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The Black Ink Clan’s Black Ink Nest was divided into different grades, each targeting different ranks of Black Ink Clan masters.

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before asking, “Can the Feudal Lord’s Black Ink Nest be divided into child nest again?”

Zha Gu couldn’t help laughing as he shook his head, “The Feudal Lord’s Black Ink Nest is the lowest grade of Black Ink Nest, how can it be divided into child nest again?”

“Then whose child nest is the Royal Lord Black Ink Nest?”

Zha Gu was startled by this question, “Royal Lord Black Ink Nest is already the highest ranked Black Ink Nest.”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “But as Brother Zha Gu said before, all the Black Ink Nests are divided from higher level Black Ink Nests. In other words, the Black Ink Nest should have a source, where is this source?”

Zha Gu turned his head to look at Yang Kai, with a blank look on his face. After a long time, he couldn’t help laughing and saying, “Brother Yang is making me confused. I don’t know where the source of the Black Ink Nest is, but from what I know, the Royal Lord’s Black Ink Nest is indeed the highest grade of Black Ink Nest. There is no higher grade. Perhaps the Royal Lord’s Black Ink Nest is the source.”

Yang Kai nodded in agreement.

Yang Kai didn’t dwell on this issue any longer and instead turned to look at the box in Zha Gu’s hand curiously, “Brother Zha Gu, how does this thing hatch into a real Black Ink Nest?”

Zha Gu chuckled, “Brother Yang will naturally know when the time comes.”

After chatting for a few days, Zha Gu suddenly stopped and took out the Universe Chart.

The Universe Chart was originally refined by the Human Race, but after countless years of conflict between the two races, many things from the Human Race had been passed down to the Black Ink Clan, such as the Flying Artifact and this Universe Chart.

“It’s here,” Zha Gu confirmed his position and said with a look of excitement, “With this as the center, flying at full speed for half a day is my fief!”

Yang Kai was slightly surprised, “Brother Zha Gu’s fief isn’t small.”

It had to be known that Zha Gu was a Feudal Lord master of the Black Ink Clan. If he flew at full speed for half a day, the territory he could encircle would be enormous.

Zha Gu chuckled, “I'm lucky.”

Saying so, he looked around.

The entire Ink Battlefield should have originally been a flourishing Void World, but because of the characteristics of the Black Ink Clan, this Ink Battlefield was now filled with dead Universe Worlds.

Right now, there were a few lifeless pieces of worlds and floating continent.

Zha Gu quickly selected a target and flew towards one of the Universe Worlds. A short while later, they landed on this Universe World.

The entire world was dead and lifeless, and Yang Kai couldn’t even feel the slightest bit of World Force from it. This was within his expectations, so there was nothing to be surprised about.

“We’ll choose this place,” Zha Gu looked around, extremely satisfied with this place.

As he spoke, he gently put down the box he had been holding in his arms. The box wasn’t big and looked square, but it was quite heavy. When Zha Gu held it in his arms, Yang Kai didn’t notice it, but when he placed it on the ground, the ground shook and the ground around the box caved in.

Zha Gu looked at the box with a solemn expression and said, “Brother Yang, don’t you want to know how to hatch the Black Ink Nest? Please open your eyes and watch carefully.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and paid close attention.

Zha Gu gently covered the box with his Ink Force, and with some unknown method, the box suddenly cracked open and a flower bud that seemed to have not bloomed appeared in front of Yang Kai’s eyes.

This thing didn’t look much different from the Black Ink Nest Yang Kai had seen before, but this Black Ink Nest’s size was still quite small and exquisite.

However, Yang Kai was able to feel a thick and indestructible Ink Force surging from this Black Ink Nest.

Like all the Black Ink Nest Yang Kai had seen before, this thing seemed to be a living thing. As it gently opened and closed, the Ink Force began to leak out.

At this moment, the many subordinates that Zha Gu had brought with him had all retreated to the side. Without any orders, they all knelt on the ground and bowed towards the direction of the Black Ink Nest in an exaggerated manner, their expressions filled with reverence as they muttered some kind of ritual.

Zha Gu’s expression became slightly excited as he suddenly thrust his hand towards his chest.

This scene shocked Yang Kai, causing him to subconsciously think that Zha Gu was trying to kill himself.

However, Yang Kai soon discovered that this wasn’t the case. Although Zha Gu’s hand had stabbed into his chest, it was obvious that he wasn’t trying to kill himself. When he pulled his hand out of his chest, a drop of ink-like blood appeared on his fingertip.

Although the life of the Black Ink Clan were born from the Black Ink Nest and were not a Yin-Yang intersection like human race, in general, there was not much difference in their physique.

So when Yang Kai saw this drop of Ink Blood, he knew that it was Zha Gu’s Heart Blood. This thing was like the Blood Essence of the Human Race to the Black Ink Clan and was extremely precious. If he were to lose it, his aura would definitely fall and his strength would fall greatly.

Sure enough, after taking out a drop of Heart Blood, Zha Gu’s aura clearly dropped.

He dripped the drop of Heart Blood onto the Black Ink Nest, and the Black Ink Nest immediately absorbed it.

In the next moment, a strange connection seemed to form between the Black Ink Nest and Zha Gu.

