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The members of the team exchanged greetings and returned to their respective homes to rest.

Generally speaking, after such a large-scale battle broke out, the two races would be safe for ten days to half a month, so nothing major should happen in the next half month.

Yang Kai had been living with Qing Kui ever since he returned from the Black Ink Clan, so he naturally left with him.

However, after taking a few steps, he suddenly stopped and looked towards a familiar figure.

“What are you looking at?” Qing Kui also stopped and asked curiously.

“You go back first, I’ll be back soon,” Yang Kai said before heading in that direction.

Soon, Qing Kui saw Yang Kai stop a person and start chatting with him with a smile. He couldn’t help asking Su Yingxue in a low voice, “Junior Sister, other than us, is Yang Kai familiar with someone else?”

Su Yingxue shook her head, a look of exhaustion appearing on her face, “It’s fine as long as it's not a woman, why bother?”

Qing Kui nodded slightly, “True.”

The two of them chatted casually before quickly leaving.

On the other side, the cultivator who was stopped by Yang Kai wore a gloomy expression, “You recognize the wrong person.”

Yang Kai smiled, “Divine Monarch’s bearing is still the same, how could I have mistaken you for someone else?”

The man glared at him, “I’m only a Seventh Order, how could I dare call myself a Divine Monarch?”

Yang Kai said, “With the aptitude of Divine Monarch, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes an Eighth Order. A Seventh Order is nothing for you, so why should Divine Monarch act so humbly?”

“What do you want?” The man was obviously impatient.

Yang Kai replied, “Nothing, it’s just that meeting a familiar face here is quite a pleasant surprise, so I came here to chat with Divine Monarch, an old friend.”

The man immediately flew into a rage, “I only have enmity with you, how can we be old friend?”

Yang Kai smiled, “Didn’t the Divine Monarch admit it?”

The man’s face went black as he grit his teeth and asked, “What exactly do you want?”

Yang Kai sighed, “I really didn’t want to do anything, but when I saw Divine Monarch’s figure just now, I couldn’t believe it and came here to confirm. I didn’t expect that the Divine Monarch would also come here.”

“Isn’t this all because of you?!” The other party gnashed his teeth, as if he had an irreconcilable grudge with Yang Kai.

Yang Kai said innocently, “I don’t remember doing anything to Divine Monarch. The one who captured you back then was Senior Yu of Bright King Heaven.”

The man waved his hand and said, “Don’t call me Divine Monarch anymore, I’m only a Seventh Order now. If you call me that, others will laugh at you.”

“Then… Brother Blood Crow?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

The person in front of him was none other than Black Crow Divine Monarch he had met in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. After cultivating the Great Development Indestructible Blood Illumination Scripture, he had seized the body of a Great Thousand Blood Land disciple named Zhou Yi and escaped from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Afterwards, he had hidden himself in Shattered Heaven and committed many crimes, causing many deaths and injuries to many of the Cave Heaven Paradise disciples.

Because he already had the foundation of a Divine Monarch and had obtained the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture, his cultivation had risen rapidly and his strength had also exceeded his own grade.

To a certain extent, the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture was similar to Wu Kuang’s Heaven Devouring Battle Law. Both of them used external forces for their own use, but in comparison, the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture only devoured Blood Essence, while Wu Kuang’s Heaven Devouring Battle Law could devour anything. It was obviously superior.

In the past, Yang Kai had been curious as to which of these two would swallow the other if Wu Kuang were to meet with Blood Crow. However, this was only his own doubt, and these two had never met.

When he was hiding in the Shattered Heaven, he had changed his name to Blood Crow.

Yang Kai had fought with him several times before in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. If Yang Kai hadn’t ruined his plans, he would have sealed the Blood Monster Cave Heaven long ago, and everyone who went there to train would become his food and nourishment for his growth. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven also contained some of the various resources the previous master had left behind when he was alive. Once he absorbed all of these resources, he might be able to return to the world as a Divine Monarch.

At that time, even the Cave Heaven Paradise might not be able to do anything to him.

Later, in Shattered Heaven, Yang Kai once again encountered him and fought him. At that time, Yang Kai was only a Sixth Order, while Blood Crow was already Seventh-Order.

Relying on the fact that his cultivation was higher than Yang Kai’s by a grade and he also had the backing of a Divine Monarch foundation, Blood Crow didn’t put Yang Kai in his eyes at all, wanting to take him down in one fell swoop. However, the Secret Technique of Beating Ox had made him suffer greatly.

In the end, he was captured by Yu Sou from Bright King Heaven.

Afterwards, Yang Kai went deep into Shattered Heaven and encountered Xia Linlang, obtained the World Spring by chance, and was chased down by Bright Sun Divine Monarch before entering the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

Since then, Yang Kai had not heard any news about Blood Crow. It seemed that he had been imprisoned in Bright King Heaven, unable to free himself.

Therefore, Yang Kai was extremely surprised to see Blood Crow in this Yin Yang Pass. In such a large environment like the Ink Battlefield, all conflicts were fought with the Black Ink Clan, and the grievances between people had long faded.

If he had encountered Blood Crow in the 3000 Worlds, Yang Kai would never have been so calm. He would have immediately thought that he had escaped from Bright King Heaven and was about to commit evil again.

