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Yang Kai wanted to give the prey in front of him the illusion that he could escape.

His cultivation may not be as high as Black Abyss’s, but in terms of recovery ability, Black Abyss was far inferior to him. The same kind of exchange of injuries was extremely beneficial to Yang Kai, and under this kind of pursuit, Black Abyss was destined to become weaker. When the time came, perhaps even without Yang Kai’s help, Black Abyss would die from exhaustion!

However, Black Abyss wasn’t an idiot. Perhaps he didn’t know what Yang Kai was planning, but he was still trying to escape from his pursuit.

He had repeatedly fled to the territories of some of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords, hoping to use them to stop Yang Kai.

However, in the territory of these Feudal Demon Lords, the remaining Black Ink Clan members were basically just the High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clan. Without even a Feudal Lord, how could they possibly stop Yang Kai?

Perhaps it would delay him for a few breaths of time, but it was impossible for him to completely escape.

One chased while the other fled, crossing countless kilometers, Black Abyss’s injuries became more severe, his entire body covered in wounds, his blood almost completely flowing out, the grievances in his heart even more indescribable.

In terms of strength, he was still stronger than Yang Kai, but the heavy damage to his Divine Soul had been deliberately targeted by Yang Kai, causing him to be unable to display the strength of a Territory Lord in front of Yang Kai. Otherwise, how could he be so miserable?

Several times, Black Abyss couldn’t help wanting to turn around and fight to the death with Yang Kai, but in the end, he didn’t have the courage to do so. In his current state, if he were to fight to the death without retreating, he wouldn’t have any chance of surviving. He wasn’t even sure if he could die together with Yang Kai.

His desire to survive caused him to constantly flee, hoping that something unexpected would happen and resolve the current situation.

A variable had suddenly appeared.

At a certain moment, Black Abyss suddenly felt a few familiar and powerful auras rapidly approaching him. These were several Black Ink Clan Territory Lords, existences on the same level as him. He could even determine the identities of these people through these auras.

Black Abyss was overjoyed!

Currently, in the Twilight King Domain, the various Territory Lords had basically led their armies to fight the Human Race of Yin Yang Pass. Only a few Territory Lord remained, and besides him, there were only a few in the King City.

However, Black Abyss also knew that the several Territory Lord from the King City had been assisting the Royal Lord in besieging the Human Race’s Old Ancestor. During this time, he had been recuperating, so he didn’t know how the situation was.

Now that he had suddenly sensed the auras of these Territory Lord, it undoubtedly meant that the battle between the Human Race’s Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord had come to an end. Regardless of the final outcome, these Territory Lord could spare some time to assist the front lines. From the direction they were heading, it seemed they were heading towards the front lines.

Meeting them here was truly a stroke of luck.

Black Abyss didn’t hesitate at all and immediately flew towards the direction of the several Territory Lords. As long as he met up with them, Yang Kai, who was chasing after him, would definitely be cautious. He could even join forces with the other Territory Lords to find a way to capture him. With their help, even if Yang Kai possessed the Space Law, he might not be able to escape.

At this moment, Black Abyss couldn’t help thinking about a saying passed down from the Human Race, mountains and valleys don't meet, but rivers and people do.

All of a sudden, a petite figure appeared in front of him and Black Abyss felt like he had fallen into an icehouse.

When Black Abyss sensed the auras of these Territory Lords, Yang Kai also noticed them. Even from a great distance, the monstrous auras of these Territory Lords were as clear as a light in the night sky.

Yang Kai is in a hurry.

He had originally planned to slowly exhaust Black Abyss to death, but this fellow was still a Territory Lord, so if he was forced into a corner, he didn’t know what kind of methods he could use to deal with him. However, several Black Ink Clan Territory Lords had suddenly appeared in front of him, and he could even sense the auras of Mie Qiong and Qing Lei. In addition, there was also the aura of another unfamiliar Territory Lord.

In other words, there were three Territory Lords up ahead!

Why were they here? According to the information Yang Kai had received, there were several Black Ink Clan Territory Lords who had assisted the Twilight Royal Lord in besieging the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, so when he had severely wounded the Black Abyss Divine Soul and acted recklessly behind the Black Ink Clan, none of them had been able to restrain him.

But now, three of them had appeared. Had the battle between the Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord ended? Who had won?

Yang Kai didn’t have time to think too deeply, only hesitating for a moment before immediately activating his Space Laws and disappearing like a ghost.

When he reappeared, he was already not far behind Black Abyss. The Azure Dragon Spear shot out like a dragon as he activated his Space Laws to seal the space in front of him. The power of his Divine Soul also shot towards Black Abyss as he roared, “Black Abyss, die!”

The three Territory Lords in front of him were still some distance away, so he had a chance to escape after killing Black Abyss.

He was already prepared for Black Abyss’s final counterattack, but facing this spear strike, Black Abyss didn’t seem to sense any danger at all, instead focusing all his attention on the front.

There seemed to be a flash of cold light as a petite figure flew past Black Abyss, wielding a long sword that was not stained with any ink blood as it met Yang Kai’s spear.

Seeing this figure, Yang Kai’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he hurriedly retracted his spear, the powerful impact causing his blood to boil.

