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This battle lasted for several days, and in the end, Yang Kai couldn’t even maintain his dragon form and had no choice but to fight in human form. After a few days, Yin Yang Pass finally won the war.

After a brief period of peace, the soldiers of the two clans were all recuperating. As long as the Black Ink Clan did not retreat, Yin Yang Pass would not be able to rest.

Fortunately, the Old Ancestor had finally returned. Although the Old Ancestor had once again been seriously injured and had no choice but to return to her youth, the news she brought back greatly boosted the morale of Yin Yang Pass.

The Twilight Royal Lord had also been seriously injured during her fight with the Old Ancestor and was currently sleeping in the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest. In other words, in this battle, the Twilight Royal Lord would not appear again.

Not only that, but the main point was that the Old Ancestor had killed five of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord in succession.

This was an unimaginable loss for the Black Ink Clan.

On top of that, Yang Kai had single-handedly destroyed almost ten of the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nests, along with hundreds and thousands of other Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Nests. After killing hundreds of thousands of Black Ink Clan cultivators, the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland was now in a state of chaos as a large number of Feudal Lords gathered near the surviving Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nests to protect them.

This was the wound that had shaken the foundation of the Black Ink Clan.

In the past, whenever the Black Ink Clan besieged the Human Race Pass, the reason why it had lasted so long was mainly because the Black Ink Clan would constantly send reinforcements from the rear. Now that Yang Kai had caused such a ruckus, the number of troops they could send would naturally be greatly reduced. It could even be said that the Black Ink Clan would not send too many more in order to guard against any future problems.

If that was the case, then this great battle would likely end soon. Without reinforcements from the Black Ink Clan, how could they resist the Human Race with their manpower consumption? Once the situation on the battlefield became unsustainable, the Black Ink Clan would have to retreat.

Therefore, after hearing this news, the soldiers of Yin Yang Pass were all extremely excited.

On the other hand, Yang Kai had gone deep into the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands alone and destroyed many of the Black Ink Nests, rescuing more than three hundred Artifact Refiners, including three Artifact Refining Grandmasters, which was a great contribution to the Human Race.

Wu Xinghe and the others had been released by Yang Kai from his Small Universe and were now assigned to the Artifact Refining Hall to repair the damaged Battleships.

Wu Xinghe and the others were originally Seventh Order, but under Yang Kai’s request, their cultivation fell to the Sixth Order, just so they could hide in Yang Kai’s Small Universe. However, this wasn’t a big deal. As long as they had the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, they could naturally restore their original grade.

The great battle was like a raging fire, and the two clans’ soldiers would engage in several dozen small skirmishes almost every day. Every ten days or half a month, a great battle would break out.

Strictly speaking, this was Yang Kai’s first time participating in the Human Race’s Mountain Pass Battle.

Although he had participated in Blue Sky Pass the last time, during the early stages of the battle, he had been assisting in perfecting the Expelling Black Ink Battleship at Blue Sky Pass. When he finally managed to sneak out of seclusion and participate in the battle, he had coincidentally discovered the whereabouts of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, resulting in a decisive battle. Because of him, the Black Ink Clan’s army had suffered heavy losses and managed to stabilize the situation.

This time was different.

Without so many coincidences and luck, although the current situation was on Yin Yang Pass’ side, it was still a long way to completely repel the Black Ink Clan’s army.

Fortunately, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had yet to arrive on the battlefield, so the Black Ink Clan’s army seemed to be somewhat sluggish. Many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord led their own armies to fight on their own, making it difficult to coordinate effectively.

Using this point, the soldiers of Yin Yang Pass would often gain a great advantage on the battlefield.

The entire Yin Yang Pass transformed into a giant meat grinder.

Every time a great war broke out, countless Black Ink Clan cultivators would fall, and the Human Race’s soldiers would also suffer heavy casualties. However, because of the protection of the Battleships, there weren’t many of them, so it was still within an acceptable range.

Yang Kai was a soldier of Blue Sky Pass and didn’t have his own authority here, but Tang Qiu had decided to temporarily place him in Xu Linggong’s team.

As the team fought again, Yang Kai experienced the cruelty of the battlefield. Although he had experienced such a brutal battlefield many times in his life, when the Great Demon God had wreaked havoc in the Star Boundary, all the cultivators of the Star Boundary had been drawn into it. At that time, the Star Boundary had almost collapsed and billions of cultivators had nearly died!

In the end, it was all the Great Emperors who came out to stop the Great Demon God’s crazy actions.

However, no matter how many times he experienced this kind of thing, it always gave him new insights.

Because of Yang Kai’s participation, Xu Linggong’s team had slaughtered countless enemies, and every battle they fought would earn them a massive amount of battle merits. After a long period of fighting, every Human Race soldier had an indescribable killing intent, and once this kind of killing intent erupted on the battlefield, it would often deter the Black Ink Clan.

Going out to battle, recupereate, fighting again, recuperate, repeating the process over again.

Yang Kai had almost lost track of time, making use of every opportunity he had to either heal himself or kill his enemies.

