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The Black Ink Nest had just been built, so there was nothing to see inside.

On the other hand, Zha Gu’s explanation secretly shocked Yang Kai. This Black Ink Nest could be said to be capable of devouring almost anything, as long as it had energy, it was a good thing for it.

This characteristic reminded Yang Kai of Heaven Devouring Great Emperor Wu Kuang!

The Heaven Devouring Battle Law this guy cultivated was also known to be able to devour anything. Moreover, Wu Kuang possessed the Stainless Golden Lotus, which complemented the Heaven Devouring Battle Law perfectly.

A strange thought emerged in his mind. If Wu Kuang came to this Ink Battlefield, what would happen? Would he be Inked by the Ink Force, or would he be able to use the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to refine the Ink Force?

[MSN: Or will he be immune to the ink force because of the lotus?]

However, this guy was currently in a dark place and had disappeared after being sent to the Shattered Heaven by Yang Kai. It was unknown if he was still alive.

Yang Kai estimated that he should be alive and well. After all, good people didn’t live long, while scourges lived for thousands of years.

Setting aside these strange thoughts, Yang Kai opened the door to his Small Universe’s body and the World Force in his Small Universe immediately overflowed. In the next moment, a strange change occurred.

The entire Black Ink Nest seemed to have smelled a fishy scent as a powerful suction force suddenly appeared from the surrounding walls of flesh, drawing in the World Force around it and swallowing it.

Yang Kai’s expression became stern as he subconsciously wanted to close the door to his Small Universe. After all, it was his own loss to continue being devoured by the Black Ink Nest, but before he could close the door, he suddenly came into contact with an extremely strange will.

The reason why this will was strange was because it gave him a feeling of stiffness, as if this will didn’t have its own thoughts, like a walking corpse.

This greatly surprised him and he couldn’t help turning to look at Zha Gu.

Zha Gu just smiled at him, as if he had already expected this.

Seeing that he had no intention of stopping him, Yang Kai simply let go and carefully examined the will.

It was just as he had felt at the beginning. The existence of this will wasn’t an illusion, it was just that it didn’t have its own consciousness. After tracing it back to its source, Yang Kai asked in surprise, “Brother Zha Gu, Black Ink Nest has its own will?”

The source of this will was this Black Ink Nest.

Zha Gu smiled and said, “Of course, the Black Ink Nest has its own will, all of them have their own will, but the Black Ink Nest’s will is just a carrier, it will not express its own thoughts.”

“Carrier?” Yang Kai asked curiously, “What do you mean?”

Zha Gu said, “Since Brother Yang can connect with Black Ink Nest’s will, why don’t you try using this will as a vessel to see the essence of things!”


Zha Gu’s words had a profound meaning behind them, as if he was trying to say that there was some kind of secret hidden behind Black Ink Nest’s will. Yang Kai’s curiosity was immediately piqued and he began to act.

This was also the best opportunity to learn some of the Black Ink Clan’s secrets, so Yang Kai naturally didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Moreover, Zha Gu also needed his help in refining artifacts, so it shouldn’t be disadvantageous to him.

Thinking so, Yang Kai relaxed.

Originally, when he had sensed the existence of this will, he had felt a sense of rejection, fearing that it would harm him. Now that he was certain this will did not have his own thoughts, Yang Kai relaxed.

When he opened his body and mind, his Small Universe’s strength was constantly being devoured by the Black Ink Nest, and as the World Force flowed away, his own consciousness was slowly merging with the Black Ink Nest’s will.

This was an extremely strange experience, and Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling as if he was about to become one with the entire Black Ink Nest, but he also knew that this was just an illusion, a result of his consciousness fusing with the Black Ink Nest’s will.

In just a moment, his own consciousness had completely fused with the Black Ink Nest’s will, which surprised Yang Kai greatly, because there was no sign of rejection during this process, as if the will was specifically waiting for him.

Of course, Yang Kai knew that this was not the case. Black Ink Nest’s will didn’t have its own consciousness, so as long as the conditions were right, anyone’s consciousness could perfectly fuse with it.

The moment he merged with Black Ink Nest’s will, it was as if he had entered another world.

This world had no light, no substance, and even no physical existence. However, in this world, there were streams of consciousness shuttling and communicating.

Yang Kai was greatly surprised!

With a slight probe of his perception, he noticed that two nearby consciousnesses that were extremely similar to his current state were talking to each other, as if they were discussing a transaction that involved many precious materials and Black Ink Clan slaves.

When he tried to perceive other places, he could clearly perceive some of the communication between their consciousnesses, but some of them seemed to be isolated from the detection of others, allowing anyone who tried to spy on them to arouse hostility.

Yang Kai’s consciousness passed through this strange world and saw all kinds of consciousness.

Some of these consciousnesses were wandering around like him, while others remained in their original positions, opening up their bodies and minds to receive information from all over the world, many of them communicating with each other.

Soon, Yang Kai noticed something else that caught his attention.

All of these consciousnesses seemed to be moving about on a giant carrier, and this carrier was actually a will without any self-awareness, just that this will was even larger than the will of Zha Gu's Black Ink Nest.

