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When Yang Kai and the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord arrived, the Secret Realm’s door opened.

On the deck, two figures noticed the commotion and turned to look.

One of them was the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, while the other was the Eighth Order Open Heaven that Yang Kai had sensed before. Looking closely, Yang Kai could see that the Eighth Order Open Heaven was extremely bloated, like a meatball, with a round head on its body, making it impossible to see its neck.

On his exposed skin, there were many lumps that looked like tumors. These lumps were extremely thick and looked extremely terrifying.

This meatball stood there, but its entire body exuded a violent and dangerous aura. Even the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord who was walking with it didn’t want to get too close to it and tried his best to put some distance between them.

Seeing this person’s true appearance, how could Yang Kai not know his identity?

This was obviously the 'Nie An' Wu Xinghe had mentioned.

Although they had never met before, what he saw in front of him clearly showed that this person had broken through his shackles with the help of the Ink Force and achieved achievements that were difficult to achieve by ordinary means. However, if this was the case, there would definitely be great hidden dangers.

When Nie An had broken through to Open Heaven, he had only been a fourth Order, and a Sixth Order was his limit. Being corroded by the Ink Force to reach the Seventh Order was already a fluke, but now he had actually managed to break through to the Eighth Order Open Heaven. This was all thanks to the help of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, otherwise it would have been impossible.

His current state could be said to be extremely dangerous, giving off a feeling that his body could explode at any moment, yet he was able to remain safe and sound. Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of astonishing technique the Twilight Royal Lord had used to allow him to protect his life when he broke through to the Eighth Order.

However, if that was the case, Nie An would really be able to advance to the Great Grandmaster level.

If a Great Grandmaster were to take action, they would definitely be able to refine a palace artifact. Perhaps it wouldn’t be long before the Black Ink Clan truly possessed their own Battleship, allowing them to travel freely on the battlefield. It would no longer be as useless as before.

Yang Kai immediately felt a sense of urgency.

When he first heard about the existence of Nie An from Wu Xinghe, he had no choice but to change his plans. He didn’t expect Nie An to break through so quickly and advance to the Eighth Order.

Fortunately, now that Nie An’s life and death had been determined, it was easier to treat the situation.

“Newcomer?” Just as Yang Kai’s thoughts were changing, Nie An suddenly asked.

Yang Kai quickly cupped his fists, “Greetings, Sir. I’ve been here for more than three years.”

Nie An revealed a look of enlightenment, “Are you the one sent by Black Abyss?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai didn’t know how he knew he was a Black Ink Disciple under Black Abyss, but from this, it could be seen that this Nie An should be able to easily obtain information from the higher ups of the Black Ink Clan. In other words, the Royal Lord really valued him greatly.

“Why are you going out?” Nie An asked again.

Yang Kai reported honestly, but he couldn’t help rejoicing in his heart. The materials Wu Xinghe had asked him to buy were indeed extremely rare and precious. Qing Lei could be easily confused, but not Nie An.

Fortunately, Nie An was only asking casually and didn’t have any intention of probing further. Hearing this, he nodded slightly and didn’t say anything more.

The door opened, and the Territory Lord and Nie An quickly entered while the ship remained outside. After they entered, Yang Kai and the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord entered the Secret Realm together.

Mie Qiong was busy receiving Nie An from the Territory Lord and didn’t seem to have time to pay any attention to Yang Kai, so he just casually asked a few questions before letting him pass.

After escorting Yang Kai to the mountain valley, the Feudal Lord left to report to Qing Lei.

Yang Kai arrived in front of Wu Xinghe’s building at a steady pace and gently lifted his hand to activate the restriction. A moment later, a crack appeared on the restriction and Yang Kai flashed inside.

On the second floor of the building, Wu Xinghe was sitting cross-legged, his entire body surging with an extremely weak Ink Force, while he was constantly using his Small Universe’s power to resist the erosion of the Ink Force.

Yang Kai wasn’t surprised by this situation and quickly arrived in front of Wu Xinghe. As he placed his palms together, a dazzling pure light burst out and enveloped Wu Xinghe.

With a crackling sound, Wu Xinghe’s Ink Force disappeared.

Wu Xinghe’s clothes were drenched in sweat as he let out a long sigh, “Junior Brother returned so quickly.”

Yang Kai replied, “Naturally, I won’t let Senior Brother take the risk.”

Before setting out, Yang Kai knew that Wu Xinghe had been corroded by the Ink Force, which was why he had returned so quickly. Otherwise, if he had returned too late, Wu Xinghe would have been turned into a Black Ink Disciple again and his existence would have been exposed.

Of course, Yang Kai estimated that at the last moment, Wu Xinghe would die to protect his secrets.

In the face of the greater picture, the Human Race’s soldiers were never stingy with their lives.

As for how Wu Xinghe was corroded by the Ink Force, it was naturally when he went to see Qing Lei. This Secret Realm was not filled with Ink Force, so as long as he was careful, there was nothing to worry about. However, when Wu Xinghe met Qing Lei, he was too close to him. The Ink Force a Territory Lord master was extremely rich, and Wu Xinghe didn’t dare to resist at all, lest he reveal any clues, naturally he was contaminated by the Ink Force.

