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Strictly speaking, Yang Kai’s plan was quite crude, and there were many things he couldn’t control. For example, whether Qing Lei would leave, how he would escape from the Secret Realm under the blockade of a Territory Lord, and how he would escape the pursuit of the Black Ink Clan.

All of these questions were too difficult for him to think about, even if he did, it would be useless.

The roughness of his plan meant that there were too many variables. The only thing he could control was to launch a sneak attack and kill Nie An.

Now that the Black Ink Clan’s Battleship was about to mature under Nie An’s leadership and Qing Lei had left at this time, no matter how crude the plan was, it had to be implemented.

Now that Nie An had died, the Black Ink Clan’s plan had come to an end. As for whether he could escape from this Secret Realm with the other Artifact Refiners, or even escape from the pursuit of the Black Ink Clan, he could only do his best.

After confirming that Nie An was dead, Yang Kai’s heart calmed down and he immediately began absorbing the power of the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals in his Small Universe without any regard for the cost.

Hundreds of Artifact Refiners had gathered on the entire Battleship. Over the past six months, under Nie An’s leadership, the Artifact Refiners had been busy refining the Battleship, so no Artifact Refiner had the time to rest. All of them had gathered here, giving Yang Kai a chance to capture all of them.

Among these hundreds of Artifact Refiners, besides Wu Xinghe and the other Grandmasters who had been purified by him, the others were still Black Ink Disciple.

If he wanted these Black Ink Disciples to cooperate with him, he would first have to correct the situation.

A dazzling Purification Light burst out and spread out from him, enveloping the entire Battleship and all the Artifact Refiners.

A series of crackling sounds rang out as the Artifact Refiners’ bodies began to emit a black ink power that was purified by the pure white light.

In just a short period of time, all the Artifact Refiners had regained their original natures, and this sudden change left everyone at a loss.

However, they clearly remembered everything they had done before. They were the ones who had refined a Battleship for the Black Ink Clan, and all of them immediately showed regret.

At the critical moment, Wang Sibo and Guan Ning shouted loudly, simply explaining the whole story to calm the hearts of the crowd.

After a brief moment of confusion and panic, all the Artifact Refiners, under the guidance of Wang Sibo and Guan Ning, began to oversee the various Arrays on the Battleship and poured their strength into them.

Outside the Battleship, many of the Black Ink Clan masters were still confused, not knowing what had happened inside the Battleship. They only knew that something bad had happened inside. Many Feudal Lords gathered around the Battleship and shouted, and some of them even began attacking the protective light curtain, wanting to see what was happening.

At this moment, a humming sound rang out as the Battleship slowly rose into the air, followed by a series of fierce attacks.

The surrounding Black Ink Clan cultivators were caught off guard and suffered a great loss, causing many of them to die in an instant. Even the Feudal Lords were severely injured.

Although Nie An’s return wasn’t good news for Yang Kai, the Battleship he was in charge of refining was a great help.

This Battleship’s overall performance may not be as good as the Human Race’s Battleship, but it was certainly enough to support fighting on the battlefield, especially with hundreds of Artifact Refiners controlling it.

After all, this Battleship was refined by them, so they were more familiar with its various functions than anyone else.

Using the Battleships they had participated in building to attack the Black Ink Clan, there was nothing happier than this. The Artifact Refiners pushed their strength to the limit and vented the grievances they had suffered since becoming Black Ink Disciples.

The Battleship roared, activating its Offensive Arrays one after another, not caring about the cost at all as the fierce attacks sent the many Black Ink Clan cultivators fleeing.

The Black Ink Clan’s side would occasionally retaliate, but none of them dared to use their full strength. The Battleship’s protective light curtain was completely capable of neutralizing these attacks.

Before they could determine what was happening inside the Battleship, the Black Ink Clan didn’t dare to exert too much strength. After guarding this Secret Realm for so many years, the Black Ink Clan knew that these Human Race Artifact Refiners were precious treasures and talents that the Royal Lord had placed high hopes on. Who would dare to kill them? If they killed a few precious Artifact Refiners, they would have to pay with their lives.

With this kind of hesitation, the Battleship’s power became even more unstoppable!

Finally, one of the Feudal Lords reacted and shouted, “Quickly inform Sir Mie Qiong!”

In fact, Mie Qiong is looking at this side with suspicion at this moment.

The energy fluctuations from the Battleship’s explosion were abnormally violent. As a Territory Lord, how could Mie Qiong not be able to sense it? However, he had been ordered to guard the gate and not leave easily, so although he had noticed something unusual, he had not immediately gone to investigate.

After all, there had been some energy fluctuations coming from the Battleship from time to time, caused by the Human Race Artifact Refiners testing the power of their artifacts.

However, this time was obviously different. Mie Qiong hesitated for a moment before ordering one of his subordinates, “Go over there and see what’s happening.”

The Feudal Lord immediately went to investigate.

At this moment, Yang Kai was wandering all over the Battleship. Although the Human Race had used the Battleship’s power and momentum to turn the world upside down, the Black Ink Clan would certainly quickly react.

Qing Lei wasn’t here, but Mie Qiong was still a great enemy. Once Mie Qiong arrived, even if the Human Race relied on the Battleships, they wouldn’t be able to compete with him. After all, this Battleship was incomplete, and many Arrays had been damaged by Nie An’s self-destruction.

