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When Yang Kai heard this, he was stunned. This was the first time he had heard about the living World Force. The World Force was the foundation of the Open Heaven cultivator’s strength, not some living creature. How could there be such a difference?

Confused, Yang Kai asked, “What is a living World Force?”

Liu Zian smiled, “Does Brother Yang know about the World Sphere?”

Yang Kai nodded, “I heard.”

Liu Zian said, “Strictly speaking, World Sphere is just a kind of artifact refined by the Black Ink Clan. Its purpose is to seal the World Force released by the fallen Human Race’s Open Heaven masters on the battlefield. In every Black Ink Clan territory, World Sphere is sold for a high price. When the Black Ink Clan buys World Sphere, they can consume its World Force for cultivation. In addition, the Black Ink Clan can also consume the World Force in various Secret Realms, but in the end, this World Force is a rootless tree, a sourceless water, a dead object! In the eyes of certain Black Ink Clan clans, this World Force is not fresh enough. Eating it is like eating a meal that is not fresh.”

“On the other hand, for Open Heaven cultivator like you and I, the World Force in our Small Universe is more than enough. Lord Gui Liao’s taste is a bit tricky, and he likes to devour this World Force the most.”

Saying so, Liu Zian looked at Yang Kai with a burning gaze, “So if you want to win the favor of Lord Gui Liao, what Brother Yang has to do is simple. Open your Small Universe, and Lord Gui Liao only needs to eat to his heart’s content, he will naturally satisfy your request.”

Yang Kai lowered his eyes and asked lightly, “Does Brother Liu often please Lord Gu Liao like this?”

Liu Zian nodded as if it was a matter of course, “That’s right, but according to Lord Gui Liao, every Open Heaven cultivator’s World Force tastes different. This Liu has followed Lord Gui Liao for many years, and a few years ago, he would occasionally consume this Liu’s World Force, but in recent years, he has not. I’m afraid he has grown tired of it. Since Brother Yang has just arrived, it is a good opportunity for Lord Gui Liao to change his appetite. According to him, the stronger a human is, the more delicious the World Force tastes. Brother Yang’s strength is not weak, so if you can suffer a small grievance, Lord Gui Liao will definitely treat you favorably and it will be much more convenient for you to act here in the future.”

“Is this a condition?” Yang Kai raised his head and asked.

Liu Zian shook his head, “It’s not a condition, it’s just this Liu’s suggestion! Brother Yang, a wise man submits to the circumstances. After all, this is the territory of the Black Ink Clan, you and I are nothing more than Black Ink Disciples.”

“I am the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Disciple, not Gu Liao's.”

Liu Zian’s expression changed slightly, “Brother Yang, don’t be so stubborn! It’s just that you’ve lost some of the World Force. If you can obtain the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, you’ll be able to repair Small Universe’s deficiencies. At that time, you can slowly cultivate and make up for your losses.”

Yang Kai looked at him sharply, “Before the Territory Lord entered the Black Nest to treat his injuries, he personally ordered Gui Liao to find me a Profound Female Spirit Fruit. Does he want to disobey?”

Liu Zian chuckled, “Naturally, no one dares to disobey the Territory Lord’s orders. Didn’t Lord Gui Liao go out to find that Profound Female Spirit Fruit for you? However, Brother Yang also knows that this thing is extremely rare. Whether or not you can find it will depend on the will of Heaven.”

'What kind of dog heaven's will is this!' Yang Kai cursed in his heart. It was obvious that Gui Liao wanted to use this method to force him to submit. To be honest, he hadn’t expected Gui Liao to have such a fetish and actually like to devour the living World Force.

Although doing so would result in a certain degree of loss, as long as he could control his strength well and not damage his foundation, he would be able to recover the lost World Force sooner or later.

But how could Yang Kai agree to such a request?

Not to mention the fact that he had no reason to agree to this request from the Gu Liao, if he were to really open up his Small Universe in front of Gui Liao, all of its secrets would be exposed.

On the battlefield before, he had given up on his Small Universe twice, firstly because he was forced by the circumstances, and secondly because he wanted to numb the Black Ink Clan so they wouldn’t inspect his Small Universe.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly, so how could he expose his identity now?

Liu Zian leaned back in his chair and calmly said, “Brother Yang, why don’t you go back and think about it carefully, all of this Liu’s words are from the bottom of my heart.”

“There’s no need to think about it,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

Liu Zining stared at him, “Brother Yang means…”

Yang Kai coldly snorted, “This Yang is the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Disciple, not Gui Liao’s. If the Territory Lord gives the order, even if it’s a mountain of blade and sea of flame, this Yang will not frown. As for Gui Liao’s unreasonable request, after the Territory Lord comes out of seclusion, I will naturally report it!”

Liu Zian’s expression changed drastically as he slammed the table, “Little brat, don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit! The Territory Lord will be in seclusion for at least a few years, during which time you will have to work under the watchful eyes of Lord Gui Liao.”

“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai looked at him askance, “Can Gui Liao kill me?”

“You’re just an ordinary Black Ink Disciple, if you make a mistake, so what if Lord Gui Liao kills you?” Liu Zian said fiercely.

Yang Kai sneered, “That depends on whether he has the guts!”

