Liu Zian didn’t expect Yang Kai to speak such nonsense and even speak such righteous words, as if it was true. He immediately refuted, “No!”

Yang Kai looked over calmly, “No? Then Brother Liu, why don’t you tell me why we’re arguing? I’m just a new Black Ink Disciple, I can’t possibly ask for trouble and offend you for no reason, right?”

Liu Zian said angrily, “Of course it is…”

Yang Kai stared at him, “Of course what?”

Liu Zian was speechless for a moment. The request he had made to Yang Kai today was not something he should say in public. After all, he was trying to figure out what Gui Liao was thinking. If he really said it out loud, Gui Liao wouldn’t be able to back down. As Gui Liao’s Black Ink Disciple, how could he dare put his master in such an awkward situation?

Yang Kai immediately said, “Look, he can’t say anything! Lord Gui Liao, it’s obvious what happened. It’s not that I’m willing to fight with him, it’s just that this person has gone too far. I hope Lord Gui Liao can understand!”

Gui Liao looked at him deeply before turning to Liu Zian, his eyes sharp, “Trash!”

Liu Zian’s mouth was filled with bitterness. Gui Liao’s reprimand made him feel like his back was being stabbed by a knife, causing him to panic. All of this was because of Yang Kai, so he could only remember this hatred in his heart and repay it in the future.

“Regardless of the cause, the two of you, as Black Ink Disciples, actually dared to fight in the Territory Lord's fort, causing damage to the fort. You must be punished, Liu Zian!”

Liu Zian’s voice trembled, “This subordinate is here.”

“Punish you three World Sphere.”

Liu Zian’s face instantly paled as he turned to look at Gui Liao pleadingly, “Sir…”

“If you dare say anything more, I’ll make it five!” Gui Liao coldly snorted.

Liu Zian didn’t dare to speak again, but the grief and indignation on his face was obvious.

“As for you…” Gui Liao coldly glanced towards Yang Kai, “I’ll punish you with a World Sphere.”

Although Yang Kai didn’t know what this punishment meant, he knew that it was definitely not a good thing, otherwise Liu Zian wouldn’t have acted like this when he heard it. He immediately cupped his fists and said, “Sir Gui Liao, I am a victim.”

“Victim?” Gui Liao sneered, “You humans have a good saying, it takes two hands to clap. Today’s matter, both of you were at fault. Even the Territory Lord wouldn’t have any objections if I were to handle it like this. What? Are you not convinced?”

It would be strange if he was willing to submit! Yang Kai clenched his teeth for a moment before saying, “This subordinate will accept his punishment.”

Gui Liao looked at him deeply and nodded, “You’re not bad!”

“Sir is too kind!” Yang Kai replied lightly.

“What are you all looking at? Disperse.” Gui Liao suddenly waved his hand and shouted at the surrounding Feudal Lords before dispersing.

Seeing that Gui Liao was about to leave, Yang Kai called out to him again, “Sir, when can the Profound Female Spirit Fruit asked by the Territory Lord be given to me?”

Gui Liao didn’t even turn his head, “Just wait, when this Lord found it, he will naturally give it to you.”

After a short while, he had disappeared. As for when he would be able to find it, he didn’t say. Yang Kai estimated that after causing such a ruckus, it would be impossible for him to obtain any Profound Female Spirit Fruit in the near future. However, he had nothing to regret. Gui Liao wanted him to open up his Small Universe to devour his World force, something Yang Kai would never agree to.

It was just that the matter of the Profound Female Spirit Fruit had to be resolved. Otherwise, once the Subtree repaired his Small Universe, he would not be able to explain himself.

Suddenly feeling the gaze of hatred from the side, Yang Kai turned his head and saw Liu Zian staring at him with fire in his eyes. Immediately, he sneered and left, causing Liu Zian to almost spit out a mouthful of blood.

During this fierce battle, not only had Liu Zian been injured by him, he had also been punished by Gui Liao, and even his residence had been destroyed. It could be said that he had suffered a great loss.

On the other hand, although Yang Kai had also been punished, his punishment was much lighter than Liu Zian’s. How could Liu Zian endure this?

However, Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered with him. This Black Ink Disciple could no longer be saved, Yang Kai couldn’t kill him and could only leave him to fend for himself.

Not long after returning to his residence, a High Rank Black Ink Clan master came over and handed Yang Kai a piece of World Sphere, saying that it was ordered by Lord Gui Liao before leaving.

Yang Kai had naturally seen the World Sphere before. When he was with Angry Flame, this fellow had brought him to various territories to fight with other Black Ink Disciples. Most of the Black Ink Coins he had earned had been spent on World Sphere to cultivate.

Angry Flame had always dreamed of accumulating enough Black Ink Coins to become a Feudal Lord in the Black Ink Nest.

Unfortunately, before this dream could be realized, he was killed by Feng Ying.

To the Black Ink Clan, World Sphere was a cultivation resource, and every single one of them was extremely valuable, not something that could be bought casually.

If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s incredible strength, allowing him to win every bloody battle, he wouldn’t have been able to earn enough Black Ink Coins to buy World Sphere to cultivate.

