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Gui Liao turned around and bowed slightly to Black Abyss, explaining, “It’s like this, Sir. Profound Female Spirit Fruit has always been rare, so after Sir went into seclusion, this subordinate tried to find it, but it was impossible to find it in a short time. Because of this matter, Yang Kai may have had some misunderstandings with this subordinate, and after several failed attempts to obtain it, he had some conflicts with this subordinate’s Black Ink Disciple Liu Zian. This subordinate came forward and punished the two of them separately. After that, Yang Kai left in a fit of anger and only returned after Sir Territory Lord summoned him.”

“Is that so?” Black Abyss couldn’t help frowning.

Yang Kai said lightly, “I don’t know if Sir Gui Liao has put in any effort to find it for me, I only know that after going to Zha Gu’s place and helping him refine two artifacts, he bought me a Profound Female Spirit Fruit within three days.”

Gui Liao explained, “It happened to be available in the territory at that time, so I took the opportunity to buy one. I wanted to give it to you when you came back, but you were nowhere to be seen.”

Saying so, he took out a box from his Space Ring and opened it to reveal a Profound Female Spirit Fruit.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s eyes bulged as he cursed in his heart. This bastard was definitely well prepared.

Gui Liao sighed and said, “But you never showed up, and I don’t know where you are. It wasn’t until a long time later that I received news that you were refining artifacts at Zha Gu’s place, and your Small Universe seemed to have completely recovered.”

Yang Kai was immediately filled with anger. Originally, he had wanted to give Gui Liao a taste of his own medicine in front of Black Abyss, but who would have thought that this guy’s thoughts would be so meticulous, making it difficult for him to continue.

After a moment of silence, Yang Kai could only say, “If that’s the case, then I may have misunderstood Sir Gui Liao and apologize here.”

“It’s too serious, you’re the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Disciple. How could this subordinate dare not do his best under the orders of the Territory Lord?” Gui Liao put on a loyal and devoted look.

Black Abyss obviously couldn’t be bothered to pursue this matter any further and waved his hand, “Since it’s a misunderstanding, there’s nothing more to say. Now that your Small Universe is complete, your future cultivation will not be troubled.”

Looking at Yang Kai, he changed the subject, “Are you proficient in Artifact Refining?”

Yang Kai replied respectfully, “I know a little, I don’t dare say I’m proficient.”

Black Abyss nodded slightly and stretched out his hand towards Gui Liao. Gui Liao quickly took out a long spear from his Space Ring and took two steps forward before handing it to Yang Kai.

“Did you refine this artifact?” Black Abyss asked.

Yang Kai took the spear and examined it for a moment before immediately recognizing that it was his own. If he remembered correctly, this was the first artifact he had refined after following Zha Gu to his fief.

Although the number of artifacts he had refined over the years was not small, it was definitely not much. He clearly remembered every single one of them. This spear was one of the two artifacts he had refined back then, while the other was a half set of armor.

Recalling the request made by the customer and the specifications of the artifact armor, Yang Kai immediately understood that the artifact armor and spear he had refined back then had been refined for Gui Liao.

From the looks of it, Gui Liao and Zha Gu should have had some kind of connection at that time. The reason why Zha Gu was able to obtain a piece of land was probably related to Gui Liao.

Without thinking any further, Yang Kai nodded and said, “This was indeed refined by me.”

Black Abyss was shocked, “How long did it take to refine this thing?”

Yang Kai replied, “Less than two months.”

Black Abyss’s eyes lit up slightly, “Refining such a treasure in less than two months, it seems your skill in Artifact Refining is not low.”

“Master is too kind. My skill in Artifact Refining is only at the Great Master level, so I can only refine artifacts of this level.”

“To be able to refine something of this grade is already quite amazing. I’m sure you know that because of the Black Ink Clan’s own strength, they don’t specialize in Artifact Refining, so it’s very difficult for them to obtain a suitable artifact. As such, human race Artifact Refiners are treasures to the Black Ink Clan.”

Gui Liao also smiled and nodded, “Sir is right, especially a Great Master Artifact Refiner like Yang Kai that can only be counted on one hand. If he has enough time to grow, he will definitely be able to refine even better artifacts.”

Black Abyss looked at Yang Kai expectantly, “How much do you think your Artifact Refining skills will improve if you focus on Artifact Refining?”

“Focus on Artifact Refining?” Yang Kai’s expression was somewhat blank, “Master is wise, Artifact Refining is just this subordinate’s little hobby. This subordinate still hopes to focus on the Martial Dao so that in the future, I can share my Master’s burdens on the battlefield.”

Black Abyss nodded happily, “You’re too kind, but what if I insist on having you focus on the Artifact Refining Path?”

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate and replied, “Since this is Master’s order, this subordinate will naturally obey, but…”

“But what?” Black Abyss asked.

“It’s just that this subordinate’s talent in Artifact Refining isn’t very high, so no matter how hard I try, I will at most be a Grandmaster level in the future, unable to reach the Great Grandmaster level.”

“Grandmaster?” Black Abyss’ eyes lit up and couldn’t help smiling, “Good, very good!”

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before asking, “Does Master need me to refine some kind of artifact? If so, please ask. This subordinate will do his best to not disappoint Master.”

“I do need you to refine some kind of artifact, but…” Black Abyss paused for a moment before continuing, “You should go and rest first. In a few days, come with me for a trip.”

