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Screams echoed in this strange space, each one representing the destruction of a Feudal Lord’s will.

Black Abyss’s heart sank.

After the last Feudal Lord’s will died, Yang Kai slowly turned around and stood atop the Seven Colored Soul Warming Lotus, coldly staring towards Black Abyss’s will.

The tide of Divine Soul power gathered around Yang Kai was like a violent wave.

“Only you left, Black Abyss, are you ready to die?” Yang Kai walked towards Black Abyss step by step, the Seven Colored Soul Warming Lotus following him like a shadow.

Black Abyss roared, “You dare look down on me? You will pay for this!”

Although his words were fierce, it was obvious he was trying to put on a brave front. Just now, he and more than eighty Feudal Lords had joined forces, but they had not been able to do anything to Yang Kai. On the contrary, they had been killed by him, and the wills of more than eighty Feudal Lords had died, leaving him alone. Now that he was alone, how could he be Yang Kai’s opponent?

Right now, all he could hope for was to stall time for as long as possible so that the Black Ink Clan team could achieve their goal.

Yang Kai sneered, “Then I want to see what price you can make me pay!”

Saying so, he activated the Soul Warming Lotus and sent it flying towards Black Abyss.

Black Abyss was shocked and hurriedly dodged.

Yang Kai chased after him relentlessly, constantly ridiculing him, “Didn’t you say you wanted me to pay a price? Is this the way you want me to pay a price? Sir Black Abyss, you’ve really broadened my horizons.”

Black Abyss was filled with shame and wanted nothing more than to stop and fight to the death with Yang Kai right now, but he didn’t have the courage to do so. The many times he had fought with Yang Kai had already damaged his will, so if his injuries were any worse, he would probably have to return to the Black Ink Nest to heal.

As such, he tried his best to avoid any direct confrontation with Yang Kai and tried his best to deal with him.

Yang Kai wasn’t an idiot, so when he saw Black Abyss’ stance, he immediately understood, “Are you trying to stall for time?”

Black Abyss did not answer.

Yang Kai became more certain that he was stalling for time, and after a moment of contemplation, he understood his intentions, “If I’m not mistaken, is there a Black Ink Clan coming towards me?”

Black Abyss finally spoke, “You can’t escape, just surrender now.”

Yang Kai sneered, “You’ll have to survive first.”

Since he had already learned of Black Abyss’ plan, how could Yang Kai waste any more time with him? He was also worried that something would happen to his physical body outside, so he immediately increased his offensive power. Although Black Abyss was focused on dodging, it was still difficult for him to block Yang Kai’s attacks.

Having no other choice but to fight a few times, Black Abyss’s momentum became weaker. On the other hand, Yang Kai had the protection of the Soul Warming Lotus, so the more he fought, the more fearless he became.

In less than half a cup of tea’s time, Black Abyss could no longer endure.

His will had already been severely injured, and with such an injury, it would be difficult for him to recover without several hundred years of rest. If he were to confront Yang Kai a few more times, he was afraid that he would really have to face the fate of those Feudal Lords.

He was filled with unwillingness, but there was nothing he could do about it. After paying such a heavy price, not only had more than eighty of the Feudal Lords fallen, but even he himself had been seriously injured, unable to take down a mere Seventh Order Human Race master.

This was a lifetime humiliation to him.

But now that things had reached this point, there was nothing he could do to reverse the situation. If he continued to fight, he might not be able to wait for the group of Feudal Lords he sent to capture Yang Kai before he was killed by him.

Seeing that the situation was getting worse, Black Abyss immediately decided to retreat.

Yang Kai’s fierce Divine Soul power swept out, but Black Abyss’s will was nowhere to be seen. At the same time, the strange space he had sealed since arriving was finally opened again.

Escaped! Yang Kai secretly gritted his teeth, feeling somewhat regretful. If Black Abyss had continued to tangle with him for a while longer, he had full confidence that he could have killed Black Abyss’s will here, but unfortunately, the initiative was in Black Abyss’s hands, so he didn’t give himself the opportunity.

Killing a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord was not a small contribution. Not only could it greatly weaken the power of the Black Ink Clan, but it could also reduce the losses of the Human Race’s soldiers.

Although Yang Kai had killed a Territory Lord before, he had joined forces with Bai Yi at that time, and the Chasing Wind Terriotry Lord who had been killed had also suffered heavy injuries in the beginning. Even so, he had still managed to survive, relying on the Dragon Bead he spat out to deal a fatal blow to Chasing Wind Territory Lord.

This time’s battle with Black Abyss was truly a rare opportunity, so it would be impossible to obtain such an opportunity again.

However, although Black Abyss had fled, it's not like Yang Kai didn't obtain anything.

While fighting him, Yang Kai had already found out where he was, so if he chased after him now, he might be able to succeed.

Therefore, after Yang Kai realized that Black Abyss had escaped, he immediately withdrew his will and flashed out of the Black Ink Nest.

The surroundings were quiet, and there was no sign of the Black Ink Clan. Yang Kai turned his head towards a certain direction and flew off.

Activating his Space Law, his figure flickered.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, a team from the Black Ink Clan suddenly appeared in front of him and rushed towards him. What surprised Yang Kai was that all the members of this team were Feudal Lords, and there were more than a dozen of them.

This was obviously not normal.

