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Black Abyss’s face sank, “Do you have the ability?”

“Whether I have the ability or not, you’ll know once you try,” Yang Kai coldly snorted and pointed his spear forward, his battle intent soaring, “So don’t even think about escaping. Today, either you kill me, or I kill you. There is no third possibility.”

“Escape?” Black Abyss laughed in anger, his aura of a Territory Lord steadily rising as a thick Ink Force surged around his massive body, “A mere ant dares to challenge this Territory Lord’s prestige? You are simply courting death!”

Under this terrifying pressure, even space itself began to distort, and as his anger continued to rise, his massive body began to expand, becoming even more majestic.

In front of Black Abyss, Yang Kai’s tiny figure was like an ant.

The giant fist slowly approached, seemingly extremely slow, but facing such a fist, Yang Kai’s expression became more solemn than ever, because wherever this fist passed, even space itself began to collapse.

The strength of a Territory Lord was obvious, and it was different from what Yang Kai had imagined. With his Divine Soul damaged, it didn’t seem to affect Black Abyss’s strength much.

This surprised Yang Kai greatly, but at this moment, he had no time to think about it. Facing Black Abyss’s powerful attack, Yang Kai didn’t even hesitate as he wrapped himself in the spear light and attacked head-on. The Seventh Order Open Heaven World Force poured into the Azure Dragon Spear, giving off the feeling that it could even destroy a world.

When the violent forces collided, Yang Kai only felt a burst of overwhelming power rush towards him, almost causing him to lose his grip on the spear in his hand. This power easily destroyed all of his defences, causing him to see stars as he was sent flying.

If it wasn’t for the World Tree Subtree suppressing the Small Universe, this strike alone would have turned his small universe world upside down. Once the Small Universe was affected, the strength of a cultivator would be greatly reduced, and at that time, he would be at the mercy of others.

Although Yang Kai’s Small Universe was still firm and stable, the huge gap in strength between them was still difficult to bridge.

Black Abyss didn’t show any mercy, obviously wanting to capture Yang Kai in one fell swoop. His huge figure followed like a shadow as he threw another punch.

Yang Kai raised his spear to block, but it was simply too difficult to block and he was sent flying again.

Boom! Boom! Boom! In the void, a violent shockwave followed Black Abyss’s every punch. Although Yang Kai struggled to resist, he was like a sandbag, unable to fight back.

In just a moment, he was covered in blood and in a miserable state.

Black Abyss punched out again and Yang Kai instantly flew several hundred kilometers away, only stopping when he hit a floating continent fragment, quietly floating in the air.

Black Abyss walked towards him step by step, crossing several dozen kilometers with each step, arriving in front of Yang Kai in just a few steps. Looking down at him, Black Abyss’s booming voice rang out, “Do you feel despair, ant? But don’t worry, I won’t kill you, you’re still very useful to the Royal Lord. Originally, I didn’t know how to find you, but since you’ve delivered yourself to my door, I won’t be polite.”

Saying so, he reached out to grab Yang Kai.

“Stop boasting,” Yang Kai suddenly sneered. Without any warning, he stood up straight, his face covered in blood making him look extremely fierce, “Do you really think I don’t have the strength to fight back? I just want to see how big the gap between me and the Territory Lord is.”

While he was speaking, Black Abyss had already captured him, his giant palm almost completely capturing Yang Kai, the rich Ink Force transforming into a seal. Obviously, he had suffered a loss from Yang Kai’s Space Law before and was guarding against his escape.

Yang Kai’s calmness made Black Abyss furious, and he couldn’t help exerting some force on his hand, causing cracking sounds to ring out as he raised Yang Kai in front of him and asked, “Did you see that?”

Yang Kai let out a soft sigh, “I see, it’s nothing much.”

“Shameless boasting!” Black Abyss grit his teeth and roared, “Now that you’re in my hands, I can crush you at any time!”

Yang Kai grinned at him, and in the next instant, an invisible force transformed into a sharp spike and ruthlessly smashed into Black Abyss’s mind. Caught off guard, Black Abyss felt as if his mind had been pierced by a needle, and an intense pain swept through his entire body, causing him to tremble uncontrollably as he let out a miserable scream.

Yang Kai, who had been raised in front of him, suddenly thrust his spear into his left eye. The sharp Azure Dragon Spear pierced through one of his eyes, causing a thick ink force and ink blood to spurt out from the eye and splash all over his face.

Black Abyss’s howls became even more miserable as he staggered backwards.

Feeling the pain, Black Abyss clenched his fists, seemingly wanting to crush Yang Kai to death, but how could Yang Kai let him do as he wished? With a dragon roar, he transformed into a massive monster and easily broke free from Black Abyss’s hand, its giant dragon tail sweeping towards Black Abyss’s body. In an instant, Black Abyss flew out like an arrow.

After flying for an unknown distance, Black Abyss barely managed to stabilize himself, one hand covering his injured eye socket, his expression fierce and terrifying as ink blood poured out from the gaps between his fingers.