Yang Kai watched from the sidelines, vaguely feeling that this situation was somewhat similar to the blood bond between the Human Race and certain artifacts. The Black Ink Nest had swallowed Zha Gu’s heart blood, so it was obvious that it had been branded by Zha Gu. From now on, this Black Ink Nest would be Zha Gu’s property, and no other Black Ink Clan could have any ideas about it. He just didn’t know if Zha Gu’s death would have any impact on this Black Ink Nest.

Yang Kai estimated that this wouldn’t affect it. After all, he hadn’t heard that after a human race cultivator died, their artifact would also be destroyed. Since the previous master had died, the next master would naturally take over.

After doing all of this, although Zha Gu’s aura was a bit weaker, his spirit was much more vigorous.

He took out another item from his Space Ring and looked at it, it was a World Sphere. It should be filled with World Force, Yang Kai didn’t know where Zha Gu had found it.

Without hesitation, Zha Gu stuffed the World Sphere into the flower bud.

In the next moment, the Black Ink Nest shook slightly, emitting a thumping sound as the World Force sealed in World Sphere was quickly swallowed by it.

As the World Force were swallowed, the entire Black Ink Nest began to wriggle violently as a large amount of meat-like substances began to emerge. The small and delicate Black Ink Nest began to expand at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In just a short time, the originally small and exquisite Black Ink Nest had expanded by several times and was still continuing to expand.

Zha Gu constantly threw a World Sphere, which was sealed with World Force, into the Black Ink Nest, causing it to constantly grow.

A few days later, a thousand feet tall Feudal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest that occupied a large territory was born. Yang Kai watched it from beginning to end, his heart filled with shock.

It was only at this moment that he finally understood how the Black Ink Nest came to be. This was probably the first time the Human Race had seen it hatch.

Perhaps the Black Ink Disciple had seen this before, but this news had never spread to the Human Race.

“It’s about time!” Zha Gu looked up at the huge Black Ink Nest with a satisfied expression.

The subordinates he had brought with him had been repeating the same ritual for the past few days, their devotion and solemnity showing no signs of ending.

“Is it formed just like that?” Yang Kai asked. He had seen many Feudal Lord Grade Black Ink Nest before, but compared to the one in front of him, it was much larger, so he couldn’t help feeling a little strange.

Zha Gu shook his head, “The Black Ink Nest can still continue to grow, but I don’t have too many resources on hand. I still need to use those resources to do other things, so I can only wait until my hands are full before catalyzing it.”

“I see!” Yang Kai nodded.

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you in to take a look,” Zha Gu was in a good mood and couldn’t wait to share his glory with others. Unfortunately, other than his subordinates, there was only Yang Kai, a Black Ink Disciple, so he had no choice but to invite Yang Kai.

Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t refuse.

Speaking of which, he was also quite curious about the situation inside the Black Ink Nest. Although he had entered the Black Ink Nest when Chasing Wind Territory Lord was recuperating, the Black Ink Nest was obviously only used for healing, and at that time, he had been trying to sneak an attack on Chasing Wind, so he hadn’t had time to carefully observe it.

After the Black Ink Nest was formed, it looked like a giant flower bud standing tall on the ground.

During these past few days, as the Black Ink Nest grew, Yang Kai could clearly feel a myriad of strands of energy extending from the bottom of the Black Ink Nest, seemingly transforming into roots that connected with the entire Universe World.

Zha Gu didn’t make any movements, but when he arrived at the bottom of the Black Ink Nest, the bottom of the Black Ink Nest immediately cracked open, revealing a dark tunnel.

When he first used his Blood Sacrifice to refine this Black Ink Nest, his body and mind had already become one with it, so naturally he could easily control it.

Zha Gu stepped in, followed closely by Yang Kai.

After passing through a long corridor, Yang Kai arrived at a spacious chamber. Looking around, he saw that this chamber was surrounded by a strange, meat-like barrier, and the entire Black Ink Nest was filled with a rich Ink Force and an indescribable evil aura.

Zha Gu walked over and said, “With this Black Ink Nest, it will be much easier for me to cultivate in the future, and it will only be a matter of time before I become a Territory Lord.”

“Then I’ll have to congratulate Brother Zha Gu first,” Yang Kai cupped his fists and said curiously, “I saw Brother Zha Gu invest quite a bit of World Sphere before, so does that mean incubating the Black Ink Nest requires World Force?”

Zha Gu smiled, “That’s right, incubating the Black Ink Nest requires the World Force. Of course, the various resources you human race use for cultivation can also be used. Let me put it this way, as long as there is energy, the Black Ink Nest can absorb it and transform it into Ink Force.”

Yang Kai understood, thinking to himself that it was no wonder that wherever the Black Ink Clan went, the entire Universe World was filled with death aura. Creatures like the Black Ink Clan were simply the natural enemies of the 3000 Worlds. If they were allowed to enter the 3000 Worlds, the prosperity of the world would quickly become a ruin.

From ancient times until now, generation after generation of Cave Heaven Paradise masters had attacked the Black Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield and prevented their invasion. For this reason, they had paid a heavy price.

Of the 3000 Worlds, only cultivators who came from the Cave Heaven Paradise knew about all of this. It had to be said that this was the sorrow of the heroes, the injustice of the world.


[MSN: I wonder, does it affect the Star Field too? Hmm]

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