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In the reception hall of the ancient castle, more than a dozen Feudal Lords were led here and arranged to sit down. Zha Gu sat at the head of the table and greeted everyone who came.

The Feudal Lords who had come here were all familiar with each other. After all, all of them lived in the territory of Black Abyss Territory Lord and had interacted with each other before.

With regards to Zha Gu suddenly inviting them here, all of the Feudal Lords were naturally curious. After a few exchanges, no one knew why Zha Gu had gathered everyone here today. When they asked, Zha Gu simply smiled and didn’t say anything, appearing unfathomable.

It wasn’t until the last Feudal Lord entered the hall and sat down that Zha Gu gently clapped his hands, attracting the attention of all the Feudal Lords before standing up and smiling, “I’m sure everyone is curious as to why I invited all of you here today. In fact, it’s quite simple, it’s because this Zha Gu wants to show you two treasures!”

A burly Feudal Lord asked impatiently, “Treasure? What treasure?”

Another Feudal Lord with a pair of wings on his back said, “Zha Gu, don’t try to act mysterious. Hurry up and tell us what you want to do, we don’t have time to fool around with you.”

Hearing this, Zha Gu only smiled slightly, “Then everyone, please watch carefully.”

As he spoke, he stepped forward and arrived at the center of the hall. In front of everyone’s eyes, he stretched out his hand and grasped a several meter long halberd in his hand. At the same time, he tore off his outer clothes to reveal a half body set of Treasure Armor.

This Treasure Armor was glowing brilliantly, and the great halberd was glowing with a cold light. It was obvious that it was no ordinary artifact.

What was rare was that both the Treasure Armor and the Great Halberd seemed to be specially made for Zha Gu. The Treasure Armor was extremely close to Zha Gu’s body, and the Great Halberd in his hand was even more so.

Zha Gu, with his halberd and armor, gave off an imposing aura. Standing amongst the many Feudal Lords, he seemed like a crane amongst chickens.

More than a dozen pairs of eyes were instantly drawn over, all of them shocked.

With the eyesight of these Feudal Lords, they could naturally tell that whether it was the halberd or the treasure armor, they were not ordinary artifacts, but artifacts from human race Artifact Refiners.

Zha Gu stood in place, observing everyone’s expressions, extremely satisfied with the reactions of the surrounding Feudal Lords.

If it was him, and he didn’t know the origins of these two artifacts and suddenly saw another Feudal Lord wielding a great halberd and treasure armor, he would certainly have the same expression.

The burly Feudal Lord who had spoken just now stood up in surprise and walked over to Zha Gu’s side, carefully examining him before reaching out to knock on Zha Gu’s treasure armor and nodding slightly, “Not bad, barely able to block my full force attack.”

Zha Gu smiled at him, “On the battlefield, if you can block an attack from the same level opponent, it will save your life.”

Being able to block a Feudal Lord’s full power strike meant that he should be able to block the full power strike of a Seventh Order Open Heaven. This was indeed a life-saving treasure.

The burly Feudal Lord’s tone was slightly sour, “Your luck is quite good to be able to obtain these two things. It seems that you obtained quite a lot of benefits during the last expedition with the Territory Lord.”

Zha Gu asked, “Do you think these are the spoils of war I seized from the battlefield?”

The Feudal Lord asked curiously, “Is it not?”

Zha Gu chuckled, “It’s not like you don’t know the size of the Human Race. How could these two things be seized from the Human Race?”

The burly Feudal Lord was stunned for a moment before thinking about it. Although there were some subtle differences in the shape of the Human Race, in the eyes of the Black Ink Clan, they were all small and exquisite. Whether it was the halberd or the treasure armor, none of them could be owned by the Human Race. These two items were obviously tailored for Zha Gu, and even if other Black Ink Clans obtained them, if the difference in size was too great, it would be difficult to use them.

The other Feudal Lord seemed to have thought of something and suddenly asked excitedly, “Zha Gu, where did you get these two artifacts?”

These words hit the nail on the head. Zha Gu turned to look at the Feudal Lord and smiled, “These two things were refined by someone for me.”


“Someone refine it for you?”

“Human Race Artifact Refiners?”

The group of Feudal Lords were all shocked.

The winged Feudal Lord thoughtfully said, “Previously, the Royal Lord had ordered all the Human Race’s Black Ink Disciples who know how to refine artifacts to enter the King City. The Black Ink Disciples who know how to refine artifacts should all be gathered there. Where did you find a Human Race Artifact Refiner to help you refine these two artifacts?”

“Yes, and judging from the look of these two artifacts, they seem to be quite good. Those who can refine these two artifacts should be a great master in the Human Race’s Artifact Refiners. Such Black Ink Disciple should have been summoned to the King City a long time ago. Did you go to the King City?”

Zha Gu shook his head, “Of course I didn’t go to the King City. Even if I did, it would be impossible for me to disturb the Royal Lord’s plans. Before, the Royal Lord did summon all the Human Race’s Black Ink Disciple who knew how to refine artifacts, but what if this Human Race Artifact Refiner came later?”


Zha Gu said, “The Black Ink Disciple that Sir Territory Lord brought back last time was an Artifact Refiner.”

“It’s him?”

“I heard that this Black Ink Disciple was quite bold. Relying on the fact that he was a Black Ink Disciple transformed by the Territory Lord, he had a quarrel with Sir Gui Liao over at the ancient castle. Since then, he has left the ancient castle and is currently missing.”