The other Black Ink Disciple under Angry Flame’s command, Ding Si, had told Yang Kai before that the World Force on the World Sphere was basically collected on the battlefield. With the death of the Human Race’s Open Heaven masters, the collapse of Small Universe, and the dissipation of the World Force, the World Sphere could collect and seal it.

Later on, Yang Kai felt that this didn’t make sense. There were indeed many Open Heaven cultivators who had fallen on the battlefield, but it wasn’t to the extent of supplying the Black Ink Clan’s World Sphere.

Ding Si then told him that the Black Ink Disciples could also pour their World Force into the World Sphere, which was the most common method for the Black Ink Clan to create World Sphere.

Therefore, any Black Ink Disciple was a precious treasure to the Black Ink Clan. Black Ink Disciples were loyal and would never betray their masters. During war, they could follow their masters into battle, and when they had free time, they could even create World Sphere for their masters to cultivate. As long as the Black Ink Disciples didn’t die, as their Master, the Black Ink Clan would have an endless supply of World Sphere.

Back then, Angry Flame had bought a few empty World Spheres and allowed Ding Si and the others to pour their World Force into them.

Because Yang Kai’s combat strength was quite high and he was his money tree, he didn’t need to participate in this mission and only needed to win in various Blood Fighting Arenas.

Today, when Yang Kai first heard about the punishment Gui Liao had given him, he hadn’t been able to react, but after obtaining this blank World Sphere, he finally understood what it meant.

It was obvious that he wanted him to pour his World Force into this World Sphere.

Every complete World Sphere would take a long time to be born, and with Yang Kai’s current Seventh Order physique, if he wanted to fill this World Sphere in his hands, it would take at least several months. Not only would he waste his cultivation time, but he would also waste his own foundation.

How could Yang Kai do such a thing? Gui Liao didn’t even give him the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, so how could he help him create World Sphere?

However, now that he had openly offended Gui Liao, his future would not be easy. At the very least, in the years before Black Abyss came out of seclusion, he had to be careful lest he find an opportunity to make things difficult for him.

On top of that, Yang Kai needed to find a way to complete this mission and find out the identity and position of the Artifact Refining Grandmaster.

However, right now, the most important thing to him was the Profound Female Spirit Fruit. He couldn’t count on Gui Liao to obtain it, so he could only think of a way.

After pondering for a long time, Yang Kai stood up and left the room.

Inside the old castle, everything was normal, but the Black Ink Clan members who came and went all looked at him curiously. After all, Black Ink Disciple, who had just arrived a few days ago, was fighting inside the old castle, something they had never seen before.

Yang Kai casually grabbed a member of the Black Ink Clan and asked, “Do you know where Zha Gu lives?”

The Black Ink Clan cultivator was confused, “Which Zha Gu?”

Although Zha Gu was a Feudal Lord, in Black Abyss territory, there were countless Feudal Lords like Zha Gu, so how could the entire Black Ink Clan know him?

Yang Kai wasn’t discouraged and asked a dozen questions with each Black Ink Clan member he met, finally getting some clues. According to the slightly informed Black Ink Clan member, he didn’t know exactly where Zha Gu lived. Perhaps Yang Kai could go to a certain location in his territory to search for him. A Feudal Lord like Zha Gu usually preferred to find a satisfactory location outside of a city to occupy his own territory.

This was also a tacit agreement between Black Abyss and all the Territoru Lords.

However, if one didn’t have the ability to obtain the Black Ink Nest, they wouldn’t have a territory that truly belonged to them.

Yang Kai thanked him and strode off in that direction, not seeing any obstructions along the way. It seemed that after what had just happened, Gui Liao wasn’t planning on causing any more trouble.

This floating continent, which was as large as the Universe World, was the territory directly under Black Abyss. All the territories occupied by the Feudal Lords under his command were his.

The Black Ink Nest and the old castle were located in the heart of this floating continent, the most prosperous place on it.

There was no restriction on flying in the city, so Yang Kai flew out of the ancient castle and soared into the sky. The number of Black Ink Clan members in the sky was quite high.

Many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters sensed the aura of the human race and looked over curiously, but none of them made things difficult for him, nor did they have any intentions of targeting him.

After all, his Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation wasn’t something any Black Ink Clan could stop.

Soon, Yang Kai left the huge city.

After flying for a few dozen kilometers, Yang Kai saw a manor below him and secretly guessed that it was the territory of some Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord.

Without any hesitation, he flew down and did not restrain his aura.

Before he could land, a tall and sturdy figure flew up into the sky from somewhere in the manor.

After a while, he stood in front of Yang Kai and looked him up and down, revealing a look of surprise, “Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple?”

There weren’t many Seventh Order Open Heaven Black Ink Disciple on this floating continent, most of whom he had met before. Yang Kai’s unfamiliar face naturally made him feel strange.

“Excuse me!” Yang Kai cupped his fists, “May I ask if this Sir knows where Sir Zha Gu lives?”

The Feudal Lord didn’t answer and instead asked, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

Yang Kai replied politely, “I am the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Disciple. Under the orders of Lord Gui Liao, I came to find Zha Gu to discuss something.”

The Feudal Lord suddenly revealed a look of realization, “You’re the Territory Lord's new Black Ink Disciple? No wonder we haven’t met before.”


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