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Seeing that the Battleship was rapidly approaching him and showing no signs of slowing down, Mie Qiong roared, “Stop!”

Standing on the deck, Yang Kai’s lips curled up. Not only did he not stop, he instead pushed his own strength into the Battleship’s Array, causing the already fast Battleship to become even faster.

This person is definitely not a Black Ink Disciple! A thought flashed across Mie Qiong’s mind.

If he really was Black Ink Disciple, no matter whose subordinate he was, he wouldn’t dare act so presumptuously in front of a Territory Lord. However, at this moment, not only did he refuse to obey his order, he even became more aggressive.

Seeing that the Battleship was about to close in on him, Mie Qiong let out a furious roar and summoned his thick Ink Force, transforming it into a giant black ink cloud that wrapped around the Battleship. At the same time, he pushed his hands forward and blocked the approaching Battleship with precision.

The giant Battleship let out a loud hum, and the various parts of the Battleship began to creak under the powerful impact. Mie Qiong was pushed back repeatedly, but after only a dozen steps, he managed to stabilize himself and intercept the Battleship.

With his strength as a Territory Lord, such an unmanned Battleship naturally wouldn’t cause any harm to him, and if possible, he could easily destroy it.

However, this was a treasure that the Royal Lord had placed high hopes on and had spent a great deal of time, manpower, and financial resources to create. It was the key to the future of the Black Ink Clan, so how could he dare destroy it so easily?

Left with no choice, he could only use this method to intercept the Battleship, and this act of lifting something heavy as if it were light only further highlighted his strength.

Separated by a thin protective barrier, Yang Kai and Mie Qiong’s eyes met. One was calm like water while the other was furious.

Mie Qiong grit his teeth and shouted fiercely, “You’re dead, ant!”

Yang Kai suddenly grinned at him and poured his strength into the Battleship.

The next moment, an extremely dangerous aura spread from all over the Battleship.

Mie Qiong’s eyes bulged as he roared in horror, “You dare!”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and grabbed towards Yang Kai, but the Battleship’s protective light barrier was unable to resist the tyrannical attack of a Territory Lord, and in less than a breath’s time it was broken.

Seeing that the giant hand was about to capture Yang Kai, a dazzling light suddenly erupted from the inside of the Battleship and a terrifying energy swept out, enveloping the entire Battleship in flames.

Mie Qiong’s hand reached out and grabbed nothing but air, unable to catch the human. At the last moment, the human suddenly disappeared.

On the other hand, the explosion of the Battleship had caused the arm he had stretched out to be covered in wounds, and the powerful impact had forced him back repeatedly.

The Battleship was destroyed!

Mie Qiong stared fixedly at the mighty Battleship which had turned into a ball of flames, his heart as cold as a basin of cold water pouring.

He could almost imagine how furious the Royal Lord would be when he found out about what had happened here, and he would have to bear all the responsibility himself. This was a rage that even a Territory Lord like him couldn’t bear.

Up until now, Mie Qiong still didn’t understand what had happened and why it had suddenly become like this. After all, not long ago, Qing Lei had said that the Battleship was about to reach big accomplishment and had rushed to the King City to report this good news to the Royal Lord.

He also felt that he no longer needed to guard this place for several more years. In the future, he could ride the Black Ink Clan Battleship and look down on the battlefield.

This beautiful wish only lasted for less than an hour hour before it shattered like a bubble. Mie Qiong’s anger could be imagined.

That human race!

As long as he could capture that human, everything would be clear!

Mie Qiong suddenly turned his head towards the entrance and shouted, “Seal the entrance! Don’t let anyone leave this place!”

Although that human had disappeared at the same time the Battleship had exploded, Mie Qiong didn’t think he was dead. That human must have used some kind of method to conceal himself from his senses.

If that was the case, his next target should be the entrance, and he would definitely escape from this Secret Realm as soon as possible.

After shouting, Mie Qiong immediately turned around and headed back.

Just as he was about to move, he noticed the sound of someone fighting on the other side of the gate. Immediately after, the gate in the sky rapidly opened!

Sure enough, the human who had escaped from his clutches had gone over to the other side and disappeared as soon as the door opened.

After he disappeared, the gate suddenly closed and disappeared.

Mie Qiong flew into a rage, his figure transforming into a streak of black light as he rushed towards the gate. Looking around, he saw that the seven or eight Feudal Lords who had been guarding this place had all fallen, all of them seriously injured. The most serious of them had been pierced by some kind of sharp weapon, leaving behind a giant hole in their bodies as they bled.

That human was so strong? Mie Qiong was stunned.

After all, according to his understanding, the Black Ink Disciple sent over by Black Abyss was only a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator. Although most of the Seventh Order Human Race masters were stronger than the Black Ink Clan’s FeudalLord, if they were not his opponent in a one-on-one fight, how could they not be his opponent with more people against one?

It had only been a few breaths since he had escaped, so how had he managed to injure seven or eight Feudal Lords?

Without any time to think, Mie Qiong grit his teeth and shouted, “Open the gate!”