Fortunately, he didn’t have much Ink Force on him, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to hold himself until Yang Kai’s return.

“Has everything been settled?” Wu Xinghe asked with concern.

Yang Kai nodded, “It’s done.”

Wu Xinghe didn’t know what kind of methods Yang Kai had that allowed him to act under the watchful eyes of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord, but since he had said so, it was indeed a good plan.

“Senior Brother Wu, Nie An is back,” Yang Kai suddenly said.

“Nie An is back?” Wu Xinghe was slightly surprised.

Yang Kai nodded solemnly, “On the way back, I ran into him. He is now an Eighth Order!”

When Wu Xinghe heard this, a look of worry appeared on his face, “This is not a good news.”

The situation he and Yang Kai had hoped for was nothing more than Nie An exploding and dying while trying to break through. This way, there would no longer be anyone in charge of the Black Ink Clan building their Battleship, but now that Nie An had returned safely, this was definitely bad news.

After a moment of silence, Wu Xinghe asked, “Nie An… can he be saved?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “He can’t be saved. His limit is only the Sixth Order, and his Small Universe can only withstand the power of the Sixth Order. The only reason he is safe and sound now is because of the Ink Force. If I were to disperse the Ink Force in his body, his Small Universe would definitely collapse.”

Wu Xinghe’s eyes dimmed, “What a pity.”

If Nie An could be saved, it would be a good thing for the Human Race. After all, a Great Grandmaster level Artifact Refiner was a rare talent no matter where they went. However, after hearing Yang Kai’s words, Wu Xinghe knew that there was no hope for Nie An to be saved and couldn’t help feeling regret.

“Although it’s a pity, Nie An must die!” Yang Kai said solemnly.

As long as Nie An died, the matter of the Black Ink Clan Battleship would be put on hold.

Perhaps in the future, the Black Ink Clan would be able to cultivate a few more Artifact Refiners, but it was no longer possible for them to reach the Great Grandmaster Level.

The Human Race’s various mountain passes now had the Purification Light, and the Expelling Black Ink Pill had been successfully refined. In other words, in the future, it would be almost impossible for the Human Race’s soldiers to be transformed by the Ink Force. Without the Black Ink Disciple as a foundation, how could the Black Ink Clan cultivate Artifact Refiners?

From the moment he used the Ink Force to break through his limits, people like Nie An and Liu Zian no longer had a chance to be saved.

“Eighth Order Open Heaven… it’s not that easy to kill, not to mention that there are two Territory Lords in this Secret Realm. What are your plans?”

Yang Kai said, “An ordinary Eighth Order Open Heaven is naturally not my opponent, but Nie An is different. Not to mention whether or not he can display the strength of an Eighth Order, I don’t need to face him head-on. I just need to find an opportunity to disperse the Ink Force in his body. When that time comes, his body will explode and he will die. As for the two Territory Lords of the Black Ink Clan… Mie Qiong presides over the gate and doesn’t leave for many years, so I don’t have any good ideas. On the other hand, Qing Lei leaves once every half a year, so this is an opportunity I can use.”

Hearing this, Wu Xinghe nodded and said, “Qing Lei only left a few days ago, I’m afraid the next time he leaves will be half a year later.”

“Then we’ll take action in half a year!” Yang Kai made up his mind, “I hope everything will go smoothly by then, but before that, Senior Brother Wang and Senior Brother Guan matters will need Senior Brother Wu’s cooperation.”

Wu Xinghe understood, “I’ll find an opportunity to inform you.”

As the two of them were talking, the sound of a restriction being activated suddenly rang out. Wu Xinghe’s heart jumped as he opened the restriction. A moment later, a Black Ink Disciple walked up and cupped his fists towards the two, “Senior Brothers, Senior Brother Nie has summoned you!”

Wu Xinghe asked curiously, “What is it?”

The Black Ink Disciple shook his head, “I don’t know, but Senior Brother Nie wants everyone to gather together.”

Saying so, he turned around and left.

Yang Kai and Wu Xinghe looked at each other and couldn’t help frowning. Nie An had summoned all the Artifact Refiners as soon as he returned, but they didn’t know what he wanted to do.

“Let’s go take a look,” Wu Xinghe called out and the two of them left together.

A short while later, hundreds of Artifact Refiners gathered in front of the Battleship, and in front of them was Nie An, who was as fat as a meatball.

Many people were whispering amongst themselves, obviously confused by Nie An’s call.

After everyone had arrived, Nie An narrowed his eyes at the giant Battleship in front of him and waved his hand, “Tear it down.”

With these words, everyone was shocked.

Standing in front, Guan Ning took a step forward and asked, “Senior Brother Nie, this Battleship is about to be completed, why do you want to dismantle it?”

Nie An said lightly, “What’s the point of keeping a pile of trash? Dismantle it.”


Guan Ning wanted to say something, but Nie An suddenly turned his head and looked at him sharply, “What do you want to say?”

As he spoke, the aura of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master swept out.

Guan Ning hesitated for a moment but eventually decided not to say anything.

Wu Xinghe, who was standing next to Yang Kai, frowned slightly. Although Nie An had acted a bit domineering and arrogant in the past, he was definitely not as overbearing as he was now. It seemed that forcibly advancing to the Eighth Order had greatly changed his temperament.


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