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Yang Kai wasn’t surprised that this Black Ink Clan private army was able to understand the situation so quickly and intercept him here in advance. In fact, he had already guessed it.

Compared to the Human Race, the Black Ink Clan’s communication was extremely fast.

In Zha Gu’s territory, Yang Kai was able to pry into the mysteries of the Black Ink Nest. The entire Black Ink Clan used the Black Ink Nest as its foundation and constructed a massive intelligence network. In this intelligence network, anything that happened in the Black Ink Clan would quickly spread.

Since Twilight Royal Lord had already received news of the Secret Realm, with the help of the Black Ink Nest, this news would quickly spread throughout the entire territory and the Black Ink Clan would naturally be able to react quickly.

With Yang Kai’s current strength, he naturally didn’t care about the private army of a mere Feudal Lord. If Yang Kai was willing to, he could easily exterminate such a ragtag group with only a few Feudal Lords.

However, Yang Kai had no intention of taking action. The aura of the Twilight Royal Lord had locked onto him from far away, so he didn’t dare to waste any time or energy. If possible, he wouldn’t make a move against any of the Black Ink Clans and delay his escape.

Therefore, before the private army could charge forward, Yang Kai once again activated his Space Law and disappeared.

Leaving behind hundreds of Black Ink Clan cultivators, who all wore helpless expressions.

However, this was only the beginning. For the next half a day, Yang Kai would encounter the Black Ink Clan’s private army every now and then, but he had made up his mind not to fight with them and instead focused on escaping. Even if the Black Ink Clan found his trail, there was nothing they could do.

Unless they could seal off the world in advance so that he had nowhere to run, but the void was vast, so even if the Black Ink Clan could grasp the general direction in which Yang Kai was fleeing, they had no way to set up any traps in advance.

The entire time, he had been fleeing for his life.

This kind of escape was not unfamiliar to Yang Kai. On his path of growth, this kind of thing would often happen, and each time, it was the Space Law that helped him escape.

He could not remember the last time such a thing had happened, but every time he encountered such a situation, he would always encounter an invincible opponent.

As time passed, the entire Black Ink Clan in the Twilight Royal Lord's territory seemed to have been mobilized, and after all the previous losses, the Black Ink Clan had also changed their strategy and no longer gathered together. Instead, they split up into small teams and scattered throughout the void, quietly waiting for Yang Kai to appear.

As such, no matter how unwilling Yang Kai was, he still couldn’t avoid fighting with some of the Black Ink Clan masters. After all, when he activated his Space Law, he couldn’t determine where he was teleporting to without the Black Ink Clan waiting for him.

Fortunately, the number of Black Ink Clan masters he encountered wasn’t high and there weren’t many masters among them, so it took him some time to kill them all.

This small delay might not have been a problem under normal circumstances, but right now, there was a Royal Lord level master chasing after him, so it was quite dangerous.

He could feel that as time passed, the Twilight Royal Lord was getting closer to him! Although he didn’t know where the Twilight Royal Lord was, the aura binding him was becoming stronger, causing his entire body to feel heavy, as if something was pressing down on him. Even his control of the Space Law became less smooth, as if the entire void had become viscous.

Yang Kai’s expression was calm, but in his heart he was smiling bitterly.

Sure enough, an expert at the level of a Royal Lord was someone he was currently unable to contend with. The huge gap between their strength and grade was not something that the Space Law could make up for.

As he fled, Yang Kai flipped his hand and summoned an ancient coin.

This thing was given to him by the little girl who had spent all her time in the Yin Yang Pass in the Marketplace. According to the little girl, this was something she had taken from the Old Ancestor, and at a critical moment, it might be able to save his life.

Yang Kai naturally couldn’t count on this little girl who only knew how to eat all day, but since this thing came from the Yin Yang Pass’s Old Ancestor, it must have some kind of extraordinary power.

Moreover, as Old Ancestor, 'he' definitely knew everything that happened in the Yin Yang Pass like the back of his hand. Yang Kai didn’t think that a little girl who had never cultivated before could steal anything from the Old Ancestor.

In other words, the Old Ancestor also knew that the little girl had given him this ancient coin, and perhaps she had even received instructions and guidance from the Old Ancestor.

Why would the Old Ancestor give him this ancient coin? After thinking about it for a while, Yang Kai thinks the Old Ancestor give him some kind of life-saving method. After all, he had been entrusted with this task by the Yin Yang Pass, and he was also considered half a Yin Yang Heaven Disciple, so the Old Ancestor would naturally take care of him.

Otherwise, there was no way to explain. He had been in Yin Yang Pass for so many days, yet the Old Ancestor hadn’t even shown his face. The Black Ink Clan’s Battleship was extremely important, so it was impossible for the Old Ancestor to not care about it. The only reason he hadn’t shown up was because he had made arrangements beforehand.

And this ancient coin might have been arranged by the Old Ancestor.

Yang Kai had also investigated this ancient coin before, but he hadn’t discovered any mysteries.

But in this current situation, the only thing he could count on was this ancient coin. He secretly prayed that this thing would be of great use, otherwise he would really have to go to the underworld with his three hundred comrades today.