The petite figure rushed over to Yang Kai and asked in surprise, “Why are you still here?”

Yang Kai was also shocked, “Old Ancestor?”

He hadn’t expected to encounter the Yin Yang Pass’ Old Ancestor here. When he had felt the auras of Mie Qiong and the other Territory Lords, he had been wondering about the battle between the Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord, but he hadn’t expected that the Old Ancestor would suddenly appear in front of him.

In other words, in this half a year, hadn’t the Old Ancestor been fighting against the Twilight Royal Lord? This was truly a good fight.

However, now was obviously not the time to reminisce about old times. The three Black Ink Clan Territory Lords behind the Old Ancestor were chasing after her aggressively and would soon arrive here, so after the Old Ancestor finished asking, she summoned her strength and wrapped it around Yang Kai, “Run first!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help but follow behind the Old Ancestor, flying as fast as lightning.

Looking back, he saw Black Abyss’s huge body suddenly collapse into countless pieces.

It seemed that the moment he and the Old Ancestor separated, he was ruthlessly attacked by the Old Ancestor.

He was already an arrow at the end of its flight, so how could he resist a blow from a Human Race Old Ancestor? Seeing this, Yang Kai’s heart settled.

Although Black Abyss didn’t die by his hands, at least he didn’t escape.

“Didn’t I tell you to meet up with the army? Why are you still here?” The Old Ancestor asked curiously as she led Yang Kai away.

Yang Kai replied respectfully, “The army of the Black Ink Clan from the Twilight Kinb Domain fought against the Yin Yang Pass. At first, the army block my path, so it was difficult for me to break through alone, I wasn’t able to join up with the army. Later, something else happened, so I stayed here.”

“You’re young, but you’re quite bold,” The Old Ancestor said lightly, not sure if she was mocking him or praising him, but she suddenly asked, “Did you injure that guy?”

“Black Abyss?” Yang Kai nodded, “It’s me.”

“No wonder he didn’t have any strength to resist,” The Old Ancestor understood, “If he was at his peak, with my current state, I might not have been able to kill him.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai was startled and carefully examined the Old Ancestor’s face, “Are you injured?”

The Old Ancestor nodded gloomily, “My injuries aren’t light.” Suddenly, she sneered, “Don’t worry, that old witch’s injuries are even worse, she’s currently sleeping inside the Black Ink Nest.”

Yang Kai’s heart sank, knowing that the old witch she was referring to should be the Twilight Royal Lord.

These two had fought countless times since each of them had taken command of this war zone and had long since formed a deep blood feud. These two were Supreme Master from their respective clans and their strengths had always been on par with each other. Since their Old Ancestor had suffered heavy injuries, the Twilight Royal Lord would definitely not have an easy time.

Otherwise, there would be more than a few Territory Lord chasing after the Old Ancestor.

Just now, Yang Kai was wondering why an expert like the Old Ancestor would be chased by a few Territory Lord, but now it seemed that her injuries were quite serious.

However, there was one thing that surprised Yang Kai, “Old Ancestor, those Territory Lord didn’t seem to be injured.”

The Old Ancestor’s mouth twitched, “When I was fighting with that old witch, these guys were just standing guard and didn’t dare to interfere, so how could they have been injured? However, when I broke through the encirclement, I killed one of them, otherwise the ones chasing after me would have been four Territory Lord. Hehehe, am I really that powerful?”

Saying so, she even winked at Yang Kai.

At that moment, Yang Kai couldn’t remain calm, the corners of his mouth twitching as he praised, “Old Ancestor’s might is boundless!”

The Old Ancestor obviously seemed to be enjoying this and said, “I’m quite curious, how did you injure a Territory Lord and even chase after him? You’re only a Seventh Order, right?”

If all the Seventh Order Human Race masters were so powerful, the Black Ink Clan would have long been wiped out.

Yang Kai explained, “Black Abyss dug his own grave.”

Immediately, he briefly explained what he had done behind the Black Ink Clan and how Black Abyss had worked together with many Feudal Lords to set up a trap, waiting for Yang Kai to fall into it. In the end, he had shot himself in the foot and failed to do anything to Yang Kai’s Divine Soul in that strange space. Instead, he was beaten by Yang Kai, and with the help of the compass refined by Wang Sibo, he had coincidentally found the whereabouts of Black Abyss and engaged in a fierce battle.

The Old Ancestor’s eyes lit up as she listened, “The Black Ink Clan’s Black Ink Nest actually has such a connection?”

“Does Old Ancestor really not know?”

The Old Ancestor shook her head and said, “The Human Race actually knows very little about the Black Ink Clan. Because of the Ink Force, we are unable to explore the depths of the Black Ink Clan’s territory, let alone the Black Ink Nest. The Black Ink Nest is the foundation of the Black Ink Clan, so the Black Ink Clan naturally won’t easily reveal its secrets. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have been able to obtain this information.”

As she spoke, she frowned and said, “According to what you said, each Black Ink Nest can be counted as a child nest of a higher grade Black Ink Nest. If a Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest is destroyed, all of the Feudal Lord-level Black Child Nest will wither as well. If that old witch’s Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest is destroyed, wouldn’t all of the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest also wither and affect all of the Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Nest?”

Yang Kai nodded, “That should be the case.”


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