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Day after day, in the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had been in this Secret Realm for three years.

Over the past three years, the Black Ink Clan’s Battleship had been constantly improving, and Yang Kai’s Artifact Refining skills had also improved greatly. When he first arrived, his attainments in Artifact Refining were not even comparable to Sun Jiu’s, but after three years, his Artifact Refining skills had already surpassed Sun Jiu’s.

Although he had yet to reach the Grandmaster level, he had grown significantly since he first arrived.

Although all of this had to do with his talent and hard work, his daily interactions with other Artifact Refiners had greatly improved his growth.

Especially Wu Xinghe’s careful guidance.

Before Yang Kai left Blue Sky Pass, he had spent a full ten years cultivating Artifact Refining, and the one who had taught him Artifact Refining was a Grandmaster level Artifact Refiner like Chai Hao. During those ten years, Chai Hao had taught him everything he knew about Artifact Refining.

Just based on the theoretical standard of Artifact Refining, Yang Kai was not inferior to any Grandmaster. What he lacked was the accumulation of practice.

Coming to the Black Ink Clan’s side, he had deliberately refined artifacts for the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords for nearly ten years, allowing his Artifact Refining skills to greatly improve.

Now that he had been sent to this Secret Realm and spent all his time with Grandmaster like Wu Xinghe and Great Master like Sun Jiu, his skill in Artifact Refining had naturally improved.

Wu Xinghe took note of Yang Kai’s talent and growth and began to guide him more diligently. Even Wang Sibo and Guan Ning, because of Yang Kai’s performance, regarded him in a different light. Occasionally, when Yang Kai went to ask about Artifact Refining, these two Grandmasters would also tell him everything they knew.

Under Yang Kai’s intentional or unintentional contact, he had accumulated quite a bit of friendship with the three Grandmaster level Artifact Refiners over the past three years.

After three years of observation and planning, Yang Kai already had a vague plan in his mind. If he could successfully implement this plan, not only would he be able to cut off all hope of building the Black Ink Clan Battleship, but he might even be able to escape.

However, implementing this plan was not an easy task. There were too many uncontrollable factors involved, and any one of them could lead to failure, so although he had a plan, he had been waiting for a good opportunity.

On this day, Yang Kai, who was helping out on the Battleship, suddenly looked up towards the mountain valley and saw a figure flying across the sky towards the entrance of the Secret Realm.

This figure was obviously Qing Lei Territory Lord.

Inside the Secret Realm, there were a total of two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords and about a hundred Feudal Lords. The other Black Ink Clans were all High Rank Black Ink Clans. Among the two Territory Lords, Mie Qiong guarded the gate while Qing Lei supervised the Black Ink Clan Artifact Refiners refining their Battleships.

Compared to Mie Qiong, who guarded the entrance closely, although Qing Lei was stationed in the palace above the mountain valley all year round, he would basically leave every half a year or so.

Yang Kai had intentionally or unintentionally asked Wu Xinghe about this matter. According to Wu Xinghe, it was Twilight Royal Lord who had taken the matter of the Battleship very seriously, so Qing Lei had to go to the King City every half a year to report on the progress here.

Every time Qing Lei returned from the King City, he would grab Wu Xinghe and the other Grandmasters and fiercely reprimand them, asking them to refine the Battleship as soon as possible. It was probably because he had suffered grievances with the Royal Lord that he was venting his anger on the Human Race’s Artifact Refiners.

However, refining and perfecting a Battleship was directly related to one’s proficiency in Artifact Refining. Although Wu Xinghe and the others were Artifact Refining Grandmasters, they were unable to refine something like a Human Race Battleship.

So basically, every half a year, this scene would repeat itself.

This time, Qing Lei suddenly left the main hall and, as usual, went to the King City to report on the progress.

Sure enough, a moment later, Yang Kai felt an extremely weak spatial fluctuation coming from the direction of the entrance before quickly disappearing.

This should be the sound of the door opening and closing. It had only been a short time, so ordinary Seventh Order masters might not have been able to detect it, but for Yang Kai, who was proficient in Space Laws, such fluctuations could not escape his senses.

After waiting for a while and confirming that Qing Lei had left, Yang Kai put down the object in his hand and said to Sun Jiu, “Junior Brother Sun, I can’t hold on any longer, I need to rest for a while.”

Sun Jiu looked up and saw that Yang Kai’s face was slightly pale and his aura was somewhat weak, so he immediately nodded and said, “Senior Brother Yang, go ahead, I’ll keep an eye on this place.”

The Artifact Refiners were treated quite well here, but because the Artifact Refining consumption was too great, there were often Artifact Refiners who exhausted their strength and needed to go back to rest and recover. Yang Kai’s situation wasn’t uncommon, so Sun Jiu naturally didn’t find it strange.

“Many thanks, Junior Brother,” Yang Kai thanked him before leaping off the Battleship and heading straight for the Artifact Refiner’s residence.

However, he didn’t return to his residence and instead arrived in front of a three-story building.

This was Wu Xinghe’s residence. As one of the three Grandmaster level Artifact Refiners, Wu Xinghe’s treatment was naturally different from ordinary Artifact Refiners.

Yang Kai had been to this place quite a few times and usually came here to ask Wu Xinghe some questions about Artifact Refining. Half a day ago, because Wu Xinghe had consumed too much energy, he had returned here to rest, so he should be inside right now.

