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The battle between the Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord was not something Yang Kai could casually intervene in. After fighting for so many years, whether it was the Yin Yang Pass Old Ancestor or the Twilight Royal Lord, both of them knew each other like the back of their hands, so this battle was destined to be doomed.

Either they were evenly matched, or both sides had suffered heavy losses. There was no third possibility.

However, the Twilight Royal Lord had the geographical advantage and might be able to gain a small advantage, but it was impossible for her to completely capture Yin Yang Pass’ Old Ancestor.

If an Old Ancestor-level master was determined to escape, the Royal Lord would not be able to do anything, just like how the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, who had been severely wounded outside Blue Sky Pass, had escaped, but the Old Ancestor of Blue Sky Pass had failed to capture him.

The shockwaves from the battle between the two masters behind him swept across the entire void. Even though Yang Kai had immediately used his Space Law to escape from the battlefield, he could still feel the violent impact.

This made him quite excited. When would he become a Ninth Order supreme master?

However, he also knew that this goal was too far away. After all, when he had broken through to Open Heaven, he had been a Fifth Order. Although he had consumed a Mid Rank World Fruit to break through to the Sixth Order, his limit in the future was only the Eighth Order. If he wanted to break through to the Ninth Order, he would have to find the Open Heaven Pill from the Universe Furnace.

This wasn’t an easy task. The Universe Furnace was invisible and no one knew when it would appear.

Putting aside these distracting thoughts, Yang Kai turned around and fled towards the Yin Yang Pass.

The Old Ancestor had said that the Yin Yang Pass’ army had already been discpatched, so if he wanted to live, he would have to join up with the army and unite with them to fight the Black Ink Clan. However, along the way, there would definitely be thorns, so Yang Kai didn’t know if he could successfully join up with the Yin Yang Pass’ army.

Fortunately, the Twilight Royal Lord had been blocked by the Old Ancestor, so without the Twilight Royal Lord personally pursuing him, his chances of escaping had greatly increased.

He took out a Spirit Pill from his Small Universe and stuffed them into his mouth, healing himself as he walked.

Activating the Space Law again, his figure constantly flickered in the void.

Occasionally, when he encountered the Black Ink Clan blocking his way, he would not bother them, only attacking when he was forced to.

Just like that, after an entire day, Yang Kai had traversed hundreds of millions of kilometres and fought until he was covered in blood. The blood on his body was his own, and there was also the blood of the Black Ink Clan. As he fled, he looked extremely miserable, but he was still far from Yin Yang Pass.

After all, he had escaped from the King City, so if he wanted to return to Yin Yang Pass, even with the help of Space Law, it would be a long journey.

Yang Kai had consumed a great deal of his strength, but he didn’t dare to stop for even a moment. No matter where he fled to, the Black Ink Clan would set up a blockade in advance. The Black Ink Clan’s Black Ink Nest had a great advantage when it came to transmitting information, so it would only take a short time for news of what was happening to spread throughout the entire area.

Fortunately, he hadn’t encountered any Territory Lord along the way, giving him enough space to deal with. If he really did encounter a Territory Lord of the Black Ink Clan, with his current state, he might not be able to escape.

Thinking about it, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was just like an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, so there weren’t many of them to begin with. Moreover, now that the Yin Yang Pass’ army had been mobilized, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord would likely have to arrange a counterattack, so naturally they wouldn’t have any spare strength to deal with him.

After another half a day, Yang Kai’s figure flickered and he suddenly appeared in a certain void. However, before he could stabilize himself and check his surroundings, he suddenly felt a strong wind blowing against his face, locking him in place.

Yang Kai was slightly startled, knowing that his luck was bad and he had landed in front of the Black Ink Clan who had intercepted him.

However, during this period of escape, he had experienced this kind of thing several times, so even though he was shocked, he didn’t panic. With a slight sway of his body, he managed to avoid the sudden attack and at the same time pull away from his enemy.

Looking around, there were indeed many Black Ink Clans gathered around him. Looking at the expressions of most of them, it was clear that his sudden appearance had surprised them.

Yang Kai cursed under his breath. This time, his luck wasn’t good. He had suddenly arrived in the middle of the encirclement of so many Black Ink Clans, so he had to kill his way out.

“I knew you weren’t a good person, but now it seems I was right!” A sharp voice rang out.

Yang Kai turned his head and saw a stooped Black Ink Disciple glaring fiercely at him, and the one who had launched the sneak attack was this man.

“Liu Zian!” Yang Kai raised his brow in surprise.

He also didn’t expect to meet Liu Zian here. He had thought that after leaving Black Abyss territory, they would never meet again, but who would have thought that they would have the opportunity to meet again today. Glancing around again, his eyes couldn’t help but fixate on the leader of the group. Sure enough, wherever Liu Zian is, so was Gui Liao. After all, Liu Zian was nominally Gui Liao's Black Ink Disciple.

Among the other Black Ink Clans, there was also a Feudal Lord that Yang Kai vaguely recognized.

These were obviously the Black Ink Clan subordinates of Black Abyss.

Yang Kai instantly understood that he had been fleeing towards the Yin Yang Pass and had somehow escaped back to Black Abyss territory.