“Oh… a new aura.” Just as Yang Kai was lost in thought, a wandering consciousness suddenly noticed him and quickly asked, “Who are you? Why haven’t I seen you before?”

Yang Kai was suddenly at a loss for words, not knowing how to respond. He couldn’t say he was a human race Black Ink Disciple.

The commotion here attracted the attention of many nearby consciousnesses, and Yang Kai soon felt that the will of the Black Ink Nest which was carrying his consciousness was being stared at by countless eyes.

He quickly withdrew from this strange world and severed the connection between his consciousness and the will of the Black Ink Nest.

Zha Gu had been standing beside him all this time, quietly watching him. Seeing him finally move, he smiled and asked, “Is it fun?”

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn, “Brother Zha Gu, the consciousness I encountered…”

Zha Gu seemed to know what he was asking and didn’t wait for him to finish before saying, “They’re all Feudal Lords, just like me, they have their own fiefs. The situation of their consciousnesses is the same as yours, using their own Black Ink Nest’s will as a carrier. After fusing their consciousnesses, they entered the Territory Lord's Black Ink Nest’s Will Domain.”

“Territory Lord's Black Ink Nest's Will Domain!” Yang Kai’s expression became serious as he recalled the even more powerful will he had sensed behind him.

“En,” Zha Gu nodded, “All of the Feudal Lords under the Territory Lord's command who have their own fiefs, the Black Ink Nest they obtained were separated from the Territory Lord's Black Ink Nest, the Child Nest of the Territory Lord's Black Ink Nest. No matter how far apart these Child Nest are, as long as they are still in the same void, they can communicate with each other. Of course, they also need the support of the Territory Lord's Black Ink Nest’s Domain of Will. You can treat this Domain as a platform for communication.”

Zha Gu’s words were complicated, but Yang Kai combined his own experiences and understood the mysteries behind them.

To put it simply, Territory Lord Black Ink Nest also had its own will, and that will also didn’t have any consciousness. This will could be transformed into a Domain that allowed the Child Nest's will to enter, and the various Feudal Lords could use their Child Nest’s will as a carrier to fuse with their own will and enter this Domain.

Yang Kai quickly understood the crux of the matter and said with a solemn expression, “In that case, a Territory Lord can always know about the situation of the territories of his Feudal Lords at any time? Can the Feudal Lords also report the abnormal movements of their territories?”

“Naturally, this is one of the most basic uses of the Black Ink Nest.”

Yang Kai remained silent.

Today, he finally understood something.

When he had disguised himself as Black Ink Disciple and followed Angry Flame, the people of Blue Sky Pass, under the leadership of their Old Ancestor, had attacked the Black Ink Clan’s territory, but not long after, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had responded.

Yang Kai had always been curious about how the Royal Lord had received the news in this vast void and how he had been able to move so quickly. Moreover, the entire Black Ink Clan in Blue Sky War Zone had been mobilized.

In fact, the Human Race didn’t understand this point either. They had always guessed that the Black Ink Clan had some kind of special communication method similar to Space Arrays.

But now, it seemed that the communication methods of the Black Ink Clan were far more profound than Space Arrays.

The Black Ink Nest scattered throughout the void formed a massive intelligence network for the Black Ink Clan. As long as one was within the range of these Black Ink Nest, the Black Ink Clan would be able to immediately learn of anything that happened.

When the Human Race had invaded the Black Ink Clan’s territory, the news must have spread through the Black Ink Nest immediately, which was why the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord’s counterattack had been so quick, allowing the Black Ink Clan’s army to quickly assemble.

No wonder the Black Ink Nest was known as the foundation of the Black Ink Clan. Just this alone showed how important it was.

“So the will of the Black Ink Nest can also bear the consciousness of your Human Race…” Zha Gu suddenly clicked his tongue in wonder. Obviously, he had not known that Yang Kai could successfully enter the Territory Lord Black Ink Nest’s Domain.

“I was just curious and wanted to give it a try. I hope it didn’t cause any damage to Brother Zha Gu’s Black Ink Nest,” Yang Kai gathered his thoughts and apologized.

Originally, he had only wanted to test if the World Force escaping from his Small Universe’s body would be absorbed by the Black Ink Nest, but he hadn’t expected that he would be able to so easily come into contact with the Black Ink Nest’s Thoughtless Will, allowing him to make further discoveries.

Zha Gu smiled, “It’s nothing. The will of any Black Ink Nest is just a carrier, it won’t be damaged. In fact, no Feudal Lord would be so idle as to remain in the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Nest’s Domain at all times. Most of the consciousnesses you’ve seen are capable subordinates of the various Feudal Lords. Later, I’ll also need to find a subordinate to oversee this place for a long time so it’ll be easier for me to inquire about news from all sides.”

“I see!” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

During this trip to the Black Ink Clan in disguise, Yang Kai had learned many secrets about the Black Ink Nest. Just these secrets alone made Yang Kai feel that this trip had not been in vain. After all, these were things that the Human Race had always wanted to know but were unable to understand.


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