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In the void, Black Abyss’s figure flashed like lightning as he rushed towards a certain battlefield. By the time he finally arrived, all he could see were scattered corpses and broken limbs, all of them dead Black Ink Clan corpses.

Many of the Black Ink Clan members who had suffered heavy losses and were still alive howled in pain. The battlefield was like a purgatory, and with just a side glance, one could tell that at least a hundred Black Ink Clan members had died here.

Black Abyss’s face sank. He had seen this scene too many times since he began chasing after Yang Kai. Every time he received news and rushed over, he would almost always see this scene, but Yang Kai was always able to escape before him, not giving him the slightest chance.

He had never encountered a human who was so proficient in escaping, so he had nowhere to vent his anger.

When the surviving Black Ink Clans saw Black Abyss approaching, none of them dared to approach him. During this period of time, Black Abyss had personally killed many of their clansmen. If Black Abyss, in his rage, felt that they were too lazy to fight and decided to kill them, it would be quite unjust.

Just now, the Black Ink Clan had desperately tried to stop Yang Kai, but their strength was inferior, so how could they stop him? They could only watch as Yang Kai slaughtered his way through and left.

“Where did he go?” Without the Black Ink Clan taking the initiative to report the situation, Black Abyss asked.

The nearest High Rank Black Ink Clan master pointed in a certain direction in fear.

Black Abyss looked over and frowned slightly.

That direction was where his direct territory was located. Although this vast void was his territory, the place where the Black Ink Nest was located was his true foundation.

Realizing this, Black Abyss’s heart suddenly jumped. Combined with Yang Kai’s recent escape route, Black Abyss suddenly had a bad feeling. Yang Kai’s escape seemed to be directed towards something.

At this moment, a Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord rushed over from the distance and rushed towards Black Abyss, his face filled with panic, “Territory Lord, something terrible has happened.”

“What’s the matter? Why are you in such a panic?” Black Abyss turned his head and asked, his bad mood becoming more obvious.

This Feudal Lord was in charge of guarding the nearest Black Ink Nest and was also responsible for monitoring the movements of the surrounding forces. It was obvious that he had received some news, which was why he had come to inform him immediately.

Sure enough, the Feudal Lord said, “There’s news from Sir’s territory that Yang Kai has rushed over.”

Black Abyss’s head buzzed as if he had been struck by a sledgehammer, causing him to feel dizzy. However, he immediately understood Yang Kai’s intentions and shouted, “How dare you!”

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai, who had fallen into the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland alone, not only did he not have any intention of escaping, he even took advantage of the lack of troops behind the Black Ink Clan territory to stir up trouble.

It had to be said that Yang Kai’s actions were quite bold, causing Black Abyss to panic.

With so many Territory Lords under the command of the Twilight Royal Lord facing the Yin Yang Pass’ army, there was no longer any more forces on their territory. If not for this, Black Abyss wouldn’t have been unable to deal with Yang Kai for so long.

At this moment, he was rushing towards his direct territory. Although there were many Feudal Lords stationed there, Black Abyss wasn’t sure if they could stop Yang Kai. After all, he had witnessed Yang Kai’s ability during this period of pursuit.

The reason why Yang Kai had charged in that direction was most likely because of the Black Ink Nest.

The foundation of any Territory Lord who had their own territory was the Black Ink Nest. Without the Black Ink Nest, one could not be considered a true Territory Lord.

This was something Zha Gu had taught Yang Kai.

The growth of the Black Ink Nest required a massive amount of resources. A Feudal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest, from the moment it was hatched until it was fully grown, required a massive amount of resources, let alone a Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest. Comparatively speaking, the consumption of a Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest was at least a hundred or a thousand times more than a Feudal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest.

If the Black Ink Nest was destroyed, the foundation of Black Abyss would be lost, which would be a huge blow to him. Although he could still obtain the Black Ink Nest from the Royal Lord and hatch it again, it would also be a burden to the Royal Lord’s Black Ink Nest, and it would also consume a lot of his time and energy.

What’s more, now that such a thing had happened, it was hard to say if the Royal Lord would still grant him a Child Nest.

In the history of the war with the Human Race, the destruction of a Feudal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest was not uncommon, but the destruction of a Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest was a rare occurrence. The destruction of every Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest was a disgrace to the Black Ink Clan and could only be washed away by the blood of the Human Race.

As he roared, Black Abyss quickly flew towards his territory while secretly praying that the Feudal Lords who were guarding this place could stop Yang Kai from destroying his Black Ink Nest.

However, Yang Kai had gone straight to his territory, obviously making some kind of big move against the Black Ink Nest. After all, he had disguised himself as Black Ink Disciple and lived here for so many years, so it was highly likely he had learned about the mysteries of the Black Ink Nest from somewhere.

Feeling anxious, Black Abyss flew at full speed.

Originally, with his Territory Lord cultivation, it would take him half a day to complete the journey, but he had only taken two hours to arrive.

When he finally arrived at the floating continent where his territory was located, what he saw made him shiver.

The floating continent had almost been smashed into pieces, and traces of the battle between masters could be seen everywhere. The once prosperous city was now in ruins, and the dead Black Ink Clan was even more difficult to count.

Not only that, but the most important thing was that the Black Ink Nest, which had once stood at the very center of the city, had now collapsed. The Black Ink Nest, which had blossomed like a flower bud for countless years, was clearly showing signs of withering. A rich Ink Force flowed out from the Black Ink Nest like blood, its foundation completely severed by the violent energy.