Black Abyss wasn’t here, Yang Kai wasn’t able to detect his aura, much to his relief.

“Surrender now, you can’t escape!” Liu Zian shouted towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai ignored him and simply stretched out his hand and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear.

Liu Zian angrily said, “Refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit!”

As he spoke, a large blade suddenly appeared in his hand and he pushed his strength to its limit. Taking a step forward, he slashed his blade towards Yang Kai.

Standing not far away, Gui Liao shouted, “Don’t kill him, capture him alive!”

As he spoke, he also circulated his Ink Force and rushed towards Yang Kai, while the surrounding Black Ink Clans also rushed towards him.

Liu Zian grinned maliciously, “Master can rest assured, he is very strong, I may not be his opponent.”

When the blade slashed down, it directly cut Yang Kai in half. However, Liu Zian didn’t show the slightest bit of joy after succeeding. Instead, his expression changed, because the blade didn’t feel like it had cut into his flesh, it was obviously just an afterimage.

His reaction was also quite fast, and with a backhand swing of his blade, as if he had struck something, a powerful force swept out from his blade, forcing him to retreat.

Before he could stabilize himself, the sharp tip of the spear rapidly expanded in his field of vision and a deathly aura enveloped his body.

Liu Zian’s face paled as he frantically pushed his strength to dodge, but the incoming spear seemed to affect even space itself, and no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to avoid it.

“Master, save…” Liu Zian shouted in horror, but before he could finish his sentence, the Azure Dragon Spear had already pierced into his eye sockets. The violent energy from the spear exploded, directly blowing his head into dust.

Liu Zian knew his limits. When Yang Kai’s Small Universe was injured, he had sparred with him. At that time, Liu Zian was no match for him, let alone now that Yang Kai’s Small Universe had been completely repaired, his strength was even greater than before.

Therefore, he knew he wasn’t necessarily Yang Kai’s opponent and didn’t expect him to be able to do anything to him. However, back then, he had fought alone, but now he had been surrounded by so many Black Ink Clans. He felt that no matter how strong Yang Kai was, there should be a limit. After all, he was only a Seventh Order, so it was impossible for him to defeat so many Black Ink Clans.

Unexpectedly, in just a few breaths, he had lost his life.

Liu Zian’s death also shocked the surrounding Black Ink Clan who had taken action. They didn’t even understand what had happened before the Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple was killed by the spear.

In front of Yang Kai, Liu Zian didn’t even have the strength to resist.

It wasn’t until this moment that Gui Liao pounced forward and swiped his claw towards Yang Kai. Liu Zian’s death had also shocked him greatly. This attack that he had been so determined to win had been greatly affected, causing him to hastily withdraw half of his strength.

When he summoned Zha Gu that day, Zha Gu had told him in detail about the battle that had taken place when Yang Kai was captured by Black Abyss. Although Zha Gu had spoken so confidently that day, Gui Liao still felt that Zha Gu was exaggerating.

It wasn’t as if he had never encountered a human race Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master before. Even if Yang Kai’s strength was extraordinary, it was impossible for him to be invincible like Zha Gu had said.

Zha Gu must have suffered a great loss at his hands, and at that time he had become the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Disciple, which was why Zha Gu was so full of praise.

Seeing Yang Kai cleanly kill Liu Zian, Gui Liao finally understood that Zha Gu’s words back then might not have been exaggerated, or perhaps he was simply reporting the truth!

It was no wonder the Territory Lord had personally taken action. Such terrifying strength was many times stronger than an ordinary Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, so it was inevitable that the Territory Lord would be tempted.

Gui Liao could feel that Yang Kai wasn’t at his peak right now, and he seemed to be injured. After all, he had escaped from the King City, so he must have encountered many battles.

Even so, he was still so terrifying. If he was at his peak, how strong would he be?

However, it was too late to understand all of this now. After Yang Kai’s first strike succeeded, his momentum soared and the Azure Dragon Spear transformed into a sky full of spear shadows that shot towards the Gui Liao.

In an instant, the pressure on Gui Liao’s body was like a mountain as the Black Ink Clan’s Secret Technique was activated, trying to protect himself.

The surrounding Black Ink Clans also spared no effort in unleashing their full strength, causing Yang Kai’s figure to sway and blood to spray out, but Yang Kai simply ignored them.

Gui Liao was furious.

He didn’t understand why Yang Kai was so intent on targeting him when so many of the Black Ink Clans were present. There were clearly other Black Ink Clans that were closer to him, but Yang Kai just ignored them, acting like he wanted to kill him no matter what.

Was it just because of the unfair treatment he had received in the ancient castle? If that was the case, it would be too unfair.

What he didn’t know was that the reason Yang Kai was only focused on him was mainly because of his strength and status.

Gui Liao was highly regarded by Black Abyss, so killing him was equivalent to killing one of Black Abyss’ most trusted subordinates. The key was that Gui Liao’s strength was outstanding, and according to Yang Kai’s understanding, Gui Liao would soon qualify to become a Territory Lord.

Once Gui Liao became a Territory Lord, the Human Race’s soldiers would have another powerful enemy on the battlefield. If he killed Gui Liao now, it was possible he would be able to kill their powerful enemy in the cradle.


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