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Twilight King Domain’s recent days had not been peaceful. First, the great plan that the Royal Lord had plotted for so many years had been destroyed by a human at the critical moment, and all of her previous efforts had been in vain. Then, the Yin Yang Pass’s Old Ancestor suddenly appeared in Twilight King Domain and engaged in a fierce battle with the Royal Lord and several Territory Lords, shattering the void and causing countless Black Ink Clan territories to be implicated, resulting in countless deaths.

Yin Yang Pass had also sent out their army, and many Territory Lords in the King Domain had no choice but to lead their own army to intercept them.

As for the situation on the front lines, the Black Ink Clan behind them had no way of knowing. In the past, they only needed to wait patiently. After all, although the Human Race was powerful, it was impossible for them to break through the blockade of the Black Ink Clan’s army and rush to their rear.

But now, there was a human who was wreaking havoc in the Black Ink Clan’s back, and that human was the one who had ruined the Royal Lord’s plan.

This guy’s cultivation wasn’t very high, and according to the ranks of the Human Race, he was only a Seventh Order, equivalent to the Feudal Lord.

However, it was this Seventh Order that had stirred up the entire Twilight King Domain.

In less than half a month’s time, he had destroyed two of the Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest and killed tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan cultivators. Even though the Black Abyss Territory Lord had personally chased after him, he had failed.

According to the information they had received, this human could transform into a giant dragon that was several thousand zhang long and wield a spear that was several thousand chang long. Once he closed in on the Black Ink Nest, he could destroy a Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest with a single blow and destroy its territory.

The reason why he was able to escape from the pursuit of Black Abyss so many times was because of a mysterious power called Space Law.

Borrowing this power, this human was able to move freely in the void, his movements as fast as lightning. Even if one strength was greater than him, without being able to restrict his movements, it was impossible to do anything to him.

After destroying two of the Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest, this human had suddenly disappeared, but all of the Territory Lord Black Ink Nest’s wills had reason to believe that this human was currently hiding somewhere to recuperate. Once he recovered, he would definitely attack the next Territory Lord Black Ink Nest.

This made the Territory Lord Black Ink Nest’s will, who had remained behind, anxious, afraid that Yang Kai’s next target would be them.

In the void, traces of the Black Ink Clan’s team could be seen everywhere as they searched for Yang Kai’s whereabouts, not missing a single suspicious corner.

However, after several days, they had come up empty-handed. It was as if that human had disappeared into thin air without a trace, causing many of the Black Ink Clan to suspect that Yang Kai had left the Twilight King Domain.

At a certain moment, a small team of more than twenty people from the Black Ink Clan was investigating a nearby thick black ink cloud. Because from the information they had obtained before, this human especially liked to hide in the black ink cloud, so now the scattered black ink clouds in the sky were of utmost importance to the Black Ink Clan. After all, no one knew which black ink cloud he was hiding in, suddenly jumping out to kill the nearby Black Ink Clan would be a big surprise to them.

After searching through the black ink clouds, they found nothing.

Just as this small team from the Black Ink Clan was about to leave, the leader of this group suddenly seemed to notice something and turned his head in a certain direction.

What he saw caused this High Rank Black Ink Clan member to be slightly startled. Suddenly, a series of visible ripples appeared in the void, and as these ripples expanded, a shimmering door suddenly appeared.

This High Rank Black Ink Clan master was also a quick-witted person. In a flash, he seemed to understand something and quickly shouted, “Hide!”

As he spoke, he immediately led his team towards the black ink cloud and quickly concealed himself.

Taking a closer look, the door on the other side had already taken shape, and as the ripples continued to spread, a figure suddenly appeared.

It was none other than the Human Race that the Black Ink Clan had been searching for these past few days!

The High Rank Black Ink Clan’s eyes narrowed as he suddenly realized why so many of their clansmen had been unable to find the whereabouts of this human. It turned out that he was hiding in a Secret Realm. The door that had suddenly opened was obviously the door to a Secret Realm. Even from a distance, this High Rank Black Ink Clan member could clearly feel the sweet and fragrant aura coming from the door. This was the aura of the World Force, the most beloved aura to the Black Ink Clan.

So that’s how it was! After understanding everything, this High Rank Black Ink Clan master couldn’t help feeling that Yang Kai’s luck was quite good, actually finding a Secret Realm to hide in.

It seemed that the news from above was true. This Yang Kai had been seriously injured when he destroyed the Territory Lord Black Ink Nest, so he should have been recuperating.

Although his team had more than twenty members, after seeing Yang Kai with his own eyes, he didn’t dare act rashly. He knew that Yang Kai was strong and that he and his clansmen were no match for him. If he were to expose himself, he would only be sacrificing himself.

However, although his response was not bad, Yang Kai, who had just walked out of the Secret Realm, suddenly turned his head and looked over, obviously having noticed the situation here. Their eyes met and the High Rank Black Ink Clan member’s soul almost left his body.

