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With such considerations in mind, how could Yang Kai let go of such a rare opportunity?

Under the surging World Force, Gui Liao was forced to retreat again. Facing Yang Kai’s barrage of attacks, Gui Liao could only defend himself, unable to fight back!

Gui Liao was both shocked and angry.

There was actually such a Seventh Order in this world! For so many years, he had accompanied Black Abyss on many expeditions to the Human Race and fought many Seventh Order on the battlefield, but none of them had ever given him such an overwhelming feeling.

Facing a Seventh Order like Yang Kai, he actually felt a sense of despair.

He had already used all of his methods, but every single one of Yang Kai’s spear strikes was powerful and heavy. With just a slight contact, the power of his Ink Force was scattered, and Yang Kai’s figure was even more ethereal. Although many of the Ink Clan’s attacks had succeeded, they were unable to seriously injure him, only leaving some minor injuries on his body.

I'm Dead! This thought popped up in Gui Liao’s mind, and his panic began to spread. He had never thought that in front of a human race, he would develop such an emotion, making him feel ashamed and unwilling.

He still had a vast future ahead of him and was about to attempt to become a Territory Lord, so how could he be willing to die here?

When Black Abyss had sent Yang Kai to the King City, he had told Gui Liao that after he returned, he would allow Gui Liao to enter the Black Ink Nest and become a Territory Lord. Gui Liao was extremely excited about this.

However, because the several Territory Lords had been healing themselves in the Black Ink Nest, the Black Ink Nest’s strength had been greatly exhausted, so after returning from the King City, Black Abyss did not immediately allow Gui Liao to enter the Black Ink Nest to advance, instead spending a large amount of resources to supplement the Black Ink Nest’s consumption.

After such a long time, the Black Ink Nest had almost fully recovered. At most, after half a year, Gui Liao would be able to enter the Black Ink Nest and advance. Once he succeeded, he would definitely become a new Territory Lord, an existence on the same level as Black Abyss.

However, before he could even have such a beautiful future, it was shattered by Yang Kai’s spear.

Under the Azure Dragon Spear, Gui Liao’s entire body was covered in blood as his aura weakened.

Although he tried his best to resist, how could he resist Yang Kai’s barrage of attacks? Every time the spear thrust towards him at an incredible angle, Gui Liao would find it difficult to defend against, and every time it did, it would draw upon the power of the void to seal off all of his escape routes. In a short time, Gui Liao’s body was covered in more than a dozen wounds, and the most serious of them was a fist-sized hole in his abdomen.

Seeing that Gui Liao was about to fall, a tyrannical aura suddenly rushed over from the distance.

Yang Kai and Gui Liao, who were engaged in battle, simultaneously noticed this familiar aura. The former’s face went cold while the latter was overjoyed.

It was none other than Black Abyss.

This place was the territory of Black Abyss, and the Feudal Lords under his command had spread out to intercept Yang Kai, Gui Liao and the other Black Ink Clan masters then enter battle with him. Black Abyss had noticed this and immediately rushed over.

Black Abyss’s speed was extremely fast, Yang Kai had only just noticed his aura when he caught sight of him from the corner of his eye.

Gui Liao immediately shouted, “Sir Territory Lord, save me!”

A trace of hesitation flashed across Yang Kai’s face. After hesitating for a moment between escaping and killing Gui Liao, the Azure Dragon Spear immediately burst out with an even more powerful attack and thrust forward.

At the same time, the figure of Gui Liao suddenly reflected in his right eye, and the figure distorted slightly. Gui Liao, which was trying his best to resist Yang Kai’s attack, suddenly seemed to suffer a heavy blow, as if some kind of inexplicable force had twisted his body, causing him to feel a sharp pain as his body became slightly sluggish while the pain came.

This moment’s opening was enough to determine life and death. The Azure Dragon Spear’s unstoppable momentum stabbed into Gui Liao’s chest, and as the violent power burst forth, it directly split his body into two, causing his Ink Blood and Ink Force to splash through the air.

A look of disbelief flashed across Gui Liao’s eyes. Although he hadn’t died yet, with such an injury, he wasn’t far from death.

Yang Kai’s right eye couldn’t help narrowing as a stream of blood flowed from his eye.

The secrets of the Myriad Demons Heaven were indeed impressive, but Yang Kai’s cultivation had not reached its peak yet, especially since he had already expended a great deal of energy. Forcefully activating his Eye Technique was quite taxing on him.

Fortunately, he had used his Eye Technique to kill Gui Liao and eliminated a great hidden threat to humanity in the future, so it wasn’t like he had gained nothing.

Black Abyss was about to arrive, so Yang Kai naturally didn’t want to stay here any longer and immediately used his Space Law to escape.

However, the frenzied attacks of the surrounding Black Ink Clan cultivators caused the space around him to become unstable, making it impossible for him to escape immediately. Gui Liao, whose body had been split into two, seemed to know that he was not far from death, and at this moment, his ferocious nature erupted as he pounced towards Yang Kai without any intention of dodging. Opening his arms wide, he tried to restrain Yang Kai, shouting, “Don’t even think about escaping!”

Yang Kai didn’t expect this guy to be so brave. In a moment of carelessness, he had almost caught him in his arms, so he quickly shot out his spear and shattered half of his body.

During this short delay, Black Abyss had arrived.

With a thick wave of Ink Force, Black Abyss’ face became filled with anger as he fiercely slammed his palm towards Yang Kai.

