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Facing a Territory Lord when he was almost exhausted, Yang Kai didn’t dare be careless.

Although Black Abyss had no intention of killing him and only wanted to capture him alive, how could Yang Kai allow him to do as he wished? If he were to be captured by Black Abyss and sent to the King City, he would likely become a slave of the Black Ink Clan for all eternity.

Without waiting for Black Abyss to approach, Yang Kai had already used what little strength his Small Universe had left.

Strike first!

The Golden Crow let out a cry and the sun leapt up, releasing a dazzling light in all directions.

The full moon rose and the moonlight scattered down, illuminating the universe.

As the sun and moon shone together, the Space Law were madly activated, causing the sun and moon to converge together, transforming into a spinning top that swept up the Space and Time Laws, transforming them into a wondrous Space and Time Force that shot towards the Black Abyss.

Sun and Moon Divine Wheel! Facing such a powerful enemy like Black Abyss, Yang Kai didn’t dare to hold back at all, directly using his most powerful killing move.

Black Abyss stopped in his tracks and instinctively felt the terrifying power contained in this Secret Technique. His expression couldn’t help becoming solemn. Under this mysterious power, even his thoughts and body seemed to be affected.

Boundless and rich Ink Force surged out from his body and formed a protective barrier.

As soon as he finished doing this, Black Abyss was shocked to discover that the Secret Technique had arrived.

A violent power swept through the air, causing the universe to tremble and Black Abyss to retreat. Many of the Black Ink Clans that had been surrounding Yang Kai were instantly reduced to ashes by the shockwave.

A short while later, the violent energy calmed down and Black Abyss stood stiffly in place, not moving at all. There was a strange energy visible to the naked eye circulating around his body.

The Black Ink Clan members who were lucky enough to survive stared at Black Abyss in horror, afraid that their Territory Lord would die just like that. After all, they had all witnessed the power of Yang Kai’s Secret Technique. It was truly terrifying, so they didn’t know what kind of fate their Territory Lord would suffer if he were to be hit by it.

Fortunately, although Black Abyss seemed to be affected by this Secret Technique, he showed no signs of dying. In just a moment, his body trembled and the strange lightning-like energy that was circulating around his body instantly dissipated. Black Abyss opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of black blood, his aura somewhat weak.

He suddenly turned his head towards a certain direction, gnashing his teeth as his figure transformed into a black streak of light and flew away.

It was only then that the surviving Black Ink Clans realized that Yang Kai had disappeared at some point. Presumably, after using that Secret Technique, Yang Kai had escaped, but because they were not strong enough, they had been distracted by the Secret Technique and had not noticed Yang Kai’s departure.

Fortunately, the Territory Lord’s strength was strong enough, so this pursuit would not allow the human to escape.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s figure fell out of the void and staggered, almost losing his balance, his face as pale as paper.

He was almost completely exhausted.

Compared to the other Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters, although his Small Universe’s foundation was much more robust, ever since he had escaped from the King City’s Secret Realm, he had not hesitated to use his Space Law to escape. Killing Liu Zian and Gui Liao had taken quite a bit of effort, and after fighting with Black Abyss, his Small Universe’s strength had almost been completely exhausted.

Fortunately, he had the World Tree Subtree. Otherwise, his current state would likely affect the stability of his Small Universe’s foundation. Once his foundation was damaged, it would be a big problem.

Not daring to remain in place, Yang Kai hurriedly took out a large number of Open Heaven Pills from his Space Ring and swallowed them. Although the recovery rate of the Open Heaven Pills wasn’t fast, it was better than nothing at this moment. Moreover, the living creatures Yang Kai were raising in his Small Universe were constantly nourishing his World Energy, which was also helping him recover.

[MSN: Why didn't he use the low rank World Fruit, pretty sure its better than the OPH to restore his strength.]

Almost as soon as he moved, Yang Kai felt an aura lock onto him from afar.

This was the aura of Black Abyss.

As a Territory Lord-level Black Ink Clan master, as long as Yang Kai didn’t run too far away, he could easily find him.

Yang Kai cursed in his heart. He didn’t expect the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel to be able to do anything to Black Abyss. After all, there was a huge gap between their strengths, but he still had some hope that the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel would be able to injure Black Abyss and delay his pursuit so that he could escape from his detection range. As long as he could shake him off, Yang Kai would temporarily be safe.

However, he hadn’t expected Black Abyss to recover so quickly. Now that he had been locked onto by his aura, it would be difficult for him to escape, unless he continuously used Space Teleportation to increase the distance between them.

However, Yang Kai was unable to do so at this moment. Not to mention constantly teleporting, even if he wanted to teleport, he would be powerless.

With no other choice, Yang Kai could only flee while recovering.

In his rage, Black Abyss’s speed was extremely fast and the distance between them rapidly shortened.

What made Yang Kai feel even worse was that as he continued forward, he would occasionally encounter a few Black Ink Clans blocking his path. These Black Ink Clans were undoubtedly the citizens of Black Abyss’ territory, and under Black Abyss’ orders, they acted in small groups. There weren’t many of them, only a dozen or so of them, with the leader being only a Feudal Lord level.

