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Looking up, he saw a camp-like place in front of them, where several dozen Black Ink Clan members were staring towards. The leader of this group had a pair of horns on his head, his upper body was majestic, and his lower body was well built, making him look like an upright Ox Demon.

These several dozen auras were clearly from the Black Ink Clan, and all of them were Feudal Lords. The Ox Demon-like Black Ink Clan was a Territory Lord level.

The entrance to this Secret Realm was actually guarded by so many Black Ink Clan masters, and the one leading them was even a Territory Lord. It was obvious how important this place was to the Black Ink Clan.

The Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord who had brought Yang Kai in looked at the Territory Lord and cupped his fists, “Sir Mie Qiong.”

The Territory Lord called Mie Qiong nodded slightly and looked at Yang Kai, understanding immediately, “You found another Artifact Refiner?”

The Feudal Lord replied, “It was Sir Black Abyss who found it.”

“Black Abyss…” Mie Qiong coldly snorted. It was unknown if he had some kind of grudge with Black Abyss, but Yang Kai clearly saw a look of disdain flash across his face when he heard the two words, “What level is he?”

The Feudal Lord replied, “According to Sir Black Abyss, he is a Great Master Artifact Refiner.”

“Great Master, Black Abyss’ luck is quite good!” Mie Qiong was somewhat surprised. After all, many years ago, when this matter concerned the future of the Black Ink Clan, all of the Human Race’s Black Ink Disciple who knew a bit about Artifact Refining had been recruited, so it was not easy to find a Great Master level Artifact Refiner outside.

Even in this place, Great Master level Artifact Refiners were rare.

“I’ll leave this person to Sir Mie Qiong, I still need to report back to the Royal Lord!”

Mie Qiong nodded slightly, “Alright, leave him to me, you may return.”

The Feudal Lord then said, “The Royal Lord asked me to inform Sir Mie Qiong and Sir Qing Lei that this matter is related to the future of the Black Ink Clan. Sirs, please take care of it as soon as possible!”

Mie Qiong immediately became somewhat annoyed, “Refining artifacts isn’t something that Qing Lei and I need to worry about, it’s the human race artifact refiner’s business.”

The Feudal Lord said lightly, “Does Sir want me to reply to the Royal Lord like this?”

The corner of Mie Qiong’s eyes twitched as he said sullenly, “Qing Lei and I will supervise it, the Royal Lord can rest assurred.”

The Feudal Lord nodded slightly before turning around and leaving through the opened door.

Mie Qiong closed the door again before turning to look at Yang Kai and sneering, “Good courage, I hope your Artifact Refining skill is as good as your courage.”

Yang Kai smiled back, not daring to say anything more.

Mie Qiong stretched out his hand and summoned a subordinate, ordering, “Take him to see Qing Lei.”

“Yes!” The Feudal Lord accepted the order and without any further explanation, summoned his Ink Force to wrap around Yang Kai before rushing towards the inside of the Secret Realm.

Not long after, they arrived in front of a huge mountain valley. On the cliff of the mountain, there was a large hall. Inside and outside the hall were many figures from the Black Ink Clan. The Feudal Lord turned around and ordered, “Follow me.”

Immediately after, he walked straight in without any questions.

Yang Kai followed closely behind.

Soon, they passed through the entire hall and arrived at an open-air platform on the other side. Standing on this platform was a tall and sturdy figure. From this position, one could see the entire valley.

The Feudal Lord who had brought Yang Kai here bowed respectfully to the burly figure, “Sir Qing Lei!”

Qing Lei didn’t even turn his head as his powerful voice rang out, “Did the entrance to the Secret Realm just open?”

Although he was overseeing this place, he was still a Territory Lord, so the opening of the door could not escape his senses.

The Feudal Lord respectfully replied, “The King City sent an Artifact Refiner over.”

Qing Lei turned around and glanced at Yang Kai before nodding slightly, “What level?”

“Apparently he’s a Great Master Artifact Refiner.”

Qing Lei lightly said, “Not bad, just leave him to me.”

“Yes!” The Feudal Lord nodded and respectfully withdrew.

Yang Kai stood quietly on the spot, waiting for Qing Lei’s instructions, but after a while, he didn’t see Qing Lei move, just standing there.

Yang Kai didn’t know what he was waiting for, but although he had just arrived in this Secret Realm, he had already obtained some important information.

This kind of Secret Realm was obviously very important to the Twilight Royal Lord. Not only did opening the door require a special token, but there were also two Territory Lord-level masters guarding this place, one was Mie Qiong, the other was Qing Lei.

Yang Kai didn’t know how many Black Ink Clan masters there were, but he was certain they wouldn’t be too few.

Such a powerful force was enough to show how cautious the Twilight Royal Lord was. Although Yang Kai had long been mentally prepared for the difficulty of this mission, he couldn’t help feeling a bit annoyed.

Putting aside these Feudal Lords for now, it would not be easy to secretly act under the eyes of these two Territory Lords.

Following Qing Lei’s gaze, Yang Kai saw a huge Battleship in the middle of the valley.

This Battleship was not much different from the one he had seen in Blue Sky Pass. It was much larger than an ordinary Human Race Team Grade Battleship and was comparable to a Guard Grade Battleship. Just its appearance alone made it look extremely awe-inspiring.

