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Following this faint sense, Yang Kai’s will traced back to the source and soon found something.

Although he was unable to determine the exact location of the Territory Lord Black Ink Nest, Yang Kai was still able to determine the general direction. As long as he headed in that direction, it would be easy for him to find the location of the Territory Lord Black Ink Nest.

Having achieved his goal, Yang Kai withdrew his Divine Sense, left the Feudal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest, and soared into the sky.

He didn’t spend any effort to destroy this Feudal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest. Since many of the Feudal Lord Black Ink Nest will suffer if the Territory Lord Black Ink Nest is destroyed, as long as he cut off the source, all the Feudal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest would quickly wither.

Just as Yang Kai’s will left this strange space, in another space that was almost the same but more majestic, a will suddenly appeared.

The many wills carried by the Feudal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest would all be gathered in the strange space formed by the Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest’s will. Similarly, the many wills carried by the Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest would be gathered in the strange space formed by the Royal Lord Black Ink Nest’s will.

Right now, this even more magnificent space was undoubtedly where the will of the Royal Grade Black Ink Nest was located. The will gathered here is carried by the various Territory Lords’ Black Ink Nest, so the will here naturally represented the various Territory Lords.

The abnormality of this will was noticed by the other wills in the surroundings and they quickly asked.

The will fell silent for a moment before hesitating, “It seems that something was looking into my position just now.”

“Looking into your position?” The other will asked curiously.

The third will also felt strange, “Why are they spying on your position? Did you make a mistake?”

The will replied, “Perhaps, I can’t be certain.”

Since he had already said so, the other wills didn’t ask any more questions. This matter came to an end and the topic changed to another direction.

“How is the situation of that human named Yang Kai? Did Black Abyss capture him?”

“There’s no news for now, but Black Abyss’ Black Ink Nest seems to have been destroyed by him.”

“What? Black Abyss’ Black Ink Nest was destroyed? When did this happen?” A conscient immediately exclaimed, obviously having never heard of such a thing.

“Not long ago, the one who stayed behind in the Black Ink Nest sent a message. That human named Yang Kai had directly slaughtered his way into Black Abyss’ territory. Now, we can no longer contact Black Abyss, and the communication there has been completely cut off.”

Many wills fell silent.

The disruption of Black Abyss Territory’s communication had already explained the situation. There was only one possibility for such a situation to occur, and that was that Black Abyss’ Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest had been destroyed, otherwise it would have been impossible for them to not be able to contact the other side.

A mere human had actually destroyed a Territory Lord’s Black Ink Nest, causing all of the wills present to feel a heavy weight on their hearts. At the same time, they felt a boundless sense of shame and anger.

The only thing they knew now was that Black Abyss had been pursuing that human for a long time, but whether or not he could succeed was unknown.

Many wills probably felt that this topic was too heavy, so they quickly changed the subject and began discussing the situation of this war between the two races, deducing the final battle situation.

Just as the various wills were discussing amongst themselves, a voice suddenly called out.

The communication between the many wills was interrupted and all of them looked over in confusion.

The will explained, “A Feudal Lord below reported that the Human Race called Yang Kai actually came to our territory.”

“He went to your territory? What is he doing there?”

“No matter what he wants to do, hurry up and think of a way to inform Black Abyss so he can quickly come over and support us. Also, mobilize all the forces in your territory to restrain that human and create an opportunity for Black Abyss.”

“I understand.” After the will finished speaking, a series of orders were immediately passed down through the Black Ink Nest, and the entire territory’s Black Ink Clan members who had remained behind began to move.

Many wills waited anxiously, asking about the situation every once in a while, the wills simply answered truthfully.

After half a day, a will suddenly said with a strange tone, “That human’s posture doesn’t seem to be avoiding Black Abyss’s pursuit, but rather…”


“He seem to be heading straight for the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Nest.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of many of the wills present changed, especially the will representing the Territory Lord Black Ink Nest, who represent the location Yang Kai was at.

At this moment, another will asked, “You said someone was spying on your position?”

The will representing the Territory Lord Black Ink Nest in the location Yang Kai was currently at, said, “That’s right, I have that feeling… you mean…”

“That’s right, that Yang Kai is a human race, so he doesn’t know the exact location of your Territory Lord Black Ink Nest. Obviously, he borrowed the power of some Feudal Lord’s Black Ink Nest to spy on your location, and after making some inquiries, he directly went there. His goal is the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Nest!”

“Ah?” The will cried out, “What should we do?”

“Where is Sir Black Abyss? Have you contacted him?”

“Sir Black Abyss is on his way here, but there’s still some distance to go before he can stop that human.”

