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Gui Liao glanced at him, “What? Are you not convinced?”

Liu Zian hurriedly said that he didn’t dare, but his indignant expression was obvious.

In the past, he had fought a bloody battle for the Human Race and was corroded by the Ink Force on the battlefield, even cutting off his own Small Universe.

When he became Black Ink Disciple, his Small Universe was naturally incomplete.

After that, it took another three hundred years for him to obtain a Profound Female Spirit Fruit and repair his Small Universe from Gu Liao.

Compared to his past experiences and Yang Kai’s current treatment, Liu Zian was naturally dissatisfied, but when Gui Liao asked, he didn’t dare to say anything.

Seeing his expression, Gui Liao snorted lightly, “You heard what Zha Gu said just now. This human is very strong, otherwise the Territory Lord wouldn’t have valued him so much, how could you compare with him?”

A trace of arrogance flashed across Liu Zian’s face, “We’ll only know after we fight.”

Gui Liao slowly said, “That is the Territory Lord’s Black Ink Disciple. If you really do anything to him, the Territory Lord will not let it go when he comes out.”

Liu Zian grinned maliciously, “Don’t worry, Master. If there’s a chance, this subordinate will only teach him a small lesson, not take his life. I won’t make things difficult for Master in front of the Territory Lord.”

Gui Liao nodded, “It’s good that you know.” After pondering for a moment, he finally shook his head and said, “It’s best if we don’t cause any trouble. Although the Territory Lord is healing his injuries in the Black Ink Nest, he will eventually come out.”

Liu Zian frowned and asked, “So you gave him the Profound Female Spirit Fruit?”

Gui Liao sneered, “The Territory Lord only wants me to find a Profound Female Spirit Fruit for him. When I find it, it’s up to me. As for whether I give it to him or not, that depends on whether he knows what’s good for him.” Gui Liao tapped his finger lightly on the table, “I’m afraid he’ll come looking for you again. You should know what to do then.”

“Master, please rest assured, this subordinate understands,” Liu Zian replied respectfully.

“Go.” Gui Liao waved his hand and Liu Zian slowly retreated.

Inside the side hall, Yang Kai quietly cultivated for more than ten days, but no Profound Female Spirit Fruit came.

Logically speaking, there should be all kinds of supplies in the Territory Lord’s territory. When Yang Kai had returned to this place with Black Abyss, he had seen how prosperous this place was. Although the Profound Female Spirit Fruit was precious, the Black Ink Clan’s demand for it was much smaller than the Human Race’s, so there should be some storage in the ancient castle.

Moreover, this matter had been publicly ordered by Black Abyss, and Yang Kai had asked Liu Zian to help him investigate. Logically speaking, Gui Liao should have already delivered the Profound Female Spirit Fruit these days.

But now that he had disappeared, Yang Kai felt that something was wrong.

Moreover, he had been refining the Open Heaven Pill these past few days, so his efficiency was quite low, far below what it had been before. The current situation wasn’t good for him to take out a seventh grade resource to refine, and he couldn’t even use the various methods he used to set up various barriers.

After thinking about it for a while, Yang Kai decided to personally go to Gu Liao to ask about the situation.

After leaving the side hall, he soon saw a hurried Black Ink Clan. This Black Ink Clan’s strength was not high, only equivalent to a Fifth Order Open Heaven cultivator.

Yang Kai grabbed him and asked, “Where is Lord Gui Liao?”

The Black Ink Clan cultivator was stunned for a moment as he looked Yang Kai up and down, as if he had just seen a ghost. It had to be known that Black Ink Disciple’s status in the Black Ink Clan had always been extremely low. When ordinary Black Ink Disciple encountered the Black Ink Clan, he would usually act subserviently, but this was the first time he had encountered Black Ink Disciple who was blocking his way.

However, when he remembered that this human was the Territory Lord’s personal Black Ink Disciple, his status was quite different from an ordinary Black Ink Disciple, so he felt relieved.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, the Black Ink Clan cultivator shook his head, “I’m not sure.”

Saying so, he shook off Yang Kai and left.

Yang Kai was helpless and asked a few more Black Ink Clan members, but none of them knew where Gui Lao was, or perhaps they knew, but were unwilling to say.

This made Yang Kai frown.

If he couldn’t find Gu Liao, how could he ask about the Profound Female Spirit Fruit?

Standing in place for a while, Yang Kai couldn’t care less and directly used his Divine Sense to investigate the situation of the entire old castle.

A powerful Divine Sense spread out like a tide, quickly stimulating the reactions of the entire old castle.

There were many Feudal Lords in the old castle, so Yang Kai’s blatant use of his Divine Sense naturally caused these Black Ink Clan masters to become furious.

However, Yang Kai only released his Divine Sense for a moment, and before these Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords could counterattack, he had already retreated.

In this instant, Yang Kai’s perception had indeed failed to detect the aura of Gu Liao. It seemed that the several Black Ink Clans he had asked about before hadn’t been lying; they really didn’t know where the Gu Liao was.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before heading off in a certain direction.

A moment later, he arrived in front of a small courtyard. There was a restriction in the courtyard, and Yang Kai gently flicked his finger, creating a series of ripples.

A short while later, the restriction was closed and the courtyard door opened, revealing Liu Zian’s angry face.