A patrolling Black Ink Clan cultivator walked past and saw this scene from afar, but he didn’t ask anything and simply walked away.

Yang Kai lifted his hand and touched the restriction, calling out softly, “Senior Brother Wu!”

After a moment of silence, the restriction in the building closed and Yang Kai pushed open the door.

As soon as he arrived on the second floor, he saw Wu Xinghe sitting cross-legged on his bed, surrounded by a set of Seventh Grade Resources. Energy was surging around him, seemingly in the process of refining and recovering.

“Senior Brother Wu!” Yang Kai bowed towards Wu Xinghe.

When he was disturbed during his rest, Wu Xinghe didn’t get angry and instead looked at Yang Kai curiously, “Junior Brother Yang, is there something you need?”

Yang Kai said, “When I was refining the materials just now, I had a question I wanted to ask Senior Brother Wu.”

Wu Xinghe asked, “What question?”

“It’s like this, when I was refining that Eighth Grade Beacon Stone, I used the Mountain Splitting Technique that Senior Brother Wu taught me, but I found that it seems to have damaged the properties of the Beacon Stone. Why is that?”

As he spoke, Yang Kai stepped in front of Wu Xinghe. Seeing the thoughtful look on Wu Xinghe’s face, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate to activate his Space Law.

In an instant, the void froze.

Wu Xinghe, who was thinking about what Yang Kai had just said, suddenly encountered a change and was obviously unable to react. Looking up, he saw Yang Kai press his palms together and send out a dazzling light towards him.

Wu Xinghe was shocked, not expecting Yang Kai to suddenly attack him and instinctively wanted to resist.

However, he had only come back to rest because he had expended too much energy on Artifact Refining, so how much strength did he have right now? Not to mention, ever since he had been turned into Black Ink Disciple, he had been focusing on Artifact Refining under the orders of the Black Ink Clan and had not fought with anyone for more than a thousand years. With his Seventh Order cultivation, it was difficult for him to display the strength of a Seventh Order.

Facing a battle-hardened monster like Yang Kai who was far stronger than his peers, how could he possibly fight back?

Before he could activate his World Force, Yang Kai slapped him on the head, sending a terrifying force into his Small Universe, causing him to tremble violently before a dazzling and pure light enveloped him.

A crackling sound immediately rang out as a black mist-like power emerged from Wu Xinghe’s body and was completely purified.

Wu Xinghe’s face first showed a look of pain before quickly calming down.

After a while, Yang Kai stood up and vigilantly observed the movements outside.

After Wu Xinghe let him in, although he had immediately reopened the restriction and isolated himself from the outside world, Yang Kai was still afraid he would attract the attention of the Black Ink Clan.

This was also the reason why he wanted to wait for Qing Lei to leave before taking action. Qing Lei was a Territory Lord after all, and if he found any clues, Yang Kai would not be his opponent.

Fortunately, he had acted decisively and had only activated the Purification Light for a few breaths of time. Coupled with the fact that he was intentionally controlling his power, Wu Xinghe didn’t have any strength to resist and the restrictions of the pavilion weren’t affected.

The progress was smooth! After confirming that he had not attracted the attention of the Black Ink Clan outside, Yang Kai let out a long sigh.

“Senior Brother Wu, please forgive me!” Yang Kai first apologized before sitting down cross-legged in front of Wu Xinghe.

At this moment, Wu Xinghe’s face was pale. After all, the power of Yang Kai’s palm just now not only contained the Purification Light, it also contained his own powerful strength. When it struck Wu Xinghe’s Small Universe, it caused him to tremble slightly, allowing him to suppress Wu Xinghe without giving him any strength to resist.

Hearing Yang Kai’s shout, Wu Xinghe’s unfocused eyes gradually focused on Yang Kai’s face as he called out, “You…”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Senior Brother Wu, what I’m about to say may be a bit outrageous, but I must ask Senior Brother Wu to believe that everything I’ve said is true. Time is of the essence, so let’s cut things short. First of all, Senior Brother Wu must know that I’ve never been Inked, and I’m not Black Ink Disciple. From beginning to end, I was only disguising myself as Black Ink Disciple.”

“As expected!” Although Wu Xinghe’s face was filled with shock, there was also a trace of relief.

The Ink Force in his Small Universe had been purified in an extremely short period of time, allowing him to regain his human nature. Wu Xinghe immediately suspected that Yang Kai had not been Inked.

After all, he was able to use this strange method to dispel the Ink Force in his body, so there was no reason for him to be Inked.

Now, it seemed that this was indeed the case. He had actually been disguising himself all this time and had even managed to deceive many of the Black Ink Clan.

“What kind of method is that?” Wu Xinghe asked curiously.

“The Purification Light!” Yang Kai explained, “It can be said to be the nemesis of the Ink Force, a technique that the Human Race has only recently mastered.”

Wu Xinghe suddenly understood, “No wonder I heard from the Black Ink Clan that there hasn’t been any Black Ink Disciples recently. So it was because of this.” Pausing for a moment, he asked, “Can this Purification Light prevent me from being Inked again?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “No, if Senior Brother were to be contaminated by the Ink Force again, he would still be turned by the Ink Transformation. Fortunately, there is no Black Ink Nest in this Secret Realm, nor is it filled with Ink Force, so as long as Senior Brother is careful, he will not be corrupted by the Ink Force.”


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