At this critical moment, Yang Kai didn’t dare hesitate. A towering tree suddenly appeared behind him, its crown blotting out the sky and its branches transforming into a solid shield that enveloped Yang Kai.

Black Abyss’s attack slammed into the treetop.

The branches rustled as a dark green light filled the sky. The Towering Evergreen Secret Technique was instantly broken, and Yang Kai felt as if he had been struck by a giant hammer as he tumbled through the air, blood spraying from his mouth.

Yang Kai found it difficult to resist the full-powered attack of a Territory Lord. If it weren’t for the fact that The Towering Evergreen Secret Technique had a strong defensive ability, this attack would have taken his life.

Black Abyss could be said to have come here in anger.

After all, Yang Kai was the Black Ink Disciple he had captured, the one he had offered to the Royal Lord to participate in this grand plan, but because of Yang Kai, the Black Ink Clan’s future plans had come to an abrupt end. Even Nie An, who was responsible for constructing the Battleship, had died.

This responsibility was too great, even as a Territory Lord, he couldn’t bear it.

It was easy to imagine how furious the Royal Lord was. This anger was destined to be vented on him, and all of this was thanks to Yang Kai, so how could Black Abyss not be angry?

To be honest, when he received the news from the King City, he almost couldn’t believe it, wondering if there was some kind of mistake.

After all, when he had captured Yang Kai that day, he had personally witnessed Yang Kai fight a bloody battle and cut off his Small Universe territory twice, almost causing his grade to drop. After losing the battle, he was about to self destruct, which was why he had taken action to turn him with his Ink Transformation.

Could it be that everything he had seen that day was just an illusion? Was it that human’s scheme to infiltrate the Black Ink Clan? If that was the case, he was simply too cunning.

Although he knew that the Human Race was treacherous, he didn’t expect them to be so treacherous. Black Abyss only regretted that after capturing Yang Kai, he hadn’t carefully examined his Small Universe. If he had examined him that day, there wouldn’t have been so many problems.

However, at that time, he was certain that Yang Kai had been successfully Inked by him, and the Universe Four Pillars of the Human Race had always been under the control of an Eighth Order Open Heaven. How could he have imagined that a Seventh Order Open Heaven would be able to resist the corrosion of his Ink Force and act so presumptuously, disguising himself as Black Ink Disciple and following him back to his territory?

After asking several times, he finally confirmed that the news from the King City was true.

Only now did Black Abyss understand that he had been schemed against by the Human Race from beginning to end. Yang Kai’s aptitude in Artifact Refining was also part of the Human Race’s plan.

All of this caused Black Abyss to feel a sense of shame as if he had been played with, accompanied by boundless rage. In his rage, he had not held back in the slightest. [MSN: You got got.]

However, after taking action, he regretted it because the Royal Lord had ordered him to capture Yang Kai alive!

The Royal Lord seemed to want him to replace the dead Nie An and continue her plan to build a Battleship.

Fortunately, Yang Kai’s ability was extraordinary, and he was able to use a Secret Technique to preserve his life. Seeing that Yang Kai was still alive, Black Abyss let out a sigh of relief.

If he accidentally killed Yang Kai, he really wouldn’t be able to explain himself to the Royal Lord, and now he had a chance to make amends.

At this moment, Yang Kai felt extremely uncomfortable.

Originally, he had suffered some minor losses under the hands of the Twilight Royal Lord, but after fleeing for his life, his body had been covered in wounds and he had consumed a great deal of energy. Now that he had suffered a blow from Black Abyss, how could he possibly be able to survive?

One had to know that amongst all the Territory Lords under the Twilight Royal Lord, Black Abyss’s strength was ranked in the top five and was definitely not something an ordinary Territory Lord could compare with.

If it weren’t for the Towering Evergreen Secret Technique’s outstanding defensive power and his Dragon Vein, he wouldn’t have been able to resist this attack.

Even so, he still felt dizzy and saw stars, his bones all broken.

Struggling to his feet, Yang Kai looked forward and saw Black Abyss standing not far away from him, surrounded by many Black Ink Clans.

As their eyes met, Black Abyss suppressed the anger in his heart and coldly said, “Good!”

Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood and grinned, “Sir is too kind, I just didn’t expect to run into Sir in the end. It’s really like the mountains and rivers, if fate wills it, we will meet again!”

Black Abyss said lightly, “This matter started because of me, if it can end because of me, the Royal Lord will surely be very happy. Surrender now, you are very important to the Royal Lord, I don’t want to continue hurting you.”

Yang Kai’s brow rose as he understood, “The Royal Lord want you to capture me alive?”

“Only living Artifact Refiners have value.”

Yang Kai understood, “It seems that the Twilight Royal Lord wants to continue building the Battleship.”

Black Abyss looked at him with pity, “There’s no point in stalling for time. Your Old Ancestor is still fighting with the Royal Lord, and the Human Race’s army is also very far away. You have no hope of escaping. In the words of your Human Race, don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. Resistance will only make you suffer more.”

“Who said I wanted to escape?” Yang Kai raised his Azure Dragon Spear and pointed it towards Black Abyss, his nose pointing towards the sky, his expression arrogant, “It’s not like I haven’t killed a Territory Lord before, killing one more isn’t too much!”

Black Abyss was slightly surprised, “You killed a Territory Lord?” But he quickly pushed this question aside and walked towards Yang Kai step by step, “Fine, as long as I don’t kill you, i can give explanation to the Royal Lord.”

As he approached step by step, the aura of a Territory Lord rushed towards him.


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