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A few days later, Yang Kai, who was cultivating, suddenly felt the ship shake slightly, its speed greatly decreasing.

Soon after, the voice of the Black Ink Clan came from the deck, “Everyone, be alert, we’re almost at the King City.”

Yang Kai collected his resources and quickly arrived on the deck, raising his eyes to look towards the direction the ship was sailing towards. What he saw was a giant floating continent.

Black Abyss’ territory was also a huge floating continent, but compared to this one in front of him, it was far smaller. The floating continent where the King City was located was more than ten times larger than Black Abyss's.

Yang Kai was secretly shocked.

One had to know that this floating continent was basically a fragment left behind from the destruction of the Universe World. Just by looking at the scale of this floating continent, it wasn’t difficult for Yang Kai to imagine just how large this Universe World would be when it was complete.

This should have been an extremely prosperous world, but now it had only left behind a floating continent that was shrouded in the Ink Force.

As the ship approached, a huge Black Ink Nest gradually appeared in his field of vision. Even though it was covered by a thick layer of Ink Force, it was unable to conceal its majestic figure. Looking at this enormous Black Ink Nest, Yang Kai’s heart trembled.

Zha Gu had told him about the grade of the Black Ink Nest before, so he naturally knew that this Black Ink Nest in front of him should be a Royal Lord Black Ink Nest, which was also a High Rank Black Ink Nest.

Zha Gu’s Black Ink Nest was only the lowest Feudal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest. Even if it was the lowest grade, as long as there were enough resources, it could incubate thousands of Black Ink Clans at once.

This Royal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest in front of him was dozens of times larger than his Black Ink Nest. Standing atop this floating continent, it was like an insurmountable mountain.

If such a Black Ink Nest had enough resources, wouldn’t it be able to incubate tens of thousands of Black Ink Clans at once?

The Black Ink Nest was where the foundation of the Black Ink Clan was located, and it was also the most central location in the King City.

With the Black Ink Nest as the center, the huge city spread out in all directions, becoming the territory of the King City.

Before the flying ship even approached the floating continent where the King City was located, Yang Kai sensed a powerful aura coming from that direction. It should be a Territory Lord level master who was guarding the King City.

Black Abyss stood at the bow of the ship, exuding a faint aura.

Soon, the probing aura was retracted, obviously confirming Black Abyss’ identity.

Without needing anyone to guide them, the flying ship flew straight towards a certain direction in the King City and soon arrived at a square. There were at least a hundred large and small flying ships parked in the square, each of them several times larger than a Human Race ship.

However, these flying ships were obviously the work of the Human Race Artifact Refiners, so Yang Kai was able to tell at a glance that these flying ships must have been specially refined by the Human Race Artifact Refiners for the Black Ink Clan.

“Wait here, I’m going to pay my respects to the Royal Lord!” Black Abyss instructed his entourage before walking away.

Yang Kai stood on the deck, slightly stunned.

He had thought that Black Abyss would bring him to see the Royal Lord and had been on tenterhooks the entire time. After all, he didn’t know if the Royal Lord had some kind of strange method or if he could see through his secrets with a single glance. If that was the case, he was afraid he would die before he even had a chance to escape.

Unexpectedly, Black Abyss didn’t have such intentions, which made him secretly rejoice.

Thinking about it, although he was now a Great Master Level Artifact Refiner and could be considered a treasure in the Black Ink Clan’s territory, the level of a Royal Lord wasn’t something he could casually greet, so why would Black Abyss bring him along?

Since he didn’t need to face the Royal Lord directly, Yang Kai’s mood immediately relaxed.

The direction Black Abyss was heading towards was where the Black Ink Nest was located and soon disappeared. Yang Kai looked around and saw that all the Black Ink Clan masters who had come with him had solemn expressions on their faces as they stood upright on the deck, all of them staring towards the Black Ink Nest respectfully.

They weren’t the only ones. Most of the other Black Ink Clan cultivators on the surrounding ships were also like this.

The Black Ink Clan seemed to have a different kind of respect for the Black Ink Nest in the King City.

According to what Zha Gu had told him before, the King City’s Black Ink Nest was the source of all the Black Ink Nests in the entire Yin-Yang War Zone. All of the Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nests were separated from this Black Ink Nest, and the Territory Lord Grade Black Ink Nest also had many Feudal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest.

The countless Black Ink Clans were born from various different levels of Black Ink Nest, and based on their origins, the King City’s Black Ink Nest were the source of their life, so when they came here, they naturally couldn’t hide their awe.

Yang Kai couldn’t help falling into deep thought. Where was the source of the Royal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest? It couldn’t have appeared out of thin air. Unfortunately, although he had asked Zha Gu this question that day, Zha Gu was unable to answer.

What he knew was that the Royal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest was the highest grade of Black Ink Nest, but Yang Kai felt that this shouldn’t be the case. Perhaps there was some kind of profound mystery that even many of the Black Ink Clan members didn’t know.

It was unknown how long it would take for Black Abyss to pay a visit to the Royal Lord. Since Yang Kai had nothing to do, he wanted to take a stroll around the King City, but first of all, he was unfamiliar with this place and was afraid of causing any trouble. After all, the identity of a human race was somewhat eye-catching, and secondly, he had already used up all his black ink coins, so even if he found something good, he wouldn’t be able to buy it.

