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Since Gui Liao had said so, what else could Zha Gu say? He could only nod in agreement.

Gui Liao asked again, “Do you have any requirements for the land?”

Zha Gu thought for a moment and said, “I don’t have any special needs, but if Yang Kai wants to refine artifacts, he needs to borrow some external forces, such as the power of the Earth Fire. Is there a suitable place? Does Sir Gui Liao have any recommendations?”

Hearing this, Gui Liao began searching through the Universe Chart. A moment later, he reached out his hand and pointed towards a certain spot, handing the Universe Chart to Zha Gu, “This region originally had a Great Sun Star. Although that Great Sun is now dead, there should still be a Great Sun’s power contained within it. Your fief should be here, the power of the Great Sun is much stronger than the Earth Fire.”

As he spoke, Zha Gu also checked the location of the dead great sun and nodded, “Good!”

Gui Liao waved his hand again and Liu Zian stepped forward, holding a strange box in his hands. It was unknown what this box was made of, but it didn’t look like it was made of gold or jade, nor what was inside.

However, when Zha Gu saw this box, he became agitated and stared at it like a leech.

Gui Liao smiled and said, “You’ll have to take good care of this child nest. I only have one in my possession, if you lose it, it’ll be gone.”

Zha Gu received it excitedly and thanked him repeatedly. This was the key to becoming a Feudal Lord with a fief, something he had dreamed of for many years. He had never imagined that it would be so easily obtained by him today.

“Do you need me to teach you how to hatch it?” Gui Liao asked.

“No need, no need!” Zha Gu shook his head repeatedly before suddenly remembering something, “But Sir, incubating the Black Ink Nest requires a large amount of resources or World Force, I have…”

Gui Liao waved his hand generously, “You can take the three hundred thousand Black Ink Coin to buy the things you need, it should be enough to hatch the Black Ink Nest. I’ll lend you the five hundred thousand Black Ink Coin you need to purchase this child nest first, you can return it later!”

“Many thanks, Sir Gui Liao!” Zha Gu said gratefully.

Although he had suddenly received an additional five hundred thousand Black Ink Coin worth of debt, for a Feudal Lord like him, all his efforts were worth it.

He silently calculated in his heart that if what Gui Liao said was true, as long as he could refine a single artifact, he would be able to obtain forty or fifty thousand Black Ink Coin. At that time, Yang Kai would refine more than a dozen artifacts and his debt would be completely repaid.

He couldn’t help sighing. With such a human race Artifact Refiner in his hands, earning money was simply too easy. He also secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, Yang Kai had been somewhat unhappy with Gui Liao before, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to obtain such a good deal.

Now, the reason why Gui Liao didn’t come forward to manage this matter and only secretly assisted him was probably because he was afraid of exposing himself later. If the Territory Lord wanted to pursue this matter, he would have to bear the risk too.

Zha Gu was well aware of all of this, but he was willing to endure it.

Walking out from the ancient castle, Zha Gu was still a bit confused, suddenly encountering such a great event made him feel like he was in a dream.

The box that sealed the child nest was not allowed to be stored in the Space Ring, to the Black Ink Clan, the Black Ink Nest is also alive. So Zha Gu first returned to his ancient castle and carefully put away the box before returning to the Territory Lord’s territory and spending money like dirt to purchase a large number of World Sphere and various grade of materials.

After spending three hundred thousand Black Ink Coin, Zha Gu’s Space Ring had accumulated a massive amount of resources, allowing him to feel more at ease.

While Zha Gu was preparing, Yang Kai had just finished refining an artifact.

After instructing Yang Kai to have a good rest, Zha Gu began to deal with the Feudal Lords who had come to request artifact refining.

Since he had already reached an agreement with Gui Liao, Zha Gu didn’t plan on wasting any more time here. After all, refining an Artifact here cost only thirty thousand Black Ink Coin, while Gui Liao’s price was a hundred thousand, a difference of several times larger. Zha Gu had his own plans and know which one to choose.

Many of the Feudal Lords were naturally unwilling, but Zha Gu had brought out Gui Liao's name to block them, saying that Yang Kai had been summoned back to the Ancient Castle by Gui Liao, so there was nothing he could do.

After all, Yang Kai was the Territory Lord’s Black Ink disciple in name, so it wasn’t reasonable for him to stay here for a long time.

After everything was settled, Zha Gu gathered his subordinates and led Yang Kai into the void.

Halfway down the road, Yang Kai showed a worried expression, “Brother Zha Gu, if I suddenly leave and don’t greet Sir Gui Liao, I’m afraid it will be inappropriate.”

Zha Gu chuckled, “Brother Yang doesn’t need to worry, I’ve already greet Sir Gui Liao and he knows you’ve been staying with me for the past two years.”

“Did Sir Gui Liao say anything?”

Zha Gu shook his head and said, “Sir Gui Liao is in charge of all matters and is very busy, how could he have the time to care about such trivial matters?”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, puzzled, “Good, where are we going?”

Zha Gu’s spirits soared, “To my fief!”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding.

Seeing Yang Kai’s indifferent reaction, Zha Gu smiled and explained, “Brother Yang is a human race, so I’m afraid you don’t understand the significance of a fief to a Black Ink Clan.”

Yang Kai really didn’t know. Although he had lived in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland with Angry Flame for two years, Angry Flame was only a High Rank Black Ink Clan equivalent to a Sixth Order Open Heaven Master. Moreover, during those two years, he had been following Angry Flame around the various territories to earn Black Ink Coin in the Blood Fighting Arena.