Liu Zian was in a daze as he stared at Yang Kai for a long time before shaking his head, “Madman, simply a madman!”

He didn’t feel the slightest bit of respect for Gu Liao from Yang Kai, which was simply incomprehensible. As a Black Ink Disciple, how could he look down on the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord like Gui Liao? There was simply no respect for seniority in his heart.

As the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Disciple, how could he have such confidence? Liu Zian couldn’t help feeling somewhat bitter.

Yang Kai suddenly stretched out a hand towards him, “Give it to me!”

“What?” Liu Zian was stunned.

“The Open Heaven Pill I gave you a few days ago,” Yang Kai looked at him with a straight face.

Originally, although this Liu Zian was quite unpleasant, Yang Kai didn’t expect his relationship to be so strained. After all, he had just arrived and it wasn’t appropriate for him to complicate matters, but the current situation was completely out of his expectations.

Gui Liao actually wanted to devour his World Force, even allowing Liu Zian to beat around the bush.

No matter what, Yang Kai couldn’t agree to it. He needed the Profound Female Spirit Fruit to conceal his Small Universe’s secret, so after thinking about it for a while, he could only make things worse, hoping that Gui Liao would be wary of him.

Inside this old castle, Liu Zian was the best breakthrough.

Liu Zian couldn’t believe his ears. He actually had the face to ask for something he had given away? How thick must his skin be to ask for it?

To be honest, Liu Zian didn’t care about those mere hundreds of thousands of Open Heaven Pills, but since Yang Kai was asking for them, how could he return them? If he really did, wouldn’t it mean he was afraid of Yang Kai?

Therefore, Liu Zian only pondered for a moment before sneering, “What Open Heaven Pill? I’ve already eaten it.”

Yang Kai clenched his hand into a fist and let out a series of crackling sounds as his aura soared, “Eat my food, then spit it out!”

Liu Zian couldn’t help but stare at Yang Kai in disbelief, “You want to fight me? You actually want to fight me?”

He couldn’t help laughing.

Before, in front of Gui Liao, he had proposed to teach Yang Kai a lesson. At that time, it was only because he was dissatisfied with the difference in treatment between him and Yang Kai. Why was this Yang boy given the Profound Female Spirit Fruit as soon as he arrived? He had only obtained it three hundred years after becoming a Black Ink Disciple, and it was because he had contributed greatly.

However, at that time, Gui Liao had told him not to complicate matters, so Liu Zian had given up on this idea.

Now that Yang Kai had actually provoked him like this, it was exactly what he wanted. Although Gui Liao had given him instructions, he didn’t dare act disrespectfully, but if Yang Kai were to act first, he wouldn’t have any scruples and would have to explain himself to Gui Liao later.

When Zha Gu reported to Gui Liao about Yang Kai’s battle, Liu Zian, who was hiding in the shadows, also heard clearly that the Territory Lord’s new Black Ink Disciple was extremely powerful and had led a small human team to kill thousands of Black Ink Clans and more than a dozen Feudal Lords.

Liu Zian didn’t have this ability.

However, that was only because Yang Kai was at his peak.

In that battle, he had cut off his Small Universe twice, and now that his Small Universe was incomplete, even his foundation had been damaged, his strength would definitely fall.

What did Liu Zian have to fear?

Yang Kai’s provocation immediately angered him, causing his Seventh Order Open Heaven aura to soar and his entire body to be shrouded in a thick black fog. As he circulated his strength, his figure seemed to expand even further, and the tumour on his neck pulsed like a beating heart.

He slowly stood up and looked down at Yang Kai from above, grinning fiercely, “Boy, you need to think carefully about the consequences of attacking me!”

It seemed like he was warning Yang Kai, but in reality, he couldn’t wait for him to act.

Yang Kai curled his lips disdainfully, “Enough nonsense!”

Saying so, he punched out fiercely.

Liu Zian almost wanted to cheer for Yang Kai's action. He really couldn’t tell that this Yang fellow had such an impulsive personality. After just a few words of disagreement, he had actually attacked him, completely different from his previous polite self.

However, this was exactly what he wanted to see.

Seeing Yang Kai take action, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest and also threw out a punch. His figure was so tall that even his fist was twice as big as Yang Kai’s.

The two fists quickly collided, as if two worlds had collided. When the World Force burst forth, Liu Zian’s confident expression froze, and his massive figure flew out like an arrow from a bow, crashing into the back room, creating a huge crater.

Yang Kai’s figure also retreated a dozen steps before finally stabilizing.

The violent energy dissipated, causing his clothes to flutter.

He slowly shook his head and stepped forward, somewhat unaccustomed to his current state.

If his strength was intact, he could heavily injure Liu Zian with a single punch and kill him with a few punches and kicks.

But now that his Small Universe had suffered some damage, his strength had fallen greatly and was far inferior to his peak.

Fortunately, it was Liu Zian.

Although he was also a Seventh Order Open Heaven master, this Seventh Order Open Heaven master had broken through his bottleneck due to the erosion of the Ink Force. In other words, his limit was only a Sixth Order Open Heaven master, and with the help of the Ink Force, he had reached the Seventh Order.

However, his Seventh Order foundation was unstable, making it difficult for him to display his true strength.


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