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“The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord is extremely concerned about this matter. Nie An’s breakthrough this time will definitely be supported by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, perhaps even personally assisting him. If the Royal Lord personally takes action, Nie An may succeed.”

The success or failure of Nie An’s breakthrough was related to the future of the Black Ink Clan’s Battleship, so how could the Twilight Royal Lord not take it seriously?

Yang Kai originally thought that Nie An’s attempt to forcefully break through to the Eighth Order was a fluke, but if he were to obtain the help of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, it would be difficult to say. No one knew what methods the Royal Lord had to help Nie An avoid certain dangers.

But no matter what, this matter had to be guarded against, otherwise, even if Yang Kai successfully took away all the Artifact Refiners in this Secret Realm, he wouldn’t be able to stop the Black Ink Clan from carrying out their grand plan.

This caused him to fall into a dilemma. He had originally planned to implement his plan today, but who would have thought that Nie An would suddenly appear.

Fortunately, there was still room to work on. At this moment, Yang Kai was even more thankful that this Secret Realm was not filled with the Ink Force, otherwise, with his plan progressing to this point, it would be difficult to resolve.

Now, the original plan had to be changed.

Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai said, “Senior Brother Wu, Nie An’s life and death must be determined. If he fails to break through and dies, that would be for the best, but if he succeeds and returns, he may really become a Great Grandmaster. At that time, the Black Ink Clan’s Battleship will definitely be perfected.”

“What do you want to do?” Wu Xinghe asked.

Yang Kai shook his head, “There’s nothing we can do, we can only wait. After all, we can’t take the initiative to ask the Black Ink Clan about Nie An. During this time, Senior Brother should be careful and try to avoid direct contact with the Black Ink Clan. This Secret Realm isn’t filled with the Ink Force, so as long as you don’t have any direct contact with the Black Ink Clan, you won’t be corroded by the Ink Force. If Senior Brother is contaminated by the Ink Force, please inform me immediately and I will purify you.”

“I understand.” Wu Xinghe nodded and suddenly said, “For Wang Sibo and Guan Ning, do you plan to disperse their Ink Force when the plan is implemented, or do you plan to deploy them in advance?”

Yang Kai asked, “What does Senior Brother Wu think?”

Wu Xinghe pondered for a moment before saying, “If we deploy them in advance, the risks will increase slightly. After all, if one more person returns to their original nature, there will be a greater risk of them being contaminated by the Ink Force again. However, these two are Seventh Order and are also Grandmaster Grade Artifact Refiners, so they often communicate with me, especially Guan Ning. His mind is extremely sharp, so I’m afraid that if something goes wrong…”

“Then let’s make arrangements in advance,” Yang Kai decided, “This matter will require Senior Brother Wu’s cooperation.”

“I understand, I will inform you when the time comes.” Wu Xinghe nodded slightly.

“In addition, I want to control the entrance to the Secret Realm in advance so that it will be easier to escape when the plan is implemented.”

Hearing this, Wu Xinghe shook his head and said, “This isn’t easy to handle. Mie Qiong has been guarding this place for many years and has never left. How can you control the entrance?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “I have my own methods, but I need to enter and exit the entrance first.”

“In other words, you want to leave this Secret Realm?” Wu Xinghe asked.

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes! Does Senior Brother Wu have any good ideas?”

Wu Xinghe thought for a moment before saying, “I can ask you to go to the King City to help me buy some materials for refining artifacts. I believe the Black Ink Clan won’t refuse.”

“That’s fine.”

“But if that’s the case, there must be someone from the Black Ink Clan accompanying you. The two Feudal Lords guarding this place won’t leave so easily, so the one accompanying you should be a certain Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord.”

“It doesn’t matter, if I did something, even a Territory Lord wouldn’t be able to discover it.”

Seeing his confidence, Wu Xinghe didn’t say anything more.

The two of them talked for a while longer before Yang Kai left and returned to his own residence to rest.

A few days later, on an open-air platform above the mountain valley, Qing Lei sat down and looked down. From his position, he could see the entire mountain valley’s situation with a single glance. No matter what happened, nothing could escape his notice.

However, ever since he had received orders to oversee this place, nothing had happened. The Human Race’s Artifact Refiners had been diligently refining and perfecting this palace artifact.

Unfortunately, after so many years, the things they refined were still useless.

A figure flew over from below and soon stopped in front of him.

Qing Lei looked up and recognized this person as one of the three Artifact Refiner Grandmasters, Wu Xinghe.

Wu Xinghe bowed respectfully, “Sir Qing Lei.”

“What is it?” Qing Lei asked lightly.

Wu Xinghe said, “I need some Artifact Refining materials, but I don’t have enough in the Secret Realm, so I want to apply to go to the King City and buy some.”

Qing Lei frowned, “What materials do you need to buy in the King City?”

Wu Xinghe casually called out the names of some of the rare materials.

Qing Lei replied, "Got it, I’ll have someone deliver it to you.” Although these materials were extremely precious, the Black Ink Clan had never lacked them. Moreover, refining a Battleship was the Black Ink Clan’s great plan, and the Royal Lord’s side was fully supportive of it. No matter what you needed, as long as we asked the King City, someone would deliver it."