“Hurry up and organize the Feudal Lords to resist, we must stall for time and not allow him to destroy another Territory Lord Black Ink Nest, otherwise our Black Ink Clan will never be able to wash away this shame. When Sir Black Abyss arrives, he will definitely not be his opponent.”

“It’s too late…” The will’s voice was filled with despair.


“Yang Kai seems to have arrived, I can feel the battle outside.”

“How could it be so fast?” Many wills were shocked, “Are you sure that human has arrived?”

“This isn’t a human, this is…”

“What is it? What did you see?”

“A monster several thousand zhang long and a giant spear several thousand zhang long. The Feudal Lords couldn’t stop him, he’s coming for the Black Ink Nest… Ah!”

A miserable cry rang out in the hearts of every single one of the wills. Although none of them had personally experienced it, when they heard this voice, all of their wills could feel the pain of his soul being torn apart. Invisible fear and panic engulfed all of their will, causing them to tremble.

Using the Black Ink Nest’s will as a carrier, his own Divine Sense was connected to the Black Ink Nest’s will. Although he could quickly communicate with the various places, if he didn’t cut off this connection when he was in danger, his Divine Sense would definitely be destroyed by the Black Ink Nest’s destruction. This was an unbearable pain for any living being.

“This is not the end!” The will cried out miserably, its voice filling the entire strange space. In the next moment, this will suddenly disappeared, as if it had never existed.

Inside the strange space, many wills remained silent for a long time.

Some of the wills tried to contact him again, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t reach him.

At the same time, on a site directly under the Territory Lord, the tall and majestic Black Ink Nest was cut off by a huge Azure Dragon Spear. The violent power of the spear had even caused the entire Black Ink Nest to collapse. Countless Black Ink Clans had died, and the massive territory had been shattered.

Countless Black Ink Clan cultivators desperately tried to resist, each of their attacks striking the three thousand zhang long Dragon. Although most of their attacks weren’t very powerful, they have many people.

Golden dragon scales flew across the Dragon’s body as its massive body flew through the air, scattering dragon blood everywhere.

Yang Kai didn’t have any intention of fighting. After destroying the Black Ink Nest, he immediately began looting the resources here. After a short while, he turned around and fled, taking back his dragon body and transforming into his human form before activating his Space Law and disappearing in a flash.

Countless Black Ink Clans rushed out from the broken territory and chased after Yang Kai without any fear of death, but they soon lost track of him and began wandering around like headless flies.

Inside the strange space formed by the Royal Lord Black Ink Nest’s will.

The wills who had been silent for a long time finally reacted.

One of the wills said, “Another Territory Lord Black Ink Nest has been destroyed.”

“We still haven’t received any concrete news, it’s too early to say that.”

“It’s obvious, otherwise there’s no way we can’t contact them. Even if you don’t admit it, there’s no way you can deny their bad luck.”

“The one who destroyed the Black Ink Nest over there was a monster several thousand zhang long? And it was holding a giant spear several thousand zhang long. What was that?”

“Dragon! According to some information leaked by a Black Ink Disciple, this is a Dragon, an extremely powerful life form. Sir Black Abyss’ Black Ink Nest was destroyed by this Dragon, and according to the information I received, Yang Kai is not a human race, this Dragon is his true body.”

“Regardless of whether he is a human or a Dragon, he has already destroyed two Territory Lords' Black Ink Nest. I must remind everyone that before we lost contact, he said that this is not the end. I believe everyone knows what this means.”

Immediately, a cultivator’s heart trembled as he asked, “Could it be that Yang Kai wants to destroy even more of the Territory Lord Black Ink Nest?”

“Now, in order to resist the Human Race’s army, the various Territory Lords have all led their forces to battle. In the King City, aside from a few Territory Lords who remain behind, it can be said that there are only a few masters left, and most of the Territory Lords who remain behind have followed the Royal Lord to fight against the Human Race’s Old Ancestor. It’s not surprising that Yang Kai took advantage of this opportunity. Although Sir Black Abyss has been chasing after him, it seems to have no effect. His next target may be me or any of you!”

As soon as these words left his mouth, all of the wills became nervous.

“We cannot place all our hopes on Sir Black Abyss. To put it bluntly, if Sir Black Abyss really had the ability to destroy that human, he wouldn’t have been able to destroy the second Black Ink Nest so easily. We must think of a way to protect ourselves!”

“How are we supposed to protect ourselves? That human seems to be extremely powerful, not something we can rely on numbers to resist.”

“No matter how strong he is, he is still alone. Moreover, he destroyed a Territory Lord Black Ink Nest, so he must have been injured. Now, he should be recuperating, so there’s no need to worry about him. However, once he recovers, I’m afraid he will have to take action again.”

“Do you have any suggestions?”

The will immediately explained its thoughts while the other wills nodded in agreement.


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