Zha Gu smiled and said, “When the Territory Lord made his move, I was by the Territory Lord’s side, so on the way back, I chatted with that Black Ink Disciple for a while, so we could be considered to have some kind of friendship. After that person left the ancient castle, he came to my place. As for the unpleasantness between him and Sir Gui Liao, I’m sure everyone here knows about Sir Gui Liao’s fetish. This person’s Small Universe was damaged, so if he really satisfied Sir Gui Liao’s needs, his grade would probably drop, so he left angrily and came to find me.”

All of the Feudal Lords nodded slightly. They were naturally clear about the hobby of Gui Liao, and there were also some among them who shared the same interests as him.

“Is he an Artifact Refiner?” A Feudal Lord asked.

“The great halberd in my hand and the treasure armor on my body were all refined by him. He really is an Artifact Refiner and his skill in Artifact Refining is not low!”

“Where is he?” One of the Feudal Lords couldn’t wait to ask. The halberd in Gui Liao’s hand and the treasure armor he wore were truly enviable, who wouldn’t want it?

Zha Gu smiled slightly, “It’s still with me.”

“Call him out, I want him to help me refine this artifact.”

Immediately, several Feudal Lords agreed.

Zha Gu smiled and said, “The reason I invited all of you here today is to help you refine artifacts. Whether it’s weapons or armor, you can refine anything you want, but…”

“But what?”

Zha Gu continued, “It’s just that he has just arrived and doesn’t have any cultivation resources, nor does he have any Black Ink Coin, he can help you refine artifacts, but you must pay a corresponding price.”

“We want him to refine artifacts because We think highly of him, but he actually wants a reward?” The winged Feudal Lord was enraged.

The burly Feudal Lord's eyes flashed, “I’m afraid it’s not that human race who wants the reward, it’s Zha Gu, right?”

Zha Gu said solemnly, “He was the one who refined the artifact, and I was just a middleman. Naturally, this reward was given to him, but since he promised to give me some benefits, I naturally wouldn’t refuse.”

“Hmph, It was just a mere Black Ink Disciple, how could he have such guts!” One of the Feudal Lords said indignantly.

Zha Gu slowly said, “This Black Ink Disciple was personally transformed by the Territory Lord and is different from ordinary Black Ink Disciple. In the ancient castle, he didn’t even give face to Sir Gui Liao. What about this?”

Many of the Feudal Lords present had heard about what had happened in the ancient castle. After all, the battle between Yang Kai and Liu Zian could not be hidden, so anyone who wanted to inquire about it would know the reason.

Now that Zha Gu said this, all of the Feudal Lords suddenly became silent.

Thinking about it, this Black Ink Disciple didn’t even care about the face of Sir Gui Liao, so if they forced him, how could he obey?

After all, he is the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Disciple, so they didn’t dare to act too excessively, otherwise, they won't be able to explain it to the Territory Lord after he comes out of seclusion.

“Everyone, with these two artifacts in hand, whether it is in terms of offensive or defensive capabilities, they can be greatly improved. On the battlefield, these artifacts can be used to protect one’s life, and such artifacts are usually impossible to obtain. Now that they have been delivered to us, what are you hesitating for? Are you unwilling to part with some Black Ink Coin? Many Feudal Lords have died on the battlefield, so no matter how much savings they have, what use is it if they die? To be honest, in order to refine these two artifacts, I have lost all my wealth.”

These words weren’t lies. Zha Gu had indeed lost his wealth, the price he had to pay was also the amount of Black Ink Coin he had spent to buy a Profound Female Spirit Fruit for Yang Kai.

One of the Feudal Lords suddenly said, “No wonder you suddenly came to borrow money from me a few days ago.”

Zha Gu turned to look at the Feudal Lord and said, “If you want to refine artifact later, you will receive a twenty percent discount and will be given priority.”

The Feudal Lord nodded slightly.

Zha Gu’s persuasion was quickly effective. In fact, just as Zha Gu had said, artifacts were things that couldn’t be obtained on a daily basis. Now that there was an opportunity, who would be willing to give it up? What the various Feudal Lords were unhappy about was that a Black Ink Disciple actually wanted to receive a reward.

However, compared to the temptation of obtaining merits and saving one’s life, the reward was nothing.

Immediately, one of the Feudal Lords asked, “Then how do we pay the Black Ink Disicple?”

Zha Gu didn’t even need to think about it, “One artifact, the materials is self-produced, the reward is twenty thousand Black Ink Coin!”

“What? Twenty thousand Black Ink Coin?”

“Why don’t you go rob us?”

“Zha Gu, are you joking?”

The group of Feudal Lords were extremely angry. Twenty thousand Black Ink Coin was not a small amount to them. Although everyone could afford it, this was only a single artifact. If they wanted to refine two, wouldn’t it cost forty thousand?

These Feudal Lords relied on the Territory Lord’s territory to survive and didn’t have the ability to obtain their own land, so their assets naturally weren’t too rich.

With forty thousand Black Ink Coin and the materials required for refining artifacts, they basically had nothing left.

Facing the anger of the crowd, Zha Gu only smiled and didn’t say anything.

He knew that no matter how fiercely these Feudal Lords shouted, they would still yield, because there were too few Black Ink Disciples who could help them refine artifacts. Even if there had been one in the past, it would never have been their turn.


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