Yang Kai had to collect the Artifact Refiners into his Small Universe before Mie Qiong could react. This way, it would be easier for him to escape with them. Otherwise, with so many of them here, there was no way they could escape.

Over three hundred Artifact Refiners, with the exception of Wu Xinghe and the other two Grandmasters, were all below the Seventh Order, making it easier for him to collect them.

Wherever he went, the Artifact Refiners disappeared one by one and were all collected into his Small Universe.

Without the support of the Artifact Refiners, the Battleship’s power rapidly decreased and was no longer as powerful as before.

In less than a dozen breaths of time, only Wu Xinghe and the other Grandmasters remained on the Battleship. The Battleship burst into flames, causing the fleeing Black Ink Clan masters to be stunned.

Yang Kai immediately shouted, “Senior Brothers, please cut your cultivation level!”

Wu Xinghe and the other two were all Seventh Order Open Heaven masters, the same grade as Yang Kai. Under normal circumstances, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to take them into his Small Universe’s territory, but if they took the initiative to part with their Small Universe’s territory and its grade fell, it wouldn’t be a problem.

This was also part of Yang Kai’s original plan, so Wu Xinghe and the others naturally knew about it.

Therefore, after hearing his shout, the three of them didn’t hesitate to part with their own territories. In order to save time, the three of them spared no effort when they had to part with their own territories, causing their auras to rapidly weaken.

In just a short time, the three of them had fallen from the Seventh Order to the Sixth Order, their faces all pale, the pain of their soul being torn apart making their body tremble.

Yang Kai had experienced the pain of cutting off the Small Universe’s territory, so he was naturally aware of their current state. However, compared to escaping with his life, it wasn’t a big deal for them to drop their grades. After all, once they returned, they would be safe. As long as they consumed a Profound Female Spirit Fruit, they would be able to restore their Small Universe, but if they lost their lives, they would lose everything.

A short while later, Wu Xinghe and the other two were also taken into his Small Universe.

Taking in more than three hundred people at once, if it were any other Seventh Order cultivator, they definitely wouldn’t be able to hold on. After all, there was a limit to the number of people a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator could possess. Taking in too many Open Heaven Stage cultivators would cause one’s strength to decline greatly.

However, Yang Kai didn’t have much of a reaction at this moment. He didn’t know if it was because of his rich heritage or some other reason.

However, this was undoubtedly good news for him.

Without the presence of Wu Xinghe and the other two, the Battleship’s protective light barrier had also disappeared. It was only now that the Black Ink Clan masters could clearly see what was happening inside the Battleship.

Seeing this, all of the Black Ink Clan members were shocked.

At this moment, the hundreds of Artifact Refiners on the Battleship had disappeared, leaving only one person behind. Not only that, the Battleship seemed to have suffered some kind of impact, and many places were clearly damaged.

What happened?

Many of the Black Ink Clans were confused!

Standing on the deck, Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to the clamoring of the surrounding Black Ink Clans, instead focusing his attention on the entrance.

On the other side, Mie Qiong’s aura was rapidly approaching, obviously having noticed the abnormality here and was about to investigate.

Yang Kai let out a long breath and poured his strength into the defensive array beneath his feet. The next moment, the Battleship’s protective light curtain appeared again, but this time, it was only a defensive barrier, not a barrier that could block the sight like before.

Immediately after, under his control, the giant Battleship changed directions and rushed towards the gate.

From afar, a black streak of light rapidly approached. It was Mie Qiong, who was guarding the entrance, with a large group of Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords following behind him.

At this moment, Mie Qiong was extremely furious.

Although he had noticed some abnormal activity in the mountain valley, considering that the Human Race’s Artifact Refiners had been experimenting with the power of their artifacts recently, he hadn’t immediately come to investigate. He had only sent a subordinate to understand the situation, but the information he had obtained had shocked him greatly.

For some reason, the Battleship had suddenly launched an attack on the Black Ink Clan stationed there, causing many of them to die.

How could this be?

Were the Human Race’s Artifact Refiners crazy? How could they dare attack the Black Ink Clan? Why would they attack?

When Qing Lei left just now, he had told him that the Battleship had basically been completed and he was going to report this good news to the Royal Lord.

Qing Lei had just left, but such a thing had happened in the next moment. As the only Territory Lord in charge of this place, how could he bear the responsibility? Even if he was the Territory Lord, it would be difficult for him to absolve himself of the blame.

Mie Qiong felt like a volcano was about to erupt.

From afar, he saw the Battleship refined by the Human Race’s Artifact Refiners crashing towards him at an extremely fast speed, and on the deck of the Battleship, a figure stood alone with a cold expression.

It was the Artifact Refiner sent by Black Abyss!

But why was he the only one there? What about the others?


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Jul 31, 2023

I have been thinking before, since they were able to seal his light powers, why not weaponize it. Make it like a grenade and surprise those 8th or 9th level Inkies while in a battle. Make it explode while punching close up since it's harmless to humans.


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Kerad Kainbord
Jun 07, 2022

How can a Territory lord be YKs opponent? With world tree, ancient dragon body and all this?

Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
Feb 21, 2023
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exactly !

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