The thing he was most worried about had become reality, and Black Abyss simply couldn’t accept it.

The Black Ink Nest was withering and could no longer be saved. In other words, his foundation was broken. If he wanted to restore his vitality, he needed a new Black Ink Nest.

However, even if the Royal Lord was merciful and gave him a Child Nest from the Royal Lord’s Black Ink Nest, it would still take him more than a hundred years to cultivate it, and during this time, it would definitely consume a great deal of manpower and financial resources.

He wasn’t the only one. The other Feudal Lords under his command also had to experience this.

In other words, his entire lineage would need to restart, a long period of recovery.

“Sir!” A Feudal Lord covered in blood noticed Black Abyss’ aura and quickly came up from below.

“What about Yang Kai?” Black Abyss grit his teeth and asked.

He didn’t sense Yang Kai’s aura nearby, so he could only hope that his subordinates had killed him, even though he knew it was impossible.

“I didn’t see that human race named Yang Kai!” The Feudal Lord replied.

Black Abyss angrily shouted, “You didn’t see him? Then what happened to my territory? What happened to the Black Ink Nest? Were you the ones who destroyed it?”

The Feudal Lord’s body trembled as he quickly said, “Sir Black Abyss, we really didn’t see Yang Kai, everything here was caused by a giant dragon.”

He quickly explained what had happened.

According to this Feudal Lord, this giant dragon had appeared out of nowhere. It was several thousand zhang long, and its entire body was covered in a brilliant golden light, its might unstoppable. In just a single exchange, many of the Black Ink Clan’s members had been killed by this giant dragon’s dragon breath, but the key was that this giant dragon’s dragon claws had actually grabbed a giant spear and smashed the floating continent, causing the Black Ink Nest to collapse and the city to collapse.

What made the Black Ink Clan even more uncomfortable was that the giant dragon had looted many shops and robbed countless resources. [MSN: Sasuga Yang Kai. LOL]

Although the Feudal Lords guarding this place tried their best to resist, it was difficult for them to resist. After the giant dragon showed off its might for a while, it left, leaving behind a trails of mess

The Black Ink Clan didn’t recognize any giant dragon, after all, they had never seen one before, but the Black Ink Disciple recognized it.

“A Dragon? Where did this Dragon come from?” Black Abyss was confused.

The Feudal Lord carefully replied, “According to a Black Ink Disciple’s words, Yang Kai is most likely not a human race, but a member of the Dragon Clan. That giant dragon is his true body.”

Black Abyss angrily said, “Regardless of whether he is a human or a Dragon, find him for me, I want to tear him to pieces.” Only by doing so could he dispel the hatred in his heart. For a time, he even forgot the order to capture Yang Kai alive.

“But Sir…” The Feudal Lord’s voice trembled slightly, “The Black Ink Nest has been destroyed and news of this cannot be spread.”

Black Abyss grabbed him by the collar and pulled him in front of him, his eyes spitting flames of anger, “If you don’t have the Black Ink Nest, send someone to send the message. I want all the Black Ink Clans on the ground to act. I want him to have nowhere to hide. If you can’t, all of you must die!”

“Yes!” The Feudal Lord hurriedly accepted the order.

After the Feudal Lord left, Black Abyss suddenly turned his head and looked in a certain direction.

On the other side, there was a strange energy fluctuation dissipating. This energy fluctuation was left behind by Yang Kai every time he used a Secret Technique that allowed him to teleport, so Black Abyss was certain that he had fled in that direction.

He also knew that he had been unable to do anything to Yang Kai before, but now that his Black Ink Nest had been destroyed, it was even more difficult to track Yang Kai’s whereabouts. However, how could he not take revenge for his foundation being broken?

Although the chances were slim, Black Abyss still had to give it his all. No matter what, he had to capture this slippery human and bring him to the Royal Lord to make up for his mistake.

At this moment, far away from the Floating Continent’s territory, Yang Kai was recuperating in the black ink cloud.

After transforming into a giant dragon and wreaking havoc in Black Abyss Territory, not only had he destroyed the floating continent, but he had also destroyed Black Abyss’ Black Ink Nest. Yang Kai was quite happy.

However, with such a great result, he had naturally paid a great price.

There were quite a number of Feudal Lords guarding this place, and there were even High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clan who were difficult to deal with. Although the giant dragon’s body had terrifying destructive power, its target was not small. During the process of Yang Kai destroying the Black Ink Nest, he had naturally suffered a lot of attacks from the Black Ink Clan.

In the eyes of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords, Yang Kai had simply left after making a big fuss, but Yang Kai knew his own business, he didn’t leave in a carefree manner. Instead, he didn’t dare to remain there any longer, or else he would likely fail miserably.

At this moment, his entire body was covered in wounds and the slightest movement would cause him to grimace in pain. There were also three deep wounds on his back.

Fortunately, these injuries didn’t damage his foundation, and with his physique, he could quickly recover.


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LMAO! True nature of a real Dragon.


Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
Feb 21, 2023



Rein Larsa
Rein Larsa
Dec 18, 2022

"What made the Black Ink Clan even more uncomfortable was that the giant dragon had looted many shops and robbed countless resources. [MSN: Sasuga Yang Kai. LOL]"

Never leave a place unrobbed!

-Old Demon

We miss you Old Demon (#`-_ゝ-)

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