Turning around, he returned to his cabin and took out some resources to continue cultivating.

This wait lasted for several days.

It wasn’t until a certain moment when Yang Kai felt the aura of Black Abyss suddenly descend upon the ship that he rushed out.

When he arrived on the deck, he saw Black Abyss, but when he go there he was alone, and when he returned he was with another Black Ink Clan member.

This Black Ink Clan should be a Feudal Lord, but just from his aura alone, he was far more powerful than any Feudal Lord Yang Kai had ever encountered.

Yang Kai bowed respectfully, “Master!”

“Is that him?” The unfamiliar Black Ink Clan cultivator looked down at Yang Kai and examined him.

Black Abyss said, “Yes, it’s him.”

The Black Ink Clan cultivator nodded slightly, “Then I’ll take him with me. I hope he really does have some achievements in Artifact Refining as Sir Black Abyss said.”

Black Abyss said, “In front of the Royal Lord, how could I dare to make empty promises?”

Saying so, he beckoned to Yang Kai, “Yang Kai!”

“Master,” Yang Kai stepped forward.

Black Abyss reminded like an elder, “Follow this Sir later and remember what I told you before. Don’t embarrass me when you get there.”

Yang Kai immediately cupped his fists, “Master, please rest assured, this subordinate will not disgrace your reputation.”

Black Abyss nodded in satisfaction before turning to the Feudal Lord, “Take him away.”

The Black Ink Clan cultivator immediately summoned his Ink Force and wrapped it around Yang Kai before transforming into a cloud of black mist and soaring into the sky. Before he left, he didn’t even say anything to Black Abyss.

Black Abyss didn’t mind. Although he was a Territory Lord, the one who had come was the personal guard of the Royal Lord. It was true that his strength was weaker than Black Abyss’s, but in the future, they would definitely be on equal footing.

This trip was quite successful. Originally, because of the battle several years ago and the loss of the resource production area, he was bound to receive some punishment, but after recommending Yang Kai, the Royal Lord didn’t reprimand him too much, only casually reprimanding him a few times before ordering his personal guards to follow Black Abyss to collect him.

With this matter settled, Black Abyss didn’t plan on staying any longer and immediately ordered the flying ship to set sail and return to the territory.

On the other side, Yang Kai was wrapped in a thick layer of Ink Force as he flew along with the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord.

Under the cover of the Ink Force, although it was difficult for him to determine the direction, he was still able to determine the general direction. After traveling for a while, he discovered that he had actually left the floating continent where the King City was located.

This somewhat surprised him.

The Black Ink Clan was developing a palace artifact, and this was not something a single person could accomplish. A large number of Human Race Artifact Refiners must have gathered here, and this matter was of great importance, so the Black Ink Clan would definitely have to place their research site in an extremely safe place.

Yang Kai had thought it was in the King City, and Yin Yang Pass had also speculated so, which was why they had thought of a way to make him Black Abyss’ Black Ink Disciple, so he could easily enter and exit the King City.

But now, it seemed that the secret place to develop the Palace Artifact was not in the King City.

Yang Kai was overjoyed!

If he wasn’t in the King City, it meant he didn’t need to face the terror of the Royal Lord, which was good news for him. After all, the level of the Royal Lord was still too high for him.

“Sir, where are we going?” Along the way, Yang Kai asked tentatively.

The Black Ink Clan cultivator obviously didn’t pay any attention to Yang Kai’s words and simply shouted, “Shut up!”

Yang Kai decisively fell silent.

This Feudal Lord didn’t look like someone to be trifled with, and even Black Abyss was polite to him. Obviously, his status was extraordinary, and if he really suffered a loss at this fellow’s hands, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to take revenge.

However, after an hour, the Feudal Lord suddenly stopped somewhere in the void and looked around, seemingly trying to identify something.

Yang Kai also observed and immediately noticed something unusual in the void.

Although this place looked no different from any other place, there was an extremely weak fluctuation of space force, causing Yang Kai’s brow to furrow. If he wasn’t mistaken, there should be a door there!

He suddenly understood.

The place where the Palace Artifact was being developed was not in the King City, but in a Secret Realm less than an hour’s journey from the King City. This arrangement was quite safe.

Sure enough, after investigating for a moment, the Feudal Lord turned his eyes towards the hidden door and took out a token, pouring his strength into it and sending out a beam of profound light.

The void rippled, but the profound light seemed to pass through a barrier and into another world, disappearing.

The corners of Yang Kai’s eyes twitched. This kind of method was obviously the work of the Human Race. Presumably, the ones who had set up this barrier and refined this token were all Human Race cultivators.

After doing all this, the Feudal Lord quietly waited.

After a short while, ripples spread out from the void in front of them, and the door to the Secret Realm slowly opened. Someone must have opened it from the inside.

When the door had expanded to a certain extent, the Feudal Lord reached out and grabbed Yang Kai’s collar before stepping inside like a little chick.

As his vision changed, Yang Kai found himself in a Secret Realm.

This Secret Realm was similar to most of the Secret Realms that were explored, filled with lush greenery and fragrant flowers.

Behind him was the gateway to the outside world.

On the other hand, Yang Kai’s skin tightened. In that instant, he felt several dozen auras lock onto him, one of them especially powerful!


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