As the aura behind him grew closer, Yang Kai gradually felt the majestic will that belonged solely to the Royal Lord. This was not the first time he had felt this will. When he was in Black Prison, and when he was outside Blue Sky Pass, he had felt it.

However, the two times he had experienced it were far less profound than this time.

After all, the one in Black Prison had been sealed since ancient times and had long since become extremely weak, while the one outside Blue Sky Pass had also suffered heavy injuries and was no longer at its peak.

However, the Twilight Royal Lord who had chased after him was at his peak, completely incomparable to the other two.

Just the pressure from his will alone was enough to make Yang Kai totter on the verge of collapse. He felt as if a mountain was pressing down on him, making it difficult for him to move, making it difficult for him to control his Space Law.

After struggling for a while, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly froze in place, unable to move.

Firstly, he had been using his Space Law without regard for consumption for a long time, causing his own consumption to be too great, and secondly, the entire void had been completely sealed off by a great pressure.

He couldn’t even turn around.

In the darkness of the void, a figure slowly appeared, walking over step by step.

Yang Kai looked up and saw a graceful and elegant woman in the air in front of him. This woman wore a common palace dress of the Human Race, accentuating her full figure.

Yang Kai almost thought he was seeing things.

However, upon closer inspection, he discovered that this woman really did have the appearance of a human race, but her majestic will and indescribable majesty, as well as the rich Ink Force lingering around her, all of this indicated that this woman was from the Black Ink Clan, a Royal Lord Black Ink Clan!

Twilight Royal Lord!

Yang Kai had heard of this Royal Lord’s name more than once, from the mouths of the clansmen on Yin Yang Pass and the Black Ink Clan here, but only after seeing it with his own eyes today did he realize that the Twilight Royal Lord had such an image.

This was the first time Yang Kai had seen the Black Ink Clan, which was no different from the Human Race. Most of the Black Ink Clan’s members were tall and powerful, and all of them had different forms. Yang Kai had lived in the Black Ink Clan for so long and had seen all kinds of Black Ink Clan members, but he had never seen one like this.

Today was an eye-opener!

If this Twilight Royal Lord didn’t reveal her Ink Force, no one would think she was from the Black Ink Clan.

The woman walked over step by step, her movements unhurried, but her delicate face was as cold as ice as she lightly said, “A mere ant, your courage is not small!”

Obviously, she had learned about what had happened in the Secret Realm from Mie Qiong and knew that not only had the Human Race’s Artifact Refiners gone missing, but even the Battleship they were about to refine had been destroyed.

It could be said that her meticulously planned plan, which was enough to change the balance between the two races, had failed at the critical moment.

Anyone who encountered such a situation would not have a good temper.

Yang Kai’s expression was tense as he remained silent, not because he didn’t want to speak, but because in front of the Twilight Royal Lord, he didn’t even have the strength to speak.

“Where is Nie An?” The Twilight Royal Lord stopped less than a hundred meter away from Yang Kai and asked coldly.

To her, Nie An was the key to her plan. If the Battleship was destroyed, she could refine it again. If the Artifact Refiners were gone, she could slowly cultivate them, but there was only one Nie An. Without a Great Grandmaster like Nie An, the Black Ink Clan could forget about refining a qualified Battleship.

One had to know that the Black Ink Clan had waited bitterly for countless years before finally obtaining a Great Grandmaster like Nie An, and this was even with her full assistance. Otherwise, with just Nie An alone, it would have been impossible for him to safely advance to the Eighth Order, so naturally he would not have been able to become a Great Grandmaster.

As she asked this question, she slightly restrained her majesty.

Yang Kai could finally speak, his voice hoarse as if he had not drunk water for many days, “Nie An was killed by me!”

“Impudence!” The Twilight Royal Lord was enraged, and under the invisible pressure, Yang Kai opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, his expression immediately becoming dispirited.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with anger as she glared fiercely at Yang Kai, “I’ll give you one more chance. Tell me where Nie An is and I’ll spare your life!”

Yang Kai grinned, “Nie An’s limit is only a Sixth Order, and an Eighth Order Open Heaven power isn’t something he can withstand. If I say he’s dead, then he’s naturally dead, not to mention that he exploded right in front of me. How about this, you kill me and avenge him!”

The Twilight Royal Lord flew into a rage, but after recalling something, she suddenly calmed down and coldly said, “Do you want to die? It won’t be that easy. I heard that your Artifact Refining talent is quite good. If I properly train you, you might become the next Nie An.”

Saying so, her eyes suddenly turned dark.

Yang Kai felt as if some kind of force was trying to break through his Small Universe, but it soon came to an end. He suddenly realized something and shouted, “Royal Secret Technique!”

Back in the Black Prison, the several Eighth Order Open Heaven masters who had fought alongside him had been struck by the Royal Secret Technique and had been silently turned into Black Ink Disciples. Yang Kai’s memories of this were still fresh in his mind, and now that he had combined this experience with his own, how could he not guess what this woman had just done to him?


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