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Of course, if he really did that, it would definitely cause a stir. Yang Kai only felt a little regretful that he hadn’t brought out a few million Black Ink Coin in advance, otherwise he would have made a fortune.

Although a dozen or so seventh grade resources were nothing to his current wealth, he could still openly use them to cultivate.

This was also the reason why he had come out to buy things. Otherwise, if he were to be seen by Black Abyss while cultivating, there would be no way to explain the source of his resources.

Yang Kai didn’t stay for long, spending all his Black Ink Coin before returning to the ancient castle to meditate.

After several days, Black Abyss finally summoned him.

In an empty space in the middle of the ancient castle, a flying ship was quietly floating in the air. More than a hundred Black Ink Clan members were waiting to board, following Black Abyss onto the ship. Yang Kai was naturally among them.

This ship was not a palace artifact, it was just a simple flying artifact. With Yang Kai’s current skill in Artifact Refining, he could refine it with some time, but relatively speaking, the amount of time and effort needed to refine it was much greater than ordinary artifacts.

Over the years, the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords had sought him out to refine artifacts, but none of the Feudal Lords had asked him to refine this kind of flying artifact. To the Feudal Lords, a life-saving artifact on the battlefield was naturally more important than a flying artifact. What’s more, the materials needed to refine a flying artifact were not something ordinary artifacts could compare with.

“This trip to the King City shouldn’t take long. After I leave, you must pay more attention to the matters of the territory,” Black Abyss instructed Gui Liao.

“Rest assured, Sir, I will handle the matters of the territory,” Gui Liao replied respectfully.

Black Abyss continued, “When I return this time, I’ll arrange for you to enter the Black Ink Nest to become a Territory Lord. You’ve accumulated enough over the years.”

Gui Liao immediately showed a look of excitement, “Many thanks Sir Territory Lord, this subordinate will not disappoint you.”

Black Abyss nodded slightly before turning to the Black Ink Clan master responsible for controlling the ship and saying, “Let’s go.”

Following his command, the flying ship buzzed and slowly rose into the sky, changing directions and transforming into a streak of light as it shot off.

On the deck, Black Abyss stared into space, seemingly lost in thought.

Yang Kai quietly stood behind him, his brow lowered.

“I rarely attack your Human Race. The last time I attacked was two thousand years ago. At that time, my Black Ink Disciple was also just like you, his strength was quite impressive,” Black Abyss suddenly said.

Yang Kai didn’t know what he wanted to say, but he felt that a Territory Lord shouldn’t be so bored, so he could only remain silent, lest he make a mistake.

“That man fought with me for a thousand years and made many contributions, but unfortunately… in the end, he still died in battle,” Black Abyss sighed lightly, “Speaking of which, your Human Race’s Seventh Order Open Heaven is of a similar grade to the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord, but in terms of strength, your Human Race’s Seventh Order Open Heaven is always a bit more powerful, and the best of them can even instantly kill some newly promoted Feudal Lords.”

Yang Kai said, “The Human Race’s cultivation focuses on accumulation. Even though they both have a Seventh Order strength, there is still a gap of several thousand years between them. Naturally, there is a huge difference in strength.”

Black Abyss said, “The Human Race has accumulated a great deal of cultivation while my Black Ink Clan has also accumulated a great deal, but overall, the Black Ink Clan’s growth period is slightly shorter than your Human Race’s. Moreover, all of their breakthroughs are thanks to the Black Ink Nest, so perhaps this is the fundamental reason why the Black Ink Clan’s individual strength is inferior to the Human Race’s.”

Yang Kai was stunned, “I’ve never thought about that.”

Black Abyss didn’t even turn his head and simply smiled, “The Human Race’s advancement relies on itself, but my Black Ink Clan relies on external forces, so it is naturally different. However, in terms of numbers, the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan cannot be compared. My Black Ink Clan has an endless army, and the number of cultivators in every mountain pass of the Human Race is limited, but even so, after countless years of fighting, there have rarely been any precedents of the Human Race’s mountain passes being conquered. Sometimes, I have to admire your Human Race’s perseverance and determination.”

Yang Kai keenly noticed the little bit of information Black Abyss had revealed, “The Human Race’s Pass has rarely been conquered? Sir, has the Human Race’s Pass ever been conquered?”

Black Abyss turned to look at him curiously, “You don’t know?”

Had he really been conquered? Yang Kai’s heart sank, but his expression remained calm as he shook his head, “I’ve never heard of such a thing. In fact, I haven’t been on this battlefield for long.”

Black Abyss nodded slightly, “That was a long time ago, and this isn’t a good thing for the Human Race, so they naturally won’t publicize it. Perhaps it has long since been buried.”

“Which human race mountain pass has been conquered?” Although Yang Kai knew that as a Black Ink Disciple, he shouldn’t ask so many questions, he couldn’t help feeling curious.

“It’s been too long, I can’t quite remember. Let me think… it’s called Great Evolution Pass, it should be Great Evolution Pass.”

Great Evolution Pass… Great Evolution Paradise!

Yang Kai’s heart shook.

The names of the Human Race’s various mountain passes basically came from the name of the Cave Heaven Paradise. In terms of Great Evolution Pass, Yang Kai could only think of Great Evolution Paradise.

In other words, the Paradise where Troublesome Grandmaster came from, the Good Fortune Divine Furnace that could use lower rank resources to produce higher rank resources, was the treasure of the Great Evolution Paradise.