But it was different here. Any human was a comrade they could fight side by side with and rely on.

It could be said that Yang Kai didn’t have any enmity towards Blood Crow, and this was something Blood Crow naturally felt. However, considering what had happened to him, Blood Crow definitely had some resentment towards Yang Kai.

All of this was because Yang Kai had ruined his plan in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.

Seeing him remain silent, Yang Kai asked, “Brother Blood Crow, why did you come to the Ink Battlefield?”

Blood Crow said angrily, “What? Can’t I come?”

Yang Kai patted him on the shoulder, “Calm down, let’s talk things out. The Ink Battlefield is not a good place.”

Blood Crow stepped aside and coldly snorted, “Do you think I want to come to this damned place? But do I have a choice? Being imprisoned in a dark and damp secret room all year round, or coming to the Ink Battlefield to fight the Black Ink Clan, if it were you, which one would you choose?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai understood.

In any case, Blood Crow was a Seventh Order, and he also had an Eighth Order foundation, so it was highly likely that he would be able to break through to the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage in the future. With such a powerful combat strength, instead of imprisoning it, it would be better to send it here to kill the enemies. It was obvious that Bright King Heaven had such considerations before sending Blood Crow here.

No matter how twisted Blood Crow’s temperament was, in such a large environment, it was impossible for him to have any second thoughts, unless he was willing to be turned into a Black Ink Disciple.

However, the Black Ink Disicple's own will had been distorted by the Ink Force, so if he was really inked, he would be a different person.

“Brother Blood Crow has worked hard,” Yang Kai sighed.

“It’s all thanks to you!” Speaking of this, Blood Crow become extremely annoyed.

Yang Kai chuckled, “Now you can finally act openly, it’s better than you sneaking around and hiding.”

Blood Crow snorted and glanced at him, “I just didn’t expect you to also be a Seventh Order.”

“I was just lucky!” Yang Kai smiled, “It can’t compare to Brother Blood Crow’s deep heritage.”

“Don’t even think about it, this King has a belly full of anger whenever I see you!” Blood Crow snorted before flicking his sleeve and leaving.

Watching him leave, Yang Kai stroked his chin thoughtfully.

At this moment, a figure suddenly landed beside him. It was Tang Qiu.

Yang Kai bowed, “Senior!”

“Follow me!” As Tang Qiu spoke, he summoned his strength to wrap around Yang Kai and quickly disappeared.

Soon, they arrived at the Marketplace, but the bustling Marketplace that Yang Kai had first seen was now completely deserted, with not a single person in sight.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. In the past, there had been no battles, so the Marketplace was naturally crowded with people. Now that the Black Ink Clan had surrounded this place and the Yin Yang Pass’ soldiers were all busy fighting, why would they come here?

However, it wasn’t as if there wasn’t a single person present. On the Lin Family’s steamed bun shop, a small figure was sitting upright, one hand supporting her chin while the other playing with her hair, appearing extremely bored.

Seeing this, Yang Kai stepped forward and bowed, “Old Ancestor!”

Ever since he had sent the Old Ancestor back, he had been fighting against the Black Ink Clan and had not seen this Old Ancestor for some time, so he didn’t know why Tang Qiu had brought him here.

“En,” The Old Ancestor nodded lightly and stretched out her hand, “Sit.”

Yang Kai was just about to sit down when he suddenly felt a sharp gaze land on him. Turning his head, he saw Tang Qiu glaring at him and quickly got up, “Disciple doesn’t dare, what does Old Ancestor have to say?”

The Old Ancestor glanced at Tang Qiu but didn’t say anything, only asking, “Do you know why there is a Marketplace in this Yin Yang Pass?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai pondered for a moment. Although he had some ideas, he didn’t dare to say them out loud and could only say, “Disciple doesn’t know.”

The Old Ancestor smiled and asked, “Do you think the Marketplace was built just for fun?”

Being seen through… Yang Kai could only brace himself and say, “Yes!”

The Old Ancestor nodded and said, “You’re right, this Marketplace was built to allow me to play around, but it’s not some kind of immoral business, it’s what the circumstances require.”

Yang Kai was puzzled, “Please explain, Old Ancestor.”

The Old Ancestor stood up and slowly walked to the door, staring out at the empty street, “The reason why the Human Race’s various mountain passes are able to hold on for so long is firstly because of these mountain passes, and secondly because of us Ninth Order Open Heaven masters, which can contend with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. You are now a Seventh Order Open Heaven master, so you should know the importance of high-end combat power in this great battlefield where the two races are fighting.”

Yang Kai nodded seriously, “Disciple understands.”

The Old Ancestor said, “To put it bluntly, us Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage masters are, to a certain extent, the key to ensuring the humanity’s safety.”

Yang Kai listened attentively.

The Old Ancestor continued, “The cultivation technique I cultivate is called the Samsara Arts. Every time I undergo a cycle of reincarnation, my cultivation will improve. Of course, if I am seriously injured, I will become like this. It may seem like my cultivation has been completely destroyed, but in truth, this is also a cycle of reincarnation. However, because of the Samsara Arts, if I want to heal my injuries, I will be different from others. This Marketplace was built for me, and it is also related to the cultivation technique I cultivate. This place is where I heal my injuries.”


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