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Having fought with Yang Kai several times, Black Abyss now knew that Yang Kai possessed the Space Law, a kind of ability to escape, and it was also Yang Kai’s biggest trump card to shake him off.

And here, Yang Kai’s consciousness had been sealed by this space, making it impossible for him to use his greatest reliance.

“Keep him alive, don’t kill him!” Black Abyss said lightly. He clearly remembered the Twilight Royal Lord’s orders to capture Yang Kai alive and let him take over Nie An’s plan to build a Battleship. If he killed Yang Kai here, he wouldn’t be able to answer to the Royal Lord.

Along with his command, the surrounding wills immediately released a powerful force towards Yang Kai’s consciousness.

Each Territory Lord had at least a hundred or so Feudal Lords with their own fiefs, and Territory Lord Kong Chan was no exception. He had more than eighty Feudal Lords under his command, so the number of Feudal Lords gathered here was roughly the same number.

If they were to encounter Yang Kai in person, these Feudal Lords might not have the courage to provoke him. Recently, the number of Feudal Lords who had died at Yang Kai’s hands had far exceeded eighty. Although Yang Kai’s cultivation was only at the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, his combat strength was not something that a Seventh Order could measure.

However, this was a space formed by the will of the Black Ink Nest, so the wills of the various Feudal Lords did not need to directly face Yang Kai’s true body. They only needed to heavily injure Yang Kai’s consciousness to complete their mission.

After Yang Kai had disappeared last time, the various wills gathered here had come up with a way to deal with him, a trap designed to target him.

This trap was not limited to just this one. Every Territory Lord's territory had a similar trap set up. In other words, no matter which Territory Lord's territory Yang Kai was currently in, as long as he dared to borrow the power of the Black Ink Nest, he would fall into this trap.

The only difference was that only the territory of Territory Lord Kong Chan had Black Abyss personally overseeing it while the other Territory Lords’ territories, some Feudal Lords were simply waiting for Yang Kai to fall into their trap.

However, regardless of whether the Territory Lord was present or not, as long as Yang Kai walked into this trap, there was no way he could escape, unless he had the ability to destroy all the wills here. However, this was simply impossible.

A powerful force spread out from the wills, and in an instant, this strange space was filled with a violent tide of energy that crashed towards Yang Kai’s will.

This was a contest of consciousness.

Yang Kai also couldn’t help paying close attention to this situation. He hadn’t expected the Black Ink Clan to use such a method to deal with him, nor had he expected the space formed by the Black Ink Nest’s will to have such an effect. However, now that he had fallen into this trap, he had no choice but to act accordingly.

Fortunately, he is not an ordinary Open Heaven cultivator.

A violent wave of energy crashed towards Yang Kai, causing his will to appear extremely weak, as if a single wave would be enough to destroy his soul.

Black Abyss, who was watching from the side, couldn’t help feeling a little worried for Yang Kai. What if Yang Kai couldn’t hold on and was directly killed? It had to be known that if the will that entered this space died, the body left in the Black Ink Nest would become a walking corpse, destined to die along with it.

Under Black Abyss’s somewhat worried gaze, Yang Kai’s will was submerged by the tide, and as the tide’s power fluctuated, Yang Kai’s will suddenly erupted with an unimaginable strength, forcefully resisting the impact of the tide like a motionless rock.

“Impossible!” Black Abyss’ will trembled as he subconsciously cried out.

The combined strength of more than eighty Feudal Lords was something even he couldn’t withstand. According to his estimations, the best outcome would be for Yang Kai’s will to be instantly injured, and once that happened, Yang Kai would lose most of his combat strength. At this moment, under his command, a large number of Black Ink Clan were rushing towards Yang Kai’s true body. When that happened, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to escape, so he could easily capture him.

However, what he saw in front of him made him unable to believe that Yang Kai had actually blocked the attacks of so many Feudal Lords.

How was this possible? How could a Seventh Order Open Heaven's Will be so powerful? Although under his command just now, the Feudal Lords’ wills had not used their full strength, what he saw was simply too incredible.

Black Abyss couldn’t believe it, and so did many of the Feudal Lords’ wills, all of them increasing their strength.

The tide rose again, even fiercer than before.

Yang Kai’s will was finally shaken, and under the bombardment of the Black Ink Clan, Yang Kai could clearly feel his Divine Consciousness power leaking out like a flood. He couldn’t withstand such a powerful attack for long.

Ever since he obtained the Soul Warming Lotus, his Divine Consciousness had been constantly nourished by the Soul Warming Lotus for countless years and had become far more powerful than cultivators of the same realm. When he first 'merged' with Succubus Demon Saint Yu Rumeng, his Divine Consciousness power had grown by leaps and bounds. It had to be known that when it came to manipulating one’s Divine Consciousness, a Succubus Demon was one of the best, not to mention that Yu Rumeng was a Demon Saint.

Although his current cultivation was only at the Seventh Order, in terms of Divine Consciousness power, even an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator would be inferior to him. This was also the reason why he was able to resist the tidal waves caused by the wills of so many Feudal Lords.