Back then, in order to compete for the right to use the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, the various Cave Heaven Paradise had bargained with Yang Kai for a long time.

The Great Evolution Paradise had long since been eliminated from the 72 Paradises, and Troublesome Grandmaster was only a remnant of it.

In the past, Yang Kai had always been curious as to what kind of disaster had befallen a Paradise, causing such a massive force to fall.

Now, it seemed that this had something to do with the fall of the Ink Battlefield’s Great Evolution Pass, but as for what had happened in the past, it was likely that no one other than those Old Ancestor level masters knew about it. Even Troublesome Grandmaster himself didn’t know much about it. After all, he had always lived in the 3000 Worlds and had never been to the Ink Battlefield.

“This is the only human race mountain pass that my Black Ink Clan has ever conquered!” Black Abyss’s tone was filled with unwillingness, “Although there have been many opportunities for us to conquer more human race mountain passes over the years, each time we failed, the tenacity and endurance of your Human Race exceeds our imagination.”

“You’re a human race and also a Black Ink Disciple, so your perception should be deeper than anyone else’s and the Black Ink Clan’s. Do you know what advantages and disadvantages there are between the two races?”

Suddenly asking himself such a question, Yang Kai didn’t know how to answer. After pondering for a moment, he said, “As Master said before, the Black Ink Clan has an endless army while the Human Race has insufficient troops. This is the advantage of the Black Ink Clan. The Ink Force is also extremely difficult for the Human Race. In the past, when corroded by the Ink Force, the Human Race’s cultivators would either cut off their Small Universe territory or die on the spot. Otherwise, they would only end up Inked. However, now that the Human Race has developed Expelling Black Ink Pill, the Ink Force’s advantage has greatly diminished.”

“That’s right!” Black Abyss snorted heavily, “The Expelling Black Ink Pill is something the Human Race uses to restrain the Ink Force. If we can’t use this advantage, no matter how many troops the Black Ink Clan has, it will be useless. The Human Race still has the Palace Artifact, which is the Human Race’s greatest advantage! Those Palace Artifact have both offensive and defensive capabilities, and as long as they are equipped with a small number of people, they can display unimaginable killing power on the battlefield. If not for the Palace Artifact, the Human Race would have been finished long ago.”

Yang Kai continued, “In fact, if the Black Ink Clan could refine the Palace Artifact, the human race would definitely be unable to withstand a single blow. Unfortunately, refining the Palace Artifact is difficult and only Great Grandmasters can refine it. Although this subordinate has the ability to refine artifacts, even if I spend my entire life, I’m afraid I won’t be able to refine it.”

Black Abyss turned around and smiled at him, “Just because you can’t refine it doesn’t mean others can’t.”

Yang Kai asked curiously, “Master means…”

Black Abyss said, “If you can think of something, how could the Royal Lord not? In fact, the Black Ink Clan has been working hard on refining the Palace Artifact for so many years, and now they have some clues.”

Yang Kai’s face was filled with shock, “The Black Ink Clan has a Great Grandmaster Artifact Refiner?”

Black Abyss shook his head and said, “I don’t know if it’s a Great Grandmaster or not, but it’s not far off. In time, we will definitely be able to refine the Palace Artifact. This is also why I brought you to the King City!”

Yang Kai wore a look of understanding, “Does Master want me to help refine the Palace Artifact?”

Black Abyss nodded, “With your Grandmaster level Artifact Refining skill, you should be able to help. After all, there aren’t many Artifact Refiners like you in the Black Ink Clan.”

Yang Kai understood and said, “Since this is Master’s command, this subordinate will obey.”

Black Abyss was obviously very satisfied with his attitude, “When you arrive there, just do your best and don’t cause any trouble for me. If any of the other Territory Lord have any ideas about you, just tell them my name. One day you will become famous, you will be the greatest contributors to the Black Ink Clan, so I won’t mistreat you.”

“Yes, Master, please rest assured, this subordinate will do his best!”

“It’s still a few days away from the King City, you should go rest, there’s no need to wait here,” Black Abyss turned his back to him and waved his hand.

“Then this subordinate will take his leave!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and bowed, taking a few steps back before turning to leave.

Entering the room, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and took out a set of Seventh Grade resources to refine and cultivate.

Speaking of which, although he had some guesses about the purpose of Black Abyss’ trip, he didn’t expect Black Abyss to be so honest with him along the way.

After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai understood that Black Abyss was telling him in advance so he wouldn’t be confused.

However, Black Abyss had never imagined that he would come here for this purpose.

The plan was proceeding smoothly, and if nothing unexpected happened, on this trip to the King City, he would definitely be recommended by Black Abyss to participate in the refinement of the Palace Artifact. At that time, it would be easy to obtain information.

Now, there was only one thing that made things difficult for Yang Kai.

If he was able to obtain some information, how could he send it to Yin-Yang Pass?

It wasn’t that Yin-Yang Pass had acted rashly, it was just that he could disguise himself as Black Ink Disciple and sneak in while the others couldn’t. This piece of news had always been a difficult problem, and Yin-Yang Pass couldn’t solve it, so before setting out, they had only asked him to think of a way to spread the news.

After thinking about it for a while, Yang Kai couldn’t come up with any good ideas and suddenly felt a headache coming on.


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