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In the midst of his pursuit, Black Abyss suddenly stopped and spread out his powerful will to monitor his surroundings, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t find any trace of Yang Kai.

This caused his expression to instantly become ugly.

He had lost him! How could he have lost him?

Yang Kai was clearly an arrow at the end of its flight and had little strength left, so how could he escape from the lock on of his aura?

He didn’t believe that Yang Kai had the ability to cut off that trace of aura. The difference in grade was obvious. If Yang Kai really had the ability, he would have done so a long time ago and wouldn’t have been able to delay until now. What’s more, Black Abyss didn’t feel like his aura had been cut off.

Yang Kai had clearly disappeared suddenly.

In this current situation, there was only one possibility. That guy had instantly pulled away from him, causing his aura to be unable to lock onto his whereabouts.

However, he clearly didn’t have much strength left, so even if he were to use a magical technique that allowed him to travel tens of thousands of kilometers in an instant, there was no reason for him to do so unless he had enough strength to continuously use it.

In such a short period of time, where could he replenish such a massive amount of energy?

Black Abyss stood in place with a gloomy expression, somewhat at a loss.

In the vast void, Yang Kai was nowhere to be found, so where was he supposed to find him? But soon, he became alert. The Yin Yang Pass path was sealed off by the Black Ink Clan’s army, so Yang Kai had no way to escape. This was also why he had suddenly turned around and fled. In other words, no matter where he was hiding, he could only hide in the territory of the Black Ink Clan.

As long as he was in the territory of the Black Ink Clan, sooner or later he would reveal himself.

With this thought, Black Abyss immediately took action and rushed towards the nearest Feudal Lord’s territory.

The Feudal Lord of this fief had already led his people to the battlefield. Although there were still many Black Ink Clan members left behind to guard this fief, there weren’t many masters.

With Black Abyss personally arriving, all of these Black Ink Clans bowed their heads and listened to his orders. Soon, a piece of news spread out from the Black Ink Nest, causing the entire domain of the Twilight Royal Lord to suddenly become lively, and the figures of the Black Ink Clan searching for Yang Kai could be seen everywhere.

At the same time, Yang Kai was hiding in a large black ink cloud to heal himself.

Just as Black Abyss had expected, Yang Kai had relied on constant teleportation to escape from his aura. The only reason he had enough strength to use his teleportation technique was because Yang Kai had consumed a Low Rank World Fruit.

When he came out of the Great Ruins Boundary, Yang Kai had brought out a total of sixteen World Fruits, three of which were Mid Rank and thirteen of which were Low Rank World Fruit.

Except for the one he had given to Guo Ziyan, allowing him to advance from Second Order to Third Order, Yang Kai had basically never used the rest of the Low Rank World Fruits. Even the Low Rank World Fruits from the Main Tree weren’t very valuable.

Throwing it into the Small Universe, Yang Kai almost forgot about it.

It wasn’t until this time when his Small Universe’s strength had dried up that he suddenly remembered that although this thing didn’t have much value, it was best used to replenish his own strength.

After consuming a Low Rank World Fruit, the dried Small Universe condition quickly improved, allowing him to accumulate enough strength to last several teleportations.

Relying on a Low Rank World Fruit, Yang Kai was able to escape Black Abyss’ pursuit and hide in this black ink cloud.

Although it seemed safe for the time being, Yang Kai knew that as long as he was still in the territory of the Black Ink Clan, he would never be safe, and Black Abyss would never give up on him.

However, now that he finally had a chance to catch his breath, the feeling of the Small Universe’s strength being exhausted was too unbearable. If he had enough power, even if his strength was insufficient, he could still resist and escape.

After confirming that Black Abyss was not pursuing him, Yang Kai quickly began to recover.

Yang Kai didn’t continue to use the Low Rank World Fruit. After this experience, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t squander anything that could quickly restore his strength. After consuming a large number of Open Heaven Pills, Yang Kai took out a set of Seventh Grade materials and refined them, allowing his Small Universe’s strength to quickly recover.

However, the good times didn’t last long. In just half a day, Yang Kai, who was recuperating, suddenly felt a few auras intrude into the Black Ink Cloud he was hiding in.

These auras weren’t strong, obviously just a few High Rank Black Ink Clan masters.

Yang Kai frowned and tried his best to restrain his aura.

In the territory occupied by the Black Ink Clan, there were countless Black Ink Clouds of various sizes, and most of the time, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be too curious about these Black Ink Clouds, but these High Rank Black Ink Clan were clearly looking for him here.

Yang Kai had hoped that they would make some mistakes during their investigation so that he could continue to recuperate, but one of the High Rank Black Ink Clan masters had simply walked straight towards his hiding place.

After a short while, the High Rank Black Ink Clan master arrived in front of him. When he raised his eyes, he could vaguely see a figure in the thick Black Ink Cloud, but before he could examine it carefully, a fist suddenly shot out and struck him.

When this violent power erupted, this High Rank Black Ink Clan master didn’t even have the time to make a sound before exploding into a bloody mist.

“Over here!” The nearby Black Ink Clan members noticed this anomaly and immediately shouted. As soon as this voice fell, they suffered heavy injuries and died on the spot.