Since that human had fled, he naturally wanted to pursue him. Only by capturing him would he have a chance to make up for his mistakes and figure out what had happened here.

There was no need for Mie Qiong’s instructions. In fact, after Yang Kai escaped, there was a Feudal Lord in charge of opening the gate, but the gate that could normally be opened through a token was completely unresponsive today.

He tried many times in a row, but all of them were the same.

The Feudal Lord’s forehead was covered in sweat, but it was unclear whether it was from the pain of his injuries or from the anxiety, but he turned to Mie Qiong and said, “Sir, I can’t open it!”

“Trash!” Mie Qiong kicked the Feudal Lord to the ground and snatched the token from his hand, pouring his strength into it before gently swinging it towards the door.

As usual, a black light shot into the void, but there was no response. The door that should have opened immediately disappeared.

Mie Qiong’s eyes widened as he tried again, only to find that it was still the same.

A Feudal Lord walked up and whispered, “Sir, this seal was set up by that Black Ink Disciple, he must have done something.”

Mie Qiong naturally realized this as well, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to explain the current situation. He clenched his fist and crushed the token, shouting, “Force your way through!”

As he spoke, he was the first to attack, launching a fierce attack towards the gate. Seeing this, many of the Feudal Lords followed suit.

In the void, Yang Kai activated his Space Law and his figure flickered as he fled away from the direction of the King City.

The last time he had accompanied a Feudal Lord to the King City to purchase materials, he had left behind a contingency plan in the Secret Realm. With his attainments in the Space Law, no one would be able to detect it, but this time he had activated it after escaping from the Secret Realm.

However, he also knew that the methods he had left behind wouldn’t be able to stop Mie Qiong for long. Mie Qiong only needed to forcefully open the door, and in less than half a cup of tea’s time, he would be able to open it again. At that time, what awaited him would be the endless pursuit of the Black Ink Clan.

As such, he only had half a cup of tea’s worth of time to escape. With this little bit of time, even if he was proficient in Space Law, he could forget about escaping from the Black Ink Clan.

Right now, he could only try his best to distance himself from the King City.

With his current strength, if he were to encounter a Territory Lord, he might be able to deal with them, but if he were to provoke the Royal Lord itself, he could only poke his neck out.

Nie An was dead, and the only Black Ink Clan Battleship that had been built had been destroyed. The Black Ink Clan’s plan had been completely destroyed.

If he could bring back the three hundred or so Artifact Refiners who had been taken into his Small Universe, it would be perfect.

However, the road ahead was filled with thorns, and Yang Kai wasn’t sure if he would be able to escape alive. At this moment, he could only give it his all and risk his life. If he succeeded, he would be overjoyed, but if he failed, he would have more than three hundred fellow Daoists willing to die with him, so he wouldn’t be lonely on the road to the underworld.

Activating his Space Laws with all his might, his figure flickered like a ghost.

As he continued forward, he is completely calm.

Occasionally, when he encountered the Black Ink Clan who were heading towards the King City, they would lose track of Yang Kai’s whereabouts, many of them even thinking they were seeing things.

At one point, Yang Kai, who was fleeing, suddenly felt his hair stand on end. In the distance behind him, a pair of eyes slowly opened and stared at his fleeing figure.

Twilight Royal Lord!

Calculating the time, Mie Qiong should have already broken through the gate and sent the news of the Secret Realm to the King City.

However, even though the Twilight Royal Lord was in the distant King City, he was still able to accurately determine his location, causing Yang Kai to be somewhat shocked.

After leaving the Secret Realm, he had been constantly using his Space Law to escape, so now he was far from the King City.

The Royal Lord was indeed extraordinary and could not be judged by common sense.

Yang Kai wasn’t sure if the Twilight Royal Lord could really find his exact location, but he didn’t dare relax in the slightest as he fled. However, after being stared at by that mysterious gaze, Yang Kai felt as if something was wrapped around his body, causing him to feel somewhat uncomfortable. Even his thoughts were somewhat sluggish.

This was the aura of the Royal Lord!

Yang Kai’s face sank as he continued to flee, not caring about the cost. Regardless of whether or not he was discovered by the Twilight Royal Lord, Yang Kai still had room to escape. After all, the Twilight Royal Lord should be quite a distance away from him, so it wouldn’t be easy to pursue him.

After escaping from the Secret Realm for half a day, Yang Kai finally encountered the first wave of Black Ink Clan army.

It wasn’t appropriate to call it an army, but from the looks of it, it should only be the private army of a Feudal Lord. Among them, there were only a few Feudal Lords, while the rest were High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clan, totaling about two or three hundred.

This private army was right in front of Yang Kai’s escape route, as if they had been waiting for him for a long time. As soon as Yang Kai’s figure appeared, the leader of the Black Ink Clan’s forces shouted, “It’s this human! Capture him, the Royal Lord will reward you handsomely!”


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Rein Larsa
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“It’s this human! Capture him, the Royal Lord will reward you handsomely!”


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