He didn’t know much about the internal affairs of the Black Ink Clan. In fact, after so many years of struggle between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan, his understanding of the internal affairs of the Black Ink Clan was quite limited.

As such, he quickly followed up, “Please explain!”

Zha Gu’s face was filled with emotion as he said, “Let’s put it this way, Brother Yang, those who have their own fiefs are the true Feudal Lords! Those who don’t have fiefs are just empty shells.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling puzzled, “I don’t understand!”

Zha Gu chuckled, “You’re a human, so you naturally don’t understand. Then do you know why there are so many Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords, but very few of them have their own fiefs?”

“You don’t have enough territory?” Yang Kai replied casually. He had thought about this matter before, but he couldn’t think of anything. Zha Gu suddenly mentioned this matter, so he felt that he should be able to solve this problem today.

Hearing this, Zha Gu was stunned for a moment before laughing, “This is also one of the reasons. For example, under the Territory Lord’s command, there are thousands of Feudal Lords. If every Feudal Lord can have their own territory, the Territory Lord’s territory is indeed not enough, but the most important reason is still the Black Ink Nest.”

“Black Ink Nest?” Yang Kai raised his brow, somewhat surprised, “What does this have to do with Black Ink Nest?”

Zha Gu said, “Although your Human Race has fought with the Black Ink Clan for countless years, I’m afraid you don’t know that the Black Ink Nest is divided into different grades, right? You’ve also seen Sir Territory Lord’s Black Ink Nest, isn’t it very big and magnificent?”

“Indeed!” Yang Kai nodded.

“The Black Ink Nest is the foundation of my Black Ink Clan, and there are a total of three grades: the Royal Lord’s Black Ink Nest, the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Nest, and the Feudal Lord’s Black Ink Nest! In the words of your Human Race, it can be divided into High Rank, Mid Rank, and Low Rank! The Territory Lord’s Black Ink Nest is Mid Rank. Do you think it’s big enough and magnificent enough? If you see the Black Ink Nest of the Royal Lord, you’ll realize that the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Nest is just a small one.”

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly. This was the first time he had heard of such a thing, so he guessed that the Human Race probably didn’t know much about it. His heart jumped as he asked, “Is the Feudal Lord’s Black Ink Nest a Low Rank Black Ink Nest?”

“That’s right!” Zha Gu nodded, “Every grade of Black Ink Nest is related to the previous grade.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai frowned slightly.

Zha Gu smiled and said, “All of the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Nest are separated from the Royal Lord’s Black Ink Nest, and all of the Feudal Lord’s Black Ink Nest are separated from the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Nest. Therefore, the Feudal Lord’s Black Ink Nest is the child nest of the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Nest, while the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Nest is the child nest of the Royal Lord’s Black Ink Nest.”

“It’s actually this kind of relationship?” Yang Kai was greatly surprised, feeling as if he had suddenly seen through the secrets of the Black Ink Clan today. In the past, the Human Race’s masters had also guessed how the Black Ink Nest was born, but they had never been able to understand the situation. After listening to Zha Gu’s explanation, Yang Kai realized that a High Rank Black Ink Nest could actually divide a Low Rank Black Ink Nest.

Zha Gu said solemnly, “The birth of every child nest requires a massive amount of energy, so every child nest is extremely precious and cannot be easily obtained.” Saying so, he patted the box in his hand, “This child nest of mine was bought for a total of five hundred thousand Black Ink Coin.”

Yang Kai was shocked, “This is child nest?”

When Zha Gu was traveling, he had been carrying this box all this time, so Yang Kai naturally saw it. Although he was curious about what was inside this box, he didn’t ask any questions. Only now did he realize that it was actually a Black Ink Clan’s chid nest.

“This is the child nest!” Zha Gu nodded seriously, “However, it hasn’t fully hatched yet. After it hatches, it will become a real Black Ink Nest, but compared to the one you saw at the Territory Lord’s place, it will definitely be much smaller. After all, this is only a Feudal Lord’s Black Ink Nest, and with this Black Ink Nest, I can be considered a true Feudal Lord.”

As he spoke, he began to fantasize about the beautiful future ahead of him, “With the Black Ink Nest, I can attract even more Black Ink Clan to settle in my territory. If those High Rank Black Ink Clan want to become Feudal Lord, they will need to borrow the power of my Black Ink Nest, so I can collect some fees. When the number of residents in my territory increases in the future, I can also recruit an army to accompany the Territory Lord to fight the Human Race!”

Yang Kai’s thoughts drifted. This was the first time he knew that the Black Ink Nest actually had to hatch. Was this thing really alive? But how was it supposed to be hatched? He had seen many Black Ink Nest at the Feudal Lord level, and each of them was incomparably huge. Although they couldn’t compare to the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Nest, it was impossible for a box to contain them.

Many doubts rose in Yang Kai’s mind as he asked carefully, “Brother Zha Gu, you said that if the High Rank Black Ink Clan wants to become a Feudal Lord, they will need your Black Ink Nest. What if you want to become a Territory Lord?”

Zha Gu said, “Naturally, we need to use the Territory Lord Black Ink Nest, which is Sir Territory Lord’s. My Black Ink Nest’s grade is too low to support a Territory Lord’s promotion.”

Yang Kai understood. In other words, the Low Rank Black Ink Nest could support the Black Ink Clan to become a Feudal Lord, while the Mid Rank Black Ink Nest could support the promotion of a Territory Lord. Only the High Rank Black Ink Nest could promote a Royal Lord.


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