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At the same time he was attacked, Yang Kai slashed out with his saber, causing Black Abyss’s will to retreat, but how could it be faster than the saber's strike?

With a single slash, Black Abyss roared like a wounded beast, his powerful will rapidly falling, obviously injured.

Just as he was filled with fear and feeling that the situation was hopeless, he heard a cracking sound and focused his senses, only to discover that the giant blade condensed from Yang Kai’s will was actually unable to bear the weight and shattered.

Black Abyss was overjoyed and shouted towards the scattered Feudal Lords, “His artifact has been destroyed, don’t be afraid, help me capture him.”

Hearing this, the Feudal Lords looked over and found that it was just as Black Abyss had said, the large blade in Yang Kai’s hand had shattered for some unknown reason, causing all of them to be shocked.

Everyone’s will was barehanded, so Yang Kai’s sudden use of a large blade was a great deterrent to the Feudal Lords.

After Black Abyss shouted, he spared no effort in pushing his will towards Yang Kai. Seeing this, the Feudal Lords all rushed forward to help.

In an instant, Yang Kai felt a mountain of pressure.

After all, the Soul Splitting Saber was only an Emperor Treasure. Although it had been nurtured in Yang Kai’s Divne Soul for so many years, it was still unable to change its essence, unable to withstand Yang Kai’s current powerful Divine Soul. Three strike from the Saber was already the limit, after three strikes, his blade was destroyed before his enemies could even react.

At this moment, under Black Abyss’s leadership, the Divine Soul attacks from the various Feudal Lords’ wills came one after another. No matter how strong Yang Kai’s Divine Soul was, he couldn’t withstand them.

Seeing Yang Kai’s will being suppressed on the spot and seemingly unable to move, the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords’ attacks became even fiercer, as if they wanted to take him down in one fell swoop.

Yang Kai also felt that the situation wasn’t good. It had to be said that the Black Ink Clan had indeed thought of a good way to deal with him. In this place, his Space Laws were just for decoration, competing in the strength of one’s will, having nothing to do with one’s physical body.

He had to quickly think of a way, or else he would be doomed.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai suddenly remembered that since the Soul Splitting Saber could be used here, what about the Soul Warming Lotus? The Soul Warming Lotus is a Divine Soul Treasure, so if he could use it, there would be no suspense in this battle.

It was just that he had never used the Soul Warming Lotus to fight with anyone before. It had always been someone else who had invaded his Knowledge Sea and counterattacked, so he had never thought about it.

With a single thought, seven colored lights suddenly burst out from Yang Kai’s body.

The Feudal Lords who were using their own strength to bombard Yang Kai suddenly saw this seven colored light and were confused. Black Abyss also didn’t know what had happened, but after repeatedly confronting Yang Kai, this human’s endless methods had made him extremely vigilant, so when this seven colored light appeared, he immediately felt something was wrong and roared, “Quickly capture him!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he used almost all of his willpower to transform into a fierce attack and sent it towards Yang Kai. At this moment, he no longer cared about the order to capture Yang Kai alive. Under such an attack, whether Yang Kai could survive or not would depend on his own luck.

Under Black Abyss’ command, the many Feudal Lords’ wills no longer held back, all of them crazily pushing their own will power.

The invisible attacks came from all directions, engulfing Yang Kai’s figure.

The seven colored light became more dazzling, filling the entire space.

The group of Feudal Lords watched nervously, while Black Abyss waited with rapt attention.

After a while, the storm of will calmed down and the noisy space became quiet. A seven colored lotus flower appeared where Yang Kai was standing. This lotus flower was spinning and exuding an aura that all the Black Ink Clan masters coveted.

“What is this?” A Feudal Lord’s will asked curiously. Although he didn’t know what kind of treasure this Seven Colored Lotus was, he could clearly sense that it was extremely useful to any Black Ink Clan.

“Where’s Yang Kai?” There was also a Feudal Lord who was paying attention to Yang Kai’s fate. In the place he had been standing, besides this seven colored lotus, there was no trace of him.

“I’m afraid he's dead. Although that human is powerful, I’m afraid he won’t be able to survive such an attack.”

“Good! That human was too arrogant and didn’t even put us in his eyes. He deserves to die!”

Not only did many of the Feudal Lords feel that Yang Kai had died a tragic death, even Black Abyss felt the same way. Yang Kai had indeed displayed a powerful Divine Soul Power before, but no matter how powerful he was, he could not withstand the combined attack of so many Feudal Lords.

However… if Yang Kai was really killed, how would he explain this to the Royal Lord?

Black Abyss couldn’t help feeling a headache. Also, what the hell was this Seven Colored Lotus he left behind?

Just as he was puzzled, the Seven Colored Lotus Flower’s petals began to unfurl, revealing a figure sitting in the middle of the flower’s pistil, radiating a hazy light.

After seeing this figure clearly, Black Abyss couldn’t help feeling shocked.

Yang Kai didn’t die. Not only did he not die, he didn’t even have the slightest trace of injury.

How was that possible?

Being able to survive such an attack was already his limit, so how could he not be injured at all? Unless… the lotus could block all the attacks.