Yang Kai had already returned to his human form and was holding the Azure Dragon Spear as he slowly walked towards him. Although he was still in a sorry state, his aura didn’t show any signs of dejection, instead becoming stronger than before.

As he approached, Black Abyss couldn’t help taking a few steps back, his remaining eye filled with fear.

Yang Kai said lightly, “Do you think you can intimidate me just by displaying enough strength? The more you act like this, the more it shows that you’re guilty. Is it very difficult for you to completely recover from the damage on your Divine Soul… Sir Black Abyss?”

“You already knew!” Black Abyss grit his teeth and roared.

Yang Kai snorted, “Nonsense, if I didn’t have such a thing to rely on, would I have come to find you? Black Abyss, this place will be your burial ground today, hand over your life.”

Saying so, he lifted his spear and disappeared like a ghost.

When he reappeared, he had already appeared in front of Black Abyss, the Azure Dragon Spear shooting towards his other eye.

Black Abyss turned pale with fright and hurriedly punched out, wanting to block Yang Kai.

However, at this moment, Yang Kai once again activated his Divine Soul power and sent an invisible attack into his mind.

Black Abyss suddenly roared, feeling as if someone had cut his head, causing him to tremble in pain. It was just as Yang Kai had said, the damage to one’s Divine Soul was not so easily healed. In the battle of wills in that strange space, Black Abyss’ Divine Soul had been severely damaged, and now this was his weakness, something Yang Kai could exploit.

If he was at his peak, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t have been able to attack his Divine Soul so easily, but in his current state, it was impossible for him to resist Yang Kai’s Divine Soul power.

His Divine Soul, which was already severely injured, was once again attacked, causing Black Abyss’s punch to become weak and powerless. Yang Kai easily blocked it, his spear pressing forward.

At this critical moment, Black Abyss suddenly tilted his head to avoid Yang Kai’s stab towards his eyes. Although there was a bloody hole in his head, it was not a big deal.

When Yang Kai pulled out his spear and stabbed again, Black Abyss waved his arms and used all his strength to sweep him away before quickly turning around and fleeing into the distance.

He had actually run away just like that! The weakness of his Divine Soul had been firmly grasped by Yang Kai, and at this moment, it was impossible for him to resist Yang Kai. If he didn’t escape, he would die.

Since Black Abyss didn’t want to die, he could only run.

Looking at his back, Yang Kai eyes were lowered, “No one can escape from me, Black Abyss, give up.”

Saying so, he activated his Space Law and sealed the void.

Black Abyss, who was fleeing in front of him, suddenly froze as if he had fallen into a swamp, but soon, a powerful force erupted from his body and broke free from the shackles of the void.

Yang Kai frowned slightly, this situation was quite surprising. This was the first time someone had so easily broken free from his Space Shackles.

However, Black Abyss was, after all, a Territory Lord, so it wasn’t strange for him to be able to achieve this.

Combined with Black Abyss’ performance just now, he was still able to display the strength of a Territory Lord, but of course, that was only if his Divine Soul wasn’t attacked.

Once his Divine Soul was attacked again, the strength he could display would be greatly reduced.

Yang Kai had originally planned to end this battle quickly, but now it seemed he had to be careful not to force Black Abyss to act like a dog jumping over the wall and bite back.

Yang Kai still remembered the time when he had joined forces with Bai Yi to deal with a severely wounded Chasing Wind and was almost killed by him.

Thinking so, Yang Kai immediately chased after him and shouted, “Black Abyss, you can’t escape!”

As he shouted, he ruthlessly thrust his spear forward while simultaneously activating his Space Law to hinder Black Abyss action.

Feeling the danger behind him, Black Abyss immediately turned around and roared as he punched out.

Yang Kai was already prepared for this, so he used the same trick again and sent out a Divine Soul attack, immediately causing Black Abyss’s figure to sway and the force of his punch to decrease greatly.

At the same time that Yang Kai received this punch, his spear stabbed into the side of Black Abyss’s abdomen, and under the stimulation of the World Force, a hole appeared in his waist.

This time, both sides were heavily injured. Seeing Yang Kai being sent flying, Black Abyss turned around and fled.

But soon, Yang Kai caught up again, the same scene from before appearing again.

Less than half a year ago, Yang Kai had been chased by Black Abyss to the point where there was no way out, and his Small Universe’s World Force had nearly dried up. But after half a year, the situation had actually reversed. The roles of hunter and prey had been swapped.

He had long since experienced the profoundness of Yang Kai’s Space Law. It wasn’t that Black Abyss didn’t know he couldn’t escape from Yang Kai’s pursuit, but he still held some hope that every time Yang Kai attacked him, he would also be injured. He hoped that in a situation where the two of them were exchanging blows, Yang Kai would not be able to hold on any longer than he could, allowing him to escape.

What he didn’t know was that Yang Kai had deliberately created this situation.

Facing Black Abyss’s repeated counterattacks, Yang Kai wasn’t completely helpless. There were several times when he could completely dodge, but he still chose to exchange injuries with his opponent.


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