Yang Kai was confused, but he still bowed respectfully and left.

After he left, Gui Liao asked, “Does Senior want to take him to the King City?”

Black Abyss nodded somewhat excitedly, “That’s right, the Royal Lord has already ordered that anyone who discovers any Artifact Refiners in their territory will be sent to the King City. I also told you the reason back then, so you should know.”

“This subordinate understands,” Gui Liao respectfully replied, “Sir, how is the progress of the Royal Lord’s plan?”

Speaking of this matter, Black Abyss couldn’t help feeling a bit worried, “It’s not going very well. Although there are some test subjects, they are all too weak to withstand a single blow and are far inferior to the various attributes of the Human Race’s Battleship. That’s why they urgently need Artifact Refiners with high attainments in Artifact Refining. Yang Kai is now a Great Master, and in the future, he will be able to grow to the Grandmaster level. Perhaps he won’t be able to manage this grand plan, but participating in some important parts is not a problem. Such a person is also someone the Royal Lord desperately needs.”

Saying so, Black Abyss sighed again, “What a pity, his combat strength is truly extraordinary.”

The reason why he had personally taken action with the Ink Transformation was because he had taken a liking to the strength Yang Kai had displayed.

However, compared to Yang Kai’s combat strength, the Royal Lord’s grand plan was undoubtedly the most important, and Black Abyss could only reluctantly part with it.

Black Abyss had told Yang Kai to wait a few days and accompany him on a long journey. Although Yang Kai pretended to be confused, he was also aware that his plan had taken a step forward.

The so-called trip was definitely to see the Royal Lord.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling both excited and nervous. He was looking forward to the smooth progress he had made so far. If nothing unexpected happened, he would soon be able to figure out who the Human Race Artifact Refiner who was refining artifacts for the Black Ink Clan was and where he was.

What made Yang Kai nervous was that the Royal Lord wasn’t easy to deal with. After all, it was an expert comparable to a Ninth Order Old Ancestor. In front of such an existence, Yang Kai didn’t dare say he wasn’t at risk of being exposed.

As for being alone in the Black Ink Clan’s King City, once he was exposed, the consequences would be unbearable.

Instead of waiting inside the ancient castle, he left it and entered the city.

Over the years, he had worked together with Zha Gu in order to build up his reputation as an Artifact Refiner and attract Black Abyss’ attention, but over the years, he had accumulated quite a few Black Ink Coin.

Each artifact he refined was worth seven thousand Black Ink Coin. Over the past seven or eight years, he had refined almost fifty artifacts and had more than three hundred thousand Black Ink Coin.

The purchasing power of the Black Ink Coin was quite good. Three hundred thousand Black Ink Coin in exchange for Open Heaven Pills was a total of three billion. However, while Black Ink Coin were useless to Yang Kai, they could be used to purchase cultivation resources.

This was the first time he had brought such a large amount of money with him to buy things in the Black Ink Clan’s city, so it was quite a novel experience. There were many Black Ink Disciples in the city, but all of them followed their Black Ink Clan Master. Being alone like him naturally attracted many curious gazes from the Black Ink Clan.

However, after discovering his Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, although the Black Ink Clan was curious, they didn’t dare act rashly.

To be able to Inked a Seventh Order master, it had to at least be a Feudal Lord. Moreover, it was said that the Territory Lord had also taken in a Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple. Who would dare to have any ideas about the Territory Lord's Black Ink Disciple?

The number of shops on the Black Ink Clan’s side was not small, and after investigating a few of them, Yang Kai discovered that the cultivation resources of the Black Ink Clan were massive.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t strange at all. The entire Ink Battlefield was vast and boundless, and the Black Ink Clan occupied a massive territory. There were countless Universe Worlds in those territories that could be mined, so naturally, there was no lack of cultivation resources.

Unlike the Human Race, only by defeating the Black Ink Clan army would they be able to snatch a few resource production areas and harvest them for a few years. After the Black Ink Clan recovered their strength, they would have to give up on the resource production areas.

This cycle repeated again.

However, for the Black Ink Clan, these cultivation resources could not be directly used for cultivation. Instead, they needed to be thrown into the Black Ink Nest and transformed into Ink Force before they could be used by the Black Ink Clan.

The resources that the Human Race’s masters sought were of no use to the Black Ink Clan, so the price of these resources was surprisingly low.

Yang Kai’s three hundred thousand Black Ink Coin could be counted as three billion Open Heaven Pills. If it was in the Human Race’s territory, this purchasing power would only be enough to buy two or three seventh grade resources.

But on the Black Ink Clan’s side, he had spent three hundred thousand Black Ink Coin and bought more than a dozen seventh grade resources, the gap between them simply unimaginable.

Yang Kai suddenly felt his teeth ache.

If he had known this would happen, he would have asked Zhong Liang and the others for some Black Ink Coin when he was at Blue Sky Pass.

The Human Race’s various mountain passes also had a large number of Black Ink Coin stored inside them. These Black Ink Coin were naturally obtained by the Human Race’s soldiers who had cleaned up the battlefield.

The dead Black Ink Clan's Black Ink Coin were collected, it was useless for the Human Race, so it was put away.

Just Blue Sky Pass alone had accumulated countless Black Ink Coin over the years. If he were to bring out all of these Black Ink Coin, it wouldn’t be a problem to buy all of the resources in Black Abyss Territory.


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