After two breaths of time, Yang Kai rushed out from the Black Ink Cloud, killing several of the High Rank Black Ink Clan masters who had charged into it.

“That human is here!”

“Found him!”

“Hurry up, quickly report to Sir Black Abyss!”

Seeing Yang Kai appear, the nearby Black Ink Clans were stunned for a moment before exclaiming.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, only to see that the sky was filled with groups of two or three Black Ink Clans, almost like a carpet, searching for him in the void. These Black Ink Clans weren’t very strong, but their numbers were greater.

Black Abyss probably didn’t expect them to be able to do anything to Yang Kai, but instead wanted them to force him to come out from hiding.

As he shouted, the Black Ink Clan members who were closest to Yang Kai also activated their Secret Techniques and attacked him.

Yang Kai cursed under his breath. Although he knew that Black Abyss wouldn’t let this matter rest, he didn’t expect the other party to act so quickly. From the way the Black Ink Clan was searching for him, it seemed he had nowhere to hide.

Dodging the incoming attack, Yang Kai summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and rushed forward, cutting a bloody path through the encirclement of the Black Ink Clan.

The Black Ink Clan had not expected Yang Kai to be so fierce at first, but after paying some price, all of them became smarter and began to avoid him, not daring to face him head-on.

Yang Kai continued to charge forward until at some point, the surrounding Black Ink Clans became sparse, and only then did he activate his Space Law and teleport away.

A moment later, Black Abyss rushed over and asked a few questions before gritting his teeth and shouting, “Continue searching! After you find him, no matter what you do, hold him back! If anyone dares to slack off, I will personally take his life!”

As soon as this order was issued, many of the Black Ink Clan’s members cried out bitterly, but none of them dared to resist.

Soon, Yang Kai discovered that he was like a street rat, hated by everyone in the Black Ink Clan territory. No matter where he fled, it wouldn’t be long before he was discovered by the Black Ink Clan. Moreover, the Black Ink Clan’s response had also caused him to feel some changes. In the beginning, he only needed to kill for a while and most of the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t dare block his path, allowing him to leave.

However, as time passed, when he encountered the Black Ink Clan again, no matter how fierce his attacks were, the Black Ink Clan still refused to retreat, seemingly determined to tie him down.

However, without a Territory Lord, who could stop Yang Kai’s figure? The Black Ink Clan’s courage was useless, only increasing their casualties.

At this moment, Yang Kai was extremely glad that the Yin Yang Pass’ army had restrained most of the Black Ink Clan’s forces, otherwise he would not have been able to rampage through the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands.

At the very least, the only one he had to deal with so far was Black Abyss, while the Twilight Royal Lord herself was fighting with the Yin Yang Pass’ Old Ancestor, all the Territory Lord under her command had probably gone to fight the Yin Yang Pass’ army.

In the territory of the Twilight Royal Lord, there might be other Territory Lords who had been left behind, but there were definitely not many of them. Yang Kai felt that as long as he was careful, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Now, the only problem he had to face was how to bypass the Black Ink Clan army and meet up with the people from Yin Yang Pass while being pursued by Black Abyss.

However, the situation was much better than before. At the very least, he had recovered for a while now and was no longer as exhausted as before.

Most of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord masters were on the front lines of the battlefield, so there were definitely not many left behind!

Yang Kai suddenly thought of this and a bold plan suddenly appeared in his mind.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this sudden idea was feasible. If this plan was successfully implemented, it would definitely deal a heavy blow to the Black Ink Clan!

He immediately became excited. Black Abyss would never have thought he would be so bold.

Since he had already decided to act, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate and continued killing for a while, no longer bothering with the surrounding Black Ink Clan cultivators, instead activating his Space Law and leaving.

Recently, Black Abyss’ mood had been extremely bad and his anger had been suppressed in his heart, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

Just as he had expected, although Yang Kai had escaped from his hands, he didn’t have the opportunity to leave the Black Ink Clan’s territory, instead constantly wandering about.

With the help of the Black Ink Nest, it was easy for him to obtain information about Yang Kai’s whereabouts.

However, this method did not allow him to capture Yang Kai in time. Every time he received the news and rushed over to Yang Kai’s location, there would only be a large number of Black Ink Clan corpses, but Yang Kai himself had already escaped.

Although he was stronger than Yang Kai, he didn’t have a chance to attack. Black Abyss felt like he had nowhere to vent his strength.

His violent temper had already made him kill more than a hundred Black Ink Clan cultivators who had escaped in battle.

According to the information from the Black Ink Clan who had fought with Yang Kai and luckily survived, Black Abyss was certain that Yang Kai’s condition was getting better. It seemed that he had been looking for an opportunity to recover, and after such a long time, he should have fully recovered.

However, he couldn’t understand what Yang Kai was trying to do.

Since he was about to fully recover, it was only right for him to think of a way to escape from the Black Ink Clan’s territory, but from Yang Kai’s attitude, it seemed he didn’t have any intention of doing so. On the contrary, he seemed to enjoy this game of chasing and fleeing with the Black Ink Clan. During this time, the number of Black Ink Clans that had died under his spear numbered in the thousands. Although there were only a few High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clans, this was undoubtedly a disgrace to Black Abyss.


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