Without waiting for him to react, Yang Kai had already sent out a palm strike, releasing the majestic power of a Seventh Order Open Heaven. The Black Ink Clan team hiding in the black ink cloud didn’t even have a chance to resist before they all fell.

The High Rank Black Ink Clan member thought that Yang Kai’s luck was good and had found a Secret Realm to heal his injuries. In fact, this was not just luck. With his Space Law, Yang Kai could easily discover some hidden Secret Realm that had never been discovered by the Black Ink Clan.

During this time, not only had he been healing himself, but he had also collected all the resources from the Secret Realm.

Although he had looted two of the Territory Lord's direct territory in succession, making his gains unimaginable, no human would complain about having too many resources.

Robbing the Black Ink Clan made him very happy, and at the same time destroying the Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest made him even happier.

As such, the Black Ink Clan’s guess was right, Yang Kai’s next target was still the Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest.

However, although he had killed the closest team from the Black Ink Clan, the situation here was quickly discovered by another patrol team from the Black Ink Clan. Realizing that Yang Kai might have appeared, this team didn’t dare delay and immediately spread the news.

By the time the Black Ink Clan learned that Yang Kai had reappeared, Yang Kai had already killed his way to a feudal lord’s territory.

After his previous experience, Yang Kai was already quite familiar with how to find a Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest.

The feudal lord’s territory didn’t have much resistance, so Yang Kai only needed to expend a small amount of effort to kill the entire Black Ink Clan before walking straight into the feudal lord’s Black Ink Nest.

Arriving at the Black Ink Nest Chamber, he opened the door to his Small Universe and allowed the Black Ink Nest to swallow his World Force, using it as a bridge to connect with the Black Ink Nest’s will.

Not long after, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense used the Black Ink Nest’s will as a carrier and entered the special space.

As always, in this special space, there were many wills. These conscients naturally represented the Feudal Lord who have their own land and Black Ink Nest. Perhaps many of the Feudal Lords had already followed their armies to fight the Human Race, but even if the Feudal Lords had left, there would naturally be other Black Ink Clans guarding them.

Yang Kai was not surprised by this.

However, he soon realized that something was wrong.

When his consciousness had first entered this place, the wills of the Black Ink Clan hadn’t paid much attention to him, but now that he had arrived here, the surrounding wills all revealed an indescribable hostility.

Yang Kai could feel that all of these wills were paying close attention to him, and from these wills, there was a strong power and fighting intent.


Yang Kai’s thoughts flashed and he immediately reacted, but there was nothing strange about this. After all, he had done such a thing before, so it was inevitable that the Black Ink Clan would be on guard.

However, since he dared to act again, he naturally had something to rely on.

The wills of the Black Ink Clan didn’t waste any time talking nonsense with Yang Kai. Almost at the same time Yang Kai reacted, the entire strange space suddenly condensed and a kind of sealing force swept out in all directions.

Yang Kai’s face immediately showed a look of surprise. He hadn’t expected this space to have such an unforeseen event. However, this space was formed from the will of a Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest, so it wasn’t surprising for it to have some kind of magical ability that Yang Kai didn’t know about.

He tried to sever the connection between himself and the Black Ink Nest, but found that it was not so easy. The entire space had been completely sealed off, so unless he broke through this space, it would be difficult for him to withdraw his consciousness. If he tried to force it, it would only damage his Divine Sense.

Now, it seemed like his consciousness was locked in this space.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” When the Space Shackles appeared, a will suddenly sent out a message filled with anger and grievance.

Under Yang Kai’s perception, he found that this will gave him a very familiar feeling. Moreover, this will seemed to be on a completely different level from the other wills. It was obviously more powerful and gave him a feeling of standing out from the crowd.

Yang Kai sent an uncertain message to the will, “Black Abyss?”

The will roared, “So you can still recognize me!”

Yang Kai was surprised, “It really is you! So you were waiting for me here in advance?”

Black Abyss’s will said, “That’s right, I know you won’t let this matter rest and will attack the next Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest, so I’ve been waiting for you. I just didn’t expect my luck to be so good that you actually came to Kong Chan's territory.”

Yang Kai had never heard of this Kong Chan before, but it was likely the owner of this territory, Kong Chan Territory Lord.

As for why Black Abyss was waiting here, it was mainly because Kong Chan’s territory was the closest to the Territory Lord’s territory where Yang Kai had destroyed the Black Ink Nest before, so there was a high chance Yang Kai would appear here.

Now, it seemed that his wait had not been in vain. Yang Kai had really appeared here, and in an instant, he felt much better.

Thinking about how he, the dignified Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, who was comparable to an Eighth Order Human Race Open Heaven master, had been eating dust behind Yang Kai all this time and couldn’t even catch a glimpse of him, Black Abyss felt extremely uncomfortable.


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Rein Larsa
Rein Larsa
Dec 18, 2022

" human would complain about having too many resources."

"Robbing is the best medicine for body, mind and soul."

-Old Demon


Sal Outers
Sal Outers
Nov 01, 2022

Deja vu from the old chapter

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I said the same exact thing reading this chapter lol

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