Every time he fought, he would always be at the forefront, and every time he did so, his body would be covered in wounds, but because of the Dragon Vein and Eternal Tree’s essence, no matter how serious his injuries were, as long as they weren’t fatal, he would be able to recover in a short time.

His efforts had brought safety to Xu Linggong’s team. Up until now, Xu Linggong’s team had not lost a single member, and most of the time, other than him, no one else had been injured. The result of this battle was several times greater than the other teams.

Tang Qiu had taken the opportunity to find him and told him that if he was willing, he could return to Blue Sky Pass at any time.

This was because although he could be considered half a disciple of Yin Yang Heaven, on this Ink Battlefield, he was still part of Blue Sky Pass’s army.

Yin Yang Pass had transferred him here mainly to inquire informations about the Black Ink Clan Battleship and the Artifact Refiners who refined it. Now that Yang Kai had completed this task perfectly, the battle at Yin Yang Pass had nothing to do with him.

If Yang Kai was willing to leave, Yin Yang Pass naturally wouldn’t force him to stay.

Naturally, Yang Kai had no intention of leaving. Compared to returning to Blue Sky Pass with nothing to do, he was more willing to stay here and kill his enemies. Although the strength of a single person was meager, as long as everyone paid a little more, sooner or later, the Black Ink Clan would be exterminated.

The battlefield was in chaos as the World Force and Ink Force surged. The Human Race’s Battleship and the Black Ink Clan’s army fought each other as countless drops of black blood fell from the sky.

Once again, a large-scale war broke out, and the four great armies of Yin Yang Pass rushed out to restrain the Black Ink Clan’s momentum.

Yang Kai, Xu Linggong, and another Seventh Order Open Heaven master, Ji Miaotong, flew around the battlefield in a triangle formation.

Ji Miaotong was the Vice Team Leader of Xu Linggong’s team and a woman. Yang Kai had met her when he was escorted by Xu Linggong’s team to intercept the Black Abyss army. Although they weren’t very familiar with each other, after fighting together for so long, they had formed some friendship.

Ji Miaotong was extremely impressed by Yang Kai’s courage, and she even praised him in private.

Between the three of them was Xu Linggong’s Team Battleship, which was equipped with some Fifth Order and Sixth Order Open Heaven. Xu Linggong’s disciples Qing Kui and Su Yingxue were among them.

The three of them stood in a triangle formation, protecting the Battleship while also borrowing the Battleship’s power to kill their enemies. If their strength was insufficient, they could even hide inside the Battleship for the time being.

The Human Race relied on this method to draw support from the various large and small Battleships in order to preserve their strength. Without Battleships, the Human Race wouldn’t have been able to defend these mountain passes.

This was also the reason why the Human Race was so nervous after the Black Ink Clan’s Battleship appeared. If this greatest advantage was wiped out by the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race really wouldn’t know how to resist them in the future.

It had been half a day since this great battle broke out, and Yang Kai and the others had also been fighting outside for half a day. Yang Kai’s situation was still quite good, but whether it was Xu Linggong or Ji Miaotong, both of them were clearly unable to continue. Although they had taken many Spirit Pills to restore their strength, the high rate of consumption had made it difficult for them to replenish their strength.

However, it shouldn’t take long for the Human Race to withdraw their forces, so when the time came, they could naturally return to the pass to rest.

After so many days of fierce fighting, the number of Black Ink Clan armies had greatly decreased, and the resistance they faced was no longer as intense as before.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord level masters were basically all being watched by the Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs, so as long as everyone was careful on the battlefield, there wouldn’t be any major problems.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai thrust his spear forward, and a Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord who was charging towards him exploded into a bloody mist. The thick black blood splashed all over his face. It wasn’t that Yang Kai couldn’t protect himself, it was just that he was too lazy to waste his strength to protect himself. In any case, the Ink Force had no effect on him, and with the World Tree Subtree in his possession, even if he was soaked in the ink blood, he wouldn’t be inked.

As he pulled out his spear, Yang Kai suddenly felt something and turned his head to look in a certain direction.

In front of them, the Human Race’s soldiers and the Black Ink Clan’s soldiers were locked in a fierce battle. A nimble figure came into view and soon disappeared.

Yang Kai raised his brow slightly, not knowing if he was imagining things, but he felt that this figure was somewhat familiar.

Before he had time to think about it, another small group of Black Ink Clan cultivators attacked from the side. Yang Kai quickly collected his thoughts and raised his spear to meet them, slaughtering a mountain of corpses.

Sure enough, a moment later, an order came from the direction of Yin Yang Pass to withdraw. Following Xu Linggong’s command, the Battleship turned around and flew towards the pass. Although the Black Ink Clan was pursuing them, it was difficult for them to resist the ferocious might of the three Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters, so after chasing for a while, they no longer dared to advance.

Not long after, small teams rushed back into the pass, leaving behind countless Black Ink Clan corpses on the battlefield, like a purgatory.

“Rest well and prepare for battle at any time. I’ll go repair my Battleship,” Xu Linggong said before storing the huge Battleship into his Small Universe and heading towards the Artifact Refining Hall.

Although the members of this battle team weren’t injured, many parts of the Battleship had been damaged, requiring the Artifact Refiners of the Artifact Refining Hall to repair it.


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