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Yang Kai carefully thought about it for a moment before suddenly reacting, “That Bracelet?”

Yang Kai naturally knew that Black Abyss had a Bracelet on his right arm. After all, he had come into contact with Black Abyss many times before. Although he knew that it was a treasure forged by a Human Race Artifact Refiner, he had not expected it to be refined by Wang Sibo.

Sure enough, Wang Sibo nodded and said, “That’s right, it’s that Bracelet. When Black Abyss found me and asked me to help refine a protective artifact, I customized it for him. Although the defensive power of this item isn’t too strong, it’s not weak either, so it might be able to save his life at a critical moment. Since Junior Brother has seen it before, it means he is wearing it at all times.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Indeed.”

“That’s easy,” Wang Sibo smiled and said, “Junior Brother is also an Artifact Refiner, so you should know that most Artifact Refiners like us have a habit. We like to leave special marks or other things in the things we refine to show that these are our works.”

Yang Kai naturally understood this point, and just as Wang Sibo had said, many Artifact Refiners had the habit of leaving their own unique mark on the artifacts they refined. Of course, not every artifact would be left with a mark, only among the artifacts they thought were of high quality. In the early years, Artifact Refiners had done this mainly to promote their own reputation, and artifacts with the unique mark of a Grandmaster Artifact Refiner would also rise in price.

This unique mark was sometimes obvious and sometimes hidden. As for how it was used, that would depend on the mood of the Artifact Refiner.

In fact, Yang Kai had done this kind of thing before, but what he had left behind was not a unique seal, but a hidden seal. Every artifact refined for the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords had this hidden seal, when he killed Zha Gu, he had conveniently activated this seal, causing Zha Gu’s half body armor to lose all of its defensive capabilities, resulting in his death.

Therefore, upon hearing Wang Sibo’s words, Yang Kai immediately understood, “Is there a mark left behind by Senior Brother Wang in that bracelet?”

“That’s right!” Wang Sibo nodded. The bracelet he had refined for Black Abyss back then was undoubtedly a precious artifact, which was why he had left behind his own unique mark. “I can refine another small artifact to track down the location of my mark. Perhaps we can use it to find where Black Abyss is hiding, but if Black Abyss is hiding in a Secret Realm or is too far away, we won’t be able to find him.”

Hiding in a Secret Realm meant that they were not in the same world, so it was naturally impossible to find him. Since they were too far away, they could not sense the location of the mark.

However, this was already worth trying, so Yang Kai immediately said, “Since that’s the case, I hope Senior Brother Wang can help me, if possible we might be able to kill Black Abyss. If we can’t find him, we’ll return to the pass.”

Wang Sibo naturally agreed.

However, in Yang Kai’s Small Universe, he was unable to freely use his strength, so Yang Kai could only find a suitable place to settle down.

Fortunately, there were many Secret Realms in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland. When Yang Kai was making a big fuss earlier, he had discovered many hidden entrances to these Secret Realms, but he didn’t have the time to explore them, so it wasn’t difficult for him to find one now.

After only a day’s effort, Yang Kai had successfully found a Secret Realm, opened the door, and let Wang Sibo out from his Small Universe, then prepared all the necessary equipment for him.

Refining this artifact wasn’t a difficult task, and after a few days, Yang Kai released Wu Xinghe and the others to protect the surrounding while he went deeper into the Secret Realm to see if there were any dangers.

If there were any precious herbs or Profound Female Spirit Fruit here, he could pick them.

While exploring the Secret Realm, Yang Kai was also considering the hiding place of Black Abyss.

Although Wang Sibo was able to refine an artifact to locate him, if it was too far away, it wouldn’t be of any use, so he had to determine the approximate location of Black Abyss so that he could better utilize its effects.

Black Abyss’ Divine Soul had suffered a serious injury and was definitely healing at this moment.

Logically speaking, if the Black Ink Clan wanted to heal their injuries, hiding in the Black Ink Nest was the best option, and Black Abyss, a Territory Lord, naturally had to enter the Black Ink Nest. But now that the Twilight King Domain had Yang Kai wreaking havoc everywhere, specifically targeting the Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest, Black Abyss might not dare to do so. If he were to be trapped inside the Black Ink Nest attacked by Yang Kai, it would be troublesome.

Therefore, Yang Kai was eighty percent certain that Black Abyss was not in any of the Black Ink Nest.

It was highly likely that he was hiding within the range of the Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest he had destroyed, because these places no longer had any Black Ink Nest. According to Yang Kai’s previous actions, he would not go to these places, which was extremely safe for Black Abyss.

It was even possible that he was hiding in his own territory, hiding at the most obvious place!

Several days later, Yang Kai returned from the depths of the Secret Realm. This Secret Realm didn’t have many valuable things, so although he had collected some herbs, he hadn’t found any Profound Female Spirit Fruit.

During this time, Wang Sibo had also finished refining the tracking device.

When Yang Kai returned, he immediately handed over a compass-like object to him, “With this object, you can sense the location of the bracelet within a certain range. It should be the location of Black Abyss.”

“I understand!” Yang Kai nodded seriously.

