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Under the busy hands of the Artifact Refiners, the incomplete Battleship was quickly dismantled.

Subsequently, Nie An issued orders and divided the hundreds of Artifact Refiners into more than a dozen groups, each of which had their own specific task according to the area they specialized in.

A large number of Artifact Refining materials were sent over by the Black Ink Clan and many Artifact Refiners began to get busy.

While Yang Kai was busy, he quietly observed Nie An and discovered that he should indeed have reached the level of a Great Grandmaster Artifact Refiner. Although he didn’t know what kind of Artifact Refining skills Nie An had before breaking through, from the looks of it, he was definitely far superior to Wu Xinghe and the others.

Perhaps he couldn’t compare to a Great Grandmaster like Blue Sky Pass' Guo Anping, but Dongguo Anping had been a Great Grandmaster for many years, so as a newly promoted Great Grandmaster, Nie An naturally lacked experience.

However, given enough time, he might be able to reach the same level as Dongguo Anping.

This person’s talent in Artifact Refining was indeed extraordinary, no wonder he was able to achieve such achievements from a nobody.

Although his skill was still lacking, it was enough to refine a real palace artifact.

Under Yang Kai’s worried gaze, after only three months, the palace artifact in the valley had already taken shape. Compared to the one they had dismantled before, it didn’t look much different, but as an Artifact Refiner, everyone in the valley could clearly feel that this one in front of them was several times better than the previous one. Once it was perfected, it would be able to support the needs of a great battle.

The joy of being about to succeed made many Artifact Refiners invest even more effort into this grand plan, allowing the speed of the Battleship’s completion to increase significantly.

Yang Kai remained by Wu Xinghe’s side, assisting him.

During this time, with Wu Xinghe’s cooperation, the Ink Force in Wang Sibo and Guan Ning’s bodies had been completely dispersed.

Although the three Grandmasters were trying to delay the completion of the Battleship as much as possible, they didn’t want to make it too obvious, lest they reveal any clues.

Day after day, under the investment of a massive amount of resources and the efforts of hundreds of Artifact Refiners, the Battleship gradually became better.

As for the six months that Yang Kai had set before, it was getting closer.

On this day, as usual, Yang Kai worked together with Wu Xinghe to refine an offensive artifact on the Battleship. It had only been half a year since Nie An had returned, and under his leadership, hundreds of Artifact Refiners had worked together to refine the entire Battleship, but there were still some flaws that needed to be corrected.

As for its specific performance, although the Artifact Refiners who refined this Battleship had evaluated it, they still needed to verify it on the battlefield.

Not far from the Battleship, Nie An was talking to Qing Lei Territory Lord.

Qing Lei had always been nonchalant to Yang Kai, Wu Xinghe, and the others, but in front of Nie An, he had always been polite. It was obvious that Nie An’s position in the Black Ink Clan was quite high.

Thinking about it, as an Eighth Order Open Heaven master and a Great Grandmaster Artifact Refiner, no matter which Black Ink Clan’s Black Ink Disciple Nie An originally belonged to, he had probably become the subordinate of the Twilight Royal Lord.

The Royal Lord’s Black Ink Disciple, naturally received different treatment.

The two of them didn’t try to hide anything, so Yang Kai heard them clearly.

Qing Lei asked, “Brother Nie, can we use this palace artifact now?”

Nie An put his hands behind his back and said proudly, “Sure, once the last few places are completed, we can head to the battlefield.”

Qing Lei was overjoyed when he heard this, “Brother Nie is indeed amazing.”

Nie An said lightly, “This Nie will not dissapoint Master Royal Lord.”

Qing Lei asked again, “In terms of performance, how is it compared to the Human Race's?”

Nie An said, “Perhaps it’s a bit worse, but this is only the first one. We’ll refine more later. Once everyone is familiar with it, its performance will naturally improve. Before long, we’ll be able to refine something similar to a Human Race Battleship. Although its performance is a bit worse, because it’s a Battleship built for the Black Ink Clan, it’s much larger than a Human Race Battleship. As long as we have enough people, its combat ability won’t be too bad.”

Qing Lei nodded lightly, “Then I’ll report this to the Royal Lord.”

“In addition, please inform the Royal Lord that a single Battleship won’t be of much use on the battlefield. It would be best if we could refine more Battleships here and give the Human Race a pleasant surprise.”

Qing Lei grinned, “The Royal Lord obtained Brother Nie and won an army!”

“Brother Qing Lei is too kind.”

Qing Lei didn’t say anything more, “Then I’ll go to the King City and tell the good news here to the Royal Lord. I’m sure the Royal Lord will be overjoyed, so I’ll have to trouble Brother Nie with the matter here.”

“It’s my duty,” Nie An nodded lightly.

In the next moment, Qing Lei soared into the sky and rushed towards the gate.

Yang Kai and the busy Wu Xinghe exchanged a glance, their eyes flashing.

A short while later, a faint fluctuation of Space Laws appeared from the door, indicating that Qing Lei had left the Secret Realm.

