of the Supreme Elder…

Miao Feiping couldn’t help trembling slightly.

The Third Order Emperor Realm was already the highest realm in the Void World, but in front of the Supreme Elder, it was still as weak as an ant. Just how powerful was the true cultivation of the Supreme Elder?

The will swept past him and soon Miao Feiping heard the Supreme Elder's voice in his mind, “Continue, times are different now, you have a chance to break through to the Sixth Order.”

“Disciple obeys!” Miao Feiping was overjoyed and gave his thanks, the uneasiness in his heart finally dissipating with the Supreme Elder's words.

However, he didn’t quite understand why things were different now. He hadn’t done anything recently, but from what the Supreme Elder said, it seemed like something had changed, causing him to be able to break through to the Sixth Order despite only have the aptitude for Fifth Order in the past.

What had changed?

But then again, the number of newly recruited disciples in the square seemed to have increased significantly compared to the previous years, and it wasn’t just Seven Stars Workshop, but all the other great Sects as well. It was as if the entire Void World had suddenly become more suitable for cultivation, and more geniuses had appeared, causing the higher-ups of the various great Sects to be overjoyed.

Thinking so, Miao Feiping suddenly understood that what changed was not himself, but the entire Void World!

He didn’t continue thinking about it and instead quickly packed up his things and went to find the Seven Stars Workshop's Lord, Shangguan Ji, saying that he wanted to travel around and take a break.

Shangguan Ji complied and Miao Feiping quickly descended the mountain.

Purple Phoenix City was one of the most prosperous cities in the Void World and was under Purple Phoenix Palace’s jurisdiction. Purple Phoenix Palace was also one of the few great Sects in the entire Void World. The most important thing was that this Sect’s disciples were very good at doing business, so they had attracted countless cultivators from all over the world to Purple Phoenix City. In such a large city, there were at least ten million people gathered.

With Miao Feiping’s Third Order Emperor Realm cultivation, it had only been a few days since he had set out from Seven Stars Workshop to reach this place, and it had been half a month since he arrived here. According to the Supreme Elder’s guidance, he quickly found his target.

A seven or eight year old little girl!

Traveling alone in this massive Purple Phoenix City, Miao Feiping was certain that this little girl had never cultivated before and was a commoner.

The secret order Miao Feiping received was to take good care of this little girl and not let her suffer any grievances, and try not to expose his whereabouts.

Originally, he didn’t know why someone like the Supreme Elder would care so much about a little girl and even let him personally monitor her.

It wasn’t until he saw the rattle drum in the little girl’s hand that Miao Feiping suddenly understood.

He recognized this rattle drum as it had been personally made by an Emperor Realm Elder of the Sect. When that Elder had made this rattle drum, he had been beside him.

This little girl… is the Supreme Elder’s heir!

Back then, when the Supreme Elder had issued a series of decrees, asking for buns and candied fruits, it was all to coax her.

Having understood this point, Miao Feiping immediately felt his shoulders become heavy. It was such an honor for him to have the Supreme Elder give him such an important task.

Because of this, Miao Feiping had been secretly following the little girl and protecting her at all times.

After observing her for a while, Miao Feiping discovered that she was particularly interested in some random snacks, but she seemed to have nothing on her body and would always stare at others as they ate, drooling uncontrollably.

Several times, Miao Feiping couldn’t bear to watch and almost couldn’t help offering his assistance. He couldn’t understand why, since she was the Supreme Elder’s heir, why didn’t the Supreme Elder give her some money and let her buy whatever she wanted? Ordinary money should be easy for the Supreme Elder.

However, since the Supreme Elder didn’t do so, he naturally had his reasons, so Miao Feiping couldn’t rashly intervene.


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