Wu Xinghe seemed to have expected this and replied, “Sir, these materials are of great importance and those who don’t know how to refine them may not be able to find a suitable one, so I want to personally go to the King City.”

“You want to go personally?” Qing Lei was a bit surprised. In the past, when Wu Xinghe needed materials, he had only come to inform them and wait for them to be delivered. He had never personally gone to the King City.

Wu Xinghe nodded and said, “It would be more appropriate for me to go personally, in case the things I deliver don’t meet the requirements and delay the refining process. The things they sent last time have many defective goods.”

Qing Lei couldn’t help feeling somewhat annoyed, “The matters here are mainly handled by you three Grandmaster Artifact Refiners. If you leave, who will be in charge of the refining?”

Wu Xinghe thought for a moment before asking, “Why don’t I ask someone else to help me?”

Qing Lei asked, “Who?”

Wu Xinghe said, “The new guy Yang Kai, his Artifact Refining talent is not below ours, he will definitely be able to reach the Grandmaster level in the future.”

Qing Lei couldn’t figure out what this Artifact Refining talent had to do with this time’s purchase of materials, but since Wu Xinghe had recommended this person, he didn’t bother asking. Nodding, he said, “Then let’s go with this person. I’ll have someone accompany him.”

Saying so, he stretched out his hand.

Behind him, a Feudal Lord walked out.

Qing Lei ordered, “Take that human to the King City and return quickly.” Saying so, he handed the Feudal Lord a token.

The Feudal Lord accepted the order and flew into the mountain valley with Wu Xinghe.

A short while later, Yang Kai, who was resting in his room, was summoned by Wu Xinghe. After giving him some instructions, Yang Kai nodded repeatedly.

“Hurry up and return!” Wu Xinghe ordered solemnly.

Yang Kai looked at him deeply and nodded, “Rest assured, Senior Brother Wu, I’ll be back soon.”

Turning to the Feudal Lord who was waiting nearby, he said, “Thank you.”

Without saying a word, the Feudal Lord led Yang Kai towards the gate.

When they arrived at the gate, the Feudal Lord handed the token to Mie Qiong, who was overseeing this place, to verify its authenticity before allowing them to pass.

When the door opened, Yang Kai and the Feudal Lord rushed in.

In the blink of an eye, the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord had rushed out of the door and arrived in the void. Turning his head, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.

This caused him to be slightly startled. This was something he had never encountered before. Logically speaking, everyone that had entered the gate together should have appeared at the same time, but at this moment, Yang Kai, who was with him, had disappeared.

Just as the Feudal Lord was puzzled, the door in front of him distorted slightly and Yang Kai’s figure appeared.

Although he felt this was a bit strange, the Feudal Lord did not think too much about it. Seeing Yang Kai appear, he called out, “Let’s go!”

He first flew towards the direction of the King City.

The Secret Realm was not far from the King City. When Yang Kai was first brought to the Secret Realm by a Feudal Lord from the King City, it only took him an hour.

Therefore, an hour later, Yang Kai and the Feudal Lord arrived at the King City. Under the leadership of the Feudal Lord, they soon arrived at a street selling various resources.

After another hour or so, Yang Kai finally finished purchasing all the materials Wu Xinghe had asked him to buy.

Yang Kai had no intention of staying in the King City for long, and the Feudal Lord obviously wanted to return as soon as possible, so the two quickly returned.

After traveling for less than an incense stick’s worth of time, before he even reached the entrance to the Secret Realm, Yang Kai suddenly felt something behind him. Looking back, he saw a flying ship rapidly approaching from behind, closing in on him in the blink of an eye.

The Feudal Lord who was accompanying Yang Kai also noticed this, and seeing the flying ship charging towards them without any intention of dodging, the two of them quickly dodged to the side.

Even so, Yang Kai was almost hit.

Steadying himself, Yang Kai looked up and saw that the flying ship was already several hundred kilometers away, causing him to frown.

Although they had only brushed past each other, Yang Kai could clearly sense two powerful auras from the ship. One was the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, while the other was probably an Eighth Order Human.

Not to mention the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, the aura of the Eighth Order Human Race cultivator was extremely violent, as if it could erupt at any moment.

Yang Kai’s expression became slightly cold. He had disguised himself as a Black Ink Disciple twice to infiltrate the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands, but he had never encountered an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple.

Under normal circumstances, Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple was rarely seen unless the Royal Lord personally took action. However, in every battle, the Royal Lord had an Old Ancestor level master to restrain him, so he naturally didn’t have the spare energy to use his Royal Lord Secret Technique to turn the Eighth Order Open Heaven. If he did so, it would only give the Human Race’s Old Ancestor a chance to heavily injure him.

Therefore, although the Black Ink Clan had a Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple, an Eighth Order were extremely rare.

Looking at the direction the ship was sailing towards, Yang Kai suddenly had a strange thought.

Could it be such a coincidence?

The accompanying Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord turned his head to look at Yang Kai to make sure he was alright before continuing to lead the way without a word. Yang Kai quickly followed.

After a while, the two of them finally arrived in front of the Secret Realm's entrance. At this moment, a ship was docked in the void, waiting for the gate to open. This ship was the one Yang Kai had seen just now.


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