Being able to find Liu Zian’s location wasn’t a blind guess. When he used his Divine Sense to investigate the old castle just now, the barrier here had been activated, and for a moment, Liu Zian had released his aura to investigate, allowing Yang Kai to know.

“Brother Liu!” Yang Kai stepped back and cupped his fists.

Liu Zian’s face was filled with anger, but after seeing Yang Kai, he became annoyed, “It’s you! I was wondering who was so daring.”

Yang Kai chuckled, “Brother Liu, please forgive me.”

“What’s the matter?” Liu Zian asked solemnly.

Yang Kai nodded, “I do have something to ask Brother Liu.”

Liu Zian frowned and stepped aside, “Come in and talk.”

Yang Kai thanked him and followed Liu Zian inside.

Looking around, Yang Kai raised his brow slightly. The environment of this small courtyard was much better than the side hall that Gui Liao had arranged for him. It was more suitable for humans to live in, presumably because Gui Liao valued Liu Zian greatly.

Although he was a Black Ink Disciple under Black Abyss, he was still separated from Gui Liao by a layer, so Gui Liao didn’t pay much attention to him and simply allowed him to settle down.

Even if Black Abyss knew about this, he wouldn’t say anything, but from this, it could be seen that the Gu Liao really didn’t care about him.

There were tables and chairs in the courtyard, but there was only one chair, so Liu Zian took a seat.

Yang Kai stood in front of him and looked around, feeling like he was here to report his work.

“If you have something to say, just say it,” Liu Zian urged impatiently.

Yang Kai smiled, took out a chair from his Small Universe, and sat down opposite Liu Zian before asking, “It’s like this, Brother Liu, what did I ask you about last time?”

Liu Zian glanced over, “What is it?”

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly, “Brother Liu, are you pretending? I only mentioned one thing last time.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling puzzled. The last time he saw Liu Zian, he had felt that this man was quite arrogant and had a vicious aura about him, but he didn’t feel any hostility towards him. This time, Yang Kai could clearly feel a sense of hostility from him, and for some reason, even the way he spoke was somewhat strange.

Speaking of which, they were all Black Ink Disciple now, so why bother? What’s more, he had clearly asked Liu Zian to inquire about the Profound Female Spirit Fruit last time, but now he was pretending to be ignorant.

Although Yang Kai don't have to use the Spirit Fruit, he needed it to conceal the secret of his Small Universe, so he had to obtain it.

Liu Zian sat up straight and said lightly, “Profound Female Spirit Fruit?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Brother Liu hasn’t forgotten?”

Liu Zian said, “I’ve asked Lord Gui Liao for you, but he didn’t say anything. It’s not up to me to decide what to do.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help frowning, “Where is that Lord Gu Liao now?”

Liu Zian coldly snorted, “This Liu is Lord Gui Liao’s Black Ink Disciple. As the master, does he need to report to me where he is going? How would I know where he is now?”

Yang Kai almost choked on his words, wishing he could take out his Azure Dragon Spear and stab him to death.

Seeing Yang Kai’s gloomy expression, Liu Zian changed the topic and said slowly, “Brother Yang, do you remember what I told you last time?”

Yang Kai asked, “Brother Liu told me a lot last time, what do you mean now?”

Liu Zian grinned, “Since Brother Yang has forgotten about it, this Liu will say it again. The Black Ink Clan is no different from the Human Race, it’s just a matter of human relations. If you want to ask someone to do something for you, make sure your relationship is good and everything will go smoothly.”

Yang Kai immediately showed a look of difficulty, “Brother Liu, I only have a little Open Heaven Pill with me. I gave you half of it last time, but now I really don’t have much left.”

Liu Zian said disdainfully, “Who would covet your Open Heaven Pill?”

Yang Kai was puzzled, “Then what does Brother Liu want?”

Liu Zian coldly replied, “It’s not what this Liu wants, this Liu can’t make the decision regarding the Profound Female Spirit Fruit.”

Realizing this, Yang Kai leaned forward and whispered, “What does Lord Gui Liao want?”

This guy had been swindling Yang Kai all this time because he wanted play up to him. The matter of the Profound Female Spirit Fruit required Gui Liao’s decision, and Yang Kai was almost certain that whatever Liu Zian was doing right now had been ordered by Gui Liao.

So it was all for this!

Yang Kai finally understood why Gui Liao hadn’t immediately handed over the Profound Female Spirit Fruit to him despite Black Abyss’s orders. He really hadn’t expected the Black Ink Clan to have such an attitude.

This wind is not right! Yang Kai spat in his heart.

Saying so, he continued, “Brother Liu, you also know that I don’t have anything on me right now, so if Lord Gui Liao wants something, I may not be able to satisfy him.”

Liu Zian chuckled, “Don’t worry, you naturally have what Lord Gui Liao likes.”

Saying so, Yang Kai looked him up and down, his expression gradually becoming cold as he narrowed his eyes, “Brother Liu, please explain!”

At this point, there was no need to hide anything.

Liu Zian continued, “Brother Yang should also know that the Black Ink Clan can devour the World Force. Not only can this increase their strength, but it is also a type of hobby. Lord Gui Liao’s preferences are a bit different from others, it can’t be said that they are different from others. Perhaps many Black Ink Clans have such preferences, which is to devour the living World Force.”


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