The Black Ink Clan’s elites had already set out to meet the Yin Yang Pass’ army. Although there were still many Black Ink Clan guards, and Yang Kai had recently encountered many Black Ink Clan teams, this was the first time he had seen a team composed entirely of Feudal Lords.

Such an elite team was undoubtedly meant to deal with him.

Was this a backup plan arranged by Black Abyss? When he was entangled with Black Abyss, these Feudal Lords had rushed towards him, but unfortunately, they had arrived too late. The battle in the strange space had already ended, and they were still on their way and had been hit by him.

It seemed that Black Abyss was indeed in that direction.

When Yang Kai discovered the group of Feudal Lords, the Feudal Lords naturally saw him as well, and the dozen or so Feudal Lords who were rushing towards him all turned pale with fright as they quickly took up defensive positions.

Recently, the Black Ink Clan had been terrified of Yang Kai’s attacks, and if any of their small teams were to encounter him, all of them would be wiped out. Although all of them were Feudal Lords, none of them had any confidence in facing Yang Kai.

Wasn’t it said that this human’s will had already been trapped and they only needed to go over and capture this human race’s physical body? Why would he appear here? Could it be that the battlefield led by Sir Black Abyss had already failed?

Before the Feudal Lords could figure it out, Yang Kai had already transformed into a streak of light and rushed over.

Before he even arrived, a long spear shot out.

The moment the two clashed, the Feudal Lords let out a cry of surprise and groaned as they felt a violent force tear through their defences.

Yang Kai directly passed through their formation and disappeared without a trace.

In the next instant, a wave of Ink Blood and Ink Force rained down from the sky. Many of the Feudal Lords looked around and all of them were shocked. A group of more than ten Feudal Lords had been killed by Yang Kai’s charge, while the rest were all injured.

The strength of that human race seemed to be even greater than the rumors!

The surviving Feudal Lords were only glad that Yang Kai didn’t seem to have any intention of killing them all. They didn’t know what kind of urgent matter he had to attend to, but he had only fired a single shot before immediately leaving. Otherwise, these Feudal Lords really didn’t have the confidence to resist.

Suddenly, one of the Feudal Lords reacted, “Did he go to find Sir Black Abyss?”

As soon as these words left his mouth, the expressions of the various Feudal Lords all changed. If this was really the case, they were powerless to do anything about it. Right now, they could only hope that Sir Black Abyss could capture this human, otherwise, the face of the Black Ink Clan of Twilight King Domain would be completely lost.

Yang Kai hurried along for less than an hour before arriving at a Feudal Lord's territory.

Yang Kai’s sudden attack caused the Black Ink Clan members on the territory to be unable to react to what had just happened, and they were all cut down by Yang Kai, unable to fight back.

After the death of the only two Feudal Lords, the Black Ink Clan in the territory had no way to resist.

Yang Kai rushed straight into the Black Ink Nest and searched around, but he didn’t find any trace of Black Abyss. However, in the Black Ink Nest’s chamber, there was indeed the remnant aura of Black Abyss, which meant that Black Abyss had been here not long ago.

Without stopping to rest, Yang Kai rushed out of the Black Ink Nest, grabbed a panicked High Rank Black Ink Clan master, and asked, “Where is Black Abyss?”

The High Rank Black Ink Clan master opened his mouth and spat out a mass of Ink Force towards Yang Kai, seemingly wanting to use it to ink Yang Kai.

Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered with him and with a twist of his hand, broke his neck, grabbed another Black Ink Clan member, and asked, “Where is Black Abyss?”

Having learned the lesson, the Black Ink Clan member said in horror, “I’m not sure, Sir Black Abyss just left in a hurry, I don’t know where he went.”

“Which direction?”

The Black Ink Clan member quickly pointed in a certain direction.

Yang Kai casually tossed him aside, and when he landed, the Black Ink Clan’s aura had already disappeared.

As for Yang Kai himself, he soared into the sky and chased after Black Abyss.

Black Abyss had run away. From this, it could be seen that his injuries from the previous battle had not been light. He had probably guessed that Yang Kai would come to hunt him down, or else he wouldn’t have immediately fled after his will left that strange space. Although Yang Kai had also rushed over as soon as possible, he was still a bit late.

Now that he had gone to pursue Black Abyss, he might not be able to find any trace of it. After all, the void was vast, and if Black Abyss wanted to hide, Yang Kai could not do anything about it.

However, this was a rare opportunity, and Yang Kai really didn’t want to miss it. Killing Black Abyss was certainly the best outcome, but if he couldn’t find any trace of him, then so be it.

A day later, Yang Kai stopped somewhere in the void.

Although he had been tracking this place for a day and had searched through a vast territory, he had still been unable to find any trace of Black Abyss, which made him feel somewhat regretful.

However, this was not necessarily a bad thing for him.

The army of the Twilight King Domain went out to fight the Human Race Yin Yang Pass's army. The rear was empty, and the Territory Lords who remained behind were still assisting the Twilight Royal Lord fight the Old Ancestor of Yin Yang Pass, they probably didn’t have time to bother with Yang Kai.

Previously, there was still a Black Abyss chasing after him, so he had to be on guard at all times. Now that even Black Abyss was hiding, no one in Twilight King Domain could keep him in check.

In other words, the current Twilight King Domain was no different from an uninhabited place for Yang Kai. With his attainments in the Space Law, as long as he was careful, it was almost impossible for him to be captured.

Thinking so, Yang Kai turned his head towards a certain direction and grinned.


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