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Supreme Elder wants to eat pancakes…

Supreme Elder wants tea…

Supreme Elder wants…

Almost every other day, a new decree would be issued and the entire Seven Stars Workshop would be on high alert. The Workshop Lord, Shangguan Ji, would be in charge of the central command, leading the various Emperor Realm Elders to work together. All of the sect’s resources would be mobilized, and no matter what the Supreme Elder’s request was, it would be completed in the shortest time possible.

After completing the several Supreme Elders’ decrees, an Emperor Realm Elder suddenly asked, “Workshop Lord, what does Supreme Elder want to do?”

Shangguan Ji’s expression was solemn as he replied, “How can we understand what Supreme Elder is thinking? Don’t think too much about it, completing the mission is more important.”

The Elder nodded repeatedly in agreement, “Supreme Elder’s thoughts are naturally not something we can understand, it’s just that, Workshop Lord, the requests that Supreme Elder has made don’t seem to be what he needs.”

Shangguan Ji glanced at him thoughtfully, “You mean…”

The Elder said, “The Workshop Lord should also know that a few years ago, my bloodline gave birth to a direct descendant. This little fellow is now six years old and is very playful and gluttonous. When I have nothing to do, he would make all kinds of requests, similar to the decree issued by the Supreme Elder. If this old master is making a bold guess, could it be the Supreme Elder is doing the same thing as this old master… coaxing a child?”

As soon as these words left his mouth, many of the Elders’ hearts jumped and many of them nodded.

To be honest, in recent days, many decrees had been passed down, so everyone had been able to infer some things from these decrees, but none of them dared to ask, nor were they certain, until this Elder boldly spoke.

Hearing this, Shangguan Ji raised his brow, “Coaxing a child? That’s possible, does that mean Supreme Elder has an heir? This is a joyous event!”

The Elder replied, “Of course it’s a happy occasion, but if it’s really to coax a child, we can take the initiative to help. A child’s temperament is the most difficult to fathom, but as long as they are happy, they will naturally be obedient.”

“What plan do you have?” Shangguan Ji asked.

The Elder stroked his beard and said, “If it's something to eat, we’ve already prepared a lot of food for Supreme Elder, so the direction we’re going now should be for entertainment! To tell you the truth, my grandson is very fond of an object, and he’s quite happy to hold it in his hand. If we can give a similar object to Supreme Elder, perhaps we can resolve Supreme Elder’s predicament.”

“Oh?” Shangguan Ji became interested, “What is that?”

The Elder stroked his beard and smiled, calling out a name.

Shangguan Ji nodded slightly, “It’s this thing. Since that’s the case, we should quickly make one and hand it over to Supreme Elder.”

The Elder readily accepted the order.

After the time it took to boil a cup of tea, Yang Kai suddenly reached out and grabbed something in his hand, handing it to the old ancestor above him, “Here, this is for you to play with!”

The Old Ancestor glanced down and slapped Yang Kai’s head, angrily asking, “Do you really think I’m a child?”

Yang Kai’s neck shrank.

The Old Ancestor, however, took the object in his hand and lightly snorted, shaking it in satisfaction.

Dong dong dong…

After offering the rattle drum that day, the frequency at which the Supreme Elder issued the decree had greatly decreased. Although they still needed to prepare some food from time to time, it was not as frequent as before. After the initial panic, Seven Stars Workshop was able to quickly and effectively complete the Supreme Elder’s orders.

The Supreme Elder was obviously very satisfied with their performance and even bestowed them with some materials and many insights about condensing Dao Seal. Seven Stars Workshop’s higher-ups were naturally very grateful.

A month later...

Traveling non-stop, Yang Kai was already close to the Yin Yang Pass. During this time, he didn’t encounter many Black Ink Clan, so his journey was quite smooth.

On this day, Yang Kai saw the towering Yin Yang Pass from afar, but just as he had expected, it was surrounded by the Black Ink Clan’s army.

It had been almost half a year since the Black Ink Clan’s army had fought the Yin Yang Pass’ soldiers. During this half a year, the two sides must have had quite a few confrontations. When Yang Kai arrived, the two sides were facing off against each other, but there wasn’t much battle.

This was reasonable.

Every time the Black Ink Clan army besieged the Human Race’s Pass, it would take an extremely long time, from ten to twenty years to a hundred years. During this time, the Black Ink Clan army would constantly replenish their forces until the damage was too great to bear.

When the Black Ink Clan army retreated, the Human Race would finally have a chance to rest and recover.

The Yin Yang Pass was right in front of him, if Yang Kai was alone, he could use the Universe Escape Law to return to the pass. Every Human Race Pass has Expelling Black Ink Battleship, and each Expelling Black Ink Battleship has Universe Formation that he had personally set up, so it was only natural that he had left his mark on it.

It was just that now he still had the Old Ancestor with him, so he was unable to use the Universe Escape Law.

The Old Ancestor’s cultivation had been completely depleted, so if she were to encounter any danger, she wouldn’t be able to fight back, so if he wanted to return to the pass, he would need to plan carefully.

The Old Ancestor, on the other hand, seemed to want nothing more than to see the world fall into chaos, urging Yang Kai to charge forward. According to her, if Yang Kai were to appear, the soldiers of Yin Yang Pass would definitely come to support him. At that time, if they worked together, they might have a chance to safely return to the pass, especially since Yang Kai also possessed the Space Law.