Although these Black Ink Clans couldn’t do anything to Yang Kai, they were able to greatly delay his escape. Either Yang Kai avoided these Black Ink Clans, or he charged straight towards them. No matter what he did, he would have to consume a small amount of his restored strength.

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, Yang Kai had broken through the blockade of the three Black Ink Clan squads, and now Black Abyss was getting closer to him.

Seeing that he was about to reach a critical point where Black Abyss could attack him, Yang Kai no longer hesitated and could only use his Space Law to teleport away.

The little strength he had recovered was once again exhausted.

For the next day, this scene repeated itself almost every half an hour or so, and the distance between Yang Kai and Black Abyss continued to widen, and then closing in again.

Black Abyss was like a maggot that couldn’t be shaken off. Yang Kai’s mouth filled with bitterness.

There were several times when Yang Kai was unable to put enough distance between them, and Black Abyss’s attacks had only made things worse.

After a long period of exhaustion, Yang Kai’s vision became somewhat blurry, and the sound of his heart beating could be heard clearly. It was as if his heart couldn’t bear the pressure and could explode at any moment.

He had struggled to escape, and Black Abyss was exhausted from chasing him, but in order to make up for his mistakes, Black Abyss could not allow Yang Kai to escape from his hands. Only by capturing Yang Kai and bringing him back to the King City and bringing him to the Royal Lord could he quell the wrath of the Royal Lord, otherwise he would undoubtedly die.

The future plans of the Black Ink Clan had been ruined by his carelessness, so how could the Royal Lord let him off so easily?

One was chasing while the other was fleeing. It was unknown how many tens of thousands of kilometers they had crossed.

Yang Kai had thought that as long as he escaped Black Abyss’ territory, his situation would improve a bit. After all, all the Black Ink Clans he had encountered along the way were Black Abyss’ subordinates.

However, in reality, when he really escaped from Black Abyss territory, he realized he was wrong.

Not only did the situation not improve, it became even worse.

The Black Ink Clan he had encountered in Black Abyss Territory was only a small group, so even if they encountered him, he had enough strength to charge out.

However, the first team he encountered after leaving Black Abyss territory was actually an army!

An army of at least tens of thousands!

Inside the army, Yang Kai could clearly feel the tyrannical aura of another Territory Lord, and from the direction the army was moving, it was clearly in the direction of the Yin Yang Gate.

If he were to rashly charge through such an army, it would be impossible for him to kill them. The Territory Lord in charge of this army would only need to join forces with Black Abyss, who was chasing after him, to capture him.

In a flash, Yang Kai reacted.

This army wasn’t here to intercept him, but rather to fight a war.

In order to coordinate with the Old Ancestor, the Yin Yang Pass had sent out all of their forces, so the Black Ink Clan naturally had to fight back. The various Territory Lords quickly gathered their forces and began marching towards Yin Yang Pass.

The one in front of him was only one of them!

Yang Kai immediately felt a headache coming on and fell into a dilemma.

If he continued to flee towards the Yin Yang Pass, he would inevitably encounter the Black Ink Clan’s armies. Even if he was at his peak, he would not be able to break through the blockade of the Black Ink Clan’s armies unless the masters at the Yin Yang Pass cooperated with him to create a safe passage.

But now that he was in a bad state and had not recovered much of his strength, it was even more impossible. If he were to teleport blindly, it was highly likely he would fall into the Black Ink Clan’s army. If such a situation really occurred, he would be walking right into a trap.

It was almost impossible to avoid this Black Ink Clan army and return to Yin Yang Pass. Each of the Black Ink Clan’s armies had a Territory Lord guarding them, and each of these great armies was a soldier recruited by the Territory Lord. A single Black Abyss was enough to put him in such a difficult position, so encountering another Territory Lord would only make things worse for him.

But if he didn’t escape towards the Yin Yang Pass, where could he escape to?

Just as Yang Kai was hesitating, the powerful will of the Territory Lord from the great army in front of him began to investigate his whereabouts.

Gritting his teeth, Yang Kai changed directions and transformed into a streak of light, rushing to the side.

The Territory Lord’s will had only been able to detect some of Yang Kai’s residual aura. After thinking about it for a moment, he seemed to have gained some insight, but since he was tasked with leading an army to fight against the Human Race, he didn’t dare to be distracted and quickly withdrew his will.

Just as Yang Kai changed directions, Black Abyss, who had been chasing after him, also changed directions, a look of surprise flashing across his face.

He didn’t expect Yang Kai to not directly rush towards Yin Yang Pass, but after thinking about it for a moment, he understood Yang Kai’s fear and immediately snorted coldly. Since he couldn’t escape to Yin Yang Pass, where could he escape to?

As for Yang Kai’s condition, Black Abyss had vaguely sensed it, so he firmly believed that as long as he persevered, Yang Kai would be captured by him sooner or later. Now, it was up to him to decide when he would be able to hold on.

Just as he was thinking this, he suddenly lost trace of Yang Kai.

Black Abyss was shocked.


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