Before he could figure out what was going on, Yang Kai had already activated his powerful Divine Soul power, which was as vast as an ocean and as thick as an abyss. As his Divine Soul power rose, the entire strange space began to tremble.

“It’s impolite not to reciprocate, take this!”

A loud and clear voice rang out in the minds of every single one of the present wills, and the clear Divine Soul power transformed into visible blades of light that shot out in all directions and hovered above his head.

Being pointed at by these countless blades, every Feudal Lord couldn’t help feeling their blood run cold.

As soon as Yang Kai’s voice fell, the overwhelming Divine Soul blades of light rained down in all directions.

The Feudal Lords’ wills fled in fear, dodging and defending.

However, it was destined to be futile. Under the onslaught of the Divine Soul sword light, half of the Feudal Lord’s will was destroyed, and even Black Abyss was hit by two of these blades. The Feudal Lords who survived screamed in pain, their wills trembling.

Black Abyss knew that if Yang Kai continued to act aggressively, the entire Black Ink Clan would likely be wiped out. Yang Kai’s Divine Soul was unimaginably powerful, and not only that, he also had a unique offensive method that the Black Ink Clan had never understood before.

Ignoring his own injuries, Black Abyss once again launched an attack in an attempt to salvage the situation. Seeing this, a few Feudal Lords also attacked.

However, the next scene that appeared caused Black Abyss to feel despair.

His and the Feudal Lords’ attacks were all blocked by the Seven Colored Lotus, unable to harm Yang Kai in the slightest.

This time, he could finally confirm that the reason Yang Kai was able to remain unscathed was all because of this Seven Colored Lotus. He didn’t know what kind of treasure it was, but it was actually able to resist an attack from the Divine Soul. Even a Territory Lord like him couldn’t do anything to Yang Kai.

The protection of the Seven Colored Lotus was impregnable.

With the protection of the Seven Colored Soul Warming Lotus, Yang Kai no longer had any scruples about attacking. His Divine Soul power surged and transformed into a sharp attack that slashed towards the many wills of the Black Ink Clan.

One Feudal Lord’s will after another continued to wither away. On the site of Kong Chan Territory Lord, in the many Feudal Lords’ Black Ink Nest, one Feudal Lord after another fell to the ground, unconscious. No matter how many clansmen called out to them, no one responded.

In just a short period of time, only a dozen or so of the eighty Feudal Lords’ wills had gathered here, and these dozen or so could only flee miserably under Yang Kai’s relentless pursuit, unable to fight back at all. Even Black Abyss’ aura had been weakened.

The collision of Divine Souls was not fancy at all, making it difficult for Black Abyss to display the advantage of his powerful cultivation.

“Sir Black Abyss, we can’t hold on any longer. Quickly open this place. If we delay any longer, we’ll all be wiped out.”

Finally, a Feudal Lord shouted.

Black Abyss remained unmoved. He had always felt that the Seven Colored Lotus wasn’t as strong as it appeared, and he had always felt that as long as he put in a bit more effort, he would be able to break through its defences, but after paying the price of so many Feudal Lords’ wills, he had never been able to succeed.

What’s more, the loss here did not mean that the Black Ink Clan had lost. The Black Ink Clan still had a chance to turn the tables.

When Yang Kai used the power of the Black Ink Nest to enter this strange space, Black Abyss had already discovered his location.

This was an easy matter. After all, Yang Kai had come here with the help of a certain Feudal Lord’s Black Ink Nest. As long as he could figure out which Feudal Lord’s Black Ink Nest he was using, he would naturally be able to find out where his physical body was.

After all, the Feudal Lords’ fiefs and the Black Ink Nest were fixed.

At the same time Yang Kai’s will entered this space, Black Abyss ordered a group of more than ten Feudal Lords to rush to Yang Kai’s location.

Originally, Black Abyss’s intention was to heavily injure Yang Kai’s will and allow the small team to capture him.

However, the development of the situation had far exceeded his expectations. Not only was Yang Kai not seriously injured, but he had even used a strange Seven Colored Lotus to overturn the seas and rivers. The battlefield in this strange space was destined to fall, and the deaths of so many Feudal Lords were irreversible.

However, as long as Yang Kai’s will was sealed here, he would not be able to return to his physical body, so the small team he sent out would naturally be able to easily capture him.

This was also the reason why Black Abyss hadn’t opened this space even after seeing so many of the Feudal Lords die.

He still had a chance to turn the situation around.

However, no matter how fast the team formed by the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord was, it would take at least two hours to arrive at the Black Ink Nest where Yang Kai is located.

Could he last for two hours?

Black Abyss didn’t know, he only knew that the wills of the Feudal Lords were about to be completely extinguished. When all the Feudal Lords died, he would be the only one left to face Yang Kai’s attacks.

Despite the great losses suffered by the Feudal Lords, Black Abyss continued to use his will to bombard the Seven Colored Lotus, hoping to break through its defenses.

The result was undoubtedly disappointing. The Seven Colored Soul Warming Lotus’s defenses were incredibly firm, and even someone as strong as him, a Territory Lord, was unable to shake it.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Jul 31, 2023

Isn't it that his eye of annihilation can be used in tandem with this lotus before?


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Rudiansyah R
Dec 22, 2022

Finally we have one more way to end this war.

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