Yang Kai decisively refused the Old Ancestor’s proposal.

The Old Ancestor in a child’s state was too reckless. Although there was a chance of success, it was a huge risk.

This matter concerned the safety of the Old Ancestor, so Yang Kai didn’t dare be careless.

“Then what do you suggest we do?” Having her proposal rejected, the Old Ancestor was obviously angry.

“Let’s wait. It’s impossible for the two races to continue fighting so peacefully. When the two sides really start fighting, we’ll find a place with weak defenses and attack.”

This was not the first time Yang Kai had done such a thing, but last time he had hundreds of clansmen accompanying him, this time he could only rely on himself.

Having made his decision, Yang Kai immediately found a floating continent to settle down on.

This floating continent should have been a fragment left behind by a certain Universe World. It wasn’t very large, and there were traces of mining on it. It was likely that Yin Yang Pass had used the Void Yin Yang Mirror to teleport this Universe World.

The Black Ink Clan probably didn’t expect any humans to stop here and didn’t intend to investigate.

For the next few days, although the two races competed with each other, it was only a small-scale battle and not a large-scale one.

Yang Kai waited patiently.

It wasn’t until half a month later that Yang Kai, who was cultivating, suddenly felt a burst of violent energy fluctuations coming from the direction of the Yin Yang Pass. Looking up, he saw that the Black Ink Clan’s army was attacking the Yin Yang Pass in a frenzy. The entire battlefield was filled with rich Ink Force and there were countless large and small Black Ink Clouds.

This was his chance!

Yang Kai stood up and paid close attention to the battle. The Old Ancestor even climbed onto his shoulder and sat down on his neck, staring at the battle with wide eyes.

Facing the frenzied attacks of the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race had initially relied on the Yin Yang Pass to defend themselves. If the Yin Yang Pass was not broken, the Black Ink Clan would not be able to do anything to the Human Race, and all of their attacks would be wasted.

On the other hand, the Spirit Arrays and artifacts set up around Yin Yang Pass could effectively kill the Black Ink Clan.

This assault lasted for a full three days before the Black Ink Clan’s offensive suddenly weakened. At that moment, from the four directions of Yin Yang Pass, a number of Battleships appeared and a number of figures rushed out.

The soldiers of the two races were instantly killed on this massive battlefield. Countless Black Ink Clan cultivators were annihilated and many Human Race Battleships were also destroyed.

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai shouted and rushed towards the Yin Yang Pass.

The Old Ancestor was riding on his neck, one hand tightly gripping his hair, the other pointing forward, her expression excited, “Kill!”

In the chaotic battlefield, no one on either side noticed a figure charging towards them from the back, until at a certain moment, a dragon roar rang out and a golden light burst out from a certain spot on the battlefield, followed by the majestic appearance of a three thousand zhang long dragon.

On the dragon’s claw was a giant spear no smaller than its body. As the spear swept across the ground, it was like a violent gust of wind sweeping away fallen leaves. The Black Ink Clan suffered countless casualties, and in the blink of an eye, a large number of them had been wiped out. As the dragon’s tail whipped about, countless Black Ink Clan cultivators also died.

On such a battlefield, the destructive power of a giant dragon was simply too great, not to mention the long spear held in its dragon claws.

Many of the Black Ink Clansmen turned pale with fright as they tried to dodge, but it was still difficult for them to avoid the encirclement of death.

Soon, the sudden appearance of the giant dragon attracted the attention of both sides, and the two clans’ masters quickly converged towards the giant dragon. One side wanted to intercept the dragon while the other wanted to rescue it, so naturally, the two sides collided fiercely, causing the surrounding space to collapse.

The Old Ancestor’s small body stood atop Yang Kai’s dragon head, swaying along with the giant dragon’s movements, the murderous intent come from all directions, but she still remains motionless.

A burly figure broke through the layers of obstructions and landed on the dragon head, bowing and cupping his fists, “Welcome back, Old Ancestor!”

The Old Ancestor nodded slightly, “Thanks for the hard work!”

The person who had arrived was the Southern Army Regiment Commander Wu Qing. In the entire Yin Yang Pass, besides the Old Ancestor, he was also the strongest Open Heaven Stage cultivator, and he was also one of the people who own Universe Four Pillars, the future pillar of the Human Race. It was said that he was not far from reaching the Ninth Order.

If he could really break through to the Ninth Order one day, the Human Race would have another Old Ancestor!

Along with Wu Qing’s arrival, many Open Heaven Stage cultivators soon gathered around the giant dragon. Even the Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs has three or four people, with the Battleship escorting them.

Gathering all the elites of the Human Race, they escorted Yang Kai and the Old Ancestor towards Yin Yang Pass.

The Black Ink Clan had obviously also discovered the situation here. Although they didn’t understand why this Human Race was so heavily guarded, the place where the Human Race pays such intention was definitely important. As such, the Black Ink Clan’s masters all rushed over, but no matter how many of them tried to stop them, they were unable to.

A moment later, with Wu Qing leading the way, the Human Race elites finally escorted Yang Kai and the Old Ancestor to the bottom of the Yin Yang Pass.

Wu Qing summoned his strength and wrapped it around the Old Ancestor before quickly entering the pass while Yang Kai turned around and joined forces with the Human Race’s soldiers to continue fighting the Black Ink Clan.


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