After confirming this, Yang Kai nodded slightly to Wu Xinghe, stood up, and walked off in another direction.

Passing by Wang Sibo who was busy, he whispered, “It’s time.”

Wang Sibo's hand paused for a moment before nodding slightly.

Yang Kai also go tu Guan Ning side to inform him.

A moment later, Wu Xinghe suddenly stood up and called out, “Senior Brother Nie!”

When Nie An heard this, he turned around and frowned, “What is it?”

Wu Xinghe said, “Senior Brother, please take a look. There’s a small problem here that requires Senior Brother’s attention.”

When Nie An heard this, he didn’t hesitate and arrived in front of Wu Xinghe in a flash, “What happened?”

Wu Xinghe pointed at the offensive artifact he was refining and asked, “There seems to be something wrong with this artifact. Do you need to refine another one?”

Nie An turned his head to look at the artifact, reached out his hand, and carefully examined it. A moment later, his expression became ugly as he asked, “Trash, how did you refine this artifact to such an extent? You still have the nerve to call yourself a Grandmaster Artifact Refiner?”

Wu Xinghe stood to the side, not daring to speak, but from the corner of his eye, he saw Yang Kai appear behind Nie An like a ghost. Both of his hands flashed with a yellow and blue light, and as he pressed his palms together, the yellow and blue light suddenly transformed into pure white light that enveloped Nie An.

Seeing this, Wu Xinghe didn’t hesitate and immediately followed his original plan, flashing to a nearby Defensive Array and pouring his strength into it.

At the same time, in the other two locations of the Battleship, Wang Sibo and Guan Ning, who had received Yang Kai’s instructions, had also made their preparations. The moment they noticed that something was wrong with the Battleship, they immediately activated their Defensive Array.

Three Defensive Arrays were activated at the same time by the three Seventh Order Open Heaven master, and in an instant, a huge light barrier enveloped the entire Battleship.

The abnormality of the Battleship instantly attracted the attention of the surrounding Black Ink Clan guards, but when they turned their heads to look, they couldn’t see anything clearly. They could only see that the light barrier surrounding the Battleship was like a thick membrane that blocked their vision.

This caused many of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords to be shocked and confused, not knowing what was happening inside the Battleship as they all gathered together.

No one had expected that a long-planned plan was unfolding vigorously.

The Black Ink Clan hadn’t expected this, and neither had Nie An. In such a place, there was actually someone who dared to ambush him.

When Yang Kai used the Purification Light to envelop him, he suddenly turned around and instinctively felt a sense of fear towards the dazzling white light, immediately shouting, “Courting death!”

When the power of the Eighth Order Open Heaven was released, he punched out.

With a muffled groan, it was as if someone had been sent flying by his punch, but the white light also completely enveloped him. Under the white light’s envelopment, Nie An immediately let out a painful howl as the Ink Force in his body seemed to have encountered some kind of nemesis and began pouring out, turning into nothingness.

Nie An’s eyes filled with terror and shock as the violent energy became more dangerous. On his bloated body, large lumps of flesh constantly bulged and oozed out pus.

In just a short time, the Ink Force in his Small Universe was completely dispersed by the Purifying Light, and without the support of the Ink Force, the powerful cultivation of an Eighth Order Open Heaven was not something he could withstand.

Nie An’s eyes were wide open and blue veins bulged on his forehead, making him look even more terrifying than before. His originally bloated body seemed to have been inflated and was rapidly expanding.

He swayed slightly and stretched out his hand as if he wanted to grab something, but in the end, he could not.

With a loud bang, his entire body suddenly exploded, turning into minced meat and blood.

Just as Yang Kai had told Wu Xinghe before, in a situation like Nie An’s, he didn’t even need to fight him head-on to kill him. His Eighth Order Cultivation was obtained by borrowing the Ink Force. Without the support of the Ink Force, his powerful cultivation was actually fatal to his life.

Yang Kai didn’t even need to fight him, he just needed to use the Purifying Light to disperse the Ink Force in his body and kill him.

After all, no matter what, Nie An was still an Eighth Order. If they really fought, Yang Kai might not be his opponent.

Eighth Order Open Heaven exploded, and under the powerful impact, the entire deck of the Battleship was thrown into chaos. The nearby Artifact Refiners all fell to the ground, and the front of the entire Battleship was battered by the impact. Even the protective light barrier surrounding the Battleship suddenly bulged.

Coughing lightly, Yang Kai pulled his body out of the ship’s wall, his face flushing slightly.

Nie An’s furious attack at the last moment had still managed to injure him, but this was unavoidable. At such a close distance, even if he possessed a Space Divine Ability, he could not avoid an attack from an Eighth Order Open Heaven.

Fortunately, the plan went smoothly.

Now that Nie An had died, the Black Ink Clan’s grand plan had to be put on hold. Apart from him, a newly promoted Great Grandmaster, no one else could refine a Battleship that could support a great war with the Human Race.

It could be said that after killing Nie An, Yang Kai had completed more than half of his mission. Even if he couldn’t escape today and die here, it would be worth it.


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