Unable to examine it at close range, Yang Kai didn’t know how powerful this Battleship was, but it had been almost twenty years since Yin Yang Pass had discovered the Black Ink Clan Battleship, so perhaps it had improved a bit.

At this moment, there should be a lot of Human Race Artifact Refiners gathered in this mountain valley, but not every Artifact Refiner was qualified to refine this kind of palace artifact. Most Artifact Refiners could ignore them, so Yang Kai felt that the most important thing for him to do now was to figure out which Artifact Refiner was responsible for managing the Battleship. Only by understanding this matter could Yang Kai find a solution to the problem.

Suddenly, a figure shot up from below, attracting Yang Kai’s attention.

Looking around, he discovered that this person was not from the Black Ink Clan, but a human race.

It was a half-old man with a cultivation of the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, but his expression was obviously somewhat haggard, as if he had not rested for a long time.

The old man came up to Qing Lei and bowed respectfully, “What instructions does Sir Qing Lei have for me?”

Qing Lei glanced at him indifferently and said, “There’s a new Artifact Refiner here, take him to settle down.”

Only then did the old man notice Yang Kai behind Qing Lei and happily replied, “Yes!”

Saying so, he called out to Yang Kai, “Follow me.”

Yang Kai nodded and flew down the mountain valley with the old man.

Halfway through, the old man turned to Yang Kai and asked, “How should I address you?”

Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Yang Kai.”

The old man nodded, “So it’s Brother Yang. Brother has such a high cultivation at such a young age, you’ll have great prospects in the future. En, my name is Wu Xinghe!”

Wu Xinghe!

Hearing this name, Yang Kai’s expression became serious.

Before setting out from the Yin Yang Pass, Tang Qiu had given him a list of names. There were only a dozen or so names on this list, all of whom had lost contact on the battlefield. The Yin Yang Pass speculated that they had fallen into the hands of the Black Ink Clan and had been turned into Black Ink Disciples. These dozen or so people had all cultivated Artifact Refining and were quite talented. When they lost contact, these people’s skill in Artifact Refining wasn’t high, at most at the entry level.

However, if they were to fall into the hands of the Black Ink Clan and focus on Artifact Refining, they might have a chance to grow. Yin Yang Pass had speculated that the ones who were responsible for refining the Black Ink Clan’s palace artifact were likely related to these dozen people.

Tang Qiu had told Yang Kai to pay more attention to the information of these ten or so people in the Black Ink Clan, so he might be able to obtain some benefits.

Yang Kai didn’t expect to see one of the people on the list after arriving in this Secret Realm.

Could this person be the one in charge of refining the Black Ink Clan’s Palace Artifact? Yang Kai couldn’t be certain, but judging from the scene just now, even if Wu Xinghe wasn’t the one in charge, his status here shouldn’t be too bad, otherwise Qing Lei wouldn’t have asked him to help Yang Kai settle down.

Suppressing his thoughts, Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “So it’s Senior Wu.”

Wu Xinghe turned to look at him and chuckled, “You and I are both Seventh Order, so there’s no need to call me Senior. Moreover, we’re both on the Black Ink Clan’s side right now, so there’s no need for us to follow human race's etiquette.”

Yang Kai had also become accustomed to the Human Race way. Although his cultivation was currently at the Seventh Order, compared to the other Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators, he was only a rising star, so his seniority was much lower.

Hearing Wu Xinghe’s words, Yang Kai no longer hesitated and immediately called out, “Senior Brother Wu!”

Wu Xinghe smiled slightly and asked, “What is Junior Brother Yang’s proficiency in Artifact Refining?”

Yang Kai replied honestly, “Great Master level.”

“What field are you good at?”

“In my own words, I’m more proficient in refining offensive and defensive artifacts, and I can also refine flying artifacts, but it will take a bit more effort.”

Hearing this, Wu Xinghe nodded, “Since that’s the case, then follow me. It just so happens that I lack manpower here.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble Senior Brother Wu to take care of me in the future.”


As they spoke, the two of them arrived at the bottom of the mountain valley. Looking down, Yang Kai could clearly see that many Human Race Artifact Refiners were busy working on the Palace Artifact, and there were even Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords walking around nearby, seemingly supervising the work.

Wu Xinghe led Yang Kai directly to the edge of the mountain valley where there were many houses. Wu Xinghe pointed to the row of houses and said, “This is where you usually rest and cultivate. The three rooms on the left are all empty, so you can choose one for yourself. Although Black Ink Disciple’s status in the Black Ink Clan isn’t high, us Artifact Refiners are treated quite well here. If you need resources for your daily cultivation, you can go there to collect them.”

Saying so, he pointed to a nearby hall, “Not only are there various grades of resources, but there are also many Spirit Pills prepared for us.”

Yang Kai was extremely surprised, “This place is so well prepared?”

Wu Xinghe smiled and said, “If you want a horse to run, you need to let it eat its fill. We also need to expend a lot of energy to refine artifacts, so if we can recover quickly, we will naturally be able to refine more artifacts. The Black Ink Clan is quite clear about this.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding.

“The Black Ink Clan’s resources are plentiful here, while the Human Race’s cultivation resources are rarely used. If you’re here, you can ask the Black Ink Clan to collect a seventh grade resource to cultivate. Of course, you can only collect one set at a time, you can only collect another after you’ve used it up.”


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