“Junior Brother, you must be careful. A starving camel is still bigger than a horse. After all, that is the Black Abyss Territory Lord. If you can’t defeat him, don’t force yourself,” Wang Sibo warned again.

Yang Kai said, “Don’t worry Senior Brother, I still have to take everyone back to the pass, so I won’t take any risks.”

After storing Wang Sibo, Wu Xinghe, and the others back into his Small Universe, Yang Kai left the Secret Realm, checked the Universe Chart, and flew directly towards Black Abyss Territory.

He had been holding the compass in his hand all this time and would check it from time to time, but along the way, nothing happened.

Every time he encountered a team from the Black Ink Clan, they would be wiped out in a single exchange. The Black Ink Clan he encountered now didn’t even have a single Feudal Lord, so how could they possibly resist his slaughter?

From the looks of it, his previous deduction was correct. All of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords had rushed to assist the nearby Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest and were waiting for him near the Black Ink Nest. Naturally, there was no trace of any of these Black Ink Clan forces outside.

Along the way, Yang Kai arrived at Black Abyss' Territory seven or eight days later.

He headed straight for Black Abyss’s direct territory. Since he guessed that Black Abyss was playing some kind of trick under the lamp, the chances of him hiding in his direct territory was the highest. After all, this was his foundation. If he wanted to heal his injuries, it would be most convenient for him to remain here without the help of the Black Ink Nest.

However, when Yang Kai arrived at the floating continent, he carefully examined the compass in his hand and found that it was still motionless.

Black Abyss was not here?

Yang Kai frowned.

Yang Kai trusted the things Wang Sibo refined, this compass wasn’t some kind of profound artifact. It was impossible for the treasure of a Grandmaster Artifact Refiner like Wang Sibo to be useless.

Now that there was no reaction from the compass, the only possibility was that Black Abyss was not here.

It seemed he had guessed wrong, causing Yang Kai to feel somewhat disappointed.

However, since he was already here, he couldn’t just leave empty-handed. Glancing down at the somewhat broken floating continent, Yang Kai immediately summoned the power of his Dragon Vein and, with a roar, transformed into a massive monster that was over three thousand zhang tall.

The Black Ink Clan on the floating continent had been having a difficult time recently.

The last time Yang Kai had suddenly appeared here, not only had he destroyed the Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest, killing many of the Black Ink Clan masters, but he had also caused the Floating Continent to collapse and many of its stores looted.

Originally, there had been a Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest here with extremely rich Ink Force, the foundation and capital of the Black Ink Clan’s survival. But now that the Black Ink Nest had been destroyed, the Ink Force on the Floating Continent was becoming thinner, and the injured members of the Black Ink Clan were unable to recover.

It was easy to imagine that it wouldn’t be long before the remaining Ink Force in this place was exhausted. At that time, the situation would only become worse.

But now, Sir Black Abyss was nowhere to be found. Originally, there were still some Feudal Lords left behind to guard this place, but at this moment, almost all of them had left, seemingly to assist the other Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest.

The entire Black Ink Clan on the floating continent was in a state of panic, uncertain about their future. Although some of the High Rank Black Ink Clans had stepped forward to declare that the Territory Lord would not abandon them and would definitely find another Black Ink Nest to stabilize their foundation, it was of no use.

Just as the many Black Ink Clan cultivators on the floating continent were panicking, a dragon roar suddenly came from the sky.

This roar… seemed somewhat familiar.

Many Black Ink Clans looked up and saw a giant golden dragon several thousand zhang in length rushing towards them from the sky.

Why was he here again!?

The Black Ink Clan members who were still on the floating continent were about to go crazy. Wasn’t it said that this giant dragon had only been targeting the Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest recently? The Black Ink Nest here had been destroyed, so how could it have come here?

Before they could figure out what was going on, the giant dragon had already rushed down, and wherever it passed, the Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties.

When Yang Kai had transformed into a giant dragon last time, he had encountered many Feudal Lords, but this time, the strongest of the Black Ink Clan he had encountered was only a High Rank Black Ink Clan. Facing this supreme dragon might, the Black Ink Clan had long since lost their courage and fled, not daring to face it head-on.

The giant dragon seemed to have entered an uninhabited territory as it recklessly charged forward, releasing its dragon breath and causing the Black Ink Clan to howl miserably.

An hour later, by the time Yang Kai left, the entire floating continent had completely shattered, transforming into large and small fragments that scattered into the void.

Because of this, it was even more difficult to calculate the number of Black Ink Clans that had died. A rough estimate was that there were at least a hundred thousand of them. Although there wasn’t a single Feudal Lord, these High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clans were the foundation of the Black Ink Clan, and if there were too many casualties, it would affect their future status.

There were even shops that had been robbed clean.

The last time Yang Kai had come here, although he had also looted a lot, he hadn’t looted too much due to the lack of time. This time, he acted without any scruples and ruthlessly cut a few kilograms of flesh from the Black Ink Clan.

The entire floating continent had been destroyed, and the Black Ink Clan under his command had suffered massive casualties. Black Abyss’ territory had been completely destroyed.

This was probably the first time in history that the Human Race had completely destroyed the territory of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord.


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