The so-called will was nothing more than the manifestation of one’s Divine Consciousness. The stronger one’s Divine Consciousness was, the stronger their will would be.

It was just that although the Black Ink Clan didn’t have much research on Divine Consciousness, Yang Kai guessed that the Royal Secret Technique used by a Royal Lord should be a kind of Divine Consciousness attack.

If the Black Ink Clan wanted to compete with him in terms of will, it was simply displaying their slight skill before an expert.

However, although he was able to temporarily block the attacks of the Black Ink Clan’s will, it was impossible for him to do so for too long. After all, no matter how solid his defenses were, he could not withstand the bombardment of the enemy.

What’s more, his will was trapped in this strange space and he couldn’t escape. He didn’t know what was happening outside, but if the Black Ink Clan took this opportunity to attack his body, he wouldn’t be able to resist.

Therefore, after Yang Kai tried to resist for a while, his killing intent soared.

The Black Ink Clan masters who were fiercely pushing their strength in an attempt to completely suppress Yang Kai suddenly felt a chill run down their spines, but before they could figure out what was happening, Yang Kai suddenly attacked.

A powerful will gradually condensed in this strange space and transformed into a physical entity. What made the Feudal Lords even more terrified was that this entity had suddenly grabbed a large saber!

The Feudal Lords were about to go crazy, and Black Abyss was also shocked.

For so many years, they had never seen a will condense into a physical form here. The communication between wills had always been silent. How powerful was this will?

What made them feel even more desperate and frightened was that what was that big saber? This was the space where the will resided, so how could it bring in a treasure? Or was this the ability of the Human Race?

After all, no human will had ever communicated with them before, the Black Ink Nest belong to the Black Ink Clan, so how could it favor the Human Race so much?

The Feudal Lords thought that this saber was a treasure Yang Kai had brought with him, but in fact, they weren’t wrong, just that this artifact was different from ordinary artifact.

This is a Divine Soul artifact.

Emperor Treasure, Soul Splitting Saber!

This was a treasure Yang Kai had obtained a long time ago in the Star Field. When he was still weak, he had used this Emperor Treasure to kill powerful enemies. However, as his strength increased, a mere Emperor Treasure was no longer of much use to him. The Soul Splitting Saber had been nourished in his Divine Soul for many years.

He had not expected that this Emperor Treasure would see the light of day again.

Although the Emperor Treasure’s power was a bit weak for his current realm, it was still better than fighting barehanded, and relying solely on the power of his Divine Consciousness to compete with the wills of these Feudal Lords. After all, he was alone while the Black Ink Clan had the advantage in numbers.

With the Soul Splitting Saber in hand, Yang Kai’s killing intent soared as he grinned maliciously, “Don’t be afraid, i'll be quick!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a brilliant light flashed across this strange space and a powerful Divne Consciousness power fluctuation filled the entire space.

With a single slash, the wills of seven or eight Feudal Lords died silently.

At the same time, in Kong Chan's territory, in seven or eight different locations of Black Ink Nest, the Feudal Lord who was in charge suddenly collapsed to the ground. Although there was still some vitality, they had already lost consciousness.

The death of their wills had determined the fall of these Feudal Lords.

The power of this blade caused all the Feudal Lords to panic, and the tidal force which had gathered the wills of many Feudal Lords suddenly weakened. The pressure on Yang Kai greatly decreased, and he suddenly slashed out again.

This time, the Feudal Lords’ wills dodged quickly, only three of them having been destroyed, but the power of these two attack had scared many of them out of their wits.

They had thought that Yang Kai walking into this trap would be the end of his road, but who would have thought that this human would be so brave, even if it was a trap set up by the Black Ink Clan, he would still be able to slaughter his way through.

Under the threat of death, the various Feudal Lords panicked and tried to escape. After all, none of them wanted to be the next one to die, especially when Yang Kai was chasing them with his saber.

But soon, the Feudal Lords discovered to their despair that they could not leave this place.

This strange space had been completely sealed off when Yang Kai’s will entered, and only Black Abyss could open it.

Black Abyss obviously had no intention of opening this space. The sudden change not only caused the Feudal Lords to be at a loss, but even Black Abyss was stunned. He hadn’t expected that the trap he had set up in advance would not only fail to harm Yang Kai, but instead become his killing battlefield.

However, he quickly came back to his senses and saw that the wills of the several Feudal Lords were being pursued by Yang Kai to the point of no return, so he immediately roared, “Attack together! We can’t let him escape this time!”

With such a rare opportunity, if Yang Kai were to escape again, Black Abyss wouldn’t have the confidence to capture him. This time, no matter what price he had to pay, he had to keep him here.

As he roared, he was the first to rush towards Yang Kai, a force far stronger than any other will slamming into him.

Yang Kai’s will, which was almost solidified, was caught off guard by this blow and staggered, the light on his body also flickering.


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07 juin 2023

Wow, never thought we would see the soul splitting saber again. No one uses soul attacks in the OH realm.


Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
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You can use the soul-eating insects or your sea of ​​fire 🧐

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Wouldn’t the demon eye that